Finally, My Daocheng Video is Online

Thanks to YouTube, I am finally able to post the Daocheng video XGE helped to create 6 years ago online.

The Daocheng Trip is the most amazing trip and memoriable trip I had. As you can see from the video, it is a great place.

P.S. I also got another comment (the first comment I got on YouTube) about the other video I posted:

worst video in history of videos in the world of videos

Not surprisingly, the video got a 1 (out of 1 to 5) rating. If you are interested in this “worst video”, here is the link.

Memorable Pictures

Memorable Pictures

I guess you will like my photo album I posted yesterday. So do I. I browsed the photos and feel the need to add some note to the individual album. As bigbro suggested, I added a Photo button after HOME.


The most memorable trip I had so far is to Daocheng. I am a Daocheng fan and I am happy that my page on Daocheng is the number 1 result returned in Google and Yahoo. Haha.

I wrote more than 30 article around the trip. They can be found here

Here is my Dalian trip, my cycling to Chongming and visit to Microsoft campus. I would strongly recommend you to check my Light Madness in Seattle section. It contains my “art” design using Sony 707.

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I used the BluePlusPlus skin in JAlbum. Thanks to Armond Avanes’, the author, great contribution. It natively support keyboard navigation:

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Enjoy the album.

P.S. Small bug was found in some album index page, like Dalian, that the Album link actually goes to the home page of the whole site, instead of the Album page.

Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen – Part III

Continuted from Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen – Part II

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with Permission

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Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen – Part II

Continuted from Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

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Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen

Maphis is a computer genius and a good photographer. Maphis shared his photos with me and granted me the permission to post them on my website.

He travelled in the Tibet area for more than 2 months in Sept 2002 and took many pictures of the area. He inspired my Daocheng trip. Imagine what kind of life he was experiencing during the two months – he told me he learnt the 9-11 event of 2002 on Sept 27, because there is no any news in the vast grand area in West Tibet.

Maphis is also the excellent photograher of my wedding. He uses expensive SLR cameras. During our chat yesterday, I encourged him to go professional on photographing although he has own a software company already.

Maphis accepted my suggestion. If any of you are interested reproduce the pictures in your commercial book, advertisement, please sponsor him to buy a non-exclusive reproduce license. He has original film of the pictures and can reproduce very high resolution pictures for your larger image.

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

© Maphis Chen. Used with permission

The place on the picture is called Daocheng, at the west part of Sichuan Province, in conjuection with Tibet. (My Daocheng page is the first result item in Google for Daocheng. Search Daocheng on my site (use the search box on the top right of this page) to learn more about the place – I wrote many articles on this topic.

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Comments on My Daocheng Pictures

Today, I happen to see Micah Sittig posted on his China, California, Books and mentioned my pictures to Daocheng. Really nice comment. Thanks Micah!

Wang Jianshuo reposted some pictures of his trip to Daocheng in response to a comment on another blog. This is the second time I’ve seen these, and in my estimation they are truly the most beautiful travel pictures I have every seen

The trip to Daocheng changed me a lot. It is one of the beautiful part of Tibet. The mass large area of Tibet may seems mysterious, but the area near Daocheng is really beautiful!

Reference is useful

By installing a reference Javascript on my home page, I can see the sources of some of my links and can check what others are talk about this site. Great feature! Thanks to Stephen.

Going to Asia

I noticed there is a sentence in Colleen’s Newtown:

Could take a while. Click here to see where I wish I could be right NOW, and intend to get (eventually).

It is nice that many people are enjoying the photos I took in Daocheng). It is a wonderful place indeeed – the scene, the trip, the creek — everything.

Look at the mountains! Look at the snow!!

Dream-like Tibet

I have wrote some entries about Daocheng. The pictures show the Kham part of Tibet. There are a lot of more places in Tibet that is beautiful like those places in a dream. Here are some pictures I received from my friends.

More pictures at my Daocheng related page.

