What's Wrong With Us

The number of people who support the two candidates is about 50-50. But the number of major medias that endorse the two candidates is 99-1. Meanwhile, supporters of the candidate A, who got endorsed by nearly all the major media, are complaining that the media isn't being fair to them.

People are at risk of losing their jobs and business because of their support for the candidate B. Actually, a supporter of A has already stopped the business with the company Y, because an employee of Y is a high profile supporter of B and the boss of Y, who happened to be a supporter of A too, refused to fire that employee.

Some people are calling B's party "Nazi". They also firebombed an office of B's party in North Carolina. I thought it's Nazi that was known for setting fires.

Some of A's supporters said they are going to teach the supporters of B.

Some people are referring illegal immigrants as undocumented immigrants. Therefore, should we also say "undocumented possession of a firearm" instead of illegal possession of a firearm? After all, can someone be charged for "undocumented possession of a firearm"?

Some people said giving legal status to all the undocumented immigrants will add 1 trillion dollars to the GDP. Meanwhile, international students are leaving the country after graduation, because they can't get a work visa.

Several women said A's husband, who is a former POTUS, rapped them. Meanwhile, B has said rude things about women in private. A's supporters think B's words are unacceptable, but they cheer when A's husband gives speech.

What's wrong with us? What's wrong with US?

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Comments on “What's Wrong With Us

  1. JIAN LIU October 19, 2016 09:48 AM

    有没有一种"美国大选终于堕落到了和台湾蓝绿相争一样low"的感觉? 民粹横行的美式民主就是这样。

  2. Kelvin S November 6, 2016 12:31 PM

    Google translator seems to be more intelligent than both A and B ;-)

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