Should Shanghai Host Expo?

Expo is just 4 days away. Is it too late to ask this question?

This Expo is Special

This year’s expo is special from most of the expo in the past. To be honest, I have never experienced previous Expo in other countries. I never heard about it before Shanghai started to bid for it.

Now, it is regarded in all the media as an event as important as the Olympics. Is it true? I doubt it. I especially feel so when government officials pointed out again and again that “Olympics is not government hosted – it is just civil events, and Olympics is just 20 days – expo is half year….” It is pretty funny.

Who Pays in Expo?

There are many versions of the answer and for sure, it is not easy to get an answer when all the budget and detailed break down is kept as a secret. I can only list some of the “rumors” I heard.

One version of the rumor is, the central government is paying for it. I don’t really believe in this version.

The other version state that all the money comes from the Shanghai local government, and Expo bond, without any investment from the central government. This version seems more likely to me (baised as Shanghai resident).

Disclaimer: without any solid evidence, I heard many people explain the reason Shanghai MUST get a big event like this: This is the only way Shanghai can keep its cost high, and thus keep more money locally instead of giving it to the central government. The current tax structure, Shanghai, as the economic powerhouse, and big manufacture center, Shanghai contribute a big portion of the total tax income (many sources say above 10%, but there is no way to verify this number).

To get more money for the local construction, it is a good idea to take the chance to build metros (look at the 11 metro lines openned before expo), and airports (2 new terminals), and expressways (many of them). This way, when the cost is up, Shanghai has the bargain power to keep more locally for the benefit of the city.

The Location?

The expo was originally planned in the Huang Lou 黄楼 area (at the intersection of S20 and S1), near the Pudong airport – somewhere out of the outer ring. Later, the plan was modified to be the current downtown location. To make it happen, huge amount of money is needed to remove a steel plant, and a ship building plant. These heavy industry plants were called by some government officals as “the last scar on the face of Shanghai”. The idea is, for a moden city like Shanghai when the land price goes so high, it is not a good idea to have several big plants in the downtown.

Expo is the perfect time to relocate them (with all the huge investment), get the land ready for construction, and build some temp pavilions on it. When the expo is over, that is a new area of Shanghai!

Micro and Macro Level

Although I started to concern about hosting expo based on the recent feedback of the 5 rehersal (people mountain people sea, and a little bit disappointing pavilions), there are some solid reasons why Shanghai wants and needs to build it.

It is about benifit.

I Promise to Add Twitter Profile Photo, Later

Please read this article first: “Not Happy New Year”.

In that article I wrote in 2006, I did an experiment. To prove that “I can never over-state the importance of the display name of an Instant Messenger (IM) in the current age”, I kept my MSN Messenger displayed name unchanged for half year (1/1/2006 to 6/30/2006) as “Jian Shuo Wang – Happy New Year”, and changed it to “Jian Shuo Wang – Not Happy New Year” for another half year (7/1/2006 – 12/31/2006).

At that time, I got many message to urge me to change my display name, and I got some sense of how people react to a person who use MSN Messenger often but doesn’t change the display name for one year!

That is my style – do an experiment, and do it in really long term.

Twitter’s Profile Photo

So you may have guessed the new experiment I conducted later. I used 3 years to complete this experiment. I kept the default Twitter profile photo for 3 years. My assumption was, Twitter will replace MSN Messenger as the key channel for people to connect with other, and twitter’s status will replace the display name of MSN Messenger to be the key way for people to express themselves. Now, it is about 1100 days of this experiment, and I am preparing to wrap up this experiment by the end of April. Here are my conclusions:

It is confirmed that Twitter plays a more important role, at least in my life, and in the lives of most my real life friends, than MSN Messenger. People care about my profile photo more than they cared my display name. Even compared with the year of 2006, the current queries are more (I know it is based of the big user name, since I had less than 150 friends on MSN Messenger, but about 800 followers, and following).

During my observation about @jianshuo mention on Twitter, I discovered that if you don’t have a profle photo on twitter, people will think:

  • You SHOULD user your PHOTO, real face photo.
  • You are incompetent to change the profile photo.
  • You are technically challenged person.
  • Surprised that it is possible for someone not to have a profile icon.
  • An icon on twitter is just like pant in real world. They are shameful to see others don’t have icon.
  • You are too shy (too ugly) to show your face to the world.

The message kept coming this way. Sorry that I ignored most of the message, because it is a social experiment itself.

Finally, when I am going to stop this experiment, I got back to the question behind it. A good product design is not only provide the functionality to allow people to change their profile photo, it designs a social environment that pushes everyone softly to update their profile photo, so everyone’s experience is better. Twitter is, maybe, a service with one of the highest photo completion rate, at least for its active users. I, myself, feel I am pretty stupid to run this experiment for as long as 3 years.

Facebook is …. Scary

I intended to use the word ambitious as many people used in their review after f8, but I really feel scary is the better word – that is more than ambitious – that is super ambitious.

The announcement of Facebook on F8 is very exciting. I just spent a little time to try out these features. Below are some buttons you can try to play with. Be cautious: I need to tell you this, clicking on the like button will tell your friends that you Like Wangjianshuo’s blog, which may be true.

Like button:

Activity Feed:


I should have implemented on, but I cannot, because is blocked in China and adding that iframe will trouble my domestic readers.

Facebook is a good company

When Google was about to IPO, I said this to Wendy: “No matter how expensive Google’s stock is, we should buy some.”

It turned out that it was about 100 USD on the first day. “What?” I was shocked, and did nothing, because I realized “No matter how expensive” really means “not higher than 30 USD per share”.

For Facebook, I repeat again, I will buy its stock at whatever initial price it is. This time, “whatever” does mean “whatever”.

Yifan’s Story about Kindergarten

Yifan has been in Kindergarten for few weeks. Here are two stories about his Kinderkarten life. I promise they are interesting stories.

“Exactly Like Kindergarten”

One day we went to a restaurant with Yifan. Yifan has a big dish of food in front of him.

He played all the time when everyone finished the meal. Yifan didn’t ate too much.

One hour later, we decided to leave. We paid the bill, and the waiter began to clean up the table, and removed his dish.

Yifan yelled to the waiter: “I haven’t finished yet! I haven’t finished yet!”

When the waiter smiled and apologized and returned his dish, he said this to his mom:

“I haven’t finished. They took my dish away. Exactly like kindergarten!”

Hey! Wait…. Everyone started to know a little bit about Yifan’s poor kindergarten life. We laughed for quite some time. Poor kid, although we all agree that the kindergarten is doing the right thing – discipline about time.

“I Waited!”

The other day, I asked Yifan about his kindergarten life. Here is the conversation (Y for Yifan, and D for dad).

D: How’s your day in kindergarten.

Y: I played.

D: Did you played seesaw?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: Why?

Y: They didn’t allow me to play.

D: Did you wait in line?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: You cannot cut into line. You need to wait.

Y: I waited!

D: Then did they allowed you to play?

Y: Yes. They did.

D: Then did you enjoyed the seesaw?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: How come?

Y: Both of them left. Only me!


Then I took the golden opportunity to teach Yifan the importance of a good friend.

Worried for Expo

The Expo Preview happened on April 20, 2010, ten days before the grand opening.

However, the feedback I got so far is very disappointing, almost scary.

I almost got a ticket but it was recalled – because the security worries about terrist (I started to wonder if they worry about it that much, how to handle the 70 million visitors?)

The feedback mostly concentrates on the fact that there are too many people. It takes about 1 hour to pass the security check, 2 hours to get anything to eat, 3 hours to get some serious food like Dumplin. For the China Pavilion? Most people can only see from the outside. Most of the comments I saw from my friends and people on twitter are – completely massy. Most of the news I saw on Shanghai TV, CCTV was, the first day was smooth and successful. The contrast is so big that I am not surprised.

Here are some photos I saw on I cannot verify the photographer of the pictures. Here are some of them.


Credit: annoymous


Credit: annoymous


Credit: annoymous


Credit: annoymous


Credit: annoymous


Credit: annoymous

This is actually not very surprising to me. I started to worry about the Expo, and hope there will be no big accident related to the huge number of people. The people they handle on April 20 is just 2/5 of the actual expected volumn. What will happen then?

The World of Leadership of Management

I was in the world of Linux, and C.

Then I entered the world of Windows and project management.

