Bottle Opening Fee

Many restaurants in Shanghai charge a bottle-opening fee for any wine brought by customers themselves. The typical amount is 50 RMB per bottle. I didn’t know the reason of this pricing and thought it was too expensive.

Recently, when I compare the purchase price and the retail price of the wine, I started to form a theory that they charge for 50 RMB, because that is the typical margin for them to sell a bottle of wine there. For example, a bottle of wine priced at 100 RMB/bottle are likely to have about 50 RMB as purchase price. Does it make sense?


There is a section in the book The Consolations of Phylosiphy covering the topic of Epicureanism. May spend some time to understand it.

We setup Sonos system at home. Good speaker with an iPhone type of system in it.

And Wendy fell in love with the new Kindle.


Shouning Road for Crayfish

I am not so crazy to crayfish as many of my friends. I would rather eat something normal. But Crayfish is quite a phenomenon when there is no crabs to eat.

Recently, the Shouning Road is getting hotter and hotter about THE place to go to eat crayfish. It is the typical Shanghai eatery street – very narrow, very crowded, and not clean at all, but tens of vendors, and shops gather there, along with many people rushing there after work.

I just give my foreign readers a headup – be prepared before you go, and it is the local stuff, nothing to do with decent restaurants, and lobsters (crayfish is translated to Little Lobsters).

Where is the Road

Shouning Road 寿宁路 is a very shot road. It is near People’s Square. Here is the map. Click Zoom in to see details of the area.


Look, this is what the street looks like via my Nokia N78 camera.

Vendors are washing the oyster.

This is the shop we went to the last time. Just ignore the logo – Hong Kong Sweetie. They sell alll kinds of things besides sweet soap.

Hope they offer more comfortable places to eat, but I know it is not possible at the current cost.

Their scallop is 5 RMB. Cheap, isn’t it?

Aniseed Vietnamese French Cuisine

For some reason, I postponed my dinner to 9:00 PM. Now, I am sitting in the Aniseed Vietnamese French Cuisine. While I am waiting for my Vietnamese noodle (delicious!), let me tell my friend about it.

It is the best place serving Vietnamese noodle in Shanghai, based on my limited experience of restaurant. As the name suggested, it combines the delicious food of Vietnam and the grace presentation from French. The noodle shop (maybe this is a better term to describe this "restaurant") is not big – only 10 tables. But the music and the service is very good – very rare in its kind. The Taiwanese host greets every customers and checks "how is everything" like in U.S. This is also very rare in local restaurants.

It is just downstairs of the office building I am in. Here is the address:

189 West Guangyuan Road, Shanghai China 200030
It is at the corner of West Guangyuan Road, and Leshan road (one block away from the corner of West Guangyuan Road and Huashan Road)
Reservation Number:021-64476488
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM.

I have to give you a tip: Their noodle is very delicious, but the amount may not be enough. They offer free service to add more noodles. Just make sure you ask for it.

Hope you like it. Well. My noodle is waiting for me already.

P.S. They don’t have Internet access – I am using Microsoft Live Writer as offline editing tool.
P.S.2 Vietnamese noodle is my favorite food in America. I eat Vietnamese noodle in Seattle when I work for Microsoft, in San Jose (although the noodle shop at Bascon Ave and E Hamilton Ave is just on the border of San Jose and Cupertino) when I work for eBay.  I also eat the same noodle in New York and Boston when I travel – it offers exactly the flavor I love at a cost lower then Chinese food.

Lujiazui is Full

This is Friday (TGIF).

It is rainy.

When Friday meets rain, the traffic of Shanghai halts.

We drive to Lujiazui to have dinner. I won’t say Shanghai is a boring city, but I do admit sometimes (like today), there is almost not many choices when you have to select a restaurant. The Lujiazui area and the Biyun area are the only two region I am interested to go.

