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When you lost an ID that you enjoy a lot, you don’t want to use that site any more. It is the case for me on SJTU BBS (Shanghai Jiaotong University Bulletin Board System). I started to use it when I was a junior there. I used a nick name stonebook for few years, before it was terminated on Oct 26, 2003.

I just registered a new nickname on jianshuo. I will return to the Automation department board, SOEIEE board (what a strange name), and others.

Besides, you can private message me @jianshuo on SJTU BBS now, if you have a nickname there.

I Love Tech Talk

Thanks Jianqiu to deliver a tech talk on Data Mining at Baixing office. I enjoyed the talk, and enjoyed the way people share knowledge in the format of tech talks.

Baixing is recruiting PM interns these days, and I hope to get your resume if you are in grade 3 in universities. The benefits of being an intern at Baixing is to access to all technical sessions like this one every week.

New SJTU Minhang Campus – Part II

Let me share some photos of the new Minghang Campus of SJTU. When we studied on this campus, the campus is only 1600 sq. acre. Now, it is almost 5000 – 3 times bigger.

Here is the current map. I did have seen this map when I just entered the university 14 years ago, but never really thought the map and the model can become true one day.

I have been to this campus several times after graduation (here, here, here, and here). This is the first time I started to record in details with a camera.

You can see, there are a lot of photos of the Minhang New Campus.

The overview map.

The dorm I stayed in: Room 408 of Building 31 – all of the four members of the room came to the gather today.

SJTU Campus Starts to Charge for Parking

I work on Shanghai Jiao Tong University campus. The campus is located in the downtown of Xujiahui. It is very hard to find parking lot in that area. However, the campus was always a free parking space. I have friends who always park there – for free.

There are safety guards at the gate. You have to tell them the reason you need to enter the campus. Typically, if you know any address or name of this university, you can easily get in.

From yesterday, SJTU starts to charge 7 RMB per hour. This is the first charging campus in Shanghai. There are hot debates around it on newspaper. Many people think it is not appropriate for a public university to charge…

Emmm. I am happy I have an annual parking permit already.

SJTU – No 565 in the World Ranking

Stephen provided an interesting link of world university ranking. SJTU = Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked 565 in the world or 28 in Asia.

Majority of top universities are in U.S. with few in UK, and most Asia universities ranked lower.

It takes sometime for these universities to catch up. What worries me is, there is no sign of progressing in ranking, or more importantly, in the change in the universities so far.

111 Anniversary of Jiao Tong University

Today is the 111th anniversary of Jiao Tong University. Congratulations!

Design Change (Error) of the 100 Anniversary Monument

Talking about the anniversary, it reminds me of the 100th Anniversary Monument. Look at the monument in the middle of this picture:

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang. First published under View of SJTU

If you look closely enough (well, not on this picture), on the surface of the monument, there are a lot of small stairs around it. On the back, the introduction on the stone said: “The 100 stairs reflects the 100 year history of the university”.

Well. Next time, if you want to, count how many stairs yourself. The reality is, there are only 75 stairs on the monument!

What a major bug of this monument! I suspect at the very beginning, the design was a monument like a square. Then the shape changed to triangle, but the design change was not reflected to the stairs, so….

Anyway, happy anniversary.

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Look at this Google Map:

It is the satelite image of Shanghai Jiaotong University Xujiahui Campus.

I stayed on this campus for two years.

I also have the following pictures of the campus these days.

Photography by Henry Gu

Photograph by RemoDing

Photograph by Henry Gu

A Good Place to Visit

Typically, unviersities are far from city. SJTU Xuhui Campus is an exception. It is in the downtown, and very close to the Xujiahui District Center. It can be easily accessed by Metro Line #1 Xujiahui Station (use Exit 13, the Pacific Department Store exit), and follow the Huashan Road for 5 minutes, then you are at the gate of the university.

If you plan to visit a university in Shanghai, that is the place you should go.

Campus Tour of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I visited SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) today for the Inspiration Forum. I often ignore it, but whenever I am back, I found the deep attachment between me and the 110-year old university. I know many visitors to Shanghai like to have a campus tour of the top local university. So let me be your guide.

