Look up! The World Above!

In busy days, we rush to metro, anxiously wait for trains, and leave trains without looking back. That is our life.

From time to time, we may want to spend some time to look at the world using a different angle. This time, I tried to —

Look up!

Above our head, there are ceiling, and above the ceiling, there are complicated air system, and fire prevention system, and there is a speaker there. Did we really think about where the sounds of background music, or train arriving information comes out in the station?

In metro cart, there are similar system. We can breath 10 meters below the ground because of them, but not many people notice their existence.

There are different type of ceilings. Like this at Jinxiu Road Station:

and this in Zhaojiabang Road Station:

The wire under the TV sets broadcasting train arrival information is pretty scary, and messy:

If you look closer, wait a moment, what is this?

and this?

and this?

The cameras are everywhere.

I guess if we continue to take photos of worlds above us, that is a very different world than what we see today.

Shanghai Also has Blue Sky – Part II

I very happily described the very rare blue sky in my previous post here: Shanghai Also has Blue Sky – for One Day. These two days after I am back from Silicon Valley trip, I found Shanghai also has clear sky, thank to the east wind from the ocean. I brought my camera with me (intentionally) just to capture the blue sky. Here are the nice photos. I love Shanghai a lot if the city remains like this, or at least half of the days are like this.

Below is the photo of the scene outside my office window. Look at the blue sky and beautiful cloud. I almost forget what cloud looks like:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Another east side of the scene above:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

This is the sky out of my car window this morning.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

With the blue sky, the grass looks nicer – seems to be more green.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The secret of blue water in the swiming pool? Pain the sky to blue first.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Sadly, in contrast, most of days in Shanghai are gray, and that is not a good thing for the people living in this city. When it is clear blue in the sky, I believe more people will turn into environmentalist to do something to protect the blue sky. I promised Helen to write more about polution situation in China. I will.

Manhole Covers in Shanghai and Beijing

From time to time, I will post some random photos of this city. There is no particular topic, just to record the daily life, and to keep a record of my life for myself to reference in the coming years.

The Manhole Cover

Below is the current version of the manhole found at the crossroad near my home. It reads: Shanghai Shui (meaning Shanghai Water).

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Manhole Cover is a unique thumbprint for a city. It is generally of the same round shape across the whole world, but there are completely different patterns on it.

Here is the drawing I made when I was in Beijing:

Hand drawn by Jian Shuo Wang on April 9th, 2009 in Bejiing

How good/bad is the drawing?

The difference is, there is very few such manhole in Shanghai – it was for heating system – no such a thing, at least not in large scale, in Shanghai.

Clear Shanghai Night

It is nice to have a good view outside my office window, isn’t it? It is especially true when it is clear night in Shanghai.

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang

I know there are many photos like these in my blog, but I just cannot help to post the same view again and again on my blog, since I am impressed by the views from time to time.

Photos of the Blue Sky

Three days ago (ops. This is may be the longest pause in my daily blog routine in the recent months. I was just too busy working on the business these days, due to the approach of the end of the quarter), I posted an entry about the blue sky in Shanghai. I am not the only one with the feeling. Some of my readers, and other bloggers are recording the same “unusual” day. My friend RC sent me an email, telling the story that his friend talked about the blue sky independently from my blog and he didn’t believe it, since he has traveled to Shanghai many times and never see blue skies. So he asked his friend to send a photo to him. He got two actually, and it IS blue sky. Then he read my post and forwarded the two photos his friend took during the day and got permission for me to repost the photos on my blog.

Thanks RC and his friend for providing the photo to me. I did regret that I don’t have a camera with me that day.

More Shanghai Photos

After missing the wonderful blue sky, I took my camera with me (with the new lens) to my office the second day. When the Sun went down, I took some photos of the wonderful view outside my window.

Photos of Shanghai in May, 2008 – Part II

I am based in Xujiahui, and I took many "landscape" photos of the area in the last few years. Here are some of the entries:

In those pictures, you can see the surrounding areas of Xujiahui (other district, including Pudong) changed a lot, but the core area of Xujiahui didn’t change too much in the last few years during my blogging.

I’d like to post the "repeated" photos of the area again, just to record what the great area is today, and hopefully some day later, people are able to take it as a "walk back machine" to see of Shanghai "at the beginning of 21th centaury".


Below: The white building with a arrow on the top is Shanghai Library.




