DB_File Error When Installing MovableType

I got ROSS’s email on DB_File Error this morning.

Hi Jian Shuo,

I have seen your instructions for installing Moveable Type on Windows XP and have come across a problem. I have followed the instructions exactly but when I try and install DB_File, I get the error:

PPM> Install DB_File

Install package ‘DB_File?’ (y/N): Y

Installing package ‘DB_File’…

Error installing package ‘DB_File’: Read a PPD for ‘DB_File’, but it is not inte

nded for this build of Perl (MSWin32-x86-multi-thread)


when I run /mt/mt-check.cgi it tells me


Your server does not have DB_File installed. DB_File is

required if you want to use the Berkeley DB/DB_File backend.

Please consult the installation instructions for help in

installing DB_File.

and when I run /mt/mt-load.cgi it says:

Loading initial data into system…

An error occurred while loading data:

Unsupported driver MT::ObjectDriver::DBM: Can’t locate DB_File.pm in @INC (@INC contains: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mt\extlib c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mt\lib C:/perl/lib C:/perl/site/lib .) at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mt\lib/MT/ObjectDriver/DBM.pm line 9.

BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mt\lib/MT/ObjectDriver/DBM.pm line 9.

Compilation failed in require at (eval 3) line 1.

BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at (eval 3) line 1.

I was wondering whether you would be able to try and help me?

many thanks


(United Kingdom)

It is a frequently asked question. I have described the steps to install MovableType in this blog: MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP, but it seems the DB_File is the place where most of the problems happen. This can be seen from the threads listed below. I even met the same problem when I worked with my technical professional on ISP side to move my host to another machine.

At that time, I feel lucky that I have posted the steps on the web, so others like Samuel Wan have posted his solution to the page. I used the resource and steps he listed and successfully solved the problem. I’d like to thank Mr. Wan to share the tips and would like to summarize the steps.

Steps to install DB_File on ActivePerl 5.6.0

If you see this error message when installing DB_File

PPM> Install DB_File

Install package ‘DB_File?’ (y/N): Y

Installing package ‘DB_File’…

Error installing package ‘DB_File’: Read a PPD for ‘DB_File’, but it is not inte

nded for this build of Perl (MSWin32-x86-multi-thread)

It means the default repository of perl modules does not exist – this may be caused by the upgrade of the website or the perl module. You need to manually install the DB_File.

The installation should be successful. Please post after this thread if you find it work or does not work.

Luoyang, Henan Tour

Now I am sitting on my bed in the city of Luoyang, and attempting to show you the city where I was born and grew up. I hope this page can also reach the first page of search result of key word Luoyang. The reason I think of writing this article to introduce Luoyang is, I am very disappointed to the existing pages on Internet about this wonderful city.

Sight Seeing

I have seen a Luoyang 3-day tour. It includes Luoyang Museum, White Horse Temple, Longmen Caves, and the Shaolin Monastery. This list should be almost complete for must-sees in Luoyang.

If you ask me to be your guide, I will rank the Longmen Caves to be the most attractive spot of scene. Longmen means Dragon Gate in Chinese. There are more than 5000 caves on the maintain and you will be impressed by the trenedous work paid to create such a wonder.

You can also visit White Horse Temple, which is the first buddish temple in China. However, it is not as famous or large as Shaolin Monastery (temple). You can get there very easy by lots of bus lines.

Luoyang has a long and rich history as the captial of 13 dynasties. Therefore, the Luoyang Musuem is very interesting to visit.


The best hotel in Luoyang is Luoyang Penney Plaza (4-star). But do set your expectation lower, since I don’t think it met the standard of a 4-star hotel yet. The building was transformed from a office building. Since the building faced leasing challenges in the year of 1995 (or years around it), it is re-positioned as a 4-star hotel. That is the reason you may think it does not look like a hotel.

The second tier of good hotels are New Friendship Hotel, Friendship Hotel. They are the national guest hotel for leaders. You can have a try.

As I know, most visitors will choose the Penney Hotel. It is among the oldest and best hotels before the Penny Plaza opened. It was a 3-star hotel and was upgrated to 4-star in the year of 2000. Here is a nice introduction.

The the newly built Luoyang Grant Hotel (4-star) is also a good choice. It is new and as the introduction said, a foreign-oriented hotel. Its phone is 86-379-4327408.

