GMail Partially Blocked

The long-lasting concern that other Google application will be banned in China after Search became a reality. In the recent two months, Gmail has been more and more inaccessible.

I am still not sure what is happening behind, Gmail is just on and off with some functions like “send”, or “view” hanging there for ever. That, I assume, will also promote the usage of VPN in China in the tech space. At least I have to rely on VPN to access Gmail.

I am just curious about how the history will record these interesting period of time. Does it finally settle in the textbook just as we settle Culture Revolution? People like me already have no idea to feel the exact frustration, pain, and hopeless of that era. What will people feel after 50 years? Can they feel the frustration we have today?

History forgets itself, and repeats itself. Always. Sometimes when I am driving along the Hong Kou District and see those Jewish buildings. That reminds me of the terrible time during the WII. At least, the buildings are still there. But in a digital world, after few decades, when all the websites, and digital stuff disappear, what is left?

Questions About Trespassing

I have few questions for my friends in US who are familiar with the legal system there. It is about definition of trespassing, and property owner’s right when it happens.

It is about the recent case of Guo Degang, the famous Chinese talk show (well, I know it is a funny translation, but what is the right one) actor. That is maybe the hottest news in the recent days before the media was ordered to stop reporting it. Huge amount of people rushed into debating whether they support Guo, or not, and why, but few people really dig into the details of the fact part. Let me try to repeat what is happening. I want to understand how people in the US deal with it, since there is no exact way to define trespassing in China yet.

The event in concern started when two persons claimed to be affiliated with Beijing TV got into the residential area of Guo (an area owned collectively by all the villa owners), and went along the stairs of Guo’s house (the part at the side of his garden), and knocked the door and talked with Mr. Lee, who associated with Guo. After few minutes, Lee physically forced the reporters to leave the house. (People are arguing whether the activity is defined as beating, or pushing, etc).

Here are my questions. Please help me to understand what the rules in America are.

Although in China, most people define trespassing by the fact whether they entered the DOOR of the building, I suspect by the time the reporter entered the gate of the residential area is the time they conducted trespassing. So questions:

  1. Is it a trespassing when the reporters enter the gate of the residential area? Collectively, the property is owned (well, in China, at least it can be defined as leased from the State for 70 years) by the residents of the residential area. If the reporter don’t have business with any of the residents, is it a trespassing?
  2. Can the activity of interviewing be defined as legitimate business reason without making appointment with one of the residents behind that gate? I know in some States in US, postman who is going to deliver, policeman when conducting business, and people who can prove to get lost are not trespassing when they enter the property. They are generally defined as Invitee. Are journalists also invitee?
  3. If entering the residential area, is entering the stairs of the house trespassing?
  4. If entering the stairs of the house not trespassing, is it trespassing when they knock the door of the house?

If the reporters WAS trespassing, or when told to leave and given enough time to leave, but still does not leave, what is the action the house keeper can do?

  1. Obviously, he has the right to call police immediately.
  2. Does the host have the right to physically drive the person away? I heard the idea that although in most States, shooting the trespasser have been strictly forbidden, in States like Taxes, trespassing after dark, and can cause immediate threat to the safety of the owner entitled the owner to shoot the trespasser to death. I am not sure whether it is true or still the case. Does pushing or beating allowed?
  3. To what extend can the house owner drive the trespasser? Can he only drive him out of the stairs, the garden of his individual house, or drive the trespasser all the way out of the residential area? In US, the case will be people living in an condo. Can he drive the person out of the whole building or just his apartment? If he cannot, who are the legal entity to drive the person out of the condo, if no management company exists for that condo? Even when they have a management company, can one of the house owners do it by himself?

Another set of question relates to the right of journalist and the rights of privacy.

  1. Does the answer to any of the questions above change if the person accused as trespasser is a journalist?
  2. Can the journalist take video or photo of the interviewee without him knowing that?
  3. If the above is illegal, what remedy action can the interviewee take? For example, if I found someone took a naked picture of me in my private area, can I force the person to delete the photo, or have to wait for the person to publicly distribute the photos and sue him? If he refuses to delete, what violate action can I take to avoid future damage?

I hope the answers to the questions at least help to educate people, like me, about the right thing to do in events like this.

1 USD = 6.79527864 RMB

For the first time in recent years, the RMB went strong and broke the 6.80 threshold. What does it mean to people in China, the States, and other countries?