The bad news was, the parking at the Super Brand Mall was full. All the gates were closed with a guard waving red stick, and driving cars away. No surprise. Because this biggest parking area was closed, all the other parking places were full.

What does it mean? It means the Lujiazui financial area was FULL. There is no parking place. The Fucheng Road was a small road that does not allow street parking. It is full. Unless some decides to violate stop at the major roads (like Century Road), there is nothing left for cars.

Disappointed am I, we moved away and went to the Biyun International District to have our dinner.

Uncle Police Called to Delete Posting

This didn’t happen to me yet, but it happens to my friend. He has a small blog, and wrote some article about finance. It may mentioned the name someone in power. The Uncle Police (the way children typically call policeman) called, and asked him to delete the post. They do have great technology to track who wrote what, via which telephone line, and on which computer. Then they have the power to map the post with a real person, and get his/her telephone number.

This happens all the time. I also have a friend to see policemen show up at door to ask her to cancel the gathering of tomorrow.

Let me write it down. After several years or (sadly) may be decades, people have some idea about what is happening in the year of 2007.

Personal Tax Claim

I got the claim form, the envelope and the return envelope. You know what I am going to do? Yes. I will claim my income tomorrow.

Spring Comes

Spring comes. The trees in my garden grows some new leaves and branches. They look reddish. Some grows 10 cm longer than two weeks ago. Spring comes.

BP Services Shut Down

Today, China Unicom shutdown the BP service (Pager) except in some limited usage in Shanghai. I had a black pager, and Wendy has a light yellow one when we were in university 10 years ago.

Let me find out where my pager is, and take some picture of the two little toys. It seems we will never be able to use it (although we didn’t use it in the last ten years when we got our first mobile).

I Found a Bug – in my Soup

I found a bug today.

It is not a bug in software, not in hardware system, and not in any context with extended meaning. It is a real bug – in the soup of my lunch.

It is in the Han She tea house at Grand Gateway.

I called the waitress, and she said sorry, but there is nothing she can do. I called the manager, and manager came. Finally, they returned the money for the lunch.

I have a question, what will you do if you find a bug (bigger than two rice) in your soup in a restaurant?

Best Shanghai Eatery Streets?


stephen posted some streets named and asked me to translate them into Chinese. It is said they have the best eateries in Shanghai.

Dong Jia Du Lu 董家渡路

Renmin Lu 人民路

Yong Jia Lu 永嘉路

Xiangyang Nan Lu 襄阳南路

Hefei Lu 合肥路

Jinan Lu 济南路

Zhaozhou Lu 肇周路d to the list

Si Nan Lu 思南路

Huai Hai Zhong Lu 淮海中路

Tai Kang Lu 泰康路

Personally, I didn’t remember any special eatery on any of the street. What I do know is:

Dong Jia Du Lu was a nice place for silk, and clothes. They were recently shutdown also.

Ren Min Lu is the circle road that runs around the old Shanghai – “old” means very old, like one thousand years.

Yong Jia Road, and Si Nan Road are my best place for a walk in the afternoon. They are simply two of the most beautiful streets in Shanghai.

Tai Kang Lu is the art street with a lot of art companies, and workshops.

Huai Hai Zhong Lu is the shopping street.

Can anyone provide more information about eateries on the street? I am just not a eater, and don’t know much about where to go eating…

Meeting Place: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

This is the meeting place: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The only propose for this entry is to write down something to describe a venue – a cafe shop, that I can send the URL of this page to others so I don’t need to describe the location every time I make an appointment.


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf,

1F, 666 Fuzhou Road


It is at the corner of Fuzhou Road, and Yunnan Road (福州路云南路路口). If you still have a sense of direction in the maze of streets, it is at east side of Yunan Road, and north side of Fuzhou Road (that is, the same side of Fuzhou Road as Raffles City, and opposite side of Yunnan Road).


Taxi is the best way to get there. Just tell the taxi to stop at the corner of Fuzhou Road, and Yunnan Road (福州路云南路路口). It is in the People’s Square area, so it won’t be more than 20 RMB to get there from anywhere in the downtown.

