Shanghai’s Clear Sky

Shanghai these days is amazing! Look at the photos I took during the weekend. It is just amazing. I just cannot understand why Shanghai’s sky can be so blue and clean. I have never experienced Shanghai like this since I came here. Anyone has any idea?

Some joked that it is because of the wave of bankrupt of factories and fewer factories work. I seems to be a joke, but I started to suspect whether it is partly true.


  1. Because of the typhoon.


  2. It has been like this for about 10 days. Not likely to be connected with typhoon.

  3. Soooo looking forward to be in China again. 2 months left ! Jianshuo, I’ll spend some time in SH (most probably between Nov. 1st and Nov. 8, 2012) if you want to meet up and grab a coffee during that time frame, I’ll be glad to meet you in person, after having followed your blog for so many years ;-)

    Note that we can also meet in Beijing before that, I’ll be there between Oct. 10 and Oct. 31.

    Cheers !

  4. Welcome to Shanghai!

  5. I’ve been in SH for 9 years, and that’s the first time I see a blue sky.
    Hopefully it will continue forever!

    I am convinced this is because of less factories running = less pollution.

  6. The lesser of the air pollution smog and lower humidity, the bluer the sky will be. Early July my family vacationed in Shanghai for a few days, I have already noticed the sky was bluing up.

  7. I am in Nanjing, and the sky is equally blue. I just don’t believe it is impacted by shutdown of factories. Does it impact the sky that much? It seems more like the wind from the ocean is blowing – pre- and after typhoon.

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