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I have many photos. I have a “My Pictures” folder on my laptop containing all my pictures. I just checked the size. WOW! It is 7.76G already. The biggest folder in size is “Pictures in Different Places” which contains my pictures in different cities. It iis 3G along. Compared to this big repository, pictures on this site is just 1% of all my pictures. I have to find some way to share it on the web.

Edward recommended a great tool for me – JAlbum. It is with the style I like.

  • It is runs authoring – publishing mode. I love this mode since I believe 1. Cool URL never change. 2. HTML page is always better than scripts. Since it create static web pages so I can publish to my website, it is more friendly to readers or Google.
  • It does not touch my original pictures.

Photo folders

I created a new folder an create album under it. I have the following album ready today:


16 thoughts on “Wangjianshuo’s Photo Album

  1. Please add a return to photo link in JAlbum. It gets frustrating to go back to this page everytime i want to go to a new page

  2. 7.76G? How many photos do you have there? If they are in JPEG format, there are probably more than 8,000 of them. That is A LOT of photos:-)

  3. anrets, thanks for the correction. I have put the right files into chongming folder.

    JH, yes. I have more than 8000 pictures, from many cities in China.

    Claire, nice to see your comment. I am happy you like the photos

    William C, there is a HOME button on the top left corner and it brings you back to the home page, which contains all link to album. I will make modification to the default JAlbum photo page, but not today. :-D

    joyMocha, yes. Daocheng is my favorite album.

  4. Yes, adding an ALBUM button after the HOME button would be nice.

    From your photos of Beijing Metro, I see that the stations there are clean, the tracks are not, routes are well marked. How do Shanghai’s metro facilities compare with Beijing’s?

  5. Hi, Jian Shuo

    Do you have more pictures on Microsoft Museum? I’d like know more about this museum where I never visit.

  6. Hi, jian Shuo,

    i was trying to find some nice pics of Xiamen and your pics just grab my eyes. Those are exactly the pics i have wanted for a long time. i just love the way you capture the beauty of xiamen !

    By the way though, I didn’t see any pictures of GULANG Island and i guess it is beacuase you did not visit there? I always consider that small island as the spirit of Xiamen. So, if you happen to have some pics of gulanyu, could you please post some on your website? I am now studying abroad and are missing home quite a lot, some nice pics whould be very helpful:)

    Also i have looked into other parts of your website and that’s just exiting! Very nice to “meet” you and your website. It is such a highlight of my day….:)

  7. The first time I visit Xiamen, I go to Gulangyu and love it, but I didn’t buy digital camera at that time.

    The second time I visit Xiamen, I bring my Sony P8 but I didn’t visit the island for the second time.

  8. These are really interesting photos – it just shows the power and histodical importance of the digital age.

    Keep taking such great and captivating pictures.

  9. Jian Shuo,

    I came across your SARS Pictures on the following websites: and

    Later this month I am to give a one-time presentation on “Pandemics – The SARS Perspective” in the USA. I note from reviewing your blog site that you have given others permission to use your photographs for non-commercial use and I want to confirm that you are in agreement to my using your photographs in this presentation. Of course you will be given full credit for the photos I use in the presentation.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Fiona Raymond-Cox

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