If you take Metro, go to the People’s Square Station of either Metro Line #1 or Line #2 (it is the same station), and use exit #2. You will be at Raffles City, and the coffee shop is just 100 meters away.

Swensen’s in Xujiahui

Swensen’s on the third floor of Metro Tower (1111 Zhao Jia Bang Road) is a great ice cream shop. They offer good Italian Noodles as well. We had great dinner at the outside garden tonight. The scene is amazing! The twin tower of the Grand Gateway is on the left – beautiful building with a big shopping mall in the middle (with bit TV screen on it) in the middle and 48-story high-raising tower on the both side. It is a great place to have dinner or ice cream.

I took the night scene with Davon’s camera, and will update this entry with pictures after I get them.

How hard it is to book a seat today in Shanghai. I called about 5 restaurants, and all of them are fully booked. (Namely, Yuxin on the Bund, Ying Qi on Jululu, Kathleen’s 5, BARBAROSSA in People’s Park, and Peace Mansion at Fenyang Road) Other reservation phone lines are busy. What a crazy city! From the business of restaurant, I believe it can be an indicator that the economy is going well.

Many bars are very good, but in Shanghai, not so many bars requires dress-up.

Lunch at Papa John’s

Papa John’s kept opening store in Shanghai in a speed higher than many people’s expectation. After I saw the first Papa John’s store in Biyun International District of North-East Shanghai, more and more stores appeared – in Xujiahui, and another in Biyun District. It has more than 20 outlets in Shanghai. The two I saw today are only within 7 minutes’ walking distanct. It either means bad planning or a sign of high demand. My observation is the latter.

I stepped into the Papa John’s store near the B&Q store. It is almost full, with only 2 tables left. It looks Papa John’s is having a good business.

Table Talk

There is an article named “The joy of listening to other people’s talk”. The article said it brings you to a world that you will never be able to enter.

The lunch talk on the left table is obversly about business. I cannot recognize what the conversation is about, but got some keywords:

Accenture / Multi-national compaines / CTO / Technology…

My guess is, they are students from the CEIBS (China-Europe International Business School). Their campus is about 2 km away.

Waited Long for Yuxin Sichuan Dish

Yu Xin Sichuan Dish

3rd Floor, #333, Zhao Shang Ju Square,

North Chengdu Road 成都北路 (at the northwest corner of Weihai 威海路)

Reservation: 021-52980438

Many people in my team recommend it as the No. 1 Sichuan restaurant in Shanghai. I agree that it is a good one, although not sure if it is the best.

Really Long Queue…

When I called at 7:00 PM for reservation, the gentleman said they can give me a ticket with number, since there are many people waiting in line for seats already.

The number I got was 62. At the front of the queue, it is 20. It means, there are 42 groups of peoples are before us – that is easily 100 people waiting.

Around 7:40, we arrived only to find out the number they announce just past 40.

We waited until 8:00 PM to get a seat. At that time, the tail of the queue is 90 already. Their lobby was full of people waiting in queue, just like a railway station at the rush hours.

P.S. Canon 350D

I am pretty convienced that Canon 350D is a good choice for my bigger camera.


Image in coutesy of

I looked at Nikon before I bought My New Camera – Sony DSC-P8, and was Thinking about Sony F828. Now it seems Canon is a better choice. Do you have any suggestions?

Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant

Eric and Jessica always have the ability to find great places for afternoon tea. Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant is at the top of the Shanghai Musuem of Art – the

It has one of the best natural view of the city – the People’s Park is all below the restaurant and the landscape of both Pudong and Puxi are far behind the park. The tea is 30 RMB, which is very reasonable for the price – the coffee at the Starbucks nearby is 25 RMB (for tall mocha).

