On the Top of 8 Meters…

Last weekend, I organized the team to attend the outdoor training in Shajiabang, Changshu, Jiangsu Province.

On of the interesting practice to challenge one’s courage is to jump over a 1.5 meter gap 8 meters above the ground. I jumped.

Pictures below are taken by York and Victor.

For more pictures of the outdoor training, please see the photo album:

Shajianbang.York (photo by York Liang)

Shajiabang.Victor (photo by Xiaoliang Pan)

About the Trianing

The training was facilitated by Shanghai Freely Training. The founder, Twins, is an active member in Smiling Library. Very nice person. The training was a huge success. I would highly recommend them if you want to build the team and increase communication between the team members. Blogbus attended the training and Hengge recommended it to me.

Yifan in His Two Months

Yifan is in his second months now. Let me post two recent photos of him. I am always so happy

  • to hold him in my arm and look at his naughty face
  • to watch him fall asleep
  • to hear his voice (just some fragment of sounds)
  • to take photos of him
  • to whatever he wanted me to do
  • to see his expression (of whatever kind)

MTSubCategory of MovableType

I have so many articles, so I finally spent some time to create a category page for top level categories, middle categories, and subcategories. You may have noticed the change of the my homepage (look at this screenshot).


Screen shot of the category function of Wangjianshuo’s blog

For those bloggers using MovableType, here are code I used to create a page like that:

<br><div class=”so”><b>Categories</b></div>

<div class=”ct”>

<div class=”category”>


.category div{float:left;width:32%;padding-bottom:20px;}

.category b {background-color:lightyellow;padding:3px;margin:3px}



<div><b><a href=”<$MTCategoryArchiveLink$>”><$MTCategoryLabel$></a></b><br>


» <a href=”<$MTArchiveLink$>”><$MTArchiveTitle$></a> <small>(<$MTCategoryCount$>)</small><br>


      <a href=”<$MTArchiveLink$>”><$MTArchiveTitle$></a> <small>(<$MTCategoryCount$>)</small><br>





<br style=”clear:both” />



I didn’t use the MTCatRecurse tag, since I only want to list the first 3 level of the category and I want some diversity in the top level, second level and third level…

Hope this helps. (For regular readers who do not care about how this blog works, please simply ignore this entry).

Strengthen the Control of Speech

Recently, there are several evidence to prove the government is strengthen the control of speech in China. Here are some of them.

New Round of Satellite TV Ban

Satellite TV is always forbidden (Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China) for most of the people. Only some specially assigned places, some approved star hotels, and places where foreigners live are allowed to install satellite TV. Normal people (some translate it as Old Hundreds Names) are not allowed to be exposed to what the international world says about China.

I installed my satellite TV in my garden (which is illegal). It is not a news that this is ban – this ban was never lifted. But recently, with more and more people install it, and with the upcoming party meeting in Beijing, they strengthen it. I see the poster everywhere that people have to remove their equipment within 3 months to avoid penalty.

I am sure that some one will jump into my garden and remove my dish in 3 months (this time they look as serious as previous countless time they enforce it. So let’s wait and see what happens, and I will broadcast it.

Xiamen Kills Anonymous Post

According to the Xiamen Bureau of Industry and Commerce, they are going to require all the information posted on the Internet to be in real name (the name that is on your national ID card) so police know who to arrest when you post something “unhealthy or harmful”.

It requires all blog owners and website owners to register their real name with the government (this is not something new), and they also requires anyone without a national ID card registered cannot post on a blog (as a comment) or on BBS. Anonymous posting is not allowed in anyway.

The draft also requires the establishment of a management mechanism for websites and discussion forums, including systems for quick deletion of unhealthy information, discussion with individuals responsible for offending websites , punishment of offending websites , and circulation of directives about online public opinion. Forum post must be filtered and reviewed before they are posted online, and the moderator will receive frequently updated ban-word, or “unhealthy” information that they must delete.