Then the current world is about leadership and management.

I shifted in these worlds consistently, and frequently.

My friends change along the way.

I had Linus, Apple, C++ as my friends,

then I had new friends named MSDN, Don Box and TechNet.

In the recent years, on my bookshelf are Druker, and Welch.

They are all great minds in this world.

That’s my world, changing world.

My Car is Named Bandenger

I have decided to name my new car Bandenger, which basically means bench.

The Nissan Teana is optimized for comfort. It is absolutely better than a bench, but just as the way I named my previous Goudaner, it is a pretty cheap, ugly, and normal name, with the wish that the car can have good luck – people in China, especially in villages, and in old time, like to name their kids by “ugly” names – something like under-promise, over delivery.

It has completed its first 1100 KM, and I sent it for the first maintenance. The second maintenance date will be June 25, 2010.

Traffic Getting Worse before Expo

The good traffic condition only lasted for few weeks, before it is getting worse. From the slow moving cars on the road, and policemen with flashing police car at every city corner, I got the signal – Expo is no longer a count down number. It is getting real.

People get nervous. There are problems when there are visitor peak that the city cannot handle. There are also problems, maybe a bigger one, that there are not as many people as expected to come.

Businesses have learn a lesson from the over-promised-under-delivered business opportunity of Beijing Olympics. The hotel room price is still relatively stable.

The party is almost there. What will happen?

Metro Line #10 Opens

I cannot keep up with the construction news of Shanghai these days, at my daily publishing schedule.

Metro Line #10 Opens.

There is a station near where I work – the Shanghai Jiaotong University station. It goes to Hongqiao Transportation Hub (Hongqiao Train Station, Hongqiao Airport T2, Hongqiao Airport T1), and goes eastbound to downtown Shanghai, and wind northbound to New Jiangwan Town.

The Metro Line #10 is called by some people The Campus Love Line, because it connects some of the most respected universities in the city: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, and Fudan University…

I will find time to take the line and report back with pictures. As previous lines, it operates from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM these days.

I Started to Get Interested in Economics

Wendy finally decided to take spare time to attend the Finance MBA program of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. She has my full support for the decision. Good education makes people wiser, and happier, although I don’t think the degree has too much value.

Wendy’s Passion

Wendy’s passion for finance has lasted for years. After reading the incredibly thick book – The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World by Alan Greenspan, she just finished another book about George Soros – another incredibly thick book. Wendy has the passion to talk with me about finance, and economics, just as I was passionate to talk with her about business, and some times even coding and other techs. I didn’t appreciate it as much as she wanted me to. We sometimes beg the other party to spend time just to listen what we learned. Interesting, isn’t it?

Public Lecture

I went to the Cheung Kong Business school in the Cypress Hotel (walking distance from Hongqiao Airport) to attend a public class by Professor Gan Li. To my surprise, this is a very good one.

With no offense, I attended other lectures on economics, and I could not understand what is going on (the fault is mine because I am lack of some basic knowledge on economics). Professor Gan’s talk on the Efficiency of Thin and Thick Markets (PDF) actually solved many of the problems I have.

Economic Matters

As CEO of Baixing, an online market place, it is hard to operate the market well without knowing some basic economic knowledge. Many of the problems we face are not longer technical issues – it is economics issues. The talk actually raised my passion about economics. I am so privileged to chat with Prof. Gan for about one hour afterward – my appreciation goes to him.

Opportunity Cost in China

One thing we talked was about the challenge for professors in the States to return to China. China is a place full of opportunity, and that makes the cost to be focused and patient quite high. That is exactly what I observed – there are few really good engineers (they are all turned into so-so managers, or businessman)…. I agree with the point – the problem of having too many opportunities.

Expo is 22 Days Away

First hand photos of the Expo site.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang using Nokia N78

Why I Didn’t Understand Social Media

This post is in response to Robert‘s request to clarify my status update in Facebook. I said

just realized that I don’t really understand the social media yet.

Robert asked why. Let me share some indicators.

I never took Social media serious

I had a twitter account on February 14, 2007, and sent my first twitter message that day. But I didn’t really take it serious afterward. I dropped some tweets in the beginning and recently, but compared to 1195 blog entries I wrote since than, 869 messages are much fewer. Majority of them are notification of new blog entries. Obviously a blog entry is longer than 140 characters, and takes much more time to write.

The same happened with and, the two major SNS I still consider myself “using”.

No wonder that I don’t have too much in-depth knowledge about the rising of Social Media.

Social Network Services (SNS) vs Social Media

Let me clarify two concepts first. SNS is the websites everyone uses today – Facebook, twitter, or Kaixin001, or Renren… SNS is the service to help people to connected with their friends. People don’t use it as a “media”.

Social Media is a another concept. Just like most people use paper to write mail to their friends, some small amount of professional use paper to print newspaper. The previous paper is called tool, or carrier at most, the later is called “media”. Another example, not all blogs are media, at least not with that intention, but many blogs are built to be a media.

“Social” media is a new form of communication. They leverage the social interaction to spread out the message. Although it exists long before Internet even come into being – the Tipping Point described the roles of connector, maven, and salesman in the case of the American War of Independence.

So a group of people and company are researching how to leverage the social connection (especially in today’s SNS sites) to spread out the message.

How They Do Social Media

I talked with Isaac in Xindanwen the other day, and got a lot inspiration. Here is the step some companies do on their Social Media effort.

  • They build their identity (a fan page, or an account) in all SNS site (call it as cloud of people). There is nothing new about it.
  • They generate interesting contents and feed into accounts. They designed the message to flow from the account of one network to another. There is nothing new here either.
  • They do research to find the most-well-connected people in each network (the Connector role in the Tipping Point book), and try to let the connector follow them. If that is hard, they check out who the Connectors follow, and make them (the Maven) follow their account. This is the key since you need to design the path for the message to spread.
  • They track who re-tweeted, or re-posted it, or “liked” it, and fine tune the message to make it either more useful, or more interesting, with the hope that the message will be spread out by the Connectors. If an influential connector RTed the message, huge amount of people will notice it, and it is likely that they will RT again, and again, and then hit another big connector. The circle goes one.
  • Finally, with the message spreading out so quickly, many people will start to follow the genuine source of the message, the account the company or person setup.

With time going by, with the help of connectors, there will be more and more people follow the original account, making it a powerful, sustainable channel for the company. That can be called a true media, or a social media!

That is Something New

When Google became big, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes important, and now everyone knows link matters. Now, when SNS shows the trend to deliver more traffic, and more awareness than search engine, it is something that everyone in the industry should look carefully at. Obviously, I was not in this circle before.

P.S. I just broke my rule of only following people I know on Twitter. I just followed back all the 824 followers, and start to use as Twitter client. People warned: “You cannot follow that many people! That is huge distraction, and you cannot handle it”. Well. After I did it and check the timeline for a while, I realized, it is just like glance on the 800 people in the People’s Square. You may not see every individual, but the few individuals you happen to noticed tells you a lot of information about this city already. You don’t need to check every of the 800 people, or look at them 24 hour to get the impression that “it is hot, and people are wearing T-shirt”, or “the economy is bad, since most of them are not happy”…

My Twitter Dump from March 12, 2007

Here is a backup of all the twitter message I sent out (including my hand-written, and automatic generated from RSS, and some spam my mistake). Thanks to (via @jjxiao) to allow me dump everything.

Tweet Date Tweet In Reply To

Apr 26 2010, 12:43 UTC 百姓网空缺职位…

Apr 26 2010, 12:42 UTC 百姓网现在空缺的职位,欢迎大家帮我们推荐合适的人选,或转发。我们在上海,欢迎全国的朋友来上海工作。

Apr 26 2010, 4:10 UTC 彪悍的人生: 本人会撬后备箱还会人民币半真半假拼接技术,换什么都可以

Apr 24 2010, 14:50 UTC Chanhao Jiang And David Wei Presentation Quickling Pagecache

Apr 24 2010, 14:28 UTC Facebook is soooooo…. ambitious, and I believe they can archive what they described.

