Photos of CNBloggerCon

Sitting at home (actually not in home today), and cannot attend the cnbloggercon (Chinese Blogger Conference), I have to rely on friends’ Flickr photos to get some idea about how the conference is going. The good thing is, currently, with more social applications, and more discovery methods (tagging, or RSS), and more rich media (video and photo), I feel I am almost there.

Photograph by Yining

Photograph by Yining

Such a big conference room!

To be honest, I just feel it is not as interesting as previous conference. It is too big, too formal, and too mixed of various people (not just bloggers)…

Anyone who attended, your comments?

P.S. I am complaining to China Mobile recently. There is no mobile signal in my home! Today, Will sent me a SMS and claimed that he has downgraded his rating of both Wendy and my mobile phones from “Phone” to “Pager”, since he never get through the line, and can only send SMS to me.

1 thought on “Photos of CNBloggerCon

  1. haha… you’re going backwards… using a pager… You’re a technologist geek… how can that happen :) Hehe….

    The same thing happen to me in my house. I have to stand at the balcony to pick up my phone calls. A couple of time my office couldn’t get me during emergency… sigh…

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