This sounds ridiculous, and Xiamen is just the first city implement it. That means, to be a legal website, I have to close the comment system below this post, and you have to fax your national ID card, or your passport to me before you can make a comment on this blog, otherwise, I will be fined or put into jail. What a joke…

Also, Xiamen government make one step further in the great effort of censorship in China. They requires that all post made online must under the REAL NAME of the person (the name on his/her passport) to post any comment. You cannot use a nickname, or something like “superman”. It must by your real name. Well. It seems I am OK for this rule to use my own name, Wang Jian Shuo, to post on this blog. (BTW, do they enforce that I have to post my Chinese name, instead of English name when I write my next entry?)

Months ago, there are a protest of the government-backed environment-unfriendly chemical project on the beautiful island. Internet played an important role there. So this is what the government learn from the rare protest in China.

I will let you know (or take pictures) if some policemen knock my door because of this post.

Write Articles, Not Blog Postings

Jacob Nielson (the usability Guru) wrote a recent article named Write Articles, Not Blog Postings. The article is very well written.

To treat every entry on the blog as an standalone article that is valuable even after years is a very good way to think of blog.

What is a Blog?

The word blog refer to too many things, in just one word.

It can mean blog tools, like MovableType, or TypePad, or MSN Space. However, you can create not only blog with blog tools. For example, MovableType can be a useful Content Management System for creating help center for a website.

Blogging means the behavior to create one journal per day (or at other fixed frequency). You can blog without a blogging tool. Paper and pen, for example, are good for blogging (if you share what you write publicly).

Blog also means the result of creative work of bloggers. Blog refers to the articles on a blog, or created by a blog software, or created by a blogger, or of any combination of these three elements. For example, a blogger without using blogging tool, or a non-blogger with a blogging tool.

Blogger, of cause, refers to the person who blogs – like me.

Separation of Blog and Articles

The idea to write an article per day is great. When I do reflection about why I started blog, I remember the initial thoughts was just to write one article per day, no matter what topic I write. If you look at the first few articles I wrote, you get some idea about what Wangjianshuo’s blog initially looks like:

  1. MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP
  2. Network Infrustucture in my Home in Shanghai
  3. ODP – Not As Good as Zeal.com
  4. Korea: The Bandwitdh Capital of the World?

Well. As you can see, there is no Shanghai information at the very begining. Later, when the time past by, and I found by sharing my personal life, I am sharing about what is happening in this city, and then the blog became THE Shanghai blog. This, of cause, didn’t change the initial idea of writing an article every day and accumulate something big. This exactly echo what Jacob suggested: write articles, not blog, although I am using a blogging tool, and write daily, and I am called a blogger.

I hope I share my small piece of history with my readers who also write blog, and we all remember to create something valuable for Internet, instead of creating noises, or information pollutions on the Internet.

Google AdSense and its Impact

I cannot believe it that I have put Google AdSense on this blog for more than 4 years. It started as an experiment but later became a pretty good revenue source for this blog – at least I got more than what I pay for hosting, domain and everything related to keep this site up and running. Well, pretty more than that.

That is a good thing (to cover the cost so I don’t need to pay to blog), but there are some side effects. When I do the annual reflection about what is good and what is bad, I found the Google AdSense does not positively impact the quality of the post. Sometimes, I found to write a topic that is easier to get some Google traffic is more rewarding (in terms of page views, and so with the small amount of $$$ from the program), I feel I am losing the faith to create an article (I do mean A-R-T-I-C-L-E), and sometimes started to create blogs. By blogs, I mean the general meaning of the term blog: things like what is going on? what is the whether? how does my friends doing, blah, blah…

Maybe (I guess) the biggest difference between my blog and millions of other blogs is, I am writing articles that is useful, maybe only after several month when a real traveler found the site, and he/she happens to be on the road in the next few days or weeks. So keep what I am proud of.

So, I want to look back with my readers together and refresh the belief of writing articles instead of blogs.

