Photos of Shanghai in May, 2008

I always take a camera with me wherever I go. The benefit is, I can record my life with photos. Here are some photos I took in May this year, about what the real life is like in Shanghai. So you can get an idea about what the life in Shanghai really is.


View of Shanghai from where I work in Xujiahui. You may notice that the highest building in Shanghai – the World Financial Center.


The photo above was taken from the small open space in our office, and you can sit on the bench (below) to see the wonderful view.


Here is directly north of the building – I have posted it before (on top of another building, and in the same building)


Photos of the Last Weekend

When I drove on the Nanpu Bridge, Wendy took a picture of a Mini-copper on the other lane. What is interesting is the big box by the side of the driver – Mini Copper is really "Mimi".


On the right side of the Nanpu Bridge is the construction site of Shanghai Expo. It is not shown in the picture very clearly, but you see the nearest building under construction? There are many of them growing up under the same pace…


This is the scene near my home – the high-voltage electricity lines going along the street.


The other day, I went to the Nanjing road again (after many years) with my friends from America. Nanjing road didn’t change too much in the recent years.


6 thoughts on “Photos of Shanghai in May, 2008

  1. The blogger’s flip-flop continues abated.

    One day he dumped BBC and another day he kissed its butt;

    One day he was against anything French and another day he claimed no longer anti-France;

    One day he lamented 2008 as a year of terror and another day he cheered Shanghai’s prosperity;

    Early signs of manic-depression?

    Maybe that is really the impression of so-called emerging dragon power on the rest of the world.

  2. Shanghai-ren, you seem to have a lot of stored up anger and strong opinions. Have you ever thought about writing your own blog? Then we can find out what you are in favor of, and your proposals of solutions for the world.

  3. Nice pictures. I’ll be moving to Shanghai on June 12th. Looking forward to it.

  4. I actually find the trees more impressive than the power lines :-) To me, it makes a big difference when a city has managed to save room for some trees. It looks like there are a lot in the neighborhood near your office.

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