Below: The library of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


The area of old house is always multi-million dollars in value, but the life in the houses still remains miserable – too many people in the same house.


The Boxue Building at the gate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


These are the high-raised building built in 1980s or early 1990s. At that time, as the very few skyscrapers of the city, people must be very excited about the heights of the residential area – a sign of development of Shanghai, isn’t it? But now, it looks ugly.


This is the east-ward of the Xujiahui.


Middle House of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


New Upper House and Engineering Building of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Xujiahui – Metro city.


The Zhaojiangbang Road and the Tianyaoqiao Road.


Many cars. The Pacific Store is under renovation.


The Shanghai No. 6 Department Store.


Real Estate broker.



Photos of Shanghai in May, 2008

I always take a camera with me wherever I go. The benefit is, I can record my life with photos. Here are some photos I took in May this year, about what the real life is like in Shanghai. So you can get an idea about what the life in Shanghai really is.


View of Shanghai from where I work in Xujiahui. You may notice that the highest building in Shanghai – the World Financial Center.


The photo above was taken from the small open space in our office, and you can sit on the bench (below) to see the wonderful view.


Here is directly north of the building – I have posted it before (on top of another building, and in the same building)


Photos of the Last Weekend

When I drove on the Nanpu Bridge, Wendy took a picture of a Mini-copper on the other lane. What is interesting is the big box by the side of the driver – Mini Copper is really "Mimi".


On the right side of the Nanpu Bridge is the construction site of Shanghai Expo. It is not shown in the picture very clearly, but you see the nearest building under construction? There are many of them growing up under the same pace…


This is the scene near my home – the high-voltage electricity lines going along the street.


The other day, I went to the Nanjing road again (after many years) with my friends from America. Nanjing road didn’t change too much in the recent years.


National Holiday 2007 in Shanghai

Below. The World Financial Center is with Jin Mao Tower side by side. It is significantly higher than Jin Mao, but from this angle, they looks of the same heights. The two towers raise just into the cloud, so the tops are not so clear.

Below: The first picture of the Bund.

Below: the Bund was well lit up at night.

Below: Laser lights shot into sky.

Below: The “Most Magnificent Building in Fareast” – the current Pudong Development Bank building and the Custom Building on the right.

Visiting the Bund (the Pudong side) is the must have activity for us. Every time, it still looks breath taking for me (after visiting 20+ times).

Interesting Photos of Pudong

I randomly browsed the Pudong Area using Google Earth, and found interesting image of the area.

Pudong is more interesting in Puxi in Google Earth than Puxi – the combination of morden and traditional.

Yuan Shen Stadium

Nice villa in Biyun district

Gaoqiao Port at Yangtze river

What’s this? No idea what this is used for.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

I suspect this may be the Shanghai General Motor

There are some strange roads like this, with a circle at the end. This may helps cars to make U-turn at the end of the roads. There are some other area with roads like this. It looks interesting when seen from the sky.

Another area with strange roads

The Party Institute

Pearl Tower

Shanghai Oriental Center


Maglev Longyang Road Station and the Metro #2 Long Yang Station

Big parting area for GM in Pudong (I guess)

Jinmao Tower

Pudong Airport

Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

CEIBS (China Europe International Business School

Carefour at Biyun District

Crowded buildings

On left corner of every picture, there is a longtitude and latitude metrics. You can enter these numbers (long numbers) into Google map or Google earth to see the area around.

If you want, we can always find interesting things, even without leaving home, right?

Photo of People’s Square Area

The People’s Square area represents big portion of Shanghai’s image. So are its details. Here are two pictures I took the other day.

© Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. Poles on Pedestrains

The flower is the city flower of Shanghai. The city flower is a smart choice. March is the month when white city flowers (Yulan? No idea about English name) boom everywhere.

© Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. Window of Moore’s Church

Old Shanghai vs Current Shanghai

Jia sent me some pictures of Shanghai in old days. You will see the huge difference. I guess those pictures should be taken not too long ago. My best guess is at the end of 1980’s.


Hey. Take a look at Xujiahui. When I first visited the place, it is not too different from the picture (it was in 1995), but some construction already started.


Annoymous photographer

What does this area look like? I have some pictures taken in 2005.

Shanghai Scenery Around Xujiahui

Xujiahui – Night

Twin Tower Rise in Xujiahui

Nanjing East Road

This is the famous Pedestrain road at Nanjing Road. This is exact the location I have lunch frequently – the No. 1 Food Store. Let me take some pictures later from the same location.