Long Detour by Road Construction

Let me show you a map.


Image in courtesy of Google Maps

On the map, the red line and the blue line together is the daily route I drive from Xujiahui to the elevated highway (then my home is just 10 kms or 20 minutes away).

Today, since there is a small detour at the starting of the blue line – the road was completely blocked and no cars are allowed to enter. Then to to go to the entrance of the elevated highway, I used the red line plus the green line.

Look at how far I went just to workaround the detour.

This is due to the complicated one-way system in this area. For example, at the immediate next cross road, the Wanping Road 宛平路 is a single way road that I cannot turn right (one block south, it is both way). Then I have to go the next block. I turned right. I should have the opportunity to get back to the blue line, but there is another single way road, so I have to continue until I get to the elevated highway.

Turning right, on the whole way, there was no opportunity to make U-turn or left turn, until I reached the Tianyaoqiao Road. I turned left (no U-turn allowed), and went to a residential area. Enter that area and get out, so to do the U-Turn, and then run a long way back.

After I am back to the elevated highway, 40 minutes already past.

What a day.

P.S. Many car drivers can save this 40 minutes by some “tricks”, like make U-turn when it is now allowed, or even make U-turn when left turn is not allowed. Most people did. I followed the rule, and that is the result. It seems the policeman didn’t notice this at all, since they thought “smart” people workaround this anyway.

Controversy Car Plates

When I wrote about the Chinese Car Plate the other day, I suddenly recalled from my memory that China has once opened the restriction on the car plate numbers and allow car owners to choose the car plate numbers by themselves.

That was back to Aug 12, 2002 (one month before I started my blog). In Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, car owners started to have the freedom to choose the 6 digits of their car plate. They can use whatever numbers or alphabetic combination (with restriction of using I, O, T which may be confusing with numbers).

After 4000 people get their car plates, 10 days later, the pilot was stopped. The reason is, some people are not comfortable with the personalized car plate people choose. There are some examples:








So, this practice is stopped. I am not surprised at all. When people still believe very few people can help to define the rules and moral guidelines for the whole society, they will still try to control…

What do you think about this small piece of history?

I Created a Photo Gallery

I have many photos – more than 10 thousands at least. When I look at these photos on my hard disk, I am thinking: maybe I should share the photos. Since I don’t like to take pictures of myself, and most of the pictures are on a business or personal trip, majority of the pictures are about the place I had been to. So it may be a good idea to share the pictures in case someone is also interested in going to that place.

I put the photos onto http://wangjianshuo.com/photo and added a link on the navigation bar on homepage.

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. It is just the beginning. I am using Picasa to generate the HTML version of the photo gallery.

Met with Stan

Met with Stan in Chatea.

Good chat.

He helped me to ask the question to myself again: Doe sit make sense to see everything too clearly and enjoy Taoist thinking. Is it so important to clearly predict what is on the other side of the mountain before you start climbing? What’s the other side? It must be a decline – continuous decline.

Good point.

Weather Stuff

Shanghai is hot, and rainy (in the next few days). Get prepared, friends.

Shanghai Local Guide

Also, I found an interesting site at http://www.shanghailocalguide.com. Pretty interesting service. Wendy enjoyed the great service (and expensive one) in Europe of private tour guide. I believe in Shanghai there are opportunity in this field, and Shanghai Local Guide, or Aron is the first this kind of freelancer service I saw. Is there any other such site that I didn’t know?

Chinese Car Plate

My reader in Wuxi suggested me to talk about the car plate in China – this is an interesting topic. There is a Chinese character on the plate as the first character, and there are difference colors – blue, yellow, and black. What do all these mean?

Here is a picture of a car plate:

The Chinese Character

There must be a Chinese character on each car plate. It represent the province of the car. Although the full name of China province is at least two or three Chinese characters, they all have abridged version, just like WA for Washington, CA for California in U.S.

There is something different though. The Chinese abbr. of a province name is often completely different from the Chinese name.

For example, Shang Hai 上海 has two characters. Its abbr. is neither Shang 上 or Hai 海. It is Hu 沪.

So every car registered in Shanghai will have a plate starting with





My car is registered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang (why, limitations), it starts with


浙 means Zhejiang province.

The Second Character

The second character, which is an English letter, represent the city of the province (or districts of a city like Shanghai).

A in Henan means Zhengzhou

B in Henan means Kaifeng

C means Luoyang

R means Nanyang

So every city has its number.

Here is a complete list of these places (all in Chinese) since the translate of location names does not work well.


京A、京C、京E、京F、北京市(城区),京G 北京市(远郊区), 京B 出租车,京O警察


津A、津B、津C、天津市 ,津E 出租车


沪A、沪B、沪D 上海市区,沪C 远郊区


渝A 重庆市区(江南),渝B 重庆市区(江北),渝C 永川区,渝F 万州区,渝G 涪陵区,渝H 黔江区


冀A 石家庄,冀B 唐山,冀C 秦皇岛,冀D 邯郸,冀E 邢台,冀F 保定,冀G 张家口,冀H 承德,冀J 沧州,冀R 廊坊,冀T 衡水


豫A 郑州,豫B 开封,豫C 洛阳,豫D 平顶山,豫E 安阳,豫F 鹤壁,豫G 新乡,豫H 焦作,豫J 濮阳,豫K 许昌,豫L 漯河,豫M 三门峡,豫N 商丘,豫P 周口,豫Q 驻马店,豫R 南阳,豫S 信阳,豫U 济源


云A 昆明,云B 东川,云C 昭通,云D 曲靖, 云E 楚雄彝族,云F 玉溪,云G 红河哈尼族,云H 文山壮族苗,云J 思茅,云L 大理白族,云K 西双版纳,云M 保山,云N 德宏傣族,云P 丽江,云Q 怒江傈族,云R 迪庆藏族,云S 临沧


辽A 沈阳,辽B 大连,辽C 鞍山,辽D 抚顺,辽E 本溪,辽F 丹东,辽G 锦州,辽H 营口,辽J 阜新,辽K 辽阳,辽L 盘锦,辽M 铁岭,辽N 朝阳,辽P 葫芦岛,辽V 省直机关


黑A 哈尔滨 ,黑B 齐齐哈尔,黑C 牡丹江,黑D 佳木斯,黑E 大庆,黑F 伊春,黑G 鸡西,黑H 鹤岗,黑J 双鸭山,黑K 七台河,黑L 松花江行署,黑M 绥化,黑N 黑河,黑P 大兴安岭


湘A 长沙,湘B 株洲,湘C 湘潭,湘D 衡阳,湘E 邵阳,湘F 岳阳,湘G 大庸,湘H 益阳,湘J 常德,湘K 娄底,湘L 郴州,湘M 零陵,湘N怀化,湘P 湘西州


皖A 合肥,皖B 芜湖,皖C 蚌埠,皖D 淮南,皖E 马鞍山,皖F 淮北,皖G 铜陵,皖H 安庆,皖J 黄山,皖K 阜阳,皖L 宿州,皖M 滁州,皖N 六安,皖P 宣城,皖Q 巢湖,皖R 池州


鲁A 济南,鲁B 青岛,鲁C 淄博,鲁D 枣庄,鲁E 东营,鲁F 烟台,鲁G 潍坊,鲁H 济宁,鲁J 泰安,鲁K 威海,鲁L 日照,鲁M 莱芜,鲁N 德州,鲁P 聊城,鲁Q 临沂,鲁R 菏泽,鲁U 青岛开发区


新A 乌鲁木齐,新B 昌吉回族,新C 石河子,新D 奎屯,新E 博尔塔拉,新F 伊犁哈萨,新G 塔城,新H 阿勒泰,新J 克拉玛依,新K 吐鲁番, 新L 哈密,新M 巴音郭,新N 阿克苏,新P 克孜勒苏柯,新Q 喀什,新R 和田


苏A 南京,苏B 无锡,苏C 徐州,苏D 常州,苏E 苏州,苏F 南通,苏G 连云港,苏H 淮阴,苏J 盐城,苏K 扬州,苏L 镇江,苏M 泰州,苏N 宿迁


浙A 杭州,浙B 宁波,浙C 温州,浙D 绍兴,浙E 湖州,浙F 嘉兴,浙G 金华,浙H 衢州,浙J 台州,浙K 丽水,浙L 舟山


赣A 南昌,赣B 赣州,赣C 宜春,赣D 吉安,赣E 上饶,赣F 抚州,赣G 九江,赣H 景德镇,赣J 萍乡,赣K 新余,赣L 鹰潭


鄂A 武汉,鄂B 黄石,鄂C 十堰,鄂D 沙市,鄂E 宜昌,鄂F 襄樊,鄂G 鄂州,鄂H 荆门,鄂J 黄岗,鄂K 孝感,鄂L 咸宁,鄂M 荆州,鄂N 郧阳,鄂P 宜昌,鄂Q 鄂西州


桂A 南宁,桂B 柳州,桂C 桂林,桂D 梧州,桂E 北海,桂F 南宁,桂G 柳州,桂H 桂林,桂J 贺州(属梧州),桂K 玉林,桂M 河池,桂L 百色,桂N 钦州,桂P 防城


甘A 兰州,甘B 嘉峪关,甘C 金昌,甘D 白银,甘E 天水,甘F 酒泉,甘G 张掖,甘H 武威,甘J 定西,甘K 陇南,甘L 平凉,甘M 庆阳 ,甘N 临夏回族,甘P 甘南藏族


晋A 太原,晋B 大同,晋C 阳泉,晋D 长治,晋E 晋城,晋F 朔州,晋H 忻州,晋J 吕梁,晋K 晋中,晋L 临汾,晋M 运城


蒙A 呼和浩特,蒙B 包头,蒙C 乌海,蒙D 赤峰,蒙E 呼伦贝尔盟,蒙F 兴安盟,蒙G 锡林郭勒盟,蒙H 乌兰察布盟,蒙J 伊克昭盟,蒙K 巴彦淖尔盟,蒙L 阿拉善盟


陕A 西安,陕B 铜川,陕C 宝鸡,陕D 威阳,陕E 渭南,陕F 汉中,陕G 安康,陕H 商洛,陕J 延安,陕K 榆林,陕U 省直机关


吉A 长春,吉B 吉林,吉C 四平,吉D 辽源,吉E 通化,吉F 白山,吉G 白城,吉H 延边朝鲜族


闽A 福州,闽B 莆田,闽C 泉州,闽D 厦门,闽E 漳州,闽F 龙岩,闽G 三明,闽H 南平,闽J 宁德,闽K 省直机关


贵A 贵阳,贵B 六盘水,贵C 遵义,贵D 铜仁,贵E 黔西南州,贵F 毕节,贵G 安顺,贵H 黔东南州,贵J 黔南州


粤A 广州,粤B 深圳,粤C 珠海,粤D 汕头,粤E 佛山,粤F 韶关,粤G 湛江,粤H 肇庆,粤J 江门,粤K 茂名,粤L 惠州,粤M 梅州,粤N 汕尾,粤P 河源,粤Q 阳江,粤R 清远,粤S 东莞,粤T 中山,粤U 潮州,粤V 揭阳,粤W 云浮,粤X 顺德,粤Y 南海,粤Z港澳进入内地车辆


青A 西宁,青B 海东,青C 海北,青D 黄南,青E 海南州,青F 果洛州,青G 玉树州,青H 海西州,


藏A 拉萨,藏B 昌都,藏C 山南,藏D 日喀则,藏E 那曲,藏F 阿里,藏G 林芝


川A 成都,川B 绵阳,川C 自贡,川D 攀枝花,川E 泸州,川F 德阳,川H 广元,川J 遂宁,川K 内江,川L 乐山,川Q 宜宾,川R 南充,川S 达县,川T 雅安,川U 阿坝藏族,川V 甘孜藏族,川W 凉山彝族,川Z 眉山。 


宁A 银川,宁B 石嘴山,宁C 银南,宁D 固原


琼A 海口,琼B 三亚,琼C 琼北

According to this chart,

A, B, D in Shanghai means cars registered in downtown Shanghai

C means cars in Shanghai registered in rural areas.

