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I OOB (Out of Blogging) longer than expected. I scheduled to be OOB only on June 2th, which is Yifan’s birthday, but later, I missed the following few days. Don’t worry since it is not because of the sensitive day we just passed in China.

Xiaowei of came, and we spent the time together with other friends late at night. Then I was on the trip to Dishuihu, stayed there for one night, and just got back yesterday, and now, you see, I am back. I missed blogging on some important things and I will make it up later.

6 Years of Blogging

Let’s celebrate my 6 years of blogging.

To be honest, this is the make up blog entry that I write on the second day. On the anniversary of my 6 years of blogging, I am still on the plane from Beijing to Shanghai, thinking about what happened in the last 6 years.

At the stage of the 6 years of blogging, I am just in the middle of many travels. I am just back from Beijing and heading to San Francisco tomorrow morning. It is already very late and as always, I haven’t have my things packed yet.

So…. Let me defer the anniversary post a little bit to later, when I have more time. Then I hope I can write more about this important moment.


3 Days to 6th Anniversary of Blogging

Three days from today, Sept 11, is the 6 year anniversary of my blogging. I cannot believe that I have been blogging almost daily for 6 years. Wow. Isn’t exciting to review all the 2118 entries in the last 2187 days?

I am thinking about what I should do to celebrate the event (in courtesy of people who cares about the 9-11 events, I want to say, this is just an coincident, and that coincident was not intentional).

One year ago, when I celebrated my 5 year anniversary of blogging, I happened to be in the Six Apart’s office (the maker of MovableType, the wonderful software I am using for blog in the last 6 years). They had a wonderful gathering for me and a nice chocolate birthday cake. Ginger in Six Apart was so kind that she still remember 11th is my birthday (to be exactly, it is my blog’s birthday), that she asked about it via email yesterday. Thanks Ginger and the team.

I am not going to do any offline celebration this time, since on that day, I will be on the plane from Beijing to Shanghai, but I do want to do some thing special – instead of give my readers surprise with an announcement on that date, let me do a 3 day in advance notice of the important day for me (for the first time in the last few years), so if you have any ideas, please share. As always, it is not just an anniversary of a blog, it is a milestone of this great community. The 28,269 comments I received so far are still the main part of this blog – in terms of users contributing, total words, diversity of POVs, and even helpfulness. We should celebrate, shouldn’t we?

P.S. Here are the previous entries about the big milestones of this blog:

I May Not Attend the CNBloggerCon 2008 in Guangzhou

Today when I talk with Christine and Elliot about the CNBloggerCon, I got to know that CNBloggerCon 2008 will be held in Guangzhou this year, but I am not as interested as before, and I don’t want to be part of it this year.

I am part of the first Chinese Blogger Conference 2005 in Shanghai. I simply love it. I love it so much, as you can see from the post I created about 3 years ago. I met many great bloggers, and I have been reading them for a long time. It is so exciting to meet them in person.

I also attend the second one in Hangzhou. To be honest with you, I didn’t enjoy it as I did in the first year. It turned into a China Web 2.0 Conference, and many companies, instead of bloggers, took the chance to do company pitch, and it is boring. Many non-blogger attended, and I don’t feel good about it – not because of the people, it is just a conference losing focus.

I was not able to attend the third CNBloggerCon in Beijing in 2007, but from the photo and the twitter message, I feel it is already far from what it was to be. It is just a not-so-famous gather of web 2.0 companies, and it is no longer a blogger meetup. I don’t like the feeling that someone speak far from the audience, and there are no interactions between them.

The forth one? I am not as passionate about the first one, even the third one. I may choose to stay away from it, and feel what a pity it is that a great conference turned something not good for me – I am only saying on behalf of myself. I still hope other bloggers or companies like the conference, and enjoy the time there.

Introduce Yourself

Inspired a post on Jim Boykin’s blog, I think it is a great idea to provide a place for my readers to introduce yourself.

