Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am happy to turn 34 (or some people say, to be 35).

I just felt that I have passed the age to make birthday resolution now. It has been great year for me – experienced many ups and downs, and grew a lot. I just feel I am surrounded with great friends and mentors each year.

Happy birthday to me.

P.S. I realized that I posted a “Happy Birthday to Me” every year since I started in this blog – from 2002, to 2010. It is almost a behavior art to write the same thing every year – for 9 years in a row.

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Happy Birthday to Me

It turned out today is my birthday today.

I didn’t realize it is already October 18, well, Beijing time.

It is the first birthday spanning on both sides of the Ocean. Although I haven’t enter Oct 18 at this side of the Pacific, when I am there, the day will end.

PS. Based on the boarding information I have, when I arrive at PVG, I will conveniently skip the day and will be 2 am the second day.

Anyway, as always, I am always delighted to say Happy Birthday to myself first.

Happy Birthday to Me

I am 31 now.

Look at this entry: Happy Birthday to Me. At the time I started blog daily, I was only 25. I cannot believe it.

It was a busy week. I could hardly stop a little bit to think about my birthday, and really take time to do some reflection to the past 31 years, and write something. I didn’t get the chance to stop and rest a little bit yet.

Wendy, Yifan, me and my parents are going to Xishan in Suzhou (not far, just one and half hour drive) for two days. Will be back on Sunday.

Work hard. Play hard.

That is me…

Happy birthday to me.

P.S. Thanks Wendy for preparing the trip for me, and Jia for sending the first birthday greeting to me.

Special Birthday Gift from MovableType Team

Anil from MovableType team wrote an entry about my 5 years of blogging and put my blog as featured bloged on MovableType.com

Screenshot in courtesy of MovableType

What a surprise, and they have been so considerate to hold the post until my birthday!

Ginger also put her entry here.

How nice it is to have some friends in this great team. Thank you for the anniversary cake, the wonderflu party, and the blog post!

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Here are some of my photos in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Jian Shuo Wang in 2003, Xiamen

Jian Shuo Wang in 2004, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2005, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2006, Australia

Jian Shuo Wang in 2007, Cambodia

Jian Shuo Wang in 1998, Beijing

Jian Shuo Wang in 2001, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2002, Seatle

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me. It is my 29th birthday.

Thanks for Henry, Grace, Xiaofeng, Hengge, Robert, Xiaoxiong, Edward and Wendy to be at dinner with me. Wonderful friends, and wonderful gathering.

P.S. I found every birthday, I started the entry with “Happy brithday to me. It is my ??th brithday”, and the number just changed from 25, to 26, 27, 28 and 29…

Happy Birthday to Me in 2002

Happy Birthday to Me in 2003

Happy Birthday to Me in 2004

Happy Birthday to Me in 2005

Happy Birthday to Me in 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me. It is my 28th birthday. Mean time, happy birthday to my friends who enjoy the birthday these two days: Dengjia (tomorrow), Joanna (yesterday), and burcu from Turkey…


At McDonald of Hongqiao Airport. Wendy is flying back from Beijing tonight, but the flight was delayed till 21:55. No surprise at all. The flights are always like this. It is the right time to sit down to look back to what happened in my life in the last year.

Thanks for the wonderful greetings from my friends around me. I love the photo album yiyi and the team created so much, as well as the flowers and the cards. Henry and Run even changed their display name to “Happy Birthday to Jian Shuo”. Thank you very much. Mr. Xu, the life ensurance broker also dropped a SMS message to me. He has kept sending us flowers, SMS, greeting cards on all our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important days of Wendy and me. I am very moved by his professionalism and care. Thanks everyone. I’d love to thank RC as a good friend and as a mentor. What I have learnt in the last two days is a great gift for my birthday – I love to grow up as fast as I can. My expectation is my experience grows faster than my age…

Here is a list of events that happened from my last birthday in 2004.

October 2005

September 2005

August 2005

July 2005

June 2005

May 2005

April 2005

March 2005

February 2005

January 2005

December 2004

November 2004

October 2004

There are much more in the previous two years after my birthday in 2003 and 2002


Birthday cake this year

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to myself. It is my 27th birthday.

I searched my old entries and saw this is the third entry with title “Happy Birthday to Me” already. The previous two are:

Update Birthday Cake October 18, 2004

Wendy bought me a very nice cake. It looks so nice. We celebrated my birthday at home.


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

Thanks Wendy.

The Village I was Born

I posted this article under name Typical Chinese Village” yesterday. Actually, this village means a lot to me. It is the village I was born and the village I lived before I move into the downtown area in Luoyang when I was 4 in age. The name for this village is Xin Zhuang (or New Village).

It is 15 km away downtown Luoyang. The yellow river flows by the village. More than 10 empirers were buried near the village, because it was regarded as a place with best Feng Shui. Now the village was abandended. People all move outside the village for easier transportation. No people live there now.

I visited the village again after being away from it for more than 10 years. Everything seems so familiar to me. Here are some pictures.


Below is the gate to the village. The village was built on a hill with deep gaps around it. It is the only entrance to the village. It was movable bridge that can be hang up so enemies can not run into it. The solid defence protected the villagers from many wars.

There are holes on the pole. Stikes can be inserted into the pole to strengthen the door.


This is the cave near the village for shepherds. Anyone can easily dig a cave on the solid yellow soil and it never crashes during years.


The nice facade of Qing Dynasty. Generations of people once lived here.

Broken houses

Since there is no people living there, the houses started to crash, only living some facade and gates.

My Old House

This is were I was born and where I lived for my first several years in my life.

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to myself. It is my 26th birthday. There is no special programs today, just rent a car and drove the family around the Pudong Area to look for new apartments. After 8:00 PM, I even drove to Sheshan and returned at around 10:00 PM. The places become so near after I got a car. It was such a great accomplishment to cycle to Sheshan before. :-D

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday – my 25th birthday. Thanks for Wendy, Julia, Linda, Eric, Steven, Eddy, Grace, Hong-wei, Francs and all other’s warm greetings, gifts, birthday cakes and the fantatic birthday party.

The birthday cake I received today. Candle representing 25 is marked on the cake


Thanks for Paulin, Cuanyu for sending me the happy birthday greetings.