In some places, taxi has its own unique numbers.

The Rest 5 Characters

The rest of the numbers are numbered according to rules of each province. For example, in Shanghai, the third (or the first of the rest numbers) can be English letters, while in Zhejiang, the fifth character can be letters. The rest are numbers.


The most common color is blue. It means it is small or middle sized car. For big cars, like buses, or trunks, it is in yellow. There are also black car plates, which means the car is owned by a foreigner or foreign company (I don’t know why thy make it different).

P.S. This is according to the 1992 standard of car plate.

Business is Really Business

One month ago, I talked about Back to Technical World. It is very interesting that 5 years ago, when I just about to join Wicresoft to run the ESS business, I wrote an article named: Business is Business. In that cold December, I wrote:

It is a completely new world when you are counting about the P/L. In the next few weeks, I will spend some time on the finance and business part. This is a major focus shift for me. I am no longer a technical person.

5 Years since claiming to be a businessman, to recent getting back to technical a little bit, and now, I am even sure that business is still the most important world I should play with. It is true that I don’t need to be in the technical world for too deep and too long.

At the bottom of my heart, I don’t like business, although I even tried to learn it. Friends comment that I am not a business man. I am NOT! This may because of the nature that I enjoy philosophy and reasoning better than competing. But it seems I have to change to the world I am physically in.

I ever wrote Dislike Doing or Starting to Do. It seems to be it is me who didn’t want to start dive into details of the business world. Let me give it another try in the next half year.

Software for Newly Installed PC

My best practice to maintain a healthy PC is to re-install the operating system and the applications every few month. These are the steps I follow. In case it is helpful for others.

Rule 1: Reinstall Operating System every 2-3 months.

Rule 2: Have Drive C: and Drive D: on computer. Name Drive D: as Data and never format it. Then re-format drive C: every time I install operating system.

Rule 3: Never, ever put any valuable files (which cannot be created from another source) on Drive C.

After installation, I will do at least the following thing.

  1. Run Windows Update
  2. Install Office 2003.
  3. Install Firefox and don’t use IE from then on
  4. Turn ClearType on

There are many others steps, but these are the major one.

Accident in Shanghai Metro

In the afternoon, just before I left the office, we talked about the accident happened in Shanghai Metro yesterday. I didn’t know that until people told me.

A young man was stuck in the middle of the Metro door and the glass door on the platform. Since th door didn’t havoc sensor installed (Caution!!! Terrible to know that), the train started, and the man was squeezed to death immediately.

It is horrible. After many accidents that people was stuck in the middle, this is the first time metro caused death.

It is reported that the man carried 0.29g of drug. Many people don’t believe it, at least friends I chatted today, and believe it is the way the Metro Corp. remove responsibility from themselves.

My guess is:

1. The Metro Corp is trying to get out of this.

2. The drug rate in Shanghai has reached a critical mass, that drug can be found in a rare accident like this.

I tend to believe the former answer.

It is soooo… bad. Much worse than the typo in Metro.

So, do take care when taking metro. Remember, there is no sensor installed on the glass doors – unlike an elevator, and never try to save time to run into a metro train.

Real Estate Price Keeps Crazy

It is not news that someone predict the drop (serious drop) in real estate price. This oppinion was strong three years ago, and is still strong today. The reality, however, is just on the opposite part.

Today, when Wendy and I walked around the neiboughood, and past the Sales Office. Out of curious, we stepped in and was astonished by the current price of real estates.