Annoymous photographer

All the buildings look so high in this photo, but people don’t think so now.


Annoymous photographer

How fast time flys!

Picture News of Shanghai 2005

When Spring Festival is near, the city shows some interesting details to me.

Commercial Spring Festival Celebration

The Huang Pi South Road near Xintiandi section was decorated to celebrate the Spring Festival. The Xintiandi group made the celebration banners. It costs some money but it is nothing for so successful real estate company.


On New Buildings

The twin towers of the Grand Gateway are approaching the end of construction. Glasses were installed to this new tallest building in Xujiahui. It seems the construction will continue during the holiday and the workers won’t have their holiday this year, as the previous years.


Farmer Workers

The picture below is the farmer workers statue group at the corner of the Shanghai Art Museum. The statue group vividly reveal the expression of the specific group of people in this city. Now, as Spring Festival is near, the majority of them are leaving Shanghai back to their hometown. Construction site starts to lack of workers. Ayi’s price is rising and more often, people cannot find an Ayi (people who comes to your house to do the cleaning work, babysitting, or cooking) recently. Labor-intensive positions like pure water delivery, garbage collection, that were filled by farmer workers are lack of hands. With their leaving, it shows the same appearance as a severe strike.


Spring Festival can also be called the Farmer Worker’s Days – it is the time for everyone who enjoys the benefit of their hard work to think of them by suffering their short absence.



Shanghai continue to pull down old houses near the Xintiandi area to build new residence or entertainment areas there. More and more walls were painted with large red character: 拆 or Destroy in English.


Farmers in the City

At the Nanjing West Road at the People’s Square, around 9:00 PM, when banks closed its door, farmers from nearby area came to the street to sell their fresh fruit, in the heart of this large metropolitan. She still needs to collect enough money to prepare for the Spring Festival. People passed in a hurry and not many were in the mood to buy fruits at street.


P.S. Pictures were taken in the previous week. (May not be taken today)

F1 Grand Prix Shanghai Pictures

I am just back from F1 Grand Prix. I took some pictures there.













Carsten and Gweilo are right. The cars were very noisy and the earplugs Carsten shared with me are very useful so I can spare my hands from my ears.

Well. I have to admit that the race is not as exciting as I expected. I am not a F1 fan. So I don’t know the names of each team and each player. Since it was too noisy and I was wearing the earplugs, so I missed the broadcasting inside the circuit. I stood there and watched the 56 round of the race – it seems a little bit boring for me for the middle 30 circles. It seems I should have done more homework before I went there.

Update More about the Game September 26, 2004

Now the long-expected F1 circuit is over. The event seems to be too short compared to the two years’ preparation. It went away almost at a speed faster than the racing cars!

Here are some thinking around this event.

Very Good Road Infrustructure

The Grand Prix in Shanghai well demostrated the express way network Shanghai has built. It is just besides the A30 Express Way and many other express roads lead to the circuit. It is very far from the downtown but we managed to get there in less than one hour from Pudong Yuanshen Stadium. For people in Shanghai Stadium, it is only less than one hour. I enjoy the 100+ km/h speed of my bus better than the 300+ km/h speed of the racing car – since the race continued for only less than two hours but the cars on the express ways run all the time.

Buy F1 Shanghai Tickets as Late as Possible

It is gumbling. Before the event, no body knows whether the tickets’ price will raise or fall before the game. It turned out that the price fell. Before I got on board the bus, venders (illegal venders) sold their tickets at 1/3 or less of the face price. 1080 RMB tickets fell to 320 RMB. The 150,000 actual visitors out of 200,000 capacity is a hint of the fall.

Wangjianshuo’s Photo Album

I have many photos. I have a “My Pictures” folder on my laptop containing all my pictures. I just checked the size. WOW! It is 7.76G already. The biggest folder in size is “Pictures in Different Places” which contains my pictures in different cities. It iis 3G along. Compared to this big repository, pictures on this site is just 1% of all my pictures. I have to find some way to share it on the web.

Edward recommended a great tool for me – JAlbum. It is with the style I like.

  • It is runs authoring – publishing mode. I love this mode since I believe 1. Cool URL never change. 2. HTML page is always better than scripts. Since it create static web pages so I can publish to my website, it is more friendly to readers or Google.
  • It does not touch my original pictures.

Photo folders

I created a new folder http://home.wangjianshuo.com/photo an create album under it. I have the following album ready today: