November Turbulance

November 2009 is the month with most turbulance in blogging in the recent year. The frequent travel to Xiamen, to Chengdu made regular blogging harder than ever, and recenty, I was highly devoted in defactoring some of the code of the production environment. I found out code is really what my passion is at. I love to code any way, especially the design pattern, and defactoring. Hope I will have time to sit down at my computer to get videos, pictures of my trip out of my camera, and camcorder, and upload some of them to this blog. Please be patient for another few days.

Back to Blogging

Just a notice about why I didn’t blog in the last two days. Hmmm… I found out I even didn’t have time to open a web page in the last few days except web based application like gmail. Pretty busy days. The other reason is, network does not work in my home. Wendy got a new 3G netbook (Dell Mini). But the 3G didn’t work after she brought it back home. Another way to access Internet is gone.

I am exploring new way to update blog on my Nokia N78 now. It is brief, but better than nothing.

I will be back to regular posting frequency soon. Stay tuned.

P.S. I fixed the problem with MT-Notifier, so my newsletter subscribers won’t be bothered with old entry notifications.

Back fro OOB in Shengsi

We were in Shengsi for company outing. Just returned. I left few days blank in my blog – pretty rare in the last few years. I will update about the outing soon.

This is also an interesting time slot that caused a lot of mental tension, and thinking power. I said to my partners that I have almost been converted from ENFP to ISTJ in the last few weeks. It seems now I am at least more introverted than before.

Resume from Long Pause of Blogging

After I returned to Shanghai on Sept 23th Shanghai time, my sense of time was completely disordered, and due to the national holiday, and the recent travel to Beijing, my sense of days is also destroyed. In Beijing, I happened to have no Internet access, and that is the reason of one of the longest blogging pause in my blogging history.

Now, I am back.

And I will make up some blogs to fill in the absence – I don’t like to record something that I know is not truth. My way to handle it is to change the time to some day in the past, and put a disclaimer at the end of the entry to tell people (especially for myself) the actual day the blog was created.

Continue to be OOB

As many of my reader may have noticed, recently, I didn’t blog as often as I always did – and people observed pause from time to time during the last two weeks.

Don’t worry. I am just OOB (out of blogging) a little bit due to the busy time during the business circle – the beginning of a quarter, and wrapping up the previous quarter. I spent most of my night time on it, so I don’t have enough time on the blog. Don’t worry. Business is doing fantastic! We are so excited to close the Q2 with great result.

The other obvious time consumer is Yifan. He needs much more of my time. He has been growing up to identify whether I am paying attention to him or not. If he found out I am using a computer, he will be upset, and will be making noises to bring my attention to him. Besides that, our Ayi (nanny) went back to home for family emergency, and I shared more of the baby sitting work at night. Yes. I am holding Yifan in my arm and help him to fall asleep every night, and it takes about 1 hour.

So, I hope I will recover later.

BTW, it is already the 3rd continuous fully-occupied weekend for me. I don’t have any plan for this weekend yet, so I can bring Yifan to some education center, which we planned since two months ago.

OOB to Take a Pause

OOB (Out of Blogging) today, and maybe (maybe not) tomorrow. I am not feeling well these days, after caught in the rain last night, and my stomach does not feel good. I am going bed now, and hope to take a short (no longer than two days) in blogging.

P.S. Shanghai is really cold now, seriously.