Apr 24 2010, 14:10 UTC Facebook is …. Scary

Apr 24 2010, 13:48 UTC 2 of 4 Mark Zuckerburg F8 Feight Facebook Keynote 4/21/2010

Apr 24 2010, 13:48 UTC I liked a YouTube video — 2 of 4 Mark Zuckerburg F8 Feight Facebook Keynote 4/21/2010

Apr 24 2010, 6:39 UTC RT @ruanyf: 我要改名。从此,在google里搜索旧名字,找不到我的后半生,搜索新名字,找不到我的前半生。(–某台湾网友)

Apr 24 2010, 6:36 UTC 了不起的发现 RT @rtmeme: RT @tangzhijian RT @luosheng: 中午的CCAV新闻说,有关部门经过历时一年半的研究,发现女性上厕所的时间比男性长,所以有针对性地调整了世博会的厕所配置。

Apr 24 2010, 6:35 UTC Brought Yifan to General Motor finished car parking. Yifan was completely amazed by thousands of cars there.

Apr 23 2010, 13:19 UTC Yifan’s View of Kindergarten

Apr 22 2010, 14:24 UTC Worried for Expo

Apr 22 2010, 5:49 UTC RT @wintbros: RT @whshang: 波兰总统没有死,他只是去了大船,接下来每个国家领导人都会离奇消失或死亡, #2012 要来了,你们懂的……

Apr 22 2010, 5:27 UTC RT @xlight: 什么情况?RT @luosheng: 我震惊了…… RT: @dalmaer: RT @mahemoff: replicating the entire PHP library in JavaScript

Apr 22 2010, 4:39 UTC 不懂。百姓网不需要登录的 RT @yeahcao: @jianshuo 县城里的百姓网没有用户注册服务?野草在省城的百姓网注册了,但访问县城里的百姓网时却没有登录信息。

Apr 22 2010, 4:39 UTC 那你是有阵子没来了。RT @qichangxing: 健硕 @jianshuo 同学,不会吧,百姓网又改了?那个成交数据呀、图呀都被你拿掉了?

Apr 22 2010, 1:45 UTC 所有百姓网广告的右上方都有”转发给朋友”RT @yeahcao: @jianshuo 您给的那个短网址有问题,提示401 Not Found。

Apr 22 2010, 1:44 UTC 以前一直有,使用量太低,开来我们应该在帮助里面建议大家用Feed43,用了一下,挺好的RT @yeahcao: treply 12610215539 @jianshuo 建议百姓网提供RSS订阅服务呀。野草现在逼不得已只得使用feed43自己烧制了一个RSS。

Apr 22 2010, 1:39 UTC 你说这个功能? RT @yeahcao: @jianshuo 建议百姓网增强网站的社会化,比如分享到XX,同步到XX,收藏到XX什么的。

Apr 22 2010, 1:17 UTC Hehe。看你在关注百姓网呢。RT @yeahcao: 今天下午收到twitter的邮件提醒,说王建硕 @jianshuo 竟然在twitter上follow 我了。这让野草兴奋不已!王建硕可是野草心目中的超级达人呀!  

Apr 21 2010, 15:46 UTC The World of Leadership of Management

Apr 21 2010, 13:53 UTC 发

Apr 21 2010, 10:34 UTC RT @gowers: 很奇怪,停止娱乐,怎么个定义”娱乐”?看世博算不算是娱乐?

Apr 21 2010, 10:34 UTC RT @qihu2009: RT @shiniankanchai: 玉树地震,当然令人悲伤,但凡事要尊重人性和现代社会起码规则。那种皇帝一下旨意,天下臣民举哀的场景,非是哀悼死者,乃是显示权力。想起了侯宝林说的相声,清朝国丧期间北京的小商贩卖红皮萝卜都是犯忌。

Apr 21 2010, 10:10 UTC A nice meeting…

Apr 21 2010, 7:30 UTC 汤唯:被封杀后我在英国街头卖艺又”卖身”

Apr 20 2010, 8:38 UTC @ShanghaiEXPOsed I saw your picture about Expo preview. May I use your photo in my blog at

Apr 20 2010, 8:35 UTC RT @: SNEAK PREVIEW!! Behind the scenes look at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo on and on flickr

Apr 19 2010, 14:25 UTC Role of a People Manager

Apr 19 2010, 10:34 UTC 这个流程倒是挺清楚地,不过靠谱吗?看起来怎么怪怪的。难道这行儿也有中介?RT 上海医院人类精子库 招捐精志愿者

Apr 18 2010, 13:22 UTC My Car is Named Bandenger

Apr 17 2010, 14:45 UTC RT @likuku: RT @Lordnine: 买房和租房的区别:面对的房东不同,一个是政府,一个是私人。

Apr 17 2010, 4:19 UTC RT @xiaolai: 如果不能够正确思考,再多的GTD软件都没用──浪费生命的最有效方法是有计划地做错事。

Apr 15 2010, 14:46 UTC 这个交友年纪也太小了吧。

Apr 14 2010, 6:37 UTC 上海正在下冰雹。行人满街乱跑。

Apr 14 2010, 0:35 UTC 和小孩子在一起,越发觉得说什么不重要,重要的是做什么。小家伙只比对自己做了什么和从爸爸那里得到了什么,直接忽略爸爸说了什么这个无关紧要的中间环节。

Apr 14 2010, 0:27 UTC 不断的做A/B测试爸妈对他的行为的反应是王小宝的全职工作。现在总能哭得如此可怜,让爸妈不得不听他的指挥。

Apr 13 2010, 11:47 UTC 准备四月底把twitter的头像加上。

Apr 13 2010, 8:59 UTC 在花旗银行大厦。

Apr 13 2010, 8:50 UTC fm9544

Apr 13 2010, 6:58 UTC 企业发展的不同阶段。。。

Apr 13 2010, 6:47 UTC RT @nkchivas: RT @delphij: 能够测量是改进的前提。

Apr 12 2010, 16:20 UTC 睡觉。Signing off.

Apr 12 2010, 15:19 UTC Traffic Getting Worse before Expo

Apr 12 2010, 14:21 UTC RT @tweetmeme Is RMB and Yuan the Same? Yes

Apr 12 2010, 14:19 UTC RT @kloo010: Shanghai has world’s 2nd longest metro @ 424km – Took just 15 years to build. C.f. London’s 439km of track which took 147 years

Apr 12 2010, 12:47 UTC ESTJ的人生就是一张to-do list,比如我的Wendy

Apr 12 2010, 12:44 UTC 冒雨给逸凡小朋友买奶粉。

Apr 12 2010, 1:36 UTC buzz

Apr 12 2010, 1:20 UTC Reading: “How China Taught me to Drive Better” by @farwestchina

Apr 12 2010, 0:30 UTC RT @Beichen: 苍井空博文:”即使是AV女演员,即使是四处流浪的的武士,即使是NEET族,无论是怎样的职业,都有自己的感情。人不能否定自己,尽管被所有人否认”。 (via ChaeWi)

Apr 12 2010, 0:21 UTC RT @msittig: TGI…M?

Apr 12 2010, 0:16 UTC 上海小雨中。又让人思考天气和心情之间的关系这类哲学问题。

Apr 11 2010, 15:39 UTC RT @xiaolai: 同问。RT @zuola: 啊,@zhengyun 居然4月以来就没上twitter说过话,但 @rtmeme 却一直在工作,不知道郑昀近况如何了。

Apr 11 2010, 15:29 UTC Metro Line #10 Opens

Apr 11 2010, 15:16 UTC 睡觉了。signing off.

Apr 11 2010, 13:53 UTC 正在看面对面。关于王家岭。

Apr 11 2010, 13:36 UTC 两个我认为最贴切地铁别名:地铁六号线 – Hello Kitty线。地铁10号线 – 校园爱情线。前者因为粉红色的标示和座椅,后者因为串起了交通大学,同济大学和复旦大学

Apr 11 2010, 13:25 UTC @DavidFeng I was always wondering why they choose this strange word

Apr 11 2010, 13:10 UTC Always wondering what is alight. RT @DavidFeng: “Please get ready to EXIT from the left side”, no longer “alight”.

Apr 11 2010, 13:08 UTC 有谁懂得经济学里的Duration Theory吗?甘犁教授说,用它可以估算出一个市场的平均成交率。。。

Apr 11 2010, 13:04 UTC The recent news draws my attention to Poland – a chance for many people in China to study the history of this country.

Apr 11 2010, 12:16 UTC RT @mranti: RT @flyfeather: 今晚 柴静《面对面》要讲述王家岭的故事,她会说些什么呢?很好奇。王家岭现在就像是一个谜一样。柴静能拨开这层层迷雾吗?

