Look up! The World Above!

In busy days, we rush to metro, anxiously wait for trains, and leave trains without looking back. That is our life.

From time to time, we may want to spend some time to look at the world using a different angle. This time, I tried to —

Look up!

Above our head, there are ceiling, and above the ceiling, there are complicated air system, and fire prevention system, and there is a speaker there. Did we really think about where the sounds of background music, or train arriving information comes out in the station?

In metro cart, there are similar system. We can breath 10 meters below the ground because of them, but not many people notice their existence.

There are different type of ceilings. Like this at Jinxiu Road Station:

and this in Zhaojiabang Road Station:

The wire under the TV sets broadcasting train arrival information is pretty scary, and messy:

If you look closer, wait a moment, what is this?

and this?

and this?

The cameras are everywhere.

I guess if we continue to take photos of worlds above us, that is a very different world than what we see today.

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