I am not an economist, and I am lack of basic ideas about how currency exchange impacts the world. Let me explain what I think from an individual who want to think about this issue.

I Forgot the Time when 1 USD is 8.2 RMB

I did some research on Google. Interestingly, the first two search results for RMB to USD brought me back to what I wrote in 2008: 1 USD = 6.9966 RMB. In that entry, I quoted a chart:

Reviewing this chart, I realized that RMB was always at 1 USD = 8.25 RMB level before mid of 2005.

How much has changed in the last five years. The exchange rate floating is normal for most countries, but in China, that is not very common. The exchange rate seems to be fixed by a ratio. Although the government denied the fact that RMB is manipulated, it does not seem to be the case.

Buying More Stuff

The appreciation of RMB obviously bring some benefits to people as a consumer. Goods in US are no longer that expensive.

In my first trip to US in 2000, I was not able to afford anything – including toothbrush in CSV. I still remember when I was shown a bill in the Chinese restaurant, I asked the question without really thinking: “Is it in RMB or USD?” because 10 USD for a meal didn’t seem right to me. I needed to consistently remind myself that the money should be multiplied by 8 for any price, until I get used to it many days later.

These days, when I travel in US, many things appear cheap – even after converting to RMB. There are two factors for it. The first is the exchange ratio. 1 to 8.25 is very different from 1 to 6.8. The second factor is, things back in Shanghai got more and more expensive. When we started to accept the fact that a working lunch can easily cost 25 – 35 RMB in Xujiahui area, a hamburger in the States does not seem that expensive.

Crisis for Manufacturers

Although I believe most people around me who don’t really think about it may be happy because of increasing purchasing power, I worry a lot as the exchange rate can cause huge problem to export oriented business (which is a big part in Chinese economy). When the manufactures like Foxconn was forced to increase the salary, and the price will be less competitive because of the exchange rate, what is the future for the manufacture, and what is the consequence when the plants were closed? That can change the Chinese society in a big way.

Thought about the Future

Anyway, without understanding the situation, I am feeling optimistic (this time, I completely agree I felt that way blindly), because I just believing in changes. With the change, many thing will change, and changes are opportunities. The only thing that does not change is change, including the exchange.

Don’t Use Hate to Stop Spread of Hate

Recently, there are astonishing news about killing in kindergarten. In 40 days, 5 incidents in 5 different cities across China, more than 60 children will killed or badly hurt. Look at the killed children, as a father, I am completely frightened, and deeply concerned.

There are many things in common with the Virginia Tech accidents many years ago in US. The desperate killer (also victim of this society in bigger scope out of the case itself) turned to express their hate to this society by killing people – in the recent months, killing of children.

The security measure is tightened everywhere. In Yifan’s kindergarten, the door of the kindergarten is completely locked after 9:00 until parents pick their children in the afternoon. In the middle, no one in, and no one out. This is maybe the general practice across China. We already see observation like this in my comment section.

Work on the Root!

It is not just some crazy criminal in these cases. There are more than that. With the tension in society, more people feel hopeless. When their house is taken away via violation, or they cannot get the salary for the whole year of hard work, or they are simply humiliated by this society, and there is no way out, they go crazy. To restore justice, and legal system and give them helping hands are the most important thing we need to do these days, besides the tighten the security.

I am more concerned with the hate and mistrust spreading out throughout the society. In the banner people handout in Taixing (where 31 children were injured), they wrote: “If you kill corrupted officials, you are hero; if you kill children, you suck!”. This does not necessaries the right way to think about it.

The biggest problem of injustice is, it justify killing!

Watching the Military Parade

9:30 Lay back in my sofa and waiting for the military parade to begin at 10:00.

9:35 CCTV is broadcasting the scene of many cities in China in real time – it takes a lot of resources to do it!

9:43: The 60 years of history is a big V shape, with the ending point much higher than the starting point. In the 60 year review, no one ever mentioned the “missing 20 years”. It seems China directly jumped from 1955 to 1977.

9:48 From the TV screen, Beijing has never been so empty and clear – From the bird view, the whole city looks like a model – with nothing moving. Where are the people? No people on the street, and no people near buildings. They all hide somewhere.

10:06 The Parade starts. At the very beginning, watching at Tian’an Men must be boring – with long time nothing happened – waiting for HU Jintao to come out of the Tian’an Men tower.

10:21 The weapons look nice.

10:28 President Hu is giving a speech now, before the army march.

10:37 The Parade march starts now.