Again, set your expection low if you come from big cities like Shanghai, New York and London. The hotels are merely somewhere to stay.


If you are rich, or you are just a traveller, the best way to go to Luoyang is by air. There is a small airport in Luoyang. By small, I do mean small. There are only 4 flights available in this airport, connecting Luoyang and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

I do suggest you to fly to Zhenzhou airport first for both facilities and flight availabilities. You can get to Luoyang via Highway in 2 hours. See this blog for my experience to go back from SHanghai to Luoyang via Zhengzhou.

In the city, please go ahead to take taxi. The starting price is 5 RMB. The longest possible distance in the city is 10 – 15 RMB and shouldn’t be higher. So whereever you go, hire a taxi – it is cheap.


  1. My site of Luoyang
  2. Ctrip’s Luoyang Page
  3. Luoyang airlines

Shanghai – Zhengzhou – Luoyang

There seems hard for move between Luoyang and Shanghai. There is only one airline connecting to two cities. According to my friends, it is a small plane with only 18 seats. I am not sure if it is true or not. But this time, I took the plane from Shanghai to Zhengzhou and then take buses. The reason is that the price of the ticket between Shanghai and Zhengzhou is super low. It was around 800 RMB but this time, I got the price of 430 RMB (Shanghai -> Zhengzhou) and 380 RMB (Zhengzhou -> Shanghai). That is almost 70% off.

It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Shanghai to Zhengzhou. There is airport bus line just outside the arrival hall. The price is 15 RMB. After about 40 minute, I arrived in the train station.

At the station, I take the bus from Zhengzhou to Luoyang. It is a luxury bus with tea, W.C. and bus attendants. The drive even dressed up with a tie.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes, I finally arrived in Luoyang. The trip is nice. I forgot to mention that it snowed on the way home.

Going Home

I will go back to my home at Luoyang from tomorrow for the Spring Festival. I am very excited to be back home. It takes about 2 hours to take plane to Zhengzhou, and there are still 2 hours from the airport to home.

I’d like to say “Happy New Year” to all my families and friends. Your care and love makes my life so beautiful. I’d also like to thank all my readers. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Server Change Caused Site Problems

Below is the traffic graph of the previous days on Jan 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 (today)


I can clearly see the decline of visitors to the site from Jan 24 to Jan 25 and it resumed on Jan 28. Why?

The Service Provider Changed IP Address AND Server

The hosting company changed the IP address AND the server of http://home.wangjianshuo.com. It was originally hosted on a server xx.xx.xx.123, and now the server is changed. This caused the domain name and the server not in synch. I am very interested why there is still some hits to my server during that time (Jan 26 – Jan 27).

Best News Photos of 2003

A friend of mine sent me the links to some photos. They called it the Best News Photos of the Year 2003. Yes, they are. The images are beautiful and inspiring. The pictures themselves are better than thousands of words.

Copies used with out explict permission – but news photos and articles are OK to be copied and referenced, I thought. Did I make any legel mistake here?

My Life Begins to be Busy

I am very busy recently. It is the first time I can clearly see what I will be doing in every hour for more than one week. My schedule has been filled till 9:00 AM, Jan 30, 2003.

It is amazing to see how Outlook calendar can help me. My life must be completely in a mass without a calender. Actually, I didn’t use calendar or to-do-list before, but now, it is a must and an essential part of my life. Without a calendar, first, I don’t know what to do, second, I will miss meetings and appoints.

This is a normal Monday. I have created a very nice PPT with my own template. I love the style. It is a horizontal large box on the top, with 20% of it are completely filled with pure red (R255,G51,B0, actually). The rest of completely filled with black. The title is in Tahama size 24 in the black box and with white color. I hope I can share the template with you soon.

Tickets for Maglev Tour

I am watching TV and just head of the news of the Maglev Train Tour.

Before the Maglev trains are put into production at the end of this year, they offer tour for the train at price of 150 RMB and 300 RMB. However, the tickets are still hard to buy. According to the news, they issue 2000 tickets every day, but the tickets were completely sold out before the Spring Festival on Feb 1, 2003. Individuals cannot book the tickets for the future, since the booking services only apply to large accounts with 20+ tickets a time.

