Blogging and Early Wake-up

I didn’t realize my practice of early wake-up has a significant impact to my blog.

About four weeks ago, I decided to wake up earlier. I used to stay awake late at night (around 12:00) and wake up late in the morning (about 8:00 AM). I managed to fine-tune the wake-up time little by little and finally reached a point to wake up at around 5:30 AM everyday. Yesterday should be the first week I wake up really early in the morning.

I have to give credit to Zen Habits article 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It. It helped me archive something I wanted to since junior high. The key for the change was: just wake up earlier half an hour and stick to it for long enough time so that you get used to it before move on to the next level.

So is wake-up early has anything to do with blogging? Absolutely.

After I wake up early, I feel very sleepy at night, say 9:00 PM is already very late according to my new internal clock, and I have to rush to my bed and fall asleep. Otherwise, I may fall asleep before my computer. Seriously.

The good side is, in the morning, I have much more time and more important, focus and quiet environment for me to be more productive. I have changed my blogging writing time from night to morning. Sometimes, morning does not allow any mistake in time planning. If I don’t have enough time in the morning, unlike I can go to bed later at night, the result is, I may have to skip a blog since as always, there is no possibility for me to write blog at day time.

It is a new challenge for me, and let me try to find a solution in the following few weeks.

P.S. I have decided to change my wake up time from 5:30 AM back to 6:30 AM, to give me some time at night (energetic and not sleepy)

2 thoughts on “Blogging and Early Wake-up

  1. Hi Mr. early bird….

    First curious question: Are you English or American?

    Don´t know how I got to your blog/page. I must say that it appeals to me the fact of you describing your day-to day life. How do you do it!

    Secondly, When you apparently sleep, us spaniards go to dinner. ¡5:30….even 6:30 wake up time, and then go to work! When do you live!!!!!

    I am from Madrid with an upbringing from Long Island, New York; since I was 5 up to seniors prom day (with limosuine included)and then was thrown back to the south of Spain.

    Am still in course of accepting the “relaxing” way of doing things here in this part of Spain.

    Definately do not resign of my ancestors but ¡Jesus Crist! this is starting to get to me. “Challenge” is a word I was taught. unfortunately, here, it is understood as envious. Such is life…..

    Talk to me…. I am curious.

    I await….


    p.s. brief description of me “a single mom in social life and a loner in real world” . I attach a photo. At present I am 10 kl. thinner. It´s my mom sitting on the sofa, my youngest brother and my son standing, I am in the middle (like always….).

    ooops attachments cannot be included. Tell me how???

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