11:20 The military parade part ends.

11:34 I got some idea about why the students have to be working hard for several months for this parade – the parade of people are actually huge square of more than 2000 per group doing exactly the SAME thing. That needs a little bit practice to keep everyone synced.

Parade Tomorrow

The 60 Anniversary Parade will be on show tomorrow morning.

But, I still don’t really understand the need for a military parade.

I understand that many people want a celebration, but what is the military function of the parade? Anyone wants to share some idea?

I am confused not only by the Parade tomorrow, but also the parade in France, and other countries. It seems there are just small number of countries still doing that.

Interestingly, there is no military blood in my body. I just don’t enjoy guns, and canons. That is maybe the reason I am not excited about the parade, but many of my friends are looking forward to it just as to the world cup. See? People naturally have different types. I am more of an IT guy, than a military guy by nature.

Life in Beijing Must be Interesting

There are always surprises for people in Beijing. The residence just survived from a troubled Olympic Games the last year, and they welcomed the 60th anniversary of this country.

I hosted a friend today, who just get here from Beijing. She was happy that she choose flight of last night, since the Beijing airport will be closed for two days, and she can only fly back on Saturday night. That was of short notice, because they didn’t really disclose when the biggest rehearsal will happen.

Along with the close down of airport, it is side most of shops and office buildings along the Chang’an Street have been closed. I have another friend who worked in the SOHU area of Jiang Guo Road. He wrote to me yesterday and told me that they were suddenly notified that they will be required to leave their office building before noon tomorrow and for the rest of Friday…

My friend who lives in US and just visit Beijing and Shanghai also told me that she really saw the power of a communist government.


This reminded me of my conversation with Robert Mao about the topic of people’s choice of immigration to Europe and US the other day. He said: “The best solution is to have a better motherland”. He is very right, and that is exactly the pain hidden in many Chinese people’s heart.

Is This H1N1 Flu?

More and more people got flu these days. I have so many people around me to have flu: one after another in office, and about half already got flu. one colleague has 4 out of 5 people in the family to get flu. Yifan get flu, and is still coughing. I am not feeling good this morning but better this afternoon.

Most of the people visited hospital and confirmed it is not H1N1 Flu, including Yifan, but I just started to suspect why the flu got spread out so quickly? I never experienced flu infection as strong, and as fast as this.

I even started to guess whether the flu is actually H1N1 Flu, but it just proven not to be that harmful in China, so the hospital doesn’t report it as H1N1? Or, I hope, it is just an coincident.

We Will Miss the Solar Eclipse

Ops. It seems we are going to miss the longest and the best total solar eclipse in Shanghai. Look at this picture and you will know how lucky we are to be located in Shanghai:

But being in the central location of the Solar eclipse is just the beginning of the story. The reality is, it is cloudy!

Here is the photo I took this morning.


It does not likely to be able to directly observe the elicpes. I would only guess that it will be dark outside for some time.

Longest? .The Only…? ..est?

We should be happy to observe the eclipse – the process of being completely dark, but shall we be happier if we know it is the longest in the next few hundred years? It is just like the last day of the 21 centuary – the event by calculation (not the observed event, but just by numbers, like 2001.…) is not as excited as real event, like launch of a rocket, or born of a baby. That is another example of why gut feeling provide more accurate guidance – you are just not as excited to one event and very excited to another.

Xinjiang! Xinjiang!

When the riot (I have to pay specially attention to my wording, although I don’t know what is the best word to describe it) in Xinjiang happened, I was in US. But I don’t think I missed any news than being in China.

Every time, when I don’t write about an important event, it is because I don’t feel I have known enough about the fact. That was the reason Why I Didn’t Cover About Tibet. That is the same reason I kept silence about what is happening in Xinjiang.

I cannot say anything about it, just because I am still not sure what happened there. What I can confirm is, immediately after the event, censorship on Internet reached the highest level, and it seems Internet in Xinjiang is completely shutdown – I cannot visit most of the Xinjiang site I know – like Xinjiang University.

Interestingly, no matter whose fault the event is, the first thing government thinks is to block all possible news channel, and shutdown whatever site they can shutdown, so everyone just use the standard news release.

I read many comments about the event in Google Reader, but it is just comments with the absence of facts.

So, here is what I plan to do. I just bring up this topic, so my readers can start to discuss about it, and giving me some education. Please, facts are welcome!