Daocheng VCD Received

What a surprise! I received a small package from Zhongshan today. It is marked as toy. “Strange”. I thought.

I opened the box and found a very nice package of CD. It has a nice cover with the picture I took. It even comes with a small book of the articles the group memebers wrote. Fantastic!!

Thanks for CGZ and LKP for their great contribution! It is a very nice gift for everyone of us.

Update: July 1, 2003

Online broadcasting of the Daocheng video at It is a 10 mins preview and the full length video is 1 hour and 10 mins in length. It is only available in format of VCD disk.

May God Bless Us

Note: All sites linked in this entry are Chinese sites

I helped caca to add photos to her article. Click here to view.

Meanwhile, I reviewed some hot discussions on Lin’s article Daocheng – To my husband. Millions of people read this article and thousands of them commented on this article in different forums. Here are some sample lists.

Replies on Hinomad. Three pages.

Replies on Free2go. More than 10 pages.

Replies on Finet. One page.

Replies on Netease. One page.

Replies on One page.

May God bless Lin.

May God bless everyone.

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Altitude Sickness Prevention Guide

OA Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illnesses

This is a very good guide – even a must read – before you decide to go to Tibet or other high altitude area. Please read carefully about all the symptoms of altitude sickness and prevention methods.

Updated Nov 18, 2002

I have friends in the same group with me passed away during the night. This greatly shocked me and helped me to realize how important it is to know some Altitude Sickness Prevention knowledge before going to high-altitude areas. People won’t realize the danger unless they are well educated. I am reading some sad story of people died in the plateau. Their car broke and they just slept in the car – none of them ever wake up – to sleep in high altitude area is very dangerous – as stated in the article I recommend: “Climb high and sleep low”.

Please send the link of the article to your friends who want to go to high-altitude areas. This may save lives.

In Memorial of the Judge (Party III)


In Yading

The night

“Wake up!!! What happened with my husband!!!??!!”

It is a cold but clear morning. After the long nightmare, I finally opened my eyes. It was still dark inside the tent but I could see things around me with the weak light came from leaks of the tent. About seven or eight people was already awake and ready to get up. At the beginning, people whispered with partners about the trip arrangement of the day. Shortly, someone began to speak loudly. This further waked me up and I decided to get up to take on the clothes. It was about 7:30 AM.

Suddenly, the judge’s wife Yanlin shouted – “Wake up!!! What happened with my husband!!!?!!!” Before I realized what had happened, Yanlin continued to cry: “He is foaming at the mouth! What! I cannot feel his heart beat!!”

This suddenly brought me from the sleeping mode into reality. I jumped up and turned to look at the judge, who was sleeping directly next to me. The bad news is, what she said was true. His hands were cold – oh, no – as cold as iron. His arms were ankylotic. “Oh, my god!!” I said to myself. It was obvious that the judge was badly ill.

I searched quickly in the knowledge base in my brain, trying to find any emergency means to help the guy. But the the search returned nothing.

It was totally in a mass. I yelled at rest of the group, “Turn on the light!! turn on the light!!” Most of them obviously haven’t realized what happend. Or they might be shocked. Later I remember maybe they cannot understand what I said since I didn’t say it clearly. Fortunately, a smart girl – I cannot remember who she was, managed to find out the switch very soon and turned on the light – Thank God. The diesel oil generator had begun to work at that time.

With the light, we could further attemp our rescue. Yanlin was more experience than me. She began to push the judge’s chest hardly with her heels. I helped her to do the same thing. I reached his feet under the quilt and inside the sleeping bag. They were still warm. This gave me much encouragement. “He is alright. He is OK” I thought. Yanlin was crying and shouting but was still trying everything she knew. “Who knows what I can do beside this?” She seek for help from the rest.

“Press Renzhong!”, my GF reminded me. Yes! Exactly – I pressed his philtrum hardly — “Wake up! You must wake up!” I ordered him but there is no response. I tried even harder, and harder. But the situation wasn’t better.

About 2 minutes later, we realized he must be sent to hosipital, if there is any hope.

Yading Administration


The bad news in Riwa

Daocheng hostipital

Way back to Daocheng

to be continued

In Memorial of the Judge (Party II)


“How about your partner?”

The judge was so sensitive. I still remember in the afternoon of Oct 1, when we just arrived in Yading, my GF didn’t feel well after we walked a long way toward the entrance of Yading Nature Preservation. When she was sleeping in the wood house, I walked out to find water. The judge smiled and looked at me sincerely. “How about your parnter?” The judge asked. I thanked him and said “She is alright. I am taking care of her.” I still remember his face when asked me. It is on the day before the incident. Just one day before. I have kept blaming me that if I had been as sensitive and thoughtful as he did, we wouldn’t have ignore the symputom and maybe he wouldn’t have gone away. His smile is lost forever.

In Memory of The Judge

This morning, Caca chatted with me on MSN Messenger and sent the link to an article (in Chinese) written by Yanlin in memorial of her husband, who passed away during the trip to Daocheng. It is a very touching piece and all the sentences and words forced me to recall what happened on the day of Oct 2 and Oct 3 in Daocheng.

I finally decided to write something

I have already decided not to write about the judge’s suddenness, since I am not sure whether it will remind other who are alive and made them feel sad and depressed. I am also not sure if the judge and the family is willing to know the details about the terrible day. We call him “”the judge” since he acted as a judge in the game called MURDER on the night before the accident.


article reassured me that it is the right thing to do to write something in memorial of the good man.

“Hi Dude, what is the altitude?”

The judge is a very good man with a lot of travel experience. He wore a professional sports watch with a built in altitude meter. It is very useful. Everyone in the group often consulted him about the altitude we were in. You know, when we were climbing from less then 1000 meters to about 4600 meters high for the first time, every meter increase in altitude means excitement for us. He was so kind that he always reported the altitude whenever anyone asked. The Q and A repeated maybe 20 times during the trip.

…to be continued…

More articles and discussions around this incident

Note: The sites are in Chinese.

Small Daocheng, Small World

Today, I found a very interesting entry on my comment board –

Go to index2.htm and look at your picture with a little girl in uniform in front of Tibtan Hotel in Riwa. See the two men on the second floor? The men in light black is me. Very nice to meet you again.

Posted by: cuanyu on October 13, 2002 07:24 PM

Quoted in courtesy for cuanyu

I immediately checked the photo (click to see larger one)

Yes! He is there.

I remember I should have seen cuanyu there. It is so nice that we met again in cyberworld.

It is such a small world. I met a lot of people during the trip, some became very familiar, some are just meet-and-go. When get out of everyone’s own world, people get closer. We may not know the name of each other, but we have been good friends.

This reminded me to put some of very good travel mates we met during the Daocheng trip. We were in the same group and spent the unforgetable 7 days together. They are (without perticular orders)

  • Jingbo
  • Caca
  • Xiaobai
  • The judge
  • Yanlin
  • Yehong
  • Xiao Zhongshan – Haipeng
  • Yanjin
  • The old soldier
  • The doctor of Chengdu – Sister Xu
  • Xuejia – the tour guide
  • Liu and Li – the drivers

We shared the tough trip and enjoyed the uncomparable beautiful scene together. We experienced emergencies together and we shared happiness together. It is a great treasure for me to have been with you. Thanks.

There are still may great people, like Cuanyu, whom I met but didn’t say a word. It is a pity but the trip itself has enriched my life so much. I gained way far more than I will do in big cities.

When we enjoy all the benifit a big city brings to us – the 24×7 stores, the public transportations, the house, and electricity and water supply…., we are so far from the other real persons. People become entities of roles. They are either service providers, or the customers – anything except real person. It is the most attractive thing in travel – people and people are completely equal. Based on such equal relationship, friendship is much easier to setup.

It is another unexpected gain I received from the trip. Wow. Yes!