For most bloggers, they don’t know who their readers are. I am luck, because many readers turned into frequent commenters, and during the years of conversation, I learnt more about them, such as where they come from, and I even met many of them personally.

So, here is the simple question:

Who are you? Would you please introduce yourself to the rest of the readers?

P.S. Today, the Olympic Torch arrived at the top of the Everest.

Best of Wangjianshuo’s Blog in 2007

I posted 374 blogs (before this entry) in the 365 days in 2007. Just now, I reviewed my monthly blog archive in 2007, and selected (just based on my personal standard) the best posts in 2007. Here is a full list.

What is your favorite blog entry in the year of 2007? Here are my monthly archive pages. When I look back, I found

it is so nice to have a blog, and you can clearly get some ideas about how the year of 2007 was for me. If there had been no such a blog, a lot of details of life may have been lost. I am so happy to have kept a blog, and encourage everyone to start one.

If you want to review the blog entries I wrote in 2007, here is the list by months:

Looking forward to a even more exciting 2008!

Photos of CNBloggerCon

Sitting at home (actually not in home today), and cannot attend the cnbloggercon (Chinese Blogger Conference), I have to rely on friends’ Flickr photos to get some idea about how the conference is going. The good thing is, currently, with more social applications, and more discovery methods (tagging, or RSS), and more rich media (video and photo), I feel I am almost there.

Photograph by Yining

Photograph by Yining

Such a big conference room!

To be honest, I just feel it is not as interesting as previous conference. It is too big, too formal, and too mixed of various people (not just bloggers)…

Anyone who attended, your comments?

P.S. I am complaining to China Mobile recently. There is no mobile signal in my home! Today, Will sent me a SMS and claimed that he has downgraded his rating of both Wendy and my mobile phones from “Phone” to “Pager”, since he never get through the line, and can only send SMS to me.

Cannot Attend the 3rd Blogger Conference

I attended the first Chinese Blogger Conference in Shanghai in 2005, the second in Hangzhou in 2006, and planned to attend all the rest, but this time, I have to miss the conference in Beijing.

I will track the conference with flickr – I believe all the attendants should post very nice pictures in real time to the site.

For all those who are in Beijing already, have great time there!

I have written a Chinese entry with the same title. As a gift to the conference, I listed all the 2000 blog articles I wrote in the last 5 years. You may want to take a look there – since the list is too long.

Blogging and Early Wake-up

I didn’t realize my practice of early wake-up has a significant impact to my blog.

About four weeks ago, I decided to wake up earlier. I used to stay awake late at night (around 12:00) and wake up late in the morning (about 8:00 AM). I managed to fine-tune the wake-up time little by little and finally reached a point to wake up at around 5:30 AM everyday. Yesterday should be the first week I wake up really early in the morning.

I have to give credit to Zen Habits article 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It. It helped me archive something I wanted to since junior high. The key for the change was: just wake up earlier half an hour and stick to it for long enough time so that you get used to it before move on to the next level.

So is wake-up early has anything to do with blogging? Absolutely.

After I wake up early, I feel very sleepy at night, say 9:00 PM is already very late according to my new internal clock, and I have to rush to my bed and fall asleep. Otherwise, I may fall asleep before my computer. Seriously.

The good side is, in the morning, I have much more time and more important, focus and quiet environment for me to be more productive. I have changed my blogging writing time from night to morning. Sometimes, morning does not allow any mistake in time planning. If I don’t have enough time in the morning, unlike I can go to bed later at night, the result is, I may have to skip a blog since as always, there is no possibility for me to write blog at day time.

It is a new challenge for me, and let me try to find a solution in the following few weeks.

P.S. I have decided to change my wake up time from 5:30 AM back to 6:30 AM, to give me some time at night (energetic and not sleepy)

Five Years of Blogging

Today, I have completed the 5 years of blogging. In the last 5 years, I kept doing a very simple thing – writing one article everyday. I was amazed by how long a way I came along.


