Blog is Dead – Let’s Move On

Ruanyifeng brought a message to me. He said I was too quiet for too long on the blogshpere. In a typical blogger manner, I response publicly (nothing identify a blogger better than talking publicly on blogs when the mobile phone or other communication channel is easily available).

I have announced that I stopped regular update to blog on my 10th year’s anniversary. I joined many people who have predicted that blog was dying. Now should say, I have joine the people who witnessed the death of blogging.

To state something is dying is always over-statement, but it is not far from the truth. There are still many people, and organization blogging, and I am not surprised that the total number of blogging content is still increasing, but that does not mean blogging is not dying. It is already not the best way to do a lot of things. The analogy is that electronic bulb usage is still increasing after almost a century, but making traditional electronic bulbs may not necessarily to be an interesting business.

I will not resume regular update to blogging, since in terms of distribution, and interaction, blogging falls far behind Weibo, or WeChat. Even for self recording, it is not good enough because of lack of mobile and hardware support. I am not a person who enjoy putting labels to myself. Although I was one of the first bunch of bloggers in China, and arguably one of the most famous bloggers in English blogsphere, I have removed blogger label.

Having said that, Ruanyifeng’s comment is still valid that I was too quiet. Now it is the time to re-think about the right tool to make some noise. I understand the desperate feeling of a Kong-Fu master see a gun. But the miracle always comes from the person who quickly learn to use the gun, instead of compete with gun by practicing Kong Fu hard.

Blog is dead. R.I.P., and let’s move on.