Meanwhile, it is even harder to buy train tickets here in Shanghai. I am not sure if people outside China understand this, people will try to return home no matter where they are in the Spring Festival, just like Christmas in the western countries. The train tickets are very hard to buy since there are too many people want to buy the limited number of tickets. According to the OTV news, the lines for buying tickets has been winding from the ticket counter, to outside the ticketing building, and extended to about 10 blocks away. Most of them came to buy the tickets before 12:00 AM yesterday and has standed in the line for 10 hours during the night — poor people!

It is also interesting to see people in Shanghai begin to tour to Hai Nan and other areas of China during the Spring Festival. Air tickets to Hai Nan have been sold out for Feb 1 to Feb 8.

Fortunately, I have booked my air tickets back to Luoyang one week ago. :-)

Updated Maglev Ticket is Set to Be 75 RMB Oct 21, 2003

Starting from Oct 11, 2003, the Maglev will pickup passengers at Pudong Airport on every Saturday and Sunday. Then it drops them off at Longyang Road Station. The price is 75 RMB. This is not the final price yet, since it will continue to drop after formal business operation.

See more at PVG: Maglev Started Carry Passengers.

More Information:

PVG: Has Maglev Started Operation?

Pudong Airport Maglev in Depth


Me, a Sleepy Cat

Every Sunday or Saturday is a good day for me. They also mean half day for me. I tend to get up as late as 2:00 PM to have a complete rest. It is not unusual this time.

The life in Shanghai is hard. I miss the life in my home town Luoyang, from time to time. People don’t live in such a competitive world like those in the big city of Shanghai. The work does not look so much and the pace of the steps are slow.

Everytime I return to my hometown, I feel completely relaxed. It is good to go out with old friends. Very nice! The Peony Square is always a good place to see people paint the characters using brushes and waters on the stone ground.

At the same time, I always need some time to get used to Shanghai again after I come back. I love to sleep but I cannot. There are too many things to do, the work, the householding, everything. Before I realize, it is about 1:00 AM. The night always passes quickly and the morning call always beeps earlier than I expects.

Anyway, Shanghai means excitement and I love to live here, though sometimes it is a little bit too tough.

Next week, I will go to see the drama www.com. I hope I can share the story later.

Maglev Operates in Shanghai

Image Courtesy of Transrapid

A super high-speed transport system with a non-adhesive drive system that is independent of wheel-and-rail frictional forces has been a long-standing dream of railway engineers. Maglev, a combination of superconducting magnets and linear motor technology, realizes super high-speed running, safety, reliability, low environmental impact and minimum maintenance.

Source: Overview of Maglev R&D

The Maglev (magnetic levitation) railway project started 700 days before and on the Dec 31st, 2002, it was launched. This event is covered by lot of medias.





I don’t care about the news part. I just want to write down my observation about the maglev from my personal perspective.

Hard start

The maglev project was started with a lot of doubts and uncertainty. I heard both positive and negtive comments on newspaper about the maglev project two years ago before the project actual started. As always, I am on the side to support the project since it seems so cool!

Fast construction speed

I have to say, the speed is very fast to build the railway. It seems so to me since I frequently take flights in Pudong airport in the last two years. I saw the extension of the railways everyday and it is also very soon between the rail is ready and the first trail train went online.


One of the most frequently asked question is “how much does it take?”. According to major medias in Shanghai, the standard price is 50 RMB single trip. This is reasonable since it takes about 80-100 RMB for the same distance by taxi. By bus, it is 18 RMB, but it takes much longer. It costs about 40 minutes to go by bus but it only takes 8 minutes to take the maglev. After all, the speed of 430 KM/Hour on land is very attractive.

Currently, it opens for tour only. The price is 150 RMB for normal seats and 300 RMB for VIP seat. This is round trip. The train starts from Longyang Rd. Station, speed up to 430 km/hour and arrives at Pudong Airport. After very short break, the train returns without open the door.

Even when it is purely for tour, people still cannot easily get the tickets. According to local newspaper, the tickets of 2 weeks later has been selt out.


Maglev will open to public for business operation at the end of this year. The speed, the fastest speed available on land, will keep attractive for visitors and tourist for a long time. I hope I can have a try later and report my feeling of the high speed to you in my future blog. I did saw the maglev train from outside. I was on the car heading Longyang Rd. Station and saw a maglev training rushing for the opposite direction. It looks really fast. It seems it disappeared from my eyes in 2 seconds.

Updated Maglev Pictures Aug 14, 2003

I took a lot of Maglev train pictures by myself and shared it here. Here are some.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Updated Maglev Begin to Pickup Passeger at Airport Oct 21, 2003

Starting from Oct 11, 2003, the Maglev will pickup passengers at Pudong Airport on every Saturday and Sunday. Then it drops them off at Longyang Road Station. The price is 75 RMB.

See more at PVG: Maglev Started Carry Passengers.

More Information:

PVG: Has Maglev Started Operation?

Pudong Airport Maglev in Depth

Tickets for Maglev Tour


Blogger in China


Blogging is very interesting. The trigger of my blog was the MSN chat invitation sent by Geo, from Russianlegs.com. He asked me about the ban of Google around Sept 3, 2002. “It is interested.” I thought when he “interviewed” me about my oppion for this event. One hour later, I found my comments appeared at the homepage of russianlegs.com.

I have to say, I was really impressed by the speed of this kind of publishing. From the links provided in the home page, I read more about blogger, from many other blogger’s page, including Anders’s. After that, I began to write my first blog on Sept 11, 2002.

Actually, I am not very keen about the idea of blogging. It is a simple idea and not a great idea. But the way to write down something and publish it is interesting. I was doing so in my previous web site under news section, but the publishing tool is FrontPage and I wasn’t able to publish once every 10 days, instead of daily.

After keeping my promise to write everyday for about a quarter, I begin to look back to see the spread of blogging in China. Isaac Mao from cnblog.org has done a great job in categorizing and link to all blogger site in China. I don’t have exact number, but the list should contain about 100 – 300 blogging websites. Most of them are hosted by blogger.com.

Yesterday, on the marriage ceremony of one of my best friends, I was informed that blogger.com was blocked in China too. This is interesting. Actually, this is not a breaking news – it is inevitable.

Google is the place where information gathers. Blogger is the place for minds to gather. I believe they are something similiar.

Hopefully, the blogger will keep rolling.

Wireless Access in Pudong Airport

According to a newspaper article, wireless access has been implemented in Pudong airport. Is it true? I will check it the next time.

One of my friend asked is there any public hot sport of wireless access? My answer was no. Starbucks announced the plan to enable their stores with wireless, but it is not implemented yet.

New Beijing

I am impressed by Beijing again after last visit about one year ago. The roads are better, with the 4th ring ready and the 5th ring completed.

It takes 90 RMB from airport to Cuigong hotel at around 11:00 PM and costs about 40 minutes. This information will definitely help me a lot in my future visit.

Flight from Shanghai to Beijing

Here is the flight information from Shanghai to Beijing. It seems I need to travel between the two cities frequently. Just keep a record here for my future reference.

Flight 	From/To 	Leave/Arrival 	Model

MU5101 	Hongqiao	8:00	319

Beijing	10:00

FM101 	Hongqiao	8:15	767

Beijing	10:15

CA1590 	Hongqiao	8:55	772

Beijing	10:50

FM103 	Hongqiao	10:55	757

Beijing	12:55

MU5107 	Hongqiao	11:00	319

Beijing	13:00

MU5111 	Hongqiao	13:00	JET

Beijing	14:55

FM107 	Hongqiao	13:30	767

Beijing	15:20

MU5113 	Hongqiao	14:00	319

Beijing	16:00

HU7602 	Hongqiao	14:15	738

Beijing	16:05

FM105 	Hongqiao	15:20	757

Beijing	17:20

MU5119 	Hongqiao	17:00	319

Beijing	19:00

FM109 	Hongqiao	17:50	757

Beijing	19:45

MU5121 	Hongqiao	18:00	AB6

Beijing	20:00

FM111 	Hongqiao	19:35	757

Beijing	21:30

HU7604 	Hongqiao	19:50	767

Beijing	21:45

CA176 	Pudong		20:15	JET

Beijing	22:10

Updated: More Accurate Informaiton August 5, 2003

Here is the more accurate information: Flight from SHA – Shanghai to PEK – Beijing and Flight from Beijing to Shanghai