Job Posting from a Friend

I generally don’t do this, but Yang Meng is so special to me so I promised to post a job for him to my expat community, although I warned him not many people are still following this blog. :-) Here you go.

Make life better. Get in on the ground. Start a career at Anker.

Started by a few ex-Googlers in 2009, Anker set out with one goal in mind: to design reliable, affordable yet inspiring products which we would use ourselves. Today Anker has 100+ employees globally, spread among Changsha, Shenzhen, San Jose, Tokyo and Beijing.

We’re passionate about technology and looking for ways to make life easier, more convenient, less consumed by the day-to-day. Anker thrives on the enthusiasm of a hardworking, earnest family of employees. If you’re looking for a job to challenge, inspire and reward you, we’d love to sit down and start talking about adding you to our team. We could be reached via If you know someone who might be a good candidate, we’d also love to hear from you and hopefully thank you with our $2,000 referral bonus once the person is hired.

Position 1: Copywriter (in Changsha/Beijing)

As a copywriter at Anker, you will serve as a representative of our brand by producing the written materials necessary to interact with customers. Both individually and as part of a team, you’ll find ways of reaching out to the public. By thinking from a user’s perspective, you’ll determine how to illustrate our products to the world.

Job Description

– Consider newly developed products from the consumer’s point of view.
– Craft compelling storylines, taglines, and other narrative “nuggets” to introduce our products to a Western audience.
– Serve as a written ambassador of our brand by contributing to the company website, leaflets, promotional events, etc.

Job Requirements

– Strong written and time management skills.
– Ability to view products from the customer’s perspective and figure out ways to attract them.
– Interest in gadgets and technology (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
– Outgoing personality with the humility to work as part of a team.
– Comfortable expressing him/herself in a Chinese work environment, preferably in Chinese.

Position 2: Marketing Supervisor (in Changsha/Beijing)

Be the mouthpiece of our company. We’re looking for someone with a flair for influencing others. Whether this be face-to-face or through online social media, you will be the person who works to spread our name. We need a juggler for this role – the ability to multi-task and plan ahead will be crucial to success.

Job Description

– Build lasting relationships with members of the media to trumpet our brand.
– Create a strong online presence for our company through social media websites.
– Wear a variety of hats to communicate with consumers via forums and other channels.

Job Requirements

– Warm personality and eagerness to meet new people.
– In tune with tech media, preferably with established contacts.
– Well-versed as to the ins and outs of social media.
– Excited to use persuasion and influence to ignite our brand.