Xuhui Campus

There are many campuses in SJTU. Xuhui 徐汇 Campus and Minhang 闵行 Campus are the two more important.

Xuhui Campus was the historical site of the university. It was built almost 100 years ago. Here is the location:

1954, Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China 200030

上海徐汇区华山路1954号 200030

Take Metro No. 1 to Xujiahui Station and use Exit No. 13. Go straightly ahead along the Huashan road for about 800 meters. You will find the main entrance on your left hand.

There are security guards at the gate. So try to walk naturally, easily, and be calm – so they won’t stop you. :-D

The difference in university in China and U.S. are, there are always gates and security. Don’t worry about that. It is for the safety of students.

Min Hang 闵行 Campus

Min Hang Campus is much larger than the Xuhui one. The construction started 20 years ago, and is still going on. It is already at least 4 times bigger than 5 years ago.

It is far from downtown however. It may cost 60+ RMB for taxi from Xuhui Campus. Here is the transportation guideline:

1. Take Metro Line #1 and

2. Transit to Metro Line #5 at Xinzhuang 莘庄 (the terminal station of Line #1).

3. Get out of the train at Dong Chuan Road Station 东川路站 of Metro Line #5.

4. The campus is less than 2000 meters away from the station. Ask for direction or take a taxi there (10 RMB or less).

It is not easy to tour the whole campus by walk nowadays. We took taxi inside the campus today. They have free shuttles, and you will notice enough bicycles on the Minhang Campus.

800 Dong Chuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China


Here is the current map:

Enjoy the Tour

I regret I cannot personally be your tour to the great campus. But I would highly recommend you to include a tour in your schedule in Shanghai. I spent 2 years on Min Hang Campus and two years on Xuhui Campus. The memory is sweet, although the real life didn’t seem so sweet to me when I had to experience it.


Let me know your comments of your tour.

P.S. I adopted the suggestion from many users – added Chinese characters to place and location names. If you don’t have a Chinese system installed, you may see two or three small blocks, questions marks, or garbage codes there. Don’t worry. I didn’t put any secret into those marks.

110 Anniversary for SJTU

SJTU = Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Today, April 8, 2006, is the 110th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), where I spent my 4 years between 1995 to 1999. It is the first modern university in China, and is the oldest one.

Here are some pictures I took during the event.

DSC02003 DSC02008 DSC02010 DSC02012 DSC02023 DSC02024 DSC02025 DSC02026 DSC02027 DSC02028 DSC02030 DSC02031 DSC02033 DSC02034 DSC02038 DSC02040 DSC02042 DSC02046 DSC02051 DSC02053 DSC02055 DSC02057 DSC02059 DSC02066 DSC02067 DSC02070 DSC02071 DSC02072 DSC02073 DSC02075 DSC02076 DSC02077 DSC02080 DSC02081 DSC02082 DSC02083 DSC02084 DSC02088

My Life in SJTU

I didn’t realize I would appreciate the 4 years in SJTU that much when I was a student. At the very begining, I was very disappointed about what the university offered, and skipped a lot of classes. I said a lot of bad things about SJTU. Several years after I graduate, I start to understand how wonderful the university is, and believe I have a strong connection with the shool. BTW, my major in the university is automation (1995-1999). Wendy, (my wife, if you don’t know yet), majored in computer science (1995-1999), and computer science master degree (2000 – 2002). We went back to the Minhang campus today. My father was also with us. He studied from the same university in 1950’s.

The Event

I was so surprised to see the expansion of the campus, and the number of students in the last several years. Although I spent a lot of time to get back to university and chat with students in clubs, and visit the campus at least once every half year, the east campus surprised me a lot. It seems the current campus is 8 times bigger than the original one.

Today, two gates were announced to put into use – the south gate, and the east gate . They are so funny to copied the historical gate in the Xuhui campus, and built a completely new but idential one in the new campus (1.5 times bigger though). Haha. LOL.

At the night, there is a nice party in the Jing Jing Hall, broadcasted live via Shanghai Oriental TV. The party is wonderful, as you can see from the pictures.