Apr 11 2010, 11:32 UTC RT @DanielRFeldman: RT @wolfgroupasia: “Entrepreneurism is simply the art of solving problems at a profit.” – T. Harv Ecker

Apr 11 2010, 9:32 UTC 小逸凡很喜欢爸爸给他做的两辆小车。

Apr 11 2010, 5:21 UTC I’m at People’s Park (Nanking road).

Apr 10 2010, 16:12 UTC 睡了。signing off.

Apr 10 2010, 15:55 UTC Gravity is so good

Apr 10 2010, 15:52 UTC I Started to Get Interested in Economics

Apr 10 2010, 15:28 UTC RT @tengbiao: 挑战计划生育而被解聘的杨支柱说:如果我在不给领导带来麻烦和不要自己的孩子之间做出选择而我选择了前者,那我就不是一个合格的父亲,不是一个有人性的人。

Apr 10 2010, 15:19 UTC RT @qhgy: RT @tengbiao: 挑战计划生育而被解聘的杨支柱说:我一点也不后悔。这首先是因为我的行为再普通、再正常不过了,是因为强制计划生育扭曲了绝大多数人的人性才使我的行为显得怪异。

Apr 10 2010, 15:18 UTC 我的影评里说,估计很多人会觉得Boring,我也有些这样的感觉,但这部电影就像”boring”的交响乐,听起来舒服流畅,偶尔总有几个动人的音符,让人记忆到现在。换句话说,它像真实的生活一样拖沓。RT @twijean: /节奏还是有点拖沓沓,不过喜欢汤唯。

Apr 10 2010, 14:58 UTC RT @twijean: 今天看了两部电影,从不错到很棒:月满轩尼诗,窃听风暴。 //强烈推荐月满轩尼诗,很久没有看到这么细腻的电影了。最近走在街上,总是能够看到电影里那些形象的影子。

Apr 10 2010, 14:53 UTC 纠结。看来我真的要放一个头像在Twitter上了。固执的我呀。

Apr 10 2010, 14:41 UTC RT @craignewmark: thanks, great to hear! @JordanRaynor: 1 hr 22 min after posting “FREE Washer” to Craigslist, someone picked it up …

Apr 10 2010, 14:38 UTC RT @craignewmark: thanks, great to hear! RT @stevebeste: RT @JordanRaynor: 1 hr 22 min after posting “FREE Washer” to Craigslist, someone…

Apr 10 2010, 13:58 UTC RT @Young: “在 Google,我们的人才策略很简单:我们邀请优秀的人才加盟并鼓励他们实现自己的梦想。我们推崇勤奋的工作、愉悦的工作环境、以及背景各异的人才相互碰撞激荡出的创造力。Google…

Apr 10 2010, 12:44 UTC RT @summy: 买房买到群租小区,有啥招吗? //上海的群租有专门的”上海治理群租热线12319″,不过法理上要业主委员会通过决议。

Apr 10 2010, 12:41 UTC RT @c06658: 波兰是中欧最大的国家,卡钦斯基当总统期间实现了经济的飞速增长。但是卡总统仍然不肯换飞机,因此他死于节俭,一个中等富裕国家的总统还坐着早已被淘汰的图-154型飞机。卡总统的廉洁,证实了他早年在团结工会时的誓言:让波兰人活得自由有尊严!

Apr 10 2010, 12:39 UTC 为什么我就是打心底里不喜欢新浪微博呢?是偏见吗?是不愿意尝试新东西吗?是带着墨镜看世界吗?

Apr 10 2010, 12:15 UTC 教育不等于培训。以前在大公司,比如微软,过于着迷于培训的魔力了。

Apr 10 2010, 10:57 UTC 甘梨教授的演讲很精彩。国外的学者回国在长江商学院聚集,带来了一种务实的学术风格。佩服中。

Apr 10 2010, 10:53 UTC RT @theliuyan 上海活动 – Location-based Services在中国的发展 – 4/17下午举行 – 请有兴趣的朋友在网上报名!@theliuyan 请帮忙RT,谢谢 (via @allenhsieh)

Apr 10 2010, 6:19 UTC 在去长江商学院的路上。

Apr 10 2010, 3:13 UTC Wendy’s new blog about Yifan:

Apr 10 2010, 2:14 UTC Good morning, my twitter world.

Apr 10 2010, 1:15 UTC 85度C早上没有大福卖。世界末日呀!

Apr 9 2010, 17:48 UTC RT @qshmilu: RT @hecaitou: RT @anegie: 上海张江地铁站某臭豆腐摊的广告语:Smell Smelly, Taste Tasty! 人才啊。

Apr 9 2010, 16:33 UTC RT @zuola: 摘錄:人身攻擊的謬誤,通常簡稱作人身攻擊,是指在討論時針對或提出對方的人格、動機、態度、地位、階級或處境等,而進行攻擊或評論,並以此當作提出了理據去駁斥對方的論證或去支持自己的論點,此乃犯了人身攻擊謬誤。此即所謂「對人不對事」或「因人廢言」。

Apr 9 2010, 15:52 UTC 睡了。当我sign off的时候,怎么觉得像阿凡达中的Jack。不知Twitter的世界是潘多拉星球,还是所处的世界就是。

Apr 9 2010, 15:47 UTC @kanezhu Twitter世界对于我来说是一个电影的名字:《当你沉睡时》

Apr 9 2010, 15:18 UTC RT @NiuB: 出云南记 天安时间当代艺术中心 | BEIJING CENTER FOR THE ARTS 北京市前门23号院 2010.03.28-2010.05.09:

Apr 9 2010, 15:17 UTC 今天下午在@xindanwei听到有朋友谈论物联网,说冰箱会在牛奶没有的情况下自动订货。。。我会心的一笑。这个场景是2001年微软.NET平台发布的时候我常用的例子来各地的TechNet, DevDays解释什么是.NET。那时,这是微软的梦。现在,这是Google的了。

Apr 9 2010, 15:17 UTC Expo is 22 Days Away

Apr 9 2010, 15:15 UTC 以twitter为中心的世界在我不知不觉的时候已经变得如此丰富了。正在看。这个互联网真的是越来越丰富,越来越美丽了。

Apr 9 2010, 15:12 UTC Signed up, and now got, but don’t know what’s next yet.

Apr 9 2010, 15:01 UTC Just posted some photo of the China Pavilion here.

Apr 9 2010, 14:55 UTC First tweet from gravity on my nokia. It works great.

Apr 9 2010, 14:28 UTC 谢谢@iuui @romainshen @telefan。Twitter大神又显灵了。

Apr 9 2010, 14:21 UTC Twitter大神,Nokia上面最好的Twitter客户端是什么呢?就像Twidroid那样的?

Apr 9 2010, 14:20 UTC RT @inezha: 哪吒热点:东京女孩4月新发型 //哪吒热点是怎么产生的呢?

Apr 9 2010, 14:14 UTC 刚刚在世博会旁边转了两圈,中国馆正在试灯,还在试烟花。测量了一下,从世博到家里正好3公里

Apr 9 2010, 14:09 UTC 对下午的@xindanwei Chit Chat比较失望。看来跨界跨得大了,还是有些问题的,和5G后来的感觉很类似,都是很不错的人, 但是讨论的广度足够,深度不足。适合对新思想有执著的追求的人,不很适合实用主义者。

Apr 9 2010, 12:11 UTC RT @winserzhao: @jianshuo 你也有时间体验twitter了? // I have to. I am already late to the party.

Apr 9 2010, 12:10 UTC @yoursunny Right. I attempt to sync everything onto my blog, which may be a bad idea (even conceptually).

Apr 9 2010, 12:09 UTC @DavidFeng I was surprised that I didn’t follow you before. I should.

