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From time to time, I just want to record one day of my life – recording every single day seems boring, but to record once every several month makes sense since the life and pace may change dramatically over time. I am recording this for myself, so after many years, I can look back at see what kind of life I am leading today.

Wake Up

At 6:00, or earlier, I wake up. The baby was making noises – not crying, but just that kind of sounds that convinced me that he was not comfortable. This is his 18th day in this world. When Wendy feeds him, I follow asleep again, and wake up the second time around 8:00 AM. Early morning, and I still have time.

After shower, I had 8 great small Xiaolongbao. Very tasty. The old Beicai Market was completely re-constructed and now it seems like the fruit sector of Wal-Mart. They sell good quality and clean breakfast now.

To Work

The road to work is still busy. I drove the car and waited in the long queue before the Nanpu Bridge, and kept slowly moving at 20 km/h at most for 15 minutes. The Nanpu Bridge is too crowded.

Along the Zhaojiabang Road, there are too many metro stations under construction – I guess there are at least 4. Wherever there is a construction site, cars wind left or right at limited speed.

When I arrive at SJTU, it was 9:20 – quite normal. We decided the office hour for the morning is 9:30, because I tried before that even if I leave home 40 minutes earlier, it still ends up of several minutes earlier – the traffic peak time is around 9:00AM.


There are many things to do in the morning. On the product site, the new listing page went online today, and I arranged people to do the final wrap up work. Development is an intersting world, and I think I am good at it. I love the the Data layer, the HTTP layer, the business logic layer, and all kinds of performance, and client things.

I also started the study on Market Segmentation on the markteing side, and had some research in the morning with Jia. My lunch was quick and alone – at Steak that is before the gate of SJTU. Their steak is not bad. I applied the theory of Market Segmentation, and understood that they created different package of the same food and sell it at different price is a marketing mix resulted from market segmentation.

The Afternoon

The afternoon should be called Market Segmentation afternoon, and we created the marketing model for the business. Meanwhile, the new product went online, resulting must quick response, and 50% reduction on MySQL load.

When I wrap the busy day, it was already 7:00 PM. Driving back home is much easier, since I can use the elevated high way, and there was no traffic along the road.

Getting Back Home

When I am back, it was completely dark, and the baby is still sleeping like an angel. He is very quiet at day time, and more naughty at night.

Well. This is a brief describe of a normal day in my life.

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  1. not bad. there are much slower pace in china. We have more stuff to do in the USA. I usually get hospital at 7:30 am and take a couple of hours to fill five hundred medicines. We open at 9:00 and a lot of patients come, I have to answer a lot phone calls from DOCs and other. Then we need to make IV mixture and Chemo mixture. Even I don’t have time to eat lunch until I get off at 4:30 pm. I spend 1 hour for commuting everyday.

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