I am looking forward to the Li Zhi Forum (励志讲坛) on April 27, 2006 on Min Hang Campus. I feel honored to go back to the campus as a guest speaker 10 years after I stepped onto the campus.

Fudan v.s. Tongji University

See the difference of really living in a city or away from a city? Some very obvious and easy to get information seems not so for people far away. I got inquery about comparision between Fudan and Tong Ji University today.

Hi Jian Shuo,

I came across your blog when I was trying to find out more about Tongji and Fudan University. Since you’ve visited (and apparently lectured!) at both, can you give me an insider’s perspective into what each school is like regarding education/teaching, location, student body/diversity, facilities, etc. Also, do you know how far apart the two schools are from each other? I couldn’t find the university’s addresses online. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

The reason she reached this site may because of a search for term “Tongji” in Google. My previous entry Fudan, Tongji and SJTU was listed in the first page…


I didn’t study in either of the universities. The general concept in Shanghai is, Fudan is the No. 1 university, SJTU is No. 2 and Tongji is arguablely No. 3. SJTU is more stronger in engineering and Fudan is stronger in literature and related. Tongji’s strongest part is architecture department. This is only the general concept and may not neccessarily the truth.

Tongji is more closer to German culture due to the history of the university.


Both school is at the east part of the city. They are very near to each other. I remember there is a road connecting the two university (Guoquan Road?) that has direction mark. One pointing to Tongji and the other pointing to Fudan to guide those students with bicycles.


Bigger map is here

The Yang Pu district is a residential area, not a commerical area in Shanghai.

Student Body/Diversity

Have no idea about this. Based on my experience, the student body in Fudan is a little bit stronger, since they organized a lot of lectures for the students. I have delivered about 5 small talks on campus and everytime, I can see the No. 3 teaching building are full of all kinds of lectures.


Generally speaking, Fudan seems to have better facilities. Tongji just opened a new campus in Jiading. I never visited there but techers in Tongji told me the new campus is definitely the best campus in Shanghai. Jiading is far from the city – about one hour in express way? (No sure though).

Hope the information helps.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article is based on my personal experience and is by no means a complete comparision of the two universities.

Conflicting Ideas from SJTU EMBA Program

Immediately after I came out of the class of SJTU EMBA program, Wendy and I went to a villa in Zhujiajiao. There are too much stress in the previous week that I have to find a place to stay quiet for some while.

During the class, surrounded by 60 executives in the eCommerce course of the SJTU EMBA program, I demoed how to blog with this entry: I am at an EMBA Class in SJTU. I showed how easy it is to create a blog, and helped people to understand that you don’t have to enter a file name for what you write…

The topics were around how to make money from blog, and why blogging. I feel I did a not-bad job explaining everything. To be honest, I feel a strong contrast of “old-fashioned” thinking in the class.

EMBA, and MBA programs in Shanghai

In Shanghai, there are three major places to go for MBA classes. The best, of cause, is the CEIBS (where the magic wall stays). The CHINA EUROPE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL is among the top management school in Asia. It is expensive but if I have any chance, I will definitely choose to study in this school.

The other are SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Fudan MBA programs. As a new program, both school charges high for the program and I have many friends in the program. They typically have their classes taught in Shanghai or Suzhou or sometimes they go to other countries (I take it more as a tour instead of a class). :-D

SJTU and Fudan’s program are new and I hope the best to them. Harvard Business School started about 100 years ago and I can imagine with good strategy (it is one of their most important course), after 100 years, these two programs will be also be perfect.

Why Blogging? How to Make Money

Thanks for Andreas to invite me as a speaker to the class. After the one our session, I felt strong challenge from the participants about what we have just discussed. It was not easy for those CEOs (most of them are very successful) to understand the basics of blogging. Some asked “Can I open a blog?” and then got confused “why I can do it for free?” Being free, the most interesting economic phenomena seems interesting to them. Meanwhile, after they accepted “being free” is possible, some asked: “How can I make money if I blog?” They got even more confused when they were told that nobody is giving money to bloggers. “Then why I blog?”

Some directly challenged the course design that “Why not teach us something like B2B, B2C? Why does it make sense to tell us something that does not generate money, like blogging?”

Andreas’ Class

I don’t know how to tell the participants that Andreas is one of the best professor I have ever met. He jumps out of academic thinking and directly connects students with the latest technology and latest ideas. Not everyone has the chance to be exposed to the most advanced topics.

Andreas’ slide includes lots of great new sites that represents the future of Internet. For example:,,,… and gives a strong thread “tag” to pointed out the common things. Later, the afternoon session is called “Architecture of Participation”. It is a great name, I have to say. This umbrella put all these concepts into a unified way to present. Yes. A much better name than “web 2.0″…

The Conflict of Thoughts

However, these are just too new for these EMBA class participants. It is very common that people asked the tough question. I totally understand what the CEOs are talking about. I wasn’t able to really understand why my students (about three years ago) asked “Tell me what Microsoft did when it is still small?” At that time, I was sharing the Microsoft “PM-Tester-Develop” team model with the CEOs of software companies. My answer at that time was: “When Microsoft is small, there were not much processes, but it does not mean that if you don’t implement something what Microsoft has created over so many years, you will become Microsoft.” Now, I understand them better since it was almost impossible to replicate everything into their company.

This time, I felt a strong gap between the two generations of thinking. For example, when bloggers take it for granted that no censorship is the beauty of blogging, majority of the participants in the EMBA program think no censorship of what a blogger write will cause big trouble to the society and is something unbearable. “Hey, does anyone read what you write everyday?” I was asked by one CEO. She was obviously shocked when she was told no one read, edited and censored what I wrote. “It is too dangerous!” She commented. Well. I kept silence.

I intend to think that they are right. The newest things do not always mean the better things. The conflict is just there. I appreciate their patience to be there, to smile at me, and to listen to what I told. This session at least helped me a lot to understand what the older generations of CEO are thinking and helped me to understand maybe 5 years makes a new generation of CEO in this Internet-speed world. I hope I continue to be a fresh CEO after 5 or 10 years.

Fudan, Tongji and SJTU

Recently visited the three universities in one month: Fudan, Tongji and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Received three small gifts from each university and I will post photos later.

Now on the road to Anji in Zhejiang Province. Tomorrow will camp on the mountain. Must be interesting.

Update Gifts from three universities November 15, 2005

Gift from Fudan University


From Tongji

Thanks for giving me the honor.

Back to Tong Ji Univ. with Jun

I am back to Tong Ji University again with Jun Tang, CEO of SANDA (NASDAQ:SNDA) and my old manager Hong-Wei Hua. This time, Jun presented his fantansitic experience in U.S. The students were so amazed by the presentation. The lecture ended about one hour later than expected because of students’ request to share more stories, and un-interruptable Q&A session. MC’s several attempt to stop Q&A failed many times. Meanwhile, a book named “Beyond” written by Miss Xie was release today. It is a book about Jun and Microsoft. There are some short paragraps about me in it. The book will hit the market tomorrow.


Image from

Mao from UUZone created a portal specially for this book.

100 Anniversary of Fudan

Today is 100 Anniversary of Fudan University. Big congratulations to this famous university in Shanghai.

Typically, the two best universities in Shanghai are:

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

And people typically list the order with Fudan in the front.

100 Years of Fudan

Although China is an old country, there are not many old universities. SJTU past its 100 anniversary in 1996. Beijing University followed at 1998. Now, Fudan, and Tsinghua’s 100 anniversary will be held in 2011.

I have many good friends who graduated from Fudan. They are excellent. Fudan is more focused on literature and theoretical analysis. When I was in SJTU, students may be more fond of talking about Fudan’s higher rate of girls:boys ratio than SJTU…

Casual Talk on SJTU Min Hang Campus

Just delivered an one hour short casual talk on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus. I left the home page URL to them and I guess some of the 20 participants will visit this page and I’d like to provide some pointer to the fun stuff I mentioned.


  • Date: November 25, 2004
  • Venue: Room 302, Yi Fu Building
  • Time: 7:30 – 8:30 PM
  • Host: Shanghai Jiai Tong University Microsoft Technical Club

Min Hang Campus Became Big

I was so amazed on how big the campus became. It seems triple its territory in the last several years.