Shanghai has many great places like this. We went to a Peace Mansion for dinner, and I stayed there till 10 PM. It is rare that they have the best food, and the nice environment. It is located at 158 Fenyang Rd, with tel: 64375193. I was there with my computer and read Alan de Botton’s book. It was wonderful night, expect the mosquito in the garden.


Tea House vs Coffee Shop

I spent the night with my good friends in a tea house at Lujiazui in Shanghai. Tea house is becoming more and more popular in Shanghai, as in other areas in China. When more and more Starbucks appears, the business of traditional Chinese tea house is also booming.

For Starbucks, the typical charge range from 15 RMB for Coffee of the Day to 35 RMB for some newer coffee. For the tea house, however, the charge is typically 68 RMB, as the one we went to.

The tea house are typically very traditional Chinese building with Chinese decoration. Many move the interior or exterior decoration of ancient Chinese buildings from Shanxi, or Shaanxi. Although it is more expensive, but it includes many things – all kinds of fruit, a cup of nice tea that you can continue to refill water, and even includes noodles and small dishes, which makes a good option for dinner.

Many people get there to combine dinner and tea together and spend the night there. This is the kind of business I like – the typical Chinese way serving customers in China. They know their customers better. Although there are large percentage of people in Shanghai willing to try some new things (from aboard), the majority still prefer the cost-effective options like tea houses. It is an interesting phenomenon to see tea houses and coffee shops sit side by side at the Shanghai street.

Nice Afternoon Tea at Ambrosia

Wendy and I had great time with our close friends this afternoon. They happen to have blogs (some hosted on my site) and their blogs are famous. The name list is (in alphabetic order):


Eric (Chinese blog) (with GF. Do you have a blog?)



Jian Shuo


They are all excellent people with independ ideas and observation of life. Grace recommened the Ambrosia (Xian Zhi Xuan 仙炙轩) to us. It is the best place I can find out for afternoon tea so far. Located in a villa with large garden, it provides very good view, free parking (under a bridge of flowers) and large glass rooms on top of the flatform on the second floor. It is like a green house with sunlight (if there were sunlight) pouring into the room – warm and quite. The good view of the garden is clearly outside the huge glass from the top down to the floor.

The afternoon tea is only served on Saturdays and Sundays, from noon to 4:30 PM. There are 38 RMB coffee and 58 RMB tea (unlimited water refilling).

Claire just returned from her trip to Vietanan, Laos and Thailand, with excitement of the buddism and the mindation. The idea of ten day class of meditation in India seems to be a great course – to keep silent without talking for ten days to look into one’s soul… I am reading Aliain de Botton’s book named The Art of Travel (Thanks for Chen Wang to share it with me). There is a very wise quote in the book

The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room – Pascal, Pensées

We also talked about the idea to hold Photography Exhibition from our trips (hers trip and our trip to U.S.) in Shanghai. It seems a new idea for non-art related people like us. We call it grassroot art in Shanghai. BTW, any of my readers know how to organize it? How to finance it? and where is the a good place to host it?

XGAO is suffering from the two dogs adopted from his friend. To serve the two dogs is not an easy job for this IT professional. I guess it is not the only reason that he didn’t write on his blog these days (weeks or months).

Welcome back, Eric. The months in Beijing didn’t change a people as much as I imagined. Eric is still the Eric we are familiar.

P.S. Ambrosia 仙炙轩 is located at #150 Fen Yang Road 汾阳路, at the corner of Tai Yuan Road 太原路. Telephone: 021-64313935. It may be expensive (depending on how you define expensive) to have dinner, but for the afternoon tea at weekend, it is of super value. Map. This commentary on Shanghai old fashioned lunch restaraunt is a very good reference. (Chinese site)

Update Feb 15, 2004

Swing posted some photos of Ambrosia on her blog.

Kabb in Xintiandi

KABB Bar and Grill is famous. I remember when I first join Michael Conolly’s meetup party, it was in KABB in Xintiandi. I called my new friend tonight, and we decide to meet at Xintiandi, he asked: “Where to meet up in Xintiandi? How about KABB?”. He pronounced it as Cab which misled me to imagine it as a meetup in a taxi.

