117 Starbucks in Shanghai Already

I am a Starbucks fan, and I have visited all the 12 Starbucks in Shanghai in a Day in 2003.

Now, Starbucks will enter Sweden, and I was called by a journalist in Sweden today to discuss the impact of Starbucks to Shanghai. It was a very interesting and one hour long conversation, which I may share later.

To my surprise, when I look at Starbucks website, I found out there are already 117 Starbucks Store in Shanghai today. More than 100 Starbucks Store appeared in Shanghai in the last 7 years.

Here is the listing:

Pudong District 浦东



电话: 021-58309068




电话: 021-50106201




电话: 021 – 50368326




电话: 021 – 68775001




电话: 021 – 58990279




电话: 021 – 58301323




电话: 021 – 58873087




电话: 021 – 61633789

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 58308150

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00 – 20:00

周六 – 周日 10:00 – 19:00



电话: 021 – 58781332

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 00:30



电话: 021 – 58554218

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30-22:00

周六 – 周日 8:30-22:00



电话: 021 – 58318820

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00-19:30

周六 – 周日 9:00-17:30



电话: 021 – 50482915

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30-18:30



电话: 021 – 68563796

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:30-22:30

周五 – 周六 7:30-23:00

周日 7:30-22:30



电话: 021 – 50303537

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 22:30


地址:上海市浦东新区张江高科技园区碧波路635号104 1F24 – 23B室

电话: 021 – 50807576

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00-21:00

周六 – 周日 8:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 58361497

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 58393305

营业时间:周一 – 周日 6:30 – 22:30



电话: 021 – 58767039

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:00 – 22:00

周五 8:00 – 22:30

周六 9:00 – 22:30

周日 9:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 58406132

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 58763705

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:00-21:00

周五 – 周六 8:00-18:30

周日 9:30-17:00



电话: 021 – 58787612

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:00-21:00

周五 – 周六 9:30-17:00

周日 9:30-17:00



电话: 021 – 68413880

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00-19:30

周六 – 周日 8:30-18:00



电话: 021 – 50471013

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:00-22:00

周五 8:00-23:00

周六 9:00-23:00

周日 9:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 50471106

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00


Hongkou District 虹口区



电话: 021 – 63242613




电话: 021 – 61237475




电话: 021 – 63067836




电话: 021 – 65878807

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:30-22:30

周六 – 周日 9:30-22:30

Yangpu District 杨浦区



电话: 021 – 33810020




电话: 021 – 65102267




电话: 021 – 65483212

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00

Jingan District 静安区



电话: 021-63400871




电话: 021 – 62679253




电话: 021 – 62673329








电话: 021 – 62713050

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00 – 22:00

周六 – 周日 7:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 62487785

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62883515

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00-22:00

周六 – 周日 9:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 52986431

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00-20:30

周六 – 周日 9:00-19:00



电话: 021 – 52984548

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:00-23:00

周五 7:00-24:00

周六 8:00-24:00

周日 8:00-23:00



电话: 021 – 62798667

营业时间:周一 – 周日 6:30-23:00

Zhabei District 闸北区



电话: 021 – 66521045

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 63172662

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00-22:00

周六 – 周日 9:00-20:00

Huangpu District 黄浦区



电话: 021-21137786




电话: 021 – 61526538

营业时间:周一 – 周日11:00-22:00



电话: 021-63914776

营业时间:周一 – 周五 9:30-20:00

周六 – 周日 9:00-20:00



电话: 021 – 63730110




电话: 021 – 63552271

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:30-20:30

周五 – 周六 8:30-21:00

周日 8:30-20:30



电话: 021 – 53855001

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 19:00

周六 – 周日 10:00 – 18:00



电话: 021- 63754080

营业时间:周一 – 周六 7:30-20:00

周日 8:00-18:00



电话: 021 – 63271930

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:30-22:30

周五 7:30-23:00

周六 8:00-23:00

周日 8:00-22:30



电话: 021 – 63225624

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 53750670

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 63597512

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00 – 22:30

周六 – 周日 8:30 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 63403068

营业时间:周一 – 周四 8:00-22:30

周五 8:00-23:30

周六 9:00-23:30

周日 9:00-22:30

Luwan District 卢湾区



电话: 021 – 53016130

