Best of Wangjianshuo’s Blog in 2007

I posted 374 blogs (before this entry) in the 365 days in 2007. Just now, I reviewed my monthly blog archive in 2007, and selected (just based on my personal standard) the best posts in 2007. Here is a full list.

What is your favorite blog entry in the year of 2007? Here are my monthly archive pages. When I look back, I found

it is so nice to have a blog, and you can clearly get some ideas about how the year of 2007 was for me. If there had been no such a blog, a lot of details of life may have been lost. I am so happy to have kept a blog, and encourage everyone to start one.

If you want to review the blog entries I wrote in 2007, here is the list by months:

Looking forward to a even more exciting 2008!

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