Apr 8 2010, 13:48 UTC 吉吉说:”不偶尔打一下酱油,就吃不到红烧肉了”,以此捍卫打酱油的正当性。

Apr 8 2010, 13:41 UTC 我fo了800个fo我的人。有人警告说一个不可能同时关注那么多人。我觉得,一眼望过去,广场上有上万人,虽然不能一个一个都看仔细,但偶尔的扫一眼,不小心注意到的几个人已经可以让我们知道天气冷暖或这个城市的一些感觉了。

Apr 8 2010, 13:39 UTC RT @kenyth: 不用这样吧, @jianshuo 貌似把fo了自己的人都全部fo回去了,我还说怎么fo我了呢。 //总算明白过来,一个人是有精力同时关注很多人的。

Apr 8 2010, 13:37 UTC 玉米花机|老式爆米花机|大炮爆花机 – 280元 名字起得有气势。。小时候总眼馋爆米花,看这东西我真想买一个放在家里,看一个够,

Apr 8 2010, 13:33 UTC RT @cvbbbn: 微博上,谁在说话很重要,说什么不重要;Twitter上,说了什么最重要,谁说的不那么重要。

Apr 8 2010, 13:32 UTC 准备回家了。上海下雨中。

Apr 8 2010, 13:24 UTC RT @number5: XD RT @wangpei 在消费者的强烈投诉下,苹果终于给出了ipad不能实现多任务的解决方案:同意顾客一次买两台ipad。

Apr 8 2010, 13:13 UTC Why I Didn’t Understand Social Media

Apr 8 2010, 13:11 UTC RT @blazingcd: RT @newkhonsou: RT @fanium 新来了个漂亮MM实习生,满脸疑惑地站在碎纸机前。于是热心上前问是否要帮忙。MM道:”这个东西怎么用呢?”…

Apr 8 2010, 11:51 UTC RT @williamlong: 搜狐微博竟然不限制输入字符的数目,可以输入任意长的文字,该微博的手机用户这回悲剧了。

Apr 8 2010, 11:30 UTC RT @cindol: RT @m__w: RT @violetskyq: RT @beckyeeky: RT @nanhui: RT @onlycup: 今天是交通大学114周年庆! #sjtu from 1896.4.8

Apr 8 2010, 3:09 UTC RT @dning1: #share IPAD使用感受: IPAD是我迄今为止使用过的最好的电子产品,虽然看上去它只像一个放大的IPHONE或者ITOUCH,但那块高分辨率的大屏幕改变了一切体验。无论浏览网页…

Apr 8 2010, 3:09 UTC RT @rtmeme: RT @gaoizm RT @ag108lau: 什么时候可以像蜗牛那样,拥有自己的房子,掌握自己的节奏,走自己的路?

Apr 8 2010, 3:09 UTC RT @xiaolai: 我们是几个留美学生,组建了一个集体blog 希望借助老师在推上的人气帮我们宣传。…

Apr 8 2010, 3:08 UTC @yoursunny backuplet stopped at page 44 and hang there for ever. :-) I will try it later. Maybe you should give it a more unique name.

Apr 8 2010, 1:26 UTC RT @dning1: …RT @yimaobuba: 我又象月经一样每月一次的冲向了上海

Apr 8 2010, 1:24 UTC RT @isaac: 键盘:你该修剪指甲了

Apr 8 2010, 1:24 UTC RT @mranti: RT @agan_gz: 禁用外文缩写,捍卫民族语言纯洁是很有必要的。不仅如此,我们还应该追求社会和文化的纯净,清除一切不纯的事物,实现一个民族,一个国家,一个语言。当然这么伟大的理论不是我提出来的,这是当年纳粹党魁希特勒的观点。

Apr 8 2010, 1:23 UTC @jiajiasunshine My Twitter Dump is done by exporting from

Apr 8 2010, 1:22 UTC @yoursunny Sorry, what is “backuplet”. I googled it but didn’t get anything about it. Thanks.

Apr 7 2010, 13:03 UTC My Twitter Dump from March 12, 2007

Apr 7 2010, 12:15 UTC @jjxiao 毕竟还是需要手工操作。设置这个东西就像风水先生放置的一个是都,只有在自己已经忘记的时候还在发挥着它应该发挥的作用的东西,才是我寻找的。不然我一定忘记备份。

Apr 7 2010, 12:12 UTC @likuku 我的意思是,可以把twitter内容放在自己的blog上面永久保存的那种。Email和Google Reader无法完成。

Apr 7 2010, 11:48 UTC 有没有什么可以方便的把Twitter的内容dump成永久保存的文件的工具呢?自己懒得写程序了

Apr 7 2010, 11:46 UTC 关于Dadoop Hive最形象的描述:晓良说:就是一个没有索引的数据库

Apr 7 2010, 11:42 UTC RT @hanlei: 谁说SSH一定在国外了? RT @dayuer3000: RT: @yuishy: 在淘宝上买了8元/月的SSH,悲剧地发现他的服务器在国内。靠。

Apr 7 2010, 11:33 UTC @popoever说他种的菜是给孩子的幼儿园老师留的,别人不要偷

Apr 7 2010, 11:07 UTC Metro Line #2 Extends to Pudong Airport

Apr 7 2010, 10:31 UTC RT @isaac: Blog:,what’s happened last two weeks visually?:,what’s happened last two weeks visually? Orig……

Apr 7 2010, 10:31 UTC RT @xiaolai: 分辨因果关系是否成立的能力,很可能是心智成长的最大关键。

Apr 7 2010, 10:30 UTC @bsun Hadoop of Apache Foundation – well, Yahoo is the biggest contributor. Others include Facebook.

Apr 7 2010, 7:23 UTC @jiajiasunshine No idea. I was in Zhangjiang this morning, but didn’t take the car.

Apr 7 2010, 7:23 UTC @jiajiasunshine Considering the long distance between PVG and Longyang Road station, and the transition at Guanglan Road, that is possible.

Apr 7 2010, 7:18 UTC What? Two hours between the two airport via Metro Line #2?

Apr 7 2010, 7:18 UTC Anyone has any experience on Hadoop? It seems a nice idea to gather and share learning about this magic Swiss knives.

Apr 7 2010, 6:40 UTC @ryunhe说早上体验九号线换乘通道迷路,迟到10分钟

Apr 6 2010, 13:43 UTC Xindanwei is Cool

Apr 6 2010, 13:30 UTC @POPOEVER @isaac,周五我们三个人过去听social media的讲座,需要注册吗?

Apr 6 2010, 13:27 UTC RT @twijean: 有的人电话短信邮件MSNGtalk都联系不上,只有twitter DM才联系的上

Apr 6 2010, 13:24 UTC @isaac 坚持说我”不好意思呀,您真的是中文用户吗”。怪了。

Apr 6 2010, 13:21 UTC 2006年1月到6月,我的MSN签名一直是:”新年快乐”,7月到12月,换成”不是新年快乐了”. 无数人提醒我换MSN签名。 现在,大家提醒我换Twitter头像。时间在变,技术在变呀。

Apr 6 2010, 13:10 UTC 旅行途中的孤寂这幅画表现得非常好

Apr 6 2010, 13:00 UTC @POPOEVER Hehe. Pleasures is mine. I got back to office, and asked if anyone know Popo – 15% people raised their hands.

Apr 6 2010, 12:59 UTC @yqz Wendy在开。

Apr 6 2010, 10:16 UTC RT @xiaolai: RT @flyfeather: “我本质上是一个倾向于妥协的人,因为我从来不敢肯定自己占有真理。”–甘地 #changshi

Apr 6 2010, 10:16 UTC Very nice talk with @popoever and @isaac #xindanwei. To be honest, I didn’t understand social media.

Apr 6 2010, 10:05 UTC 我觉得各种翻墙方式中,还是直接用VPN比较靠谱,SSH Tunnel还是麻烦。

Apr 6 2010, 9:59 UTC @kanezhu 改用中文。不管我的其他的follower了

Apr 6 2010, 9:54 UTC RT @xindanwei: via @parisyoung: 新单位茶话会第一期社会化媒体与我4月9日 16:30-18:30 免费

Apr 6 2010, 9:45 UTC RT @xlvector: “同一个世界,同一个梦想” 反过来念念? “想摸个一筒,就是个一筒!”

Apr 6 2010, 9:44 UTC @kanezhu True. Since I have to take care of my followers who only speaks English – 70% my blog readers comes from outside China

Apr 6 2010, 9:43 UTC RT @isaac: @jianshuo 说他家的奶茶店每天有一个乞丐来用二百元硬币兑换纸币,奶茶店因此不愁硬币零钱

Apr 6 2010, 9:01 UTC Xindanwei is a nice place. I will ask Wendy to get a membership there. #xindanwei @xindanwei

Apr 6 2010, 8:54 UTC I only have 800 followers. I am not the big mouth in twitter world – I just noticed that.

Apr 6 2010, 1:51 UTC Nice Technical Blogs

Apr 5 2010, 15:07 UTC A Highschool Classmates Gather

Apr 4 2010, 14:14 UTC Shanghai Expressway Map

Apr 3 2010, 15:05 UTC Movie – Crossing Hennessy

Apr 2 2010, 13:18 UTC Yifan’s Song – Night of Military Port

Apr 1 2010, 14:42 UTC Expo Taxi and More Blurred Night Shots

Apr 1 2010, 12:53 UTC Bet is Greatest Tool to Increase Visability

Apr 1 2010, 12:48 UTC RT @cnet Shanghai subway may expand into neighboring province | Sinobyte: China and technology – CNET News

Apr 1 2010, 2:08 UTC I favorited a YouTube video — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: TechCrunch Interview

Apr 1 2010, 2:08 UTC Check this video out — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: TechCrunch Interview

Apr 1 2010, 1:53 UTC RT @TechCrunch The Speed Of Share

Mar 31 2010, 14:12 UTC Expo is Nearer

Mar 30 2010, 10:08 UTC Yifan Fell Asleep by Himself

Mar 29 2010, 13:45 UTC GM EN-V Unveild in Shanghai

Mar 28 2010, 13:40 UTC Travel is Life Intensified

Mar 27 2010, 15:31 UTC @kanezhu Thanks

Mar 27 2010, 15:31 UTC Forward Hindsight

Mar 26 2010, 14:39 UTC Complicated Roads to Hongqiao T2

Mar 25 2010, 21:47 UTC Posted via email…

Mar 25 2010, 14:40 UTC Jian Shuo Got His New Car

Mar 24 2010, 13:18 UTC I Love the Garage in Hongqiao T2

Mar 24 2010, 4:10 UTC I’m at Charme 港丽茶餐厅 (港汇广场六楼).

Mar 23 2010, 23:36 UTC good morning. shanghai is rainning againing

Mar 23 2010, 15:37 UTC Look up! The World Above! – Part II

Mar 23 2010, 14:30 UTC Long Taxi Lines in Hongqiao T2 Too

Mar 23 2010, 9:55 UTC For the third year, Baixing is going to host GMIX program for Stanford Graduate School of Business. …

Mar 23 2010, 5:10 UTC The New Home of Google in China

Mar 23 2010, 4:43 UTC I’m at 百姓网Office (广元西路55号浩然大厦18楼, 恭城路, 上海市).

Mar 22 2010, 14:18 UTC I’m at 大华锦绣华城.

Mar 22 2010, 14:18 UTC I just unlocked the “Crunked” badge on @foursquare!

Mar 22 2010, 13:39 UTC the war started. feeling nice to fight real battle.

Mar 22 2010, 13:30 UTC @kanezhu i take metro daily

Mar 22 2010, 13:28 UTC shanghai metro is now a real network. i enjoy metro much more than driving

Mar 22 2010, 13:17 UTC I’m at 地铁4号线虹桥路站 (虹桥路, 凯旋路, Shanghai).

Mar 22 2010, 11:16 UTC I’m at 上海交通大学徐汇校区 (华山路1954号, Shanghai).

Mar 22 2010, 6:39 UTC I’m at Baixing Office (1808, 55 Guangyuan West Road, at Gongcheng Road, Shanghai).

Mar 22 2010, 0:12 UTC on metro line seven now. happy to have seat. so far there is nobody who needs assistant around for me to give seat to.

Mar 21 2010, 14:53 UTC I’m at 大华锦绣华城.

Mar 21 2010, 14:53 UTC I just unlocked the “Newbie” badge on @foursquare!

Mar 21 2010, 14:50 UTC going bed now.

Mar 20 2010, 6:22 UTC G60 Shanghai-Kunming National Expressway

Mar 19 2010, 14:31 UTC 7 Year Anniversary of Wedding

Mar 16 2010, 12:31 UTC 小宝说: 电脑刚才怎么没电了,吓死我了。

Mar 16 2010, 12:20 UTC Yifan’s Second Day in Kindergarten

Mar 16 2010, 11:06 UTC 和小宝一起坐地铁

Mar 16 2010, 2:26 UTC with hao

Mar 15 2010, 13:13 UTC Happy Birthday to Goudaner (6th Year)

Mar 14 2010, 13:44 UTC Yifan’s Parking Lots – Part II

Mar 13 2010, 16:51 UTC I finally understand that travel cross different timezones build early raiser, and coding build late raisers.

Mar 13 2010, 14:44 UTC People Started to Wait at Red Lights

Mar 13 2010, 2:37 UTC Baggage Check in Shanghai Metro

Mar 13 2010, 0:41 UTC at shangri-la in Sat morning

Mar 12 2010, 4:56 UTC

Mar 12 2010, 2:39 UTC

Mar 12 2010, 2:31 UTC How long have I stick to a default icon on twitter?

Mar 12 2010, 2:30 UTC GFW set a barrier for twitter, making the current Chinese on twitter an interesting group of people sharing something in common.

Mar 12 2010, 2:29 UTC Ops. Just realized what I did in YouTube, it is automatically synced to Twitter. Sorry for the spam.

Mar 12 2010, 2:18 UTC twidoid via gae works

Mar 10 2010, 15:18 UTC Posted via email…

Mar 10 2010, 15:18 UTC Posted via email…

Mar 10 2010, 14:40 UTC This Moment, in Shanghai

Mar 10 2010, 9:43 UTC I subscribed to drshizhao’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to obnard’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to RebeccaMacK’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to michetravi’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to jianfengpan’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to jtjarrett22’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to lifetreeblog’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to pugneih’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to cindibaca’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to uptakenetworks’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to reinjin’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to Joeduncan42’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:42 UTC I subscribed to RailroadersBand’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:36 UTC I subscribed to yixu12951’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:36 UTC I subscribed to marmootsingh’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:36 UTC I subscribed to areyoulookon’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:36 UTC I subscribed to Zhutubao’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:36 UTC I subscribed to QEMDRAGON’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to zolazhou’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to mossyland’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to windtown82’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to lixiaolai’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to rkguaruja’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to kuhneguaruja’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to liuyongsxs’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to sjreporter’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 9:35 UTC I subscribed to hjsutub’s channel on YouTube

Mar 10 2010, 4:31 UTC In Market We Trust – Part II

Mar 10 2010, 1:12 UTC Shanghai Snows – Heavily, Shortly

Mar 9 2010, 5:22 UTC In Market We Trust

Mar 9 2010, 0:44 UTC Lining up for Metro – Part II

Mar 8 2010, 14:16 UTC Metro Line 7 and 9 Became Full Time

Mar 8 2010, 13:04 UTC ThinkPad to Dell Latitude E4300

Mar 8 2010, 13:04 UTC Photo in Google, 2010

Mar 8 2010, 2:07 UTC @ruanyf You got it wrong. I mean, the cheaper hotel is better than more expensive one. – I mean the listing price.

Mar 7 2010, 2:03 UTC 回来了。依然倒时差。

Mar 7 2010, 1:00 UTC I am a Hotel Tester

Mar 6 2010, 7:28 UTC In Pictures: Nine Young Chinese Entrepreneurs To Watch – Forbes –

Mar 6 2010, 6:36 UTC Yifan’s Stories

Mar 6 2010, 5:19 UTC Breakfast Meeting in Shanghai

Mar 6 2010, 0:43 UTC The Scare of Shanghai Heals

Mar 5 2010, 10:31 UTC Travelogue of Tahoe

Mar 4 2010, 15:40 UTC Wrapping up 2010 Winter Trip

Mar 2 2010, 8:55 UTC Jian Shuo Wang in Forbes

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Mar 1 2010, 2:04 UTC google wifi for mount view

Feb 27 2010, 22:30 UTC Skiing in Tahoe

Feb 27 2010, 11:35 UTC In Tahoe the five hour trip turned out to to be nine

Feb 27 2010, 1:59 UTC [New CN Blog] Facebook初探

Feb 26 2010, 15:10 UTC Waked up.seems people buzz more on on mobile

Feb 26 2010, 9:42 UTC First buzz from NEXUS ONE

Feb 26 2010, 9:08 UTC I Should Not Open Nexus One at Night

Feb 25 2010, 16:36 UTC why Google does not support VCF format.