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 12:00







电话: 021 – 53062578

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00-22:00

周六 – 周日 9:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 64728339

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:30-23:00

周五 – 周六 7:30-24:00

周日 7:30-23:00



电话: 021 – 53060025

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:30 – 23:00

周五 7:30 – 23:30

周六 – 周日 8:30 – 23:30



电话: 021 – 63200137

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 01:00



电话: 021 – 62717217

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:00

Xuhui District 徐汇区



电话: 021 – 63040577

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:30



电话: 021 – 64262192

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00 – 23:00

周六 – 周日 8:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 64480045

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:00-23:00

周五 7:00-23:30

周六 – 周日 8:00-23:30



电话: 021 – 54650525

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:30



电话: 021-64272170

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00 – 22:00

周六 – 周日 7:00 – 22:30



电话: 021 – 54352313

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 54661781




电话: 021 – 62377398




电话: 021 – 33686172

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00-22:00


地址: 上海市衡山路4号

电话: 021 – 54656260

营业时间: 周一 – 周日 7:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 64680229

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 64161632

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 20:30

周六 – 周日 8:00 – 20:30



电话: 021 – 64486377

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:30 – 24:00



电话: 021 – 64268250

营业时间:周一 – 周四 7:00-22:00

周五 7:00-22:30

周六 8:00-22:30

周日 8:00-22:00

Minhang District 闵行区



电话: 021 – 33580075




电话: 021 – 54222091

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00-22:00



电话: 无

营业时间:周一 – 周五 8:00-21:30

周六 – 周日 8:30-21:30



电话: 021 – 54221872

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 64850387

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 19:00

周六 – 周日 9:00 – 17:00



电话: 021 – 64197262

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:30 – 21:30



电话: 021 – 64123485

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 23:00

Changning District 长宁区



电话: 021-6210 6771




电话: 021 – 52400975




电话: 021-62802639




电话: 021 – 52160970




电话: 021 – 62332278

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00-22:00



电话: 021 – 62827826

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 52082980

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00-22:00

周六 – 周日 9:00-22:30



电话: 021 – 62360782

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 19:30

周六 – 周日 9:00 – 17:00



电话: 021 – 62091760

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 62350615

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00-21:00

周六 8:30-18:30

周日 9:30-18:00




电话: 62371316

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 22:00

周六 – 周日 8:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62820984

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:30



电话: 021 – 62095512

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 62131706

营业时间:周一 – 周日 8:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62123738

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62123038

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 22:00

周六 – 周日 8:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62803927

营业时间:周一 – 周日 7:30 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 52410325

营业时间:周一 – 周四 6:30-23:30

周五 6:30-24:00

周六 7:30-24:00

周日 7:30-23:30



电话: 021 – 52189771

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 23:00

Putuo District 普陀区



电话: 021 – 62769225




电话: 申请中

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:00 – 22:30

周六 – 周日 7:00 – 23:00



电话: 021 – 52750789

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 62269340

营业时间:周一 – 周五 7:30 – 22:00

周六 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00

Qingpu District 青浦区



电话: 021 – 59760157




电话: 021 – 59755257

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 21:30



电话: 021 – 59717727

营业时间:周一 – 周日 9:00 – 22:00



电话: 021 – 56115171


Songjiang District 松江区



电话: 021-37799005

营业时间:周一 – 周五 10:00 – 21:30

周六 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00




电话: 021-59523946

营业时间:周一 – 周日 10:00 – 22:00

Free Wireless in Starbucks Shanghai

I am sitting in Starbucks after talking with my friends. From mid of this year, Starbucks started to offer free wireless service partnering with China Mobile. (news)

Although only 80% of 120 Starbucks stores in Shanghai now provide the service, the most visited Starbucks stores have that access:

– Grand Gateway Store I

– Grand Gateway Store II

– Metro City Store

– Huashan Greenland Store.

It is not completely free. You need to have a mobile phone (not sure whether it has to be China Mobile mobile phone) to access it. You need to enter your phone number after you connect to CMCC-Starbucks wireless network, then the user name and password is SMSed to you via mobile phone. Then you can access the service on your laptop.

Very nice service!

I am happy that although Starbucks is relatively late to provide this service comparing to other players, they provided a pretty decent service by partnering with China Mobile. Other players like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves provide the same service long time ago using their own managed Wireless hub, but the service was not stable.

Meeting Place: Starbucks at Jinyan Road, Pudong

Meeting place is the introduction of the frequently visited places I have chosen to meet with my friends. I will describe the location and sometimes post photos of the area, so I can easily send out the link to my friends that they know how to find the place and what to expect. If it helps others for their meetup, that will be great.

Name of the meeting place: Starbucks Jinyan Road Store

Location: 219 Jinyan Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Map: see below:


Get There by Metro

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Museum station of Metro Line #2
  • Turn south and get to the back of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (the half circle white building in the satellite map above)
  • There is a pedestrian bridge over the Zhangjiabang River.  Go cross the river.
  • The Starbucks is just at the left hand of the bridge.

Get There by Taxi

  • Jinyan Road is at the intersection of Jinxiu Road

I don’t think there is anyway to get there by bus. The nearest bus stop maybe is the Pujian Road station of many bus lines.

Cake of Starbucks

Anyone know the name of this case? Pretty lovely – a very small cake. Wendy and I shared the small cake, and then, we looked at each other, and decided that we need to go back to the counter to get another one. It is very tasty. Highly recommend.

image image

The shape of the stores are very strange – slopes, leaning lines, and irregular windows.


This is the clouds of Pudong (previous photos).


Meeting Place: Starbucks, Raffles City

Meeting Place:

Starbucks, Raffles City, 268 Xizhang Middle Road, Shanghai

About the Location

The Starbucks at the Raffles City is not a good store in the Starbucks family. It is small and crowded. However, it is very convinient with the location near the exit of Metro Line #1. It is the nearest meeting place for me (Jian Shuo), and easier to find. I have other locations that I choose to meet people, like Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs, but it is a little bit harder to find and only works for people familiar with the area.


Metro Line #1, People’s Square Station, Exit #2.

It is not straight forward to get there. When you get off the train, take the elevator to the uppper floor. Do not exit at any gate. The one to upstairs and other exit checking machines will lead to mass ground maze.

Follow the sign (or follow the flow of people) to Metro Line #2. At the end of the hall (south of the hall if you still have the sense of direction), there are a long role of Exit Machines on the left and there is a U-turn tunnel on the right. Take the exit at the Exit Machines and turn right to enter a long tunnel – always full of people. Go straight ahead for about 4 minutes, and you will see a sign pointing to left – Exit 2. Enter the left branch of the tunnel and take the elevator to the ground. The Starbucks is right at the exit.


Here is the map:

Meeting Place direction is created to help my friends, partners, and visitors to easily locate the location I propose to meet. If there is any error or suggestions that makes the guide easier to follow, please comment using the form below. If will also be handy for others who propose to meet somewhere in Shanghai but don’t know exactly where the location is.

Pudong Starbucks is Nice

My favorite place to meet in the last two months in Shanghai shte the Starbucks at the Pudong side of the Bund, or typically refered to as Binjiang Store.

Origional posted at Starbucks in A Day

It is a nice place for both people in Pudong and Puxi to meet. Typically, my meetings with IT related people are arranged around 8:00 PM in this Starbucks. Everytime friends from other cities comes, no matter he is VP of QQ, or journalists from Beijing, or CEO from websites, we simply drop a SMS to the friend circle of IT in Shanghai and say: come and visit. The same time, same place, and people have formed the idea that it will be this Binjing Starbucks, at 8:00 PM that night. :-) For example, I spent wonderful afternoon with Dave, President of eTang there this Sunday afternoon.