There are two or three places I’d propose to meet besides Starbucks. Starbucks is always the first choice if it is a casual meetup. Beside that, one is the KABB in Xintiandi and the other is the Height at Three on the Bund. Not surpisingly, KABB is full of foreign visitors or expats but seldom do I see local customers. The price on their menu is, of cause, not friendly to local customers. A can of Pepsi is 30 RMB and coffee starts from 45 RMB. But it is rated as a restaurant and bar with reasonable price and good by my foreign friends. You know the gap. Of cause, with the experience in New York, Kabb is the best restaurant with reasonable price – I agree that.


Image in courtesy of Kabb bar.

KABB is at the north part of Xintiandi. Coming out of Metro Huang Pi South Rd. Station and walk southward along the Huang Pi South Road. When you see the area of Xintiandi, enter at the Huan Pi South Rd. and Tai Cang Rd. entrance, the first bar you see will be Kabb.

Three on the Bund – Part II

I decided to write an article about Three on the Bund the first time I visited and posted an article for it. However, due to the limited time I had last time, I didn’t talked too much about the fabulous place. Now I’d like to continue the article. So the Three on the Bund – Part II is here.

The Building

The fantastic character of the city of Shanghai is the old houses. The history from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of 20th centaury left the city big wealth. The old stone tower at #3 on the Bund, where Three on the Bund is located. is one of the excellent building.

There are many buildings on the Bund, but seldom do I see any building shining as this one. I visited some buildings. Splendid as the outside looks, the interior of the builds are very poor.

The building was renovated by Michael Graves, a guru in industrial design arena. The cooperate and brand identity will be designed by Alan Chan, the designer for Coco-cola Chinese logo.

Three on the Bund

There are 7 floors of the building. ARMANI opens its flagship store of Shanghai on the first floor. Most of the cloths are labeled with 6 digits price in RMB. I saw a t-shirt at 1800 RMB. It is definitely a symbol of expensive goods for local people since a suite of cloth will cost them whole year or many year’s saving. There are two stores on the first floor: Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani.

The second floor is another fashion store and a Evian SPA. The third store is my favorite art gallery. It was a pity that the gallery was under renovation and the new exhibition should have started. If I were in Shanghai, I will go there and see the exhibition with Wendy.

The forth floor is the French Restaurant – Jean Georges. There are big dark green curtains hanging from the tall roof. Whampoa Club, the Shanghainese cuisine restaurant is the on the fifth floor.

The sixth floor is still empty and I don’t know what it will be. The top floor, the New Height Bar is a good place to go. It has great views – as shown here: Three on the Bund, but the price is not as high as I expected.

A cup of Tsing Tao bear costs 35 RMB and smoothies costs 48 RMB. What do you think? It is definitely not a cheap price compared to the 1 RMB ice-cream in IKEA and 2 RMB drink at Lawson store. It is just the reasonable price for a bar like this.

Some foreigner complained to me that there is “beer discrimination” for foreigners. They don’t understand why drink is so expensive for places foreigners gather and so cheap at places where local people go (like local restaurants). Well. Hehe. No comment on this.

The View

Shanghai don’t have seashore. If you do argue Shanghai is located besides the sea, I would say, yes, but Shanghai’s seashore is too far and the sea is too dirty. (picture).

If you do want to find some place that give you the feeling of seashore, visit the New Height Bar. Sitting at the corner to see the wide Huang Pu river flowing down, the buildings of Pudong spreading besides the river, the splendid Bund buildings, and crowded cars and buses running along the busy road of Zhongshan East 1 Rd, I just feel I am at the sea shore…

More and More Bars are Moving in

M on the Bund is more famous before. It is on the top of the nearby building – #5 on the Bund. Wendy’s friend just opened another bar at the basement of the same building.