Wendy and I bought the current apartment in 2003. At that time, the price as 5900 RMB per sq. meter.

Today, when we asked the price at the same location (just the other side of the road), it turned out it is already 18,000 RMB per sq. meter. If we consider the price of 3000-4000 sq. meter in early 2003, that is 3 – 4 times increase in 4 years.

For good quality aparments, the “reasonable” price already raised to 20,000 – 30,000 RMB per sq. meter. This high price was only seen in the houses along the Huang Pu River at the Lujiazui area 5 years ago. Now, it is common price.

I am very confused, and the price seems keep going up dramatically.

Crazy world.

How Often Do you See “CPU Exceeded” Error?

Recently, it seems to me that there are more chances for my visitors to see this “Exceeded CPU Quota” error:


This is because there are too much traffic on this site, and the bluehost are constraining the CPU usage. I am not sure how many of you have ever seen this error? Let me know if you also see it so I have a brief idea about how bad the situation is, and decide whether I should do something for it, or not.


Please Don’t Add me on MSN Messenger

I have my email published on my home page – on the right columns, so readers, or friends who lost my email address can contact me. I am open to emails, and welcome your feedbacks. Many people just send me a thank you note, or a compliment letter, which made me very happy. I receive several emails everyday about Shanghai questions, and I answer most of them – I do have to ignore some when the question is too technical (like help me to fix this webcam driver problem), or hard to answer.

I want to make it clear that although the hotmail address is also my MSN, please do not try to add it to your MSN Messenger. As you can imagine, there are too many people doing that, and I see several notification boxes to add someone everyday. My MSN Messenger has already been full for a long time – more than two years ago.

Just now I received email to complain that he/she never saw me on MSN Messenger. I want to make it clear now that please don’t expect me to accept every request. Email is still preferred way to reach me, or even mobile when it is really urgent, but not MSN. I don’t like to use MSN since if I do, my time is completely hooked up with MSN, especially with chat starting with “May I know you? What do you do? How old are you, can you tell me?”…

To set the clear expectation is at least better than disappointment.

Foreign Language Only Signs?

Found an interesting article on Shanghaiist about the recent regulation to add Chinese signs to all stores, shops and restaurants in Xintiandi.

Xintiandi is a very unique place, where most of the shops and bars remains the same style as they were in their original country (many from U.S.) and it is a cultural showcase in the heart of Shanghai about the foreign cultures. One reflection about this is the names and signs of the stores. Many of them only have English names and only show English on their signs, like my favorite KABB. I don’t know whether they have a Chinese name.

The recent requirement is to put Chinese names on their store. I didn’t visit Xintiandi recently, but it is said all store complied with this regulation already. Hmmm.. This seems wired and the next time I am there, I will take pictures, and I am sure Xintiandi may look differently.

The other place very similar to Xintiandi is the Biyun International District. It is just an American Town in Shanghai.

How do I feel? Well. I have some concerns on this. I am afraid the consistency may overtake diversity in this city, and the government is trying to regulate everything, and may kill the energy of the new economic ecosystem. I love to see Chinese culture become more and more rich, however, it should base itself upon a very solid foundation – like more artist, more poetic, more great novelist, and more good Chinese restaurants and bars. By suppressing the other culture to make sure one culture is stronger is not the right way to do it.

How do you feel?

Olympics Impact to TV Commericals

Olympics is closer. I didn’t feel too much difference yet, but the business men – or to be more exact, the marketing managers – has smelled the opportunity and started to move faster than average people.

When I watch TV today (very seldom recently), and I found many TV commericals are directly connected with Olympics or sports. For example, Coca-Cola is featuring the swimming team, and P&G is featuring the other team (I don’t know how to describe it – it is the movement or dance on the surface – 体操?)…

Olympics is closers…

P.S. The other day, I was asked whether I still listen to VOA (Voice of America). I said, I listened to the program frequently, 17 years ago…