This Starbucks has the best view in Shanghai – not every Starbucks has wide view to the Huang Pu river. Watching big ships moving slowly along the river with old architects on the Bund is nice experience. The view also inspires people’s thinking a lot – when we see moving objects, espectially those very big one like ship, our thoughts are typically running faster.

I would recommend people to choose this Starbucks as the next gather place..

Starbucks Tour in Beijing

Yesterday, I spent 5 hours (from 3:15 pm to 8:15 pm) to visit 13 Starbucks alone the Chang An Street. I took about 3 pictures for each store. That is a long march – from the Fuxing street on the west side of the city to the Guomao street on the east.


Yellow line is about the route I visited the stores

Along the way, I visited the Jianguo Gate, the Parkson Store, the Financial Street and the headquarters of major banks in China, and then visited the west commercial area Xidan, and long the street to the National Theater, and Qian Men. I even visited the south most Starbucks at the New World center – that trip was not pleasant at all. Although it is very near the heart of the city (Tian An Men Square), the south part of the city is far behind the north part.

I visited many stores, including the new Oriental Plaza, and then to Dongdan, Friendship Store and finally arrived at the China World Trade Center. It was a long trip and I will definitely find sometime to record the buildings I saw and the people I met during the trip.

About Starbucks Tour in Beijing

I planned Starbucks in a Day – Beijing Version. People suggested not to go to Starbucks because I cannot see “real” local people there and suggested me to visit tea house instead.

Well. I still think it a great plan. I didn’t mean to visit Starbucks stores only. As I stated in my plan, the distribution of the store in this city forms a route. It is the route that is interesting. I won’t enter each store and have a cup of coffee there. I will generally take pictures of the outside and take pictures along the road.

What I am really interested is the city itself. It is just a game. It forces me to visit more places. If there is no Starbucks store near IKEA at North 3rd Ring, I won’t visit that area. Chances are, I will never visit that area during any of my stay, or my entire life.


Hand drawing by Jian Shuo Wang, with the help of Starbucks Map which is available in many Starbucks shops in Beijing. First quoted here

If you look at the distribution of the stores, you will find more about the city. For example, just as this map shows, most Starbucks stores are along the Chang An Street (the central axis of the city), and there are more stores north of the street. If you count the numbers, 17 of the 28 Starbucks shore (more than 50% of all stores) are located at the quadrant I in the map (northeast part of the city). What does this imply? You don’t need me to tell you where the CBD of Beijing is located. This is definitely not a complete answer to the question, but you can find some hints behind the map, which is more vivid and solid than any market reports.

I planned to start from the northeast most Starbucks (the Air China Tower store) and walk to the Liang Ma stores, and then borrow a bike at Grand Dragon International Youth Hotel and end the rest of the journey with a bike. I will visit the stores along the Chang An Street (the thick horizontal street in the middle) till I reach the east most store near Parkson store. Then turning north until I visit all the stores in the north area and get back to where I borrowed the bike, then go back to hotel.

However, this plan has to be modified since I have moved to the northwest corner of the map. It will continue to be modified since I don’t see any opportunity for me to spend a whole day in Beijing. Chances are, I cannot find a chance at weekend in the following month. I hope the plan can be completed within 180 days from the plan..

Starbucks in a Day – Beijing Version

I am planning to visit all Starbucks in Beijing in one day. I did in Shanghai and will definitely plan it in Beijing. Due to the high pressure of my project, it seems not feasible to do it soon. Planning is sometimes more interesting in doing. Let me plan for it.


Hand drawing by Jian Shuo Wang, with the help of Starbucks Map which is available in many Starbucks shops in Beijing.

Each red dot on the map, large or small, represents a Starbucks shop in Beijing. The map was illustrated using a small pen on Tablet PC at the hallway of Microsoft China Technical Center. I work at that floor and often pass by the Tablet PC when I fetch water or coffee. Today, I used it to draw a map. It seems much better than this one since the stroke is more smooth, although I spent much more time on the Shanghai map.