Impact of 5 Year Blogging on Me

It has been exactly 1825 days since I started blog in Sept 2002. The blog is an honest reflection about myself, and hopefully, about the environment I am in. The blog is the tool to help me think, and to urge me observe more deeply, and express it in a logic way. That is basically the most important impact on me. In the 5 years, I grew up a lot, as I can feel when I check the old entries. There are some times more confusion for me over the time, but clearly some ideas get clearer and clearer. I saw the growth, and I know many of my readers feel it.

My Friend Readers

The best wealth I accumulated in the last five years is my readers. Without continuously feedback, encouragement and challenges, I cannot go so far. The 5 years are so unusually for me because of your joining in my journey of life. I value that a lot. When I do the reflection today, I feel I should do much better job that I have done in connecting with my readers, reaching out and knowing every single one of you personally, simply because you are the biggest wealth in my life. I cannot imagine anyone with so many candidate readers. I am not a celebrity, or someone with any fame. I am just an ordinary person with a little blog, and I write something. My readers gave me much more than I deserve, and I thank everyone who gave me the trust and spent the time to comment or write to me. Thank you. I will do a better job to know you.

Keep Doing and Doing

I am a person with a lot of new ideas (a typical Intuition type of person). Blogging is the first thing in my life that I intentionally continued to do (besides sleeping, and eating) for so long. It was amazing to me. I’d like to thank Wu Hao who gave me the suggestion to accumulate something along the way. For me, I accumulated much more than the entries I wrote, it is friendship and wisdom. Communication makes readers my friends, although we may not have meet face to face yet, and thinking made me (hopefully) wiser, and more considerate. 5 years of blogging gave me a lot, and that is something I will never regret to do.

The Bridge

As a Chinese blogger writing in English, I am happy to act as a little bridge between the west and the east. Actually when I write this blog, I am still physically sitting in San Jose in California. What I saw with my own eyes, and discussed with my friends in both China and U.S. or other countries show such an interesting picture – there are huge gap in the two of the most important countries in the world. I feel the responsibility to tell people more about China and help to envision a better China in the future (even long future). I believe understanding and knowledge really help on this matter. This is something I will continue to do.

My Family

At the 5 years of anniversary, I’d like to “officially” thank Wendy, my wife, for her support in the last 5 years for my blogging. You can imagine the life of a bloggger – someone who always has to open his laptop and type something, on everyday. Most of the time I write at night, and use 30 minutes or longer between 9:00 to 11:00 PM. That is the time most people watch TV, or soup opera with wife. I know this blogging stole much time from Wendy. But you know what, she really understood and supported me. I’d like to thank Wendy for her support. She is really sweet. Now I have my little boy, Yifan, joining the family. The one-man-show blogger became a father, and the family has three members. I am still trying to figure out how this impact my blogging world. So far, everything is wonderful. I cannot be a happier father with the lovely, cute, and sweet Yifan. I know we have great time to come and I’d like to blog his life too. Hope this is a great gift for him when he grows older.

Six Apart

At the 5 years of anniversary, I cannot ignore a great team that is behind the software I am using – the Six Apart team who created MovableType. My blog actually started with a trail run of MovableType (my first entry was about it. Then I love the software and I use it every day. It is the only software (besides operating system) that I use everyday. The great architecture, the powerful template system, and flexible archiving features really made this blog possible. More importantly, I am inspired by the team and have strong personal connection with them.

What a coincident that I decided to visit Six Apart as the last stop of my bay area trip today. Just several days before, I realized it is the 5 year anniversary (or blogiversary as someone put it). I was completely surprised to know that Ginger, Ben and Barak gathered the whole MovableType team and had a huge celebration event just for me in the Six Apart office. What is totally overwhelming for me. Thanks my dear Six Apart team for preparing the cake and celebration for me. It should be me who really celebrate the success of MovableType and other blogging software. I was so nice for me to see Ginger, Barak, Ben, Chris, Anil … (many names here) again. I am also very happy about Ben and Mena for their coming baby! (This should be a public information as Mena posted on her own blog). As a new father of 3-month boy, I certainly share the happiness Ben and Mena have. Best wishes!