Pudong Party Institute

I don’t know how to translate 中国上海浦东干部学院 to English. Maybe the Pudong Party Institute is the wrong translation, but I didn’t find any English name for it at Google. It is almost completed. It is just about 10 minutes walk from my new apartment in Pudong.


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

New SJTU Minhang Campus

I drove to the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University today. It changed greatly. Look at the picture below? Who know where this building is?


© Jian Shuo Wang

It was the Dining House of the North Area – the most ugly building on the campus. Now, it is rebuilt. They even have Yonghe in it. The new building is named:

SJTU – Hualian Community Center

Big Minhang

Minhang is much bigger than it was when I studied there. The area east of the Xinfeng Highway has been developed and the road infurstructure has been estabilished. When I studied there, the vast area at the corner where the Huangpu River wind to west is farm, now, the high quality road has divided the area into blocks. There is no building on it yet, but it is clear that the area will be very good place in the future.

Here is the map of the future plan.

Minhang Blog

Via a Google search for Minhang Campus of SJTU, I found Sebastian’s ShanghaiBlog. He is logging her daily life on Minhang Campus and in the city. Nice articles.

My Drive Record

First Time: Really Scared. Went to Minhang – Pretty good Santana

Second Time: Went to see the houses on sunny Saturday. Very nice Santana Century

Third Time: Poor VW. Went to Songjiang and back for the America Broadway Theater. Then get a ticket and first run up to the Nanpu Bridge.

Forth Time: Very good Santana – the same as the second time. Picked up Chen and Xia in Pudong and run to sea shore. Back to Minhang and went to Chifeng Rd. Near Fudan.

Campus Network Application Needed for China Universities

10:09 PM

Recently, I am involved in the discussion with some students from East China Normal University[Chinese site]. Most of them are computer science or related majors. Billy Qiu is one of them. He is a talented guy who actively initialized the MSN Messenger chat with me the day before yesterday.

After we discussed, the technical club members are going to setup some interest groups on campus to discuss technology trends and share technical resources.

Actually this is a very good idea, just as Apple’s User Group and Internet .NET Associate, the local interest groups will highly help the participants to learn technologies.

During our discussion on the proposals, Billy also shared some concerns.

“They (the students) dont like to do logistics & admin work. What they really care, and really interested is just the core technology. Knowing about the GAME rule, following the rule, making proposal, and calling group meetings… etc are very boring, they think.” Billy said.

I fully understand Billy’s concern. It reminded me about the time when I was in Shanghai Jiaotong University[Chinese site]. It is back to 1995-1999. At that time, Internet access is not popular and there is very few resources on intranet. It changes greatly recently. Take a look at Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

  • Students dorms are connected with LANs.
  • BBS is more popluar (it has been popular since 1993) (See SJTU BBS[Chinese site])
  • Students are enjoying movies on campus network

Despit all this improvement, the campus of nowadays in China are still far behind the pace of global IT in terms of electronic communications. I’d like to see some students on campus really think hard and think out of box, inspire others with the possibility IT may bring to their lives.

A lot of powerful tools has been avaiable for online collaboration. For example, Blogger, or knowledge managemetn tools such as SharePoint Team Services, and other online collaboration tools are very good for use on campus. During the process of implementation, students will learn a lot.

If I have to learn something, I learn it by doing.


My thoughts for all the borthers

  • Knowing about the GAME rule – Good thing is, IT can help to greatly simplify the game rule. Just check project like, which used the system to simplified the contribution, review, and publish process. No one need to bother to learn the details of the rules. Open Directory Project is another successful colloration project.
  • Following the rule – IT system is will do the logisitic work for you.
  • Making proposal – sorry, you need to do this party
  • Calling group meetings… – Why bother call so many meetings? Online collaration will do most of the job

Later, I found there is no classroom reservation system, which can be used to reserve classrooms electronicly. There is no online libary services, which will help to deliver the book you want to your dorm. There is very large space there. I will keep my eyes on their progress and I’d like to see them make great impact using the technologies.

Good luck

Please check Comments below to share your thoughts on the possibilities IT will change students lives.