The Starbucks Beijing Map helped me to draw this map.


The Map in courtesy of Starbucks and redBANG, the designer of the map

This small maplet are available in may Starbucks store. Just ask for it at the counter. It is very lovely map with clear mark of Starbucks stores. It will help me to visit them. Eric showed the map to me for the first time.

Why Starbucks?

The reason I wanted to visit every store is, I want to see this city. Starbucks helped me to choose the best place in the city. Their market research is good. If there is a Starbucks store, it at least gives two hints:

  • There are good customer base there (white collar, or tourists)
  • The place has good view

It is not 100% but pretty likely to be true.

By putting all the Starbucks store onto a route and you will find a very good route to see the best the city has to offer. It is the case in Shanghai and I believe it is true in Beijing. Just look at the map and you know it is true.

How Travel Works

Wendy and I share the same travel philosophy. She said in this article: “The most important word in travel is: MY. It is my understanding and feeling of a city that matters, instead of my foot-print.”

I don’t like to take picture of myself when I travel. I especially hate to pose before famous point of scene. I’d like to step into the city as the people in the city do. As Wendy said, it is MY feeling that matters.

Eric also thinks so. He said (Chinese page): “To learn a city, you have to abandon taxi, step out of your hotel. Carry a bag and walk or cycle. You should not see the city like a visitor. You need to set your foot into the city…”

It is the magic words that open a door to a completely new world in a city. This is what we believe travel should be.

Having that said, you may understand the reason behind my plan better. Setting a goal and go to do it. The journey is more important than the destination.

I may rent a bicycle to do it since Beijing is much larger than Shanghai and it is almost important for me to visit all by walk. The International Youth Hotel at GREAT DRAGON HOTEL (兆龙饭店) provides bicycle renting service at 10 RMB per day. Their breakfast is 10 RMB and their rate is 60 RMB per night (7 USD). Many foreigners are there. I like it. Maybe I will join them to climb the Great Wall at weekend. Only 90 RMB for the events.

The World is a Book

The World is a Book and those who do not travel read only one page.” — Saint Augustine.

This sentence on the first page of the room guide is one of the reasons I love to stay at Renaissance Beijing.

Starbucks in A Day – Part II

Today, I continued my walk tour to the rest of the Starbucks. Due to the limitation of time and being unfamiliar with Pudong Area, I only visited 4 of all the 5 Stores in Pudong. They are:

Bin Jiang Store

Super Brand Site Store

Mori Tower Store

Times Square Store

The pictures and descriptions are consolidated to yersterday’s page.

It was really cold in Pudong and there are not many people. There are barely no customers in Mori Tower Store and Times Square Store. In contract, Bin Jiang Store is always crowded – it is said it has the best view in all Starbucks around the world. Is it true?

Starbucks in A Day

On this page, you will see the photos of almost all Starbucks in Shanghai. I personally visited all of them in a day.

I mentioned that I want to go to all the Starbucks stores in Shanghai by walk. I am doing it today – I visited 12 stores of all the 27 hotels I know so far. Here are some pictures. It is not in particular order. I will take some time to modify this entry to add more comments on the location, comments and names to these pictures. Now I need to go to bed…

Here are a full list of Starbucks stores in Shanghai.