Feb 25 2010, 7:44 UTC I subscribed to thomascrampton’s channel on YouTube

Feb 25 2010, 1:56 UTC Met with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Feb 24 2010, 18:35 UTC Street Names in America is Mystery – Part II

Feb 24 2010, 18:35 UTC I Bought Nexus One

Feb 24 2010, 18:35 UTC Reported by New York Times

Feb 24 2010, 18:20 UTC The Priceline @TheNegotiator Rocks! Just got me a 3 star Hotel in San Jose, CA for $50 on Priceline! Find it here:

Feb 24 2010, 18:13 UTC @Robert Mao your blog has some coding error.

Feb 24 2010, 15:47 UTC Busy and Excited

Feb 24 2010, 8:48 UTC Content Scattered on the Web

Feb 23 2010, 18:12 UTC The first 20% of the time scheduled to do something, like email, or check website is the most effici…

Feb 23 2010, 17:06 UTC The Hills of Sillicon Valley is GREEN

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Feb 23 2010, 7:31 UTC Building Safty by Increasing Vulnerablity

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Feb 22 2010, 16:57 UTC Priceline 783-629-891-02

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Feb 20 2010, 20:58 UTC @Robert Mao I read your blog about Nexus One. Do you recommend me to buy one? I think the answer is …

Feb 20 2010, 19:31 UTC @elliottng Thanks. Jet lag is hitting me now.

Feb 20 2010, 19:00 UTC Hello Fron Palo Alto

Feb 20 2010, 16:35 UTC I just don’t feel right to have just passport and credit card to visit US. Before, i need to have in…

Feb 20 2010, 16:24 UTC Just landed at SFO. As always, at gate 95.

Feb 20 2010, 5:27 UTC ady to fly. Jian shuo signing off.

Feb 20 2010, 5:19 UTC Sitting at 41B of UA858, waiting for departure to SFO

Feb 20 2010, 5:14 UTC Using mobile to update buzz

Feb 19 2010, 15:47 UTC Flying to SFO tomorrow.

Feb 19 2010, 5:13 UTC @Wendy Fan @*** @*** @刘润 @*** @*** See you at 和平官邸 very soon.

Feb 18 2010, 13:46 UTC Shoreline of Xiangshui Bay…

Feb 18 2010, 10:19 UTC @Wendy Fan Hi Wendy, saw this public message?

Feb 18 2010, 10:19 UTC Back in Shanghai. … Life in Hainan seemed to be like a dream for me.

Feb 18 2010, 3:46 UTC @Jian Shuo Wang It seems Google Buzz with @ sign can be a good way to deliver public email.

Feb 18 2010, 3:43 UTC @Robert Mao , would you help me to check whether my RSS feed with PubSubHubbub link on it works? I j…

Feb 17 2010, 16:22 UTC Fireworks for God of Fortune

Feb 17 2010, 15:52 UTC I subscribed to GoogleWebmasterHelp’s channel on YouTube

Feb 17 2010, 14:17 UTC Enabled PubSubHubbub on my Blog

Feb 17 2010, 14:17 UTC I have Driven Around Hainan

Feb 17 2010, 13:55 UTC So far, pubsubhubbub setup on my MovableType does not work. Still work on it.

Feb 17 2010, 13:32 UTC I am back from Hainan to Shanghai

Feb 17 2010, 13:15 UTC My First Car Rental Experience in Hainan

Feb 17 2010, 9:17 UTC 海南铁路…

Feb 17 2010, 8:51 UTC After unfollow some very productive friends, my buzz started to be quiet.

Feb 17 2010, 8:05 UTC I am on Google Buzz

Feb 17 2010, 7:31 UTC I heard you can just send an email to so your title will appear in the Buzz stream. Is it true?

Feb 17 2010, 7:27 UTC It seems I feel more comfortable when I write a blog knowing that it will be reflected in the Buzz account.

Feb 17 2010, 7:26 UTC I just feel more people can see this short Buzz, when I hit post button, than I do when I write a blog entry.

Feb 17 2010, 6:19 UTC I don’t understand why install a simple software like Windows Live Messenger takes so much time.

Feb 14 2010, 15:03 UTC Very Disappointed in Haikou

Feb 14 2010, 15:03 UTC Wenchang to Wanning

Feb 13 2010, 2:51 UTC On the way from Haikou to Wenchang.

Feb 13 2010, 2:49 UTC Happy new year!

Feb 13 2010, 2:12 UTC Sanya Bay

Feb 13 2010, 1:11 UTC Yifan on the Road

Feb 12 2010, 17:58 UTC Jianfengling Ridge in Hainan

Feb 12 2010, 12:51 UTC I Really Love Interaction of Buzz

Feb 5 2010, 15:54 UTC 8.8 mm

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Feb 2 2010, 9:45 UTC 1% everyday is the philosophy.

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Feb 1 2010, 17:36 UTC People are Basically Good

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Jan 31 2010, 15:59 UTC Spring Festival 2009

Jan 31 2010, 14:57 UTC weight in my gym: 40 kg to get started. Then the next time, will start from the P1 program.

Jan 31 2010, 13:21 UTC back to home.

Jan 31 2010, 1:14 UTC [New CN Blog] 做好人的原因

Jan 30 2010, 16:15 UTC Long Lines for Avatar 3D IMAX

Jan 30 2010, 9:59 UTC @chedong En. 这种备忘很有用。

Jan 30 2010, 1:12 UTC [New CN Blog] 老冒的Revolution .vs. Evolution

Jan 29 2010, 15:48 UTC Started to Walk

Jan 29 2010, 14:45 UTC I need to get myself emptied – too busy working on different stuff, and don’t have time to idle.

Jan 29 2010, 10:23 UTC Finally two options are the same option or at least very similar options

Jan 29 2010, 10:10 UTC @nisky80 I wrote a tool using PHP and cURL and then a BAT. Maybe will share it in my blog later.

Jan 29 2010, 10:06 UTC How to distribute the datacenter in two locations? One is simple, two is harder, but the same as 10 or more.

Jan 29 2010, 1:11 UTC [New CN Blog] 中国哲学体系的困惑

Jan 28 2010, 15:41 UTC I just created a very simple PHP based client to access Twitter at command line, with “twitter” followed by the message.

Jan 28 2010, 15:40 UTC I enjoy using the Twitter via the Windows->Start->Run – that small window is a perfect client for Twitter.

Jan 28 2010, 15:24 UTC Trend Against Semantic Web

Jan 28 2010, 7:56 UTC Year end. Budgeted a lot of time for various gather, new year dinner, and meetups.

Jan 28 2010, 7:08 UTC I love walking in the Xujiahui Area – walking is good for health, good time for meditation, and good way to feel that I am a human.

Jan 28 2010, 5:47 UTC How to distribute the datacenter in two locations? One is simple, two is harder, but the same as 10 or more.

Jan 28 2010, 5:24 UTC Will be in the Sillicon Valley from Feb 20 to Feb 28. My friend there, let’s schedule meetups!

Jan 28 2010, 5:22 UTC Back from Lanzhou Noodle in SJTU – simple cheap and nice lunch is more interesting than well-decorated restaurants.

Jan 28 2010, 4:06 UTC 1 hour passed this way. I love to twitter in the Windows Run box.

Jan 28 2010, 3:58 UTC Going to lunch now.

Jan 28 2010, 3:50 UTC MyEnTunnel + cUrl + Twitter API works.

Jan 28 2010, 3:43 UTC Unit test is important

Jan 28 2010, 3:33 UTC I should share what I created with others.

Jan 28 2010, 3:32 UTC 40 minutes just to have twitter ready

Jan 28 2010, 2:55 UTC If twitter is a way to get better self-consciousness, let me try it.

Jan 27 2010, 5:14 UTC I subscribed to GoogleDevelopers’s channel on YouTube

Jan 27 2010, 3:48 UTC @xiaolai You are very welcome to visit our office on the SJTU campus.

Jan 26 2010, 14:28 UTC @swuhoo We can meet in Beijing, together with Yi Jin the next time

Jan 26 2010, 14:28 UTC @swuhoo Haha. Just had a phone call with Yi Jin the last Friday, when he was in Shanghai, but was not able to schedule a meetup.