Welcome to China, If Temperature is OK

Are you traveling to China from other countries, be prepared for the temperature check, in the background of H1N1 Type A Flu.

Don’t worry though. Let me describe the process so you have a preview of what to expect.

  1. On plane, you will be required to fill in a form of self-health-claim form. Everyone needs to do it, and claim whether you feel fever, cough or other flue symptom.
  2. After landing at Pudong International Airport, all passengers will be required to remain seated. Medical staff will get on board, and use a laser detector to check the temperature of every passenger. This seems very time consuming, but it is actually very fast. It is just the speed of flight attendants delivering drinks – several minutes are fine.
  3. If the temperature of anyone looks not normal, they will do a double check by inserting a temperature meter into the mouth to get more accurate temperature. Don’t worry. It is just for once use, and it is fine.
  4. After all the people of the airline is cleared, you can leave the plan, but you need to queue to give the form to the inspector. There is always this check in normal times, but during the special time like H1N1 Flu times, they check the form very carefully to make sure you fill in everything. This takes much more time than the temp check on the plane.

After all the process is over, the H1N1 check is ready, and you can proceed to custom, and luggage claim area.

Below: check started from the front rows.

This is how they do the check.

Check completed:

Below is the line to wait to submit the form – interestingly, just submitting the form takes the most time – no check of temperature happens here, unless you specify that you have fever in the form.

Welcome to China, if your temperature is OK. Blocked, Again

Last night, and most of other Google property cannot be accessed in China. The whole Green Dam – Google China – story has unwind and reveal a clear path of censorship + propaganda. The whole story is very long, and there are thousands of articles (if not millions) on this. Let me quickly record the key event.

  • The Chinese Government requires all computer to ship with a porn-filtering software, Green Dam by July 1, 2009. The order came out 10 days before the deadline.
  • Netizen and computer manufacture reacted strong and criticized the censorship software.
  • Reverse engineering of the Green Dam shows it is not just a porn-filter software. Huge amount of politics related keywords are banned, including many foreign websites, and common word like “conscience”. It is further confirmed that the software directly used unlicensed code from Solid Ork.
  • Under the huge pressure of the netizen, the government used the method they used many many times, including 20 years ago – to create a media campaign to “educate” the whole nation to understand the situation.
  • CCTV used three major program “Evening News”, “Focus”, “News 1+1” to accuse Google for spreading porn content, and tell the nation that porn content has been everywhere and at finger tip of every child.
  • Xinhua News immediately commented that “Now it is the time to be conscious of the severity of the situation, and stop all argument immediately and take action.”
  • Immediately after the CCTV program was broadcast, people find out the college student being interviewed in the program is actually working as an intern in CCTV Focus program.
  • It is further revealed that the samples to accuse the Google Auto Suggestion feature was also fake. In the program, when you enter “Son”, Google suggested “Son Mother”, and other keywords. Look at the search query index, you find out that the terms were queried hundreds of times more than before since 2 days before the broadcast. The query mainly comes from Beijing in a precious machine generating pattern.
  • was asked to stop suggestion tools, and stop searching any content outside of China. Google did.
  • and most other Google properties, including Google Mail, Google AdSense, Google Maps, Google Analytics… stopped working yesterday

Disclaimer: The events were from what I read and from my memory. Didn’t take the work to check every fact, or link to the source due to time constrain.

Dogs Unprotected. How about Human?

I actually didn’t believe the news (WARNING: bloody photos of dogs in the report) when it came out:

Before May 31, 2009, all dogs on the 3206 sq. km area of Yang Xian of Shaanxi were killed by the local government, including all dogs in people’s home, and those who already got government permits. Now, the county has became the first one in China without a single dog, and their goal is too keep the county dog-free in the next three years.

On the Internet, there are debate about this event. Although there are more people got angry about what they did, there are many people who support the act.

If Dogs are Not Protected, How about Human

I am very angry about it, even more angry than the last time my friend’s dog was killed. It feels to me that the smell of Nazi is approaching us.

The key question is, why the owners of the dogs don’t have the power to protect their loved family members?

I only saw many blog post about how sad the dog’s owner became – some faint to ground, and some got serious mental problems to see their dogs were killed by the government hired “hunters” before their face. But the key is, if the loved one, like the dog, is killed, what people can do beside crying in this country?

Sure. There may be a possibility that the government apologize, and withdraw the killing order in the future because of the pressure from other part of this country, but how about the dogs killed already? Is there a way for them to get back to life after the apology made? Is there a way for their owners to forget what happened to them?

Gun Right = Human Right?

I am not a supporter of legalization of gun ownership in China, but this incident promote me to think about whether the dog owners should legal have a gun.

I read a book about a Jewish writer who thought so hard about why millions of Jews were killed in WII. Why they does not resist at all? The answer was, partly, that the Nazi German prohibit its people to own guns. If something goes wrong on the political system, they can only be waiting to be killed, without doing anything. Well. The possibility for a politics system to go wrong is not as low as we believe, especially when the people don’t have a way to protect themselves.

Back to the Yangxian Dog Killing event. What shocked me most was not about how stupid the local government is, it was how helpless the dog lovers were.

I don’t believe violence is the way to solve problem, but when it happens, there should be at least one final protection.

Think about it. If there is nothing for them to do when the ruthless murder were happening to them besides crying and being sad, what about something happens to their family members. This event simply became a wake up call to everyone, and force me to think, what if something happened to me in the future, just because the man in power becomes stupid. Should I wait to be killed or witness other mankind to be killed? Sure. I know that to think “they will correct their mistakes in the future” can make people feel better if there is nothing to do.

This country has went through many similar things, but still, we cannot setup a system to protect lives on this land. If dogs are not protected, I don’t think human are protected.

May 12, 2009

One year anniversary of the earthquake. To be honest, today just slip from my fingers, another crucial way to tell us (sadly) that no matter what happens, the world still keep going…

I spent 7 hours talking today, and had two pretty important meetings in the morning. A long and tiring day. I said communication is the key to any success. I do mean it, and that is the reason I will spend the rest of the month purely on communication.

Another thing to notice, that the Atlantis space shuttle (it was delayed launch many months ago) appeared on news. It is arranged as a rescue ship. Its sister ship, Space shuttle Endeavour will prepare to be launched in the middle of June. My YLF friend Christopher will be on board to fly to the space station. They are also using twitter to update their status in the space. Good luck Christopher, and his team members.

Two Nice Photos from Xiaoliang

Xiaoliang just got back from his Europe trip. I found two nice photos of his recent blog, and want to share with my readers.

Shanghai Changjiang (Yangtze) River Bridge

Recently, Shanghai went crazy to build really big bridges, like Donghai Bridge, and Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

This one is also very amitious – to connect Chong Ming Island to Shanghai via a bridge. Here is the almost completed bridge from airplane:


Photograph by Xiaoliang

H1N1 Flu Inspection

With the H1N1 Flu situation gets worse and worse, thorough check has been carried on. People need to wait for people wearing suites like that to inspect for temperature. Not many people complain, I guess, if they experienced SARS.


Photograph by Xiaoliang

My other friends just returning from Netherlands received the same treatment.

P.S. BTW, do you feel that the page of this blog loads much faster than before? If so, you are welcome to read more pages than before.

What is Happening in Shanghai

Looking at twitter, and you can find out many people’s story related to Shanghai. Here is what is people are doing around Shanghai. Hit F5 from time to time to get update. You see, Shanghai as a big hub with many people coming and go, and they have something in comment – they are twitter users, and love to share what they are doing.

    Who is Chris Devonshire Ellis – Part II

    I have already decided leave this Chris Devonshire Ellis (a.k.a cde) alone after I briefly wrote this blog entry: Who is Chris Devonshire Ellis. As I said, I don’t care who he is – good or bad – it is just completely not my business. He was brought to my attention just because the three pretty silly threatening emails, and two phone calls. Well. I received a few of them because of some other people’s comment on my blog (and interestingly, more than half of the threatening letter comes because they want me to delete their own comment on this blog, like this).

    But, things get more and more interesting these days, and I cannot help write something about this person, to provide some more information to help people understand some aspects of this “well-known” and “well-connected” guy.

    Threatening Instead of Requesting

    As I stated in my previous blog, he asked me to remove some comments about him on this blog entry: Second-Generation Identity Card. Then he wrote blog stating that it is about Chinese people libel about foreign people. I even don’t bother to argue that it is him who distinguish Chinese and foreign people in treating comments.

    Now the problem is, it is not about requesting for something that is right (or wrong), it is all about threatening.

    Recently, in his email to, he threatened to report his website to Public Security Bureau to revoke his visa because Ryan wrote an article: Would the real Chris Devonshire-Ellis please stand up. Unfortunately, this entry was removed, and I fully understood that he actually does not deserve any attention. This CDE has done this to many bloggers, including myself. In all these letter, he not only stated that he asked certain content about him removed (which if he has the right evidence, it is pretty reasonable request), he *threaten* people of all kinds of terrible things.