More to Come

This is actually the first entry of my sixth year of blogging (first year, 1000 days, Posted in Blogging

Journal of Today

From time to time, I just want to record one day of my life – recording every single day seems boring, but to record once every several month makes sense since the life and pace may change dramatically over time. I am recording this for myself, so after many years, I can look back at see what kind of life I am leading today.

Wake Up

At 6:00, or earlier, I wake up. The baby was making noises – not crying, but just that kind of sounds that convinced me that he was not comfortable. This is his 18th day in this world. When Wendy feeds him, I follow asleep again, and wake up the second time around 8:00 AM. Early morning, and I still have time.

After shower, I had 8 great small Xiaolongbao. Very tasty. The old Beicai Market was completely re-constructed and now it seems like the fruit sector of Wal-Mart. They sell good quality and clean breakfast now.

To Work

The road to work is still busy. I drove the car and waited in the long queue before the Nanpu Bridge, and kept slowly moving at 20 km/h at most for 15 minutes. The Nanpu Bridge is too crowded.

Along the Zhaojiabang Road, there are too many metro stations under construction – I guess there are at least 4. Wherever there is a construction site, cars wind left or right at limited speed.

When I arrive at SJTU, it was 9:20 – quite normal. We decided the office hour for the morning is 9:30, because I tried before that even if I leave home 40 minutes earlier, it still ends up of several minutes earlier – the traffic peak time is around 9:00AM.


There are many things to do in the morning. On the product site, the new listing page went online today, and I arranged people to do the final wrap up work. Development is an intersting world, and I think I am good at it. I love the the Data layer, the HTTP layer, the business logic layer, and all kinds of performance, and client things.

I also started the study on Market Segmentation on the markteing side, and had some research in the morning with Jia. My lunch was quick and alone – at Steak that is before the gate of SJTU. Their steak is not bad. I applied the theory of Market Segmentation, and understood that they created different package of the same food and sell it at different price is a marketing mix resulted from market segmentation.

The Afternoon

The afternoon should be called Market Segmentation afternoon, and we created the marketing model for the business. Meanwhile, the new product went online, resulting must quick response, and 50% reduction on MySQL load.

When I wrap the busy day, it was already 7:00 PM. Driving back home is much easier, since I can use the elevated high way, and there was no traffic along the road.

Getting Back Home

When I am back, it was completely dark, and the baby is still sleeping like an angel. He is very quiet at day time, and more naughty at night.

Well. This is a brief describe of a normal day in my life.

Thanks for Giving Credit to Me…

From, I noticed an reference to my blog at In his first blog, he mentioned he wanted to setup a blog using my template and style. Finally, at the footer of every page, he put a disclaimer like this:

© 2007 Hong Quan Zhou. Some rights reserved. Template design inspired by Wangjianshuo Blog

I appreciate Hongquan sensitivity about copyright, and his effort to show contest to people who contributed. I’d like to say thank YOU for doing the right thing on the Internet. It definitely helps people to create a better Internet.

BTW, Hongzhou seems to be a very nice guy. He skillfully adopted the template and was careful enough to change some small things (like the little E (which means edit) under the footer of each page) so it fully worked. I also like the posts (although there are just 8 of them), and learnt PIPES from his blog.

My Learning Curve…

Every blog started with inspiration and help from other blogs. As I put it in many places, my blog was inspired by a blog called (it is not accessible today). Later, most of the template and settings (including the current entry URL format) were inspired by Andres. The simplicity of this blog is very like his, although it is completely different now. I remember at the first I just put his CSS to my blog to try if it works, and this caused Andres to write an article called: Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery…, and I wrote:

I was a Called Copier Today.

