Chinese Blogger Conference

Backed from the Chinese Blogger Conference via a late bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai on Sunday.

Although I enjoy meeting many friends again in Hangzhou, I feel the blogger conference this year is not as “pure” as last year. I remember the last year, most people attended under the identity of a blogger, while this time, most people represent the company. Thus turned the conference to something like China Web 2.0 Conference…

Photograph by Aether

Photograph by Aether

Photograph by Aether

6 thoughts on “Chinese Blogger Conference

  1. troll, did you try your best to avoid BBC or any west reporter, and when failed, told whoever you met that ‘there is no censorship in China’? Garbage

  2. Seems like a bit different to a point you made before – “Non-commercial atmosphere”. But it’s normal because you were in the conference at that moment and now it’s a bit concluded feeling from the whole conference.

  3. Commercial is inevitable… declare oneself to be a blogger is not as stylish as before… so does web2.0… and, I bet next year you will feel more commercial atmosphere. :-)

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