Five Years of Blogging

Today, I have completed the 5 years of blogging. In the last 5 years, I kept doing a very simple thing – writing one article everyday. I was amazed by how long a way I came along.


Impact of 5 Year Blogging on Me

It has been exactly 1825 days since I started blog in Sept 2002. The blog is an honest reflection about myself, and hopefully, about the environment I am in. The blog is the tool to help me think, and to urge me observe more deeply, and express it in a logic way. That is basically the most important impact on me. In the 5 years, I grew up a lot, as I can feel when I check the old entries. There are some times more confusion for me over the time, but clearly some ideas get clearer and clearer. I saw the growth, and I know many of my readers feel it.

My Friend Readers

The best wealth I accumulated in the last five years is my readers. Without continuously feedback, encouragement and challenges, I cannot go so far. The 5 years are so unusually for me because of your joining in my journey of life. I value that a lot. When I do the reflection today, I feel I should do much better job that I have done in connecting with my readers, reaching out and knowing every single one of you personally, simply because you are the biggest wealth in my life. I cannot imagine anyone with so many candidate readers. I am not a celebrity, or someone with any fame. I am just an ordinary person with a little blog, and I write something. My readers gave me much more than I deserve, and I thank everyone who gave me the trust and spent the time to comment or write to me. Thank you. I will do a better job to know you.

Keep Doing and Doing

I am a person with a lot of new ideas (a typical Intuition type of person). Blogging is the first thing in my life that I intentionally continued to do (besides sleeping, and eating) for so long. It was amazing to me. I’d like to thank Wu Hao who gave me the suggestion to accumulate something along the way. For me, I accumulated much more than the entries I wrote, it is friendship and wisdom. Communication makes readers my friends, although we may not have meet face to face yet, and thinking made me (hopefully) wiser, and more considerate. 5 years of blogging gave me a lot, and that is something I will never regret to do.

The Bridge

As a Chinese blogger writing in English, I am happy to act as a little bridge between the west and the east. Actually when I write this blog, I am still physically sitting in San Jose in California. What I saw with my own eyes, and discussed with my friends in both China and U.S. or other countries show such an interesting picture – there are huge gap in the two of the most important countries in the world. I feel the responsibility to tell people more about China and help to envision a better China in the future (even long future). I believe understanding and knowledge really help on this matter. This is something I will continue to do.

My Family

At the 5 years of anniversary, I’d like to “officially” thank Wendy, my wife, for her support in the last 5 years for my blogging. You can imagine the life of a bloggger – someone who always has to open his laptop and type something, on everyday. Most of the time I write at night, and use 30 minutes or longer between 9:00 to 11:00 PM. That is the time most people watch TV, or soup opera with wife. I know this blogging stole much time from Wendy. But you know what, she really understood and supported me. I’d like to thank Wendy for her support. She is really sweet. Now I have my little boy, Yifan, joining the family. The one-man-show blogger became a father, and the family has three members. I am still trying to figure out how this impact my blogging world. So far, everything is wonderful. I cannot be a happier father with the lovely, cute, and sweet Yifan. I know we have great time to come and I’d like to blog his life too. Hope this is a great gift for him when he grows older.

Six Apart

At the 5 years of anniversary, I cannot ignore a great team that is behind the software I am using – the Six Apart team who created MovableType. My blog actually started with a trail run of MovableType (my first entry was about it. Then I love the software and I use it every day. It is the only software (besides operating system) that I use everyday. The great architecture, the powerful template system, and flexible archiving features really made this blog possible. More importantly, I am inspired by the team and have strong personal connection with them.

What a coincident that I decided to visit Six Apart as the last stop of my bay area trip today. Just several days before, I realized it is the 5 year anniversary (or blogiversary as someone put it). I was completely surprised to know that Ginger, Ben and Barak gathered the whole MovableType team and had a huge celebration event just for me in the Six Apart office. What is totally overwhelming for me. Thanks my dear Six Apart team for preparing the cake and celebration for me. It should be me who really celebrate the success of MovableType and other blogging software. I was so nice for me to see Ginger, Barak, Ben, Chris, Anil … (many names here) again. I am also very happy about Ben and Mena for their coming baby! (This should be a public information as Mena posted on her own blog). As a new father of 3-month boy, I certainly share the happiness Ben and Mena have. Best wishes!

More to Come

This is actually the first entry of my sixth year of blogging (first year, 1000 days, This entry was posted in Blogging by Jian Shuo Wang. Bookmark the permalink.

22 thoughts on “Five Years of Blogging

  1. just happy to discover you blog and feed on you rss on your 5th anniversary.

    i’m a college student in central China.

    Congratulations too~

  2. Big Congratulation to you, five years of daily perseverance keeping an amazing blog with a wealth of information and thoughts. Keep up the great work!

  3. What a happy post, Jian Shuo. Many congratulations for this accomplishment. What you have done (“juggling” your job, your family, and your personal time along with the blogging) is not easy. I’m very glad to hear that you also plan to blog about little Yifan’s life from time to time. Just as your long-time readers have watched *you* grow and mature over the past five years, we look forward to watching him grow and mature as well. My goodness…five years from now you will have a little boy instead of a baby. Hard to imagine, isn’t it!

  4. Congratulations,jian shuo.

    You said the blog brought a lot of impact on you,so do us.

    Writting blog is not a big deal,but insist on writting it veryday needs much perseverance,and it is definitly a great work.

    These days i come across an annoyance thing that whether to apply for the graduate.What’s your opinion?

  5. you really did a good job, i am very admire your insisting.

    i love here very much, hope you do it all the time ! and i will still focus here in the future time.

    i learned much thing from here about shanghai, and i believe other person too. especially other foreigner.

    so i stand all readers to thank you a million.

    i will stand by you!

  6. Congratulations! Jian Shou!

    I’m a new reader here.I like your blog and will check everyday.

    keep on moving.

  7. Hi Jian Shou,

    Personally your blog is very informative and stimulating. You are now an Icon in Sha.

    Keep up the good work and keep improving.


  8. Keep up the good work, Jian Shuo… give Yifan a big hug for us. Hope the pics of Jaime found it to your email address ok…

  9. Congratulations on the Big 5! Greatly admire your perseverance in presenting this fabulous blog with unique informations and thoughts, please keep it up. Thanks a million!

  10. @AussiePB, yes, I got the email with photos – sorry for didn’t reply promptly due to recent travel. She is so cute. Thanks for sharing your happiness with me.

    Thanks everyone for your congratulations. I am happy for finally archived 5 years of blogging. Keep coming and tell me what you need most.

  11. Hi Jian shuo,

    Congratulation !That a great work and idear .I know your blog from radio last month in Tijanjin.Thanks for your help about blog and life.i thinks that(blog) can help myself record my life and growth ,so i want to create a bolg for my family and i .Maybe it can help for friends live in Tianjin.

    I’ll begining at this job asap and then tell you address of my blog .Hope you give me support for my bolg.

    Thanks very much !

  12. @Ocean Zhang, recently I don’t know why, but many people tell me they read or hear about the blog on newspapers, radios in places I never imagine my blog may reach, like Houston. Welcome!

  13. Jian shuo,

    I heard your blog from talk show media by tj binhai radio last month.i think that it’s a good news for you .It’s means that you are doing a right thing for everybody.and i have a young daughter on 12th. Mar this year.So wish your baby be healthy and happy every day !

  14. JIan shuo,

    Which website can create an english blog ? Can you give me help for this?

    Waiting for your feedback !




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  16. This is an incredible accomplishment Jian Shuo. I’m inspired and hope that one day i can be as persistent and disciplined in my own endeavors. Best to you!

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