Kerry Center Store Add: 1515 Nanjing(W) Rd. Tel: 021-52986431
Zhao Jia Bang Rd. Store Add: 888 Shanxi(S) Rd. Tel: 021-54654992
Metro City Store Add: No.1111 Zhaojiabang Rd. Tel: 021-64268250
Lippo Store Add: 222, Huaihai Zhong Rd Tel: 021-53966379
East Paris Store Add: 559, Nanchang Rd Tel: 021-54652377
Xin Tian Di Store Add: Unit 1, Building 18,North Blocks Xin Tian Di Tel: 021-63200137
Mei Chen Store Add: 937, Huaihai Zhong Rd. Tel: 021-64728339
Citic Store Add: CITIC square,1168, Nanjing West Rd Tel: 021-52984548
Hong Xiang Store Add: 869, Nanjiang Xi Rd Tel: 021-62581941
People’s Park Store Add:189, Nanjing West Rd Tel: 021-63271930
Yu Yuan Store Add:100, Yuyuan Rd Tel: 021-63552271
Far East International Add: 299, XianXia Rd Tel: 021-62350615
Gu Bei Store Add: 20,ShuiCheng Nan Rd Tel: 021-62091760
Bin Jiang Store Add: Fu Du Duan, Bingjiang Da Dao, Pudong Tel: 021-58781332
Times Square Store Add: 500, Zhangyang Rd, Pudong Tel: 021-58368819
Orient Meitha Store Add: 98, Huaihai (C) Rd. Tel: 021-53858461
Super Brand Site Store Add: 168, 3F Lu Jia Zui (W) Rd. Tel: 021-50471106
Zun Yi Road Store Add: 101, ZunYi Road Tel: 021-62592540
Kerry Everbright City Store Add: 218, Tianmu (W) Rd. Tel: 021-63172662
Fuzhou Rd. Store Add: 567, Fuzhou Rd. Tel: 021-63222584
East Ocean Centre Store Add: 588,Yan An Rd. Shanghai Tel: 021-53855001

Source: Starbucks Newsletter

Updated November 23, 2003

Visit All Starbucks By Walk

I wrote the Article Starbucks in Shanghai on May 20 this year, It was just after SARS. I had a pleasant talk with Karine from Finland in the Starbucks Metro Tower Store. “I suddenly realize I need to turn my focus back to the amazing city itself instead of watching SARS everyday – the nice life will begin again.” I wrote.

Also, I happened to have visited Winter’s Starbucks Everywhere site. Winter’s goal is to visit every Starbucks Store in the World and at the time I check his website again today, he has visited 3686 North American stores and 114 British stores. It is amazing! So obviously inspired by Winter, I was planning my visit to all the 22 Starbucks Stores in Shanghai. The plan was to complete the tour at the beginning of June, but was postponed till today. I’d like to thank Winter for the great idea.

Then what is my own propose to visit all the stores? Why is it meaningful?

This brings another interesting project called Degree Confluence Project. “The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted on the website.”

So combine these two ideas together, I think it will be interesting to take Starbucks Stores as sample place in Shanghai. By putting these sample point together, it comes out a picture of the whole city. Starbucks management staff must have done a lot of work to choose the best place to open their stores. By following the stores of Starbucks, one can has a tour to see the most modern, attractive, prosperity side of the city. Yes. It is true!

Note: The following comments (“The best.. etc”) is based on my current incomplete tour of the Starbucks stores in Shanghai. It is subject to change in the future. The Best View means the best view in all the Starbucks stores in Shanghai, not world wide. :-)

Starbucks with Best View – People’s Park Store

My friend Patrick once told me that the Bin Jiang Store was awarded the best view of all Starbucks store around the world. This was not the first time I heard of this. However, if I am the judge, I will definitely choose the People’s Park Store of Starbucks.

The People’s Park Store is Located in exactly the central of Shanghai – either in terms of distance to the government building, which is a most common way of the concept of “Central” in China cities, or in terms of the geographic central. The base point of land measure is in the International Hotel, or Park Hotel, which is only 200 meters away. :-)

It is beside the People’s Park and the Shanghai Art Museum. It is also an (almost) stand alone building with to stories. It has a nice big first floor and a large gazebo on the second floor. From there, you can see the beautiful tower of the Shanghai Art Museum. See people below:

Also, the building is surrounded with the People’s Park and you can take your Coffee and step into the grass land of the Park.

Above: The consistent Starbucks style counter of the People’s Square Store.

Near Metro: B – within 2-minute walk to the nearest Metro Exit

Stand Alone Building: B – A stand alone building shared with another one store

Scene: A – Very good view without obvious shootcomings.

Starbucks with Chinese Style – Yu Yuan Store

Yuan Yuan is the only store in Shanghai, I