Jan 26 2010, 13:47 UTC Notes on Justice Video

Jan 22 2010, 17:38 UTC My Favorate Road – Xingguo Road

Jan 21 2010, 15:10 UTC How to Access Twitter and Facebook in China

Jan 21 2010, 12:19 UTC @eddie_w Expo tickets seem to be over-supply in the current stage. Don’t worry. You can easily get it today.

Jan 21 2010, 12:18 UTC @inetpm Ops. 为什么用”老师”这个陌生的称谓?

Jan 21 2010, 12:16 UTC @swuhoo It was just two day trip, and was not in the mood to host a meetup in (politically) cold winter.

Jan 20 2010, 15:41 UTC Avatar

Jan 20 2010, 1:01 UTC [New CN Blog] 小宝对老婆的看法

Jan 18 2010, 16:16 UTC Google in China – Business Decision?

Jan 17 2010, 16:24 UTC My Brain Does not Work Well

Jan 15 2010, 16:19 UTC Crazy Week in 2010

Jan 15 2010, 16:19 UTC Snow of Beijing Airport

Jan 13 2010, 16:29 UTC Google’s (Rig

Metro Line #2 Extends to Pudong Airport

It finally becomes official – tomorrow, the Shanghai Metro Line #2 will extend to the Pudong Airport.

This blog started with a simple question – how to get to downtown from Pudong airport about 10 years ago (with a static page). Finally, the easiest answer is available: just take the Metro Line #2 from Pudong airport to downtown Shanghai. This will replace taxi, maglev, and bus as the recommended transportation.

2-Hour Trip

There are some problems though. It takes 1 hour and 52 minutes, and 8 RMB to complete the trip. There are 30 stations of Metro Line #2 with total length of 60 km. That implies 30km/h speed.

Transition still needed

Passengers need to get off the train at Guanglan Road Station 广兰路 and wait at the same platform to another train to downtown Shanghai. The reason is, the newly added stations don’t have too many traffic. They use 4-cart train to operate on this segment, and the rest line uses 8-cart train. So get ready to transit after 40 minutes.

Time Table

The current time table for the section between Guanglan Road and Pudong Airport is from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM, with 13 minutes interval. It is expected to get to full time operatoin soon.

In a Hurry?

If you are in a hurry, the best way to transfer between the two stations are still taxi. It takes one hour and about 150 RMB to get you there. Since the two airport is connected by S20 expressway, the traffic is relatively stable.

Metro Line #1 and #9 Transition

Another related news is, the transition tunnel from Line #1 to Line #9 is opened today. The designer leveraged the Grand Gateway garage as the transition tunnel. I have not used it yet, but I got a message from Ryun this morning: “Explored the new maze between #9 and #1, and got lost”.

Xindanwei is Cool

I was in Xindanwei this afternoon to chat with @isaac, @popoever, and @aaajiao.

I heard about Xindanwei from time to time, but never related it to Isaac – who is an angle investor to this idea.

The idea is simple: you pay as low as 15 RMB per hour to get an office space there – by hour, or by month, with nice meeting room.

I put it this way: It is a real estate company + a property management company. Well. Isaac put it different: it is a place where people share space, share connection and share knowledge… I admit his version looks nicer.

I will be at Xindanwei from 16:30 – 18:30 this Friday to attend the Friday Chitchat with topic: Social Media and Me by @popoever. If you are also interested, see you there.

Xindanwei is a nice experiment to leverage social media to run a pretty traditional (but obviously something brand new) business. Anyone who visited there become a “big mouth” to broadcast the message. I am acting as a promoter of Xindanwei there. Enjoy your time in Xindanwei.

P.S. They offer 1 hour of free office space (with Wifi) there.

A Highschool Classmates Gather

Spent the day in Century Park with highschool classmates – three families with two kids. It has been 15 years since we graduate, and we were planning a 15-year anniversary gather on Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Zhengzhou. Visibility is the best way to make things happen, so I put the date on my calendar and on my blog. I was the key organizer for the 10-year anniversary 5 years ago. We planned hotel in Qingdao, and we planned the date, and we planned the communication. The only problem was, we didn’t gather.

I am lucky to spend the most memorable 3 years from 1992 to 1995 at Luoyang No. 1 Middle school. We are still very well connected after 15 years.

Below is the photo we took in 1992 – few days after entering the high-school. Can you find me in this photo? I was there, although looked very different from today.

The below is taken in one Sports Game.


People on these photos do not appear as fashion as the current high school students, but as young as they are.

A side note: To setup the tent in Century park is a great idea. The trick is, find grassland without many people, and spend the afternoon there.

Shanghai Expressway Map

It has been a while since I last draw the diagram of Shanghai Expressway. Compared to the old map I draw, I feel I grew up a little bit in the last 4 years.

Here I proudly present the new Shanghai expressway map as of 2010.

©Jian Shuo Wang

Let me give you a little bit explanation.

The Rings

There are basically four big ring expressways in Shanghai – the four blue square.

The Inner Ring Expressway (no numbered name)

The Middle Ring Expressway (no numbered name)

The Outer Ring Expressway (S20, formally A20)

The Suburb Ring Expressway (G1501, formally A30).

The G1501 is not completed yet (you can see absence of a corner at northeast side).

The four rings become the back bone of the transportation systems in Shanghai.

A fact that many people ignored was, although they are called Ring Road, they are not circles. Instead, they are more like a square. Pay attention to most of the corners, and you will see that it is well designed. The rings formed GRID, instead of some hard to handle round corners.

The Radiation Lines

From the rings, especially the S20, the Outer Ring, the radiation lines point out from Shanghai. They are basically the same road, but with a new name (G60 as example)

Now, the G42 goes from Shanghai to Chengdu (via Nanjing)

G50 goes to Chongqing

G60 goes to Kunming

S1 goes to Pudong Airport

S2 goes to Yangshan Deep Water Port

S4 goes to Jinshan and merge into G15

S36, and S19 connect the southwest corner of S30 to nearby expressways

National Expressway

Besides the radiation lines, G15 is the National Expressway from Shenyang to Haikou, passing Shanghai.

G1501 is named after G15. The 0 in the name implies a ring, and the 1 means the first round-city ring along the G15.


The only one left without an explanation is S32, formally A15. That is one of the most impress highways in Shanghai, although it does not have a simple name as G60, or S30…

S32 starts from Pudong Airport, and goes all the way west and reaches G60.

If you drive from Hangzhou to Shanghai, far before you get close to the downtown Shanghai, you will see a sign pointing to Pudong Airport. That is the starting point of S32!

Enjoy the nice Shanghai expressway system.

P.S. My naive drawing 4 years ago

Movie – Crossing Hennessy

After the busy day, Wendy and I went to theater. That is the rare time we have – Yifan fell asleep at home with his grandparents. We guess he will sleep for a lot time since he was too excited in the afternoon in our office and missed his noon snap.

The movie Wendy picked is Tang Wei and Zhang Xueyou’s Crossing Hennessy.


Credit: the Corssing Hennessy team

In short, this is a great movie. Both thumbs up.

That is Exactly Life

This is maybe one of the best movie I saw. It seems boring, just like the orchestra – can be boring, but fine and smooth, with some touching moments from time to time.

On the taxi back, Wendy and I talked to the small details of the individuals there. They are all normal people, and the movie spent all the time to describe the individuals with great delicacy. After the movie, I can clearly feel the characters like knowing them for years.

Tang Wei didn’t disappoint me. She demonstrated great skills, and expressed the character with sensitivity. Jacky Zhang is the same. Just like Alian (Tang Wei) smiled when the doctor said decayed tooth (she thought of something special), I smiled time to time when I rewind the movie in my memory.

Boring Movie and Boring Life

I know many people will complain the movie is boring. Even at the last minute of the movie, the real story (in the sense of most movie) has not started. But it is good just because it is life. The characters there are people around us. I can easily find another Alian, or Alai, or Alai’s mother, her newly wedded husband, even the doctor – around us. That is the power of a movie. The male and female leading roles are also common people. Alian (Tang Wei) is just a detective movie fan with simple but not lucky childhood and a decayed tooth. Alai (Jacky Zhang) is another not-grown-up detective movie fan. That is it. As simple, as sweet, and as normal as our life.

I would highly recommend my friend to go to theater to watch the movie. It is not as delicate as Lust Caution, but another comfortable and pleasant style.