Remove Comments? Maybe Not

I saw requests to me to remove some comments people made on this blog. I suggest everyone to check out my Emails and Privacy Policies, especially the section on censorship.

To put it simple, my principle on comments is not do delete any comment as long as it is legal, not spam and is readable, and (this one is important) it is NOT personal attack.

I don’t like flaming comments that judges someone else’s personality, generalize them to people from a country, with certain religions belief, or simply the language they use. I do remove these comments.

Just be back from the trip, and it is about 10 days’ comments I didn’t reply. Let me take some time to clear these backlogs.

Again, thanks for commenting.

2 thoughts on “Remove Comments? Maybe Not

  1. Good policy for you! If you remove too much, the site will become dull and nobody would care to come here. Occasionally, I would like to hear some heresay just to keep myself excited. Occasionally, I may be the one generating the heresay, not to insist that I have to be right, but to stir the pot a bit and makes life more interesting. :-)

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