    The Threatening Emails I Got

    Although he treated other bloggers and me terribly, I still want to play nicely to certain rules. Although I believe I have very reason to publish the threatening emails on this blog (I am not sure though, any legal advice from my readers?), I choose not to, and just quote indirectly about the pretty length emails.

    The last email (the third similar emails) he sent to me, he mentioned that he will have meetings with the Minister of Industry, and he told me that he will bring this matter concerning me, and my employer to the minister’s personal attention. He also threatened to take legal steps for damages for defamation. I have no problem that he brings this matter to the court at all – follow the law, and I think that is the simplest way to do it, but it sounds so silly and even fool to threaten a blogger to bring his blog to the minister of the country. Wow. I will be flattered if you do so. In the end, he re-stated that I must face the consequences if I do not follow exactly what he told me to do.

    The previous two are equally lengthy and “rude” (sorry but this was my feeling). Interestingly, after the three emails, I received phone call to my mobile from a girl who claimed to be his lawyer, and asked me to remove the comments, and my new blog article about him. I asked her to send me emails or fax and tell me which part of my article has problems, and she didn’t reply ever since. (I am not surprised to receive emails, but feel pretty funny that his employee also tried so hard to “protect” his boss’s already pretty bad image online – search the term Chris Devonshire Ellis on Google to see).

    Old Stories in the New Background

    When all these happened, I did a search in my own inbox, and found out this Chris Devonshire Ellis has already been the “old friend” of blogger, and expat community. My friends have ever been threatened by this guy back in 2007, and this person sent thousands of comments of the similar thing to his website. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Then I took some time to read the article about Chris Devonshire Ellis that I posted: Second-Generation Identity Card. If you read the comment carefully, you see many people stood up to express their support to Chris Devonshire Ellis. I promised not to reveal private information about commenters, but what I can tell you is, it is the same IP address, and same client behind all these supporting comments, and the IP address comes from Hong Kong SAR. There are more and more these comments coming before I was forced to close the comment section of that article. I am sure that many bloggers experienced the same thing – tell us if you are also one of the victim of this CDE.

    Chris Devonshire Ellis on the News

    The even more interesting movement recently was about the fake stories, and fake interview this Chris Devonshire Ellis claimed to conducted with Chinese officials. And China Bank Regulatory Committee (CBRC) put an announcement on their website to tell the truth. His false report even made big jump in the RMB to USD exchange rate. Check out some bloggers’ report on this issue:

    #cde Became a Top 10 Trend in Twitter

    You can check out Twitter now at channel #cde. It is pretty hot – I mean now, at 0:05 AM, February 21, 2009 (Shanghai Time). So many people annoyed by this single person #cde gathered there, and the channel #cde even became top 10 trends (hottest topic on Twitter worldwide) today. I even started to admire how powerful this person became to have so many die-hard enemies on the Internet – not an easy job to accomplish.

    Finally, Let’s Stop Here after Learning the Lessons

    There are some lessons to learn for #cde this time.

    • It is OK to send legal statement requesting something as long as there is a legitimate reason behind it, but it is NOT OK to threaten anyone, just like report to PBS, mention something to high officials, or promise a DDOS attack – bloggers typically won’t do something just because he/she is scared of this.
    • To post too many positive comments under different IDs is too simple and naive. People know that, and it is just a matter of time about when people discover it.
    • Don’t over-react – this is a typical case where a very small comment that no one will notice became a big event in blogsphere. It can be completely avoided if Chris Devonshire Ellis, and his employees didn’t over-react to a level that no one can tolerate.
    • A bonus tip: to have a phone call is even worse than threatening email – that makes people really angry.

    Chris, you have my email and mobile phone – it has been listed on the homepage of this blog for 7 years. Feel free to write or call, but please be aware, as I started in my privacy statement, I reserve the right to publish content you sent to email address jianshuo @, or call my mobile phone. If you don’t want your threatening email to be published, don’t send them, and you are encouraged to directly go to court to sue me, or even better, talk about this blog with your high-ranking official friends that you imagined by yourself. Peace. I just hope I can get back to my normal life of blogging (a much more fun work to do than dealing with #cde), and just let this ridiculous event disappear from everyone’s attention.