Ron Gluckman wrote an article for Wall Street Journal: In Shanghai’s Bund, they’re partying like it’s 1939. Exactly what I see there. The spirit of the Bund is coming back and people start to party at the Bund again.

P.S. We then went to another party at Xintiandi 11:50 PM and get back home at around 2:00 AM again. This time, Wendy ordered a cup of cold water and she was charged 65 RMB for it. Ops. No. I bet it is discrimination. :-D

Three on the Bund

Finally visited Three on the Bund last night. We scheduled a party there but I was quite worried that morning – if the outside lightening system of the Bund is turned off that night, the view of Three on the Bund will be quite disappointing. It turned out to be 38°C which means, according to the energy saving regulation to fight agaist Energy Crisis, there will be no light on the Bund.

New Height

Although there is no light on the Bund and no light on the wonderful tower, it is still a wonderful place. The New Height bar on the 7th floor of the building – the top floor – has a large open area where you can see both the glorous Bund buildings and the Pudong new landscape.

View of the Bund.


© Jian shuo Wang

View of the other side of the rivere


Exciting Shanghai Night Life

Saturday night is pleasant. Wendy and I hang out on the Bund. It was not easy to find parking lot there. I finally managed to pull my car over at the parking area at the intersection of Xin Kai He road and Zhuang Shan East 2 Road. It charges 10 RMB for the whole night. It is reasonable price but we have to walk about 10 minutes to where we want to go.

We went there because Wendy’s friend just opened a bar called Number 5 on the bund. It is located at the underground story in the old style building at No. 5 of Zhong Shan East 1 Road. We rushed in and found almost all foreigners in the city gathered in the 600 square bar. I am kidding. I said so because I seldom see so many foreigners in Shanghai.

The Bund is still the most exciting and attractive place in Shanghai. Check the great pictures in my friend Edward’s Onthebund Album. He owns great (expensive) Nikon SLR digital camera and takes professional pictures. (Remember? he told me about the album software JAlbum). The bar is located the left most building on the bund in his night picture.

Old Building, New Interior

Going out of the bar, we wandered among the buildings on the bund, with other friends. I came out an idea to visit every building on the bund one day. We came into the building near #5 on the bund – it is called Three on the Bund. The interior reconstruction has completed. I remember during the 6 months I work in the Bund Center, the 7-store building, which was built in 1916, was completely destroyed inside. There is only a shell left and all the floors were pulled down. I entered the construction site (Wendy always laughs at me when I enter a construction site to “inspect” the site. She said I am like a construction worker), I found the whole building is like a huge stadium that I can directly see the high roof. I worried very much at that time because the historical building had been completely destroyed. When I entered the building again, I was very sure the architect was right. Now the Three on the Bund has been transformed into a super high quality entertainment, art, shopping and dining center. The construction cost is reported to be 35 million USD.

A Whole New World

Wow. You know what, my heart beat quickly when I entered into the building. I never have such feeling before. There is an art gallery called Shanghai Gallery of Art on the 3rd floor of the building. The current exhibition is called Space anew. There are two 35mm film players there and there is a old man sitting there. I cannot understand what the art is (I never really understand art) but I am happy there is a place like this.

The Three on the Bund is definitely a place to visit in Shanghai. It calls for luxurious and decent life, which people in China have intentionally shied away for decades.

Xin Tian Di

The next destination was Xin Tian Di. I left my camera in the car. It is a pity that I didn’t capture the vivid life there. We had tea at a bar at Paradise enjoyed the singing of two girls. At night, if you really want to go to bars, Shanghai is a better place than many cities. The Number 5 bar’s owner, who is an America and living in Singapore, talked about Shanghai excitedly: “Oh. I miss Shanghai so much! I am back! I don’t want to go to Singapore!!!”.

I wrote about Night Life in Shanghai. Nightlife seems to be boring in that article. It is what I feel about the city at THAT time. When I go back to the heart of the city, I myself saw something I never realized before. Shanghai’s western style night life is exciting. The majority of this kind of lifestyle is still foreigners and ex-pats.

The Lake

Lying down near the lake of Xin Tian Di (called Taipingqiao Park), we stayed there for two hours, watching the reflection of beautiful building on the surface of the water. (Picture below)


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

At 1:00 PM, there are still foreign tourist coming to us and asked for direction. Different lives continue at different corners of the city – the big melt pot of different cultures and economic classes.

We went home near 2 AM in the morning.

Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

The question:

hi there!

I am visiting Shanghai in October. My major concern is about FOOD. It is because I am a Muslim. So, I would appreciate that, if you could provide me an info about MUSLIM FOOD in Shanghai.

Thanking you in advance.

Warmest Regards

The answer:

I found a list of Muslin Restaurants on the Shanghai Government Website. I believe I don’t need to translate it into English since it will be more useful in Chinese. Just show print it out with you and show it to your taxi driver. They can pickup the neareast one for you.

网点名称 社区 地址 电话
明珠大饭店清真餐厅   肇家浜路212号 64330880
和甸清真食府 徐泾 徐泾卫家角公墓 59766754
多旺清真点心店 天山路 遵义路555号  
京钟清真馆 北新泾 金钟路318号  
伊斯兰教餐厅 四川北路 四川北路2035号  
萃华楼清真馆 提篮桥 海门路9号  
清净斋 广中路 广灵一路3号  
虹临清真饭店 嘉兴路 临平北路甲28号  
杨同兴清真牛肉馆 石门二路 石门二路221号  
鸿宾楼清真饭店 江宁路 江宁路昌化路  
顺和清真店 瑞金二路 复兴中路536号  
原渔人湾清真店 淮海中路    
宁记牛肉面馆(永新) 打浦桥 顺昌路529号  
民族饮食店 江川街道 江川路238号  
京城饭店 长寿 长寿路345号  
阿凡提清真餐厅 宜川 交通西路21号  
金沙江清真馆 长风 枣阳路369号  
宜红清真馆 宜川 宜川路218号  
普回清真饮食店 石泉 岚皋路261号  
洪长兴浦东店 梅园新村 八百伴9楼  
真康生面馆 潍坊新村 崂山东路622号  
穆斯林饮食店 川沙镇 川沙  
浦东清真饭店 上钢新村 历城路121号  
浦东清真馆南浦店 南码头路 兰陵路5号  
一心斋清真饮食店 大桥 平凉路1503号  
双阳清真饮食店 控江 双阳路498号  
万事达美食楼 四平 四平路1985号  
迎宾斋清真饭店 延吉 隆昌路740号  
回凤楼 豫园 河南南路89号  
湖滨美食楼 豫园 豫园路59号  
洪长兴餐饮公司 南京 南京东路685号  
洪长兴西藏路店 广场 西藏南路28号  
小桃园清真饮食店 金陵 河南南路572号  
雅叙居浙江路店 金陵 浙江中路90号  
口福食品商店慎发祥店 广场 龙门路116号  
穆斯林饮食店 金陵 浙江中路90号  
海师傅餐饮店 月浦镇 宝泉路28号  
宝山中心商业区清真店 友谊 中心商业区  
为民清真饮食店 大场镇 南大路164号  
赛俩目清真店 徐家汇 天钥桥路127号 64388077
华谊清真饮食店 枫林 枫林路147号  
康乐清真饭店 北站 康乐路205号 63145123
芷江清真馆 芷江西路 芷江西路200号  
彭浦清真店 彭浦新村 汾西路753号  
彭浦清真分店 彭浦新村 三泉路423号  
新雅快餐天目分店 天目西路 天目西路285号  
民族饭店(暂定)   缸甏街21号  
味多香清真馆     石化 石化金一东路56号  
民族饭店 周浦镇 周&#2



Credit: Shanghai Government Website