Wow. That was in Sept of 2002 – a long time ago. 5 years ago, I was not as mature as today, and that was the time I seriously studied “credibility”. I am so happy that Hongquan paid enough attention to it and “give credit to where credit is due”. This is really great.

P.S. I just find out many links in my previous entry was not available. The domain names do not work, and you can only see “seo parking” pages… Yes. 5 years means a lot on the Internet space.

Mena’s Presentation on Ted

Look and listen to Mena’s presentation on blogging on Ted.

Nice talk. It was so lovely presentation that I watched it three times.

I have been a reader of Mena since 2002. She is such a great writer, and a presenter (which I just discovered). She restated the meaning of a blog and how it impact people’s life. I found it is very helpful for me at least, to remind me that a blog is all about keep some record about your life to help you to understand your life, even your children, or grandchildren about your life. This is very inspiring thinking, isn’t? I encourage everyone to watch the video.

Mena started to take a picture of herself – this looks stupid (as stupid as I write a blog everyday), but it does help to create a record of someone’s day!

My Record

Santa Cruz is amazing, and people around is more amazing. By looking at the profiles of people around me, I just cannot believe so talented and experienced people gathered in the same room, and really chat and role play to understand the leadership style of everyone. That is great.

I like the Sunshine of California. Although it is much colder to be in the mountains of Santa Cruz, it is still so warm in the afternoon, that I threw myself into the nice soft outdoor sofa in the noon, and within 30 seconds, I felt asleep. Seriously, within 30 seconds!

Chinese Blogger Conference

Backed from the Chinese Blogger Conference via a late bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai on Sunday.

Although I enjoy meeting many friends again in Hangzhou, I feel the blogger conference this year is not as “pure” as last year. I remember the last year, most people attended under the identity of a blogger, while this time, most people represent the company. Thus turned the conference to something like China Web 2.0 Conference…

Photograph by Aether

Photograph by Aether

Photograph by Aether

At the Blogger Conference in Hangzhou

I at sitting on the carpet of the China Blogger Conference – just on the right side, near the podium.

Just like the last year, I enjoy this conference very much, even better than yesterday.

Several points I like:

1. Diversity

2. No center of the meeting

3. Non-commercial atmosphere

4. Meet with old friends

5. Easy and relaxed

6. Cool

Comment from Sarah Khider

What a surprise! The singer of Chivas’ commerical Mermaid, Sarah Khider, left a comment on my blog during my absence (OOB).

Hi Jian

I introduce myself, I´m Sarah Khider and I just read comments about me and the song. Thanks to everyone and to you for creating this blog. I have also mine and soon my website will available for all. You can also go to myspace and listen to other pieces of songs of mine.

Nice to meet you…

See you

Sarah K

Posted by: sarah khider on September 30, 2006 09:52 PM

I admit I am not a fan of music, and have not been a fun of any music star since I was in high school. However, Sarah’s song really touched me. The world is small!

You can visit Sarah’s blog at and leave comment to her. She has other songs in her MySpace page as well. All the songs are good – with the same style and feeling as the Mermaid.

Blog made the world flat.

Remove Comments? Maybe Not

I saw requests to me to remove some comments people made on this blog. I suggest everyone to check out my Emails and Privacy Policies, especially the section on censorship.

To put it simple, my principle on comments is not do delete any comment as long as it is legal, not spam and is readable, and (this one is important) it is NOT personal attack.

I don’t like flaming comments that judges someone else’s personality, generalize them to people from a country, with certain religions belief, or simply the language they use. I do remove these comments.

Just be back from the trip, and it is about 10 days’ comments I didn’t reply. Let me take some time to clear these backlogs.

Again, thanks for commenting.

Four Years of Blogging

Today marks the end of the forth year of blogging at Wangjianshuo’s Blog. 4 years ago, in Sept 11, 2002, I setup MovableType and wrote my first entry MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP on the old desktop computer in my home. No one expected that it is the start of a four-year-long blogging journey. Of cause, every year when I look back and wrote a note about the anniversary of this blog, I am not unaware of the fact that Sept 11 is a special day. The 911 event 5 years ago took away many people’s lives, and inevitably changed the world. I write with my respect to everyone involved in the trategy.

The Meaning of 911 and a Blog

When I first heard about blog on the Internet, the world of blog is always related with the 911 event. It was said, the blog was there for a long time, but the 911 event is the trigger of its popularity. When people were hit by tragedy like 911, they turned not as interested as business, money or fame. More and more people understood the meaning of live, and turn into themselves to discover a new person in themselves. They used blog to record their changed lives, and thinking… I believe the spirit of self-awareness continued on this blog. Every live is a miracle. Treat it well, and record it well.

Snap Shot of Wangjianshuo’s Blog

About this Site

Created: Sept 11, 2002

Entries: 1396

Page views/month: 2 million

Comments: 17061

Location: Shanghai, China

Time: Shanghai Time

Author: Jian Shuo Wang

See Also: Chinese blog

In the last 1460 days, 1396 entries were created, almost one entry per day. I am also happy to have many people joining me, share their lives and opinions with me and other readers. All the thoughts were recorded in the 17061 comments. Thanks every one for being with me.

The Fifth Year

Today is the first day of the 5th year of blogging. In the 5th year, I hope I can continue the blog in the way of the last four years. Here are my wishes:

  • I wish I still have the freedom to choose topics that interest me most. Thanks for giving me the freedom to do that. I know the topics are not always interesting for everyone. Anyway, I am still the most important reader of this blog. Everything I write? at least it should look interesting to me.
  • I wish it can be more helpful to visitors to Shanghai. A blog cannot be everything to everyone. My focus is still to make sure it is useful, informative to visitors to Shanghai. I especially put the first time visitors in mind, so some introduction may seem obvious, but it is NOT for first time visitors.
  • I wish I can still have a balanced life. Thanks Wendy for her support. Typically the blogs were written at late night. If you agree that to keep blogging for four years is not easy, so it does to have a husband to do so. I hope I can spend more time and lead a more balanced life. (Blog still plays an important roll as reflection, and sometimes as recreation for me).
  • I wish more readers come and share their own experiences with other community members. I also hope peace in discussion

Good. Another year started. Life is always beautiful, so record it well.

P.S. Haagen-Dazs Icecream

Got some coupon as Mid-Moon Festival gift from the company. Very good. Here is the package – Haagen-Dazs has very good package. Sweet start of the fifth year of blogging.

Chivas’ Mermaid by Sarah Khider

Like many others, I am a big fan of Sarah Khider’s song – Mermaid for commercial from Chivas.

powered by ODEO

Because of the song, the Chivas’ commercial became my best TV commercial. Every time when the commercial shows, I just stop switching channels until I complete listening to the 30 seconds commercial.

The Chivas Regal’s commercial is shown frequently. There is big ad in the People’s Square Station of Metro Line #1 and #2. I don’t drink wine, or whisky. I just love the song and the lifestyle Chivas painted.

How about other countries? Does Chivas use the same song as commercial in other countries, or just China?

P.S. This is maybe the first time I ever posted lyrics, or song in my blog…



We could be together

Everyday together

We could sit forever

As loving waves spill over


The moon is fully risen

And shines over the sea

As you glide in my vision

The time is standing still

Don’t shy away too long

This is a boundless dream

Come close to me my reason

I’ll take you in my wings


We could be together

Everyday Forever

We belong together

Further seas and over


In the garden of the sea

I see you looking over

With my wistful melody

You leap into the water

It is no breaths sighing

This is the mermaid song

The singing of my sisters

The sea has drown for long