Pigeon Point Lighthouse

At the west coast of US, there is a lighthouse called Pigeon Point. Wendy and I arrived at that lighthouse at a dark night, thinking we were in the middle of nowhere.

We were driving lonely around 9:00 PM along the CA-1, planing to leave San Francisco the second day. Along the dark route, we only can barely hear the wave of ocean on the left, from deep down the cliffs.

Then there is light far away – the lighthouse. The house is always there, shining inn the dark, with reflection of the light on the surface of the ocean.

We have passed the lighthouse, but out of curiosity, I made an U turn when possible, and got back to a spur road leading to the lighthouse. That was pretty adventurous drive, since we didn’t know anything about it, and didn’t know what to expect. At the foot of the road, an old badge read: “Pigeon Point”.

It turned out the lighthouse was not lonely. At the foot of the lighthouse is an Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. From the number of cars parked outside the hostel, we understood the hostel is more of a happy home, instead of a perfect background for a criminal scene.

We really wanted to get a room in that hostel, but the nice reception told us he had nothing left in that area. Anyway, we spent some time at the lighthouse, watching the stars on the Pacific ocean and listening to the “sound of waves crashing the Pacific coast”, as the hostel website put it.

I hope one day I can get back to the lonely Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Many really great scenes are on the road, without any planning, and without any expectation. Only afterward you realized how beautiful it is.

Photo by (nz)dave

6 thoughts on “Pigeon Point Lighthouse

  1. Jian Shuo, I really envy you. I like to travel a lot but my chances of travelling are very limited.

    You’ve been a pretty good traveller and have met a lot of people… and the knowledge that you have gained from them is simply awesome.

    This place looks pretty awesome and the fact that it was not a planned visit makes it a special place too.

    Hope all the conference that you had in US was pretty good and successful.

  2. Thanks Balaji. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to experience different part of the world, and I believe you will also have the chance to do so in the future. Travel matters a lot in people’s life. We need to travel more to understand the life we normally lead.

  3. “without any planning, and without any expectation. Only afterward you realized how beautiful it is.”

    That is how I ran into the 17 Mile Dr (from Pacific Grove – Del Monte Forest – Pebble Beach, CA). To me, that is the most beautiful place on earth I have ever visited. If you have not driven on it before, you can try it the next time when you in CA. I’m sure you will agree with me.

  4. Yes, 17-mile drive is probably THE most beautiful driving experience near San Francisco.

  5. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I’ve stayed at Pigeon Point, and you’re right, it’s a beautiful, very memorable place. The whole area of half moon bay is full of pleasant surprises – do you ever stop at the produce stalls along the highway? I love them. You should definitely visit Pigeon Point again and make sure to go into their beach side outdoor jacuzzi.

  6. We turned into the mountain near the Pigeon Point that night – bad choice, but memoriable experience. Wendy (my wife) was scared in the two hours of drive in the mountains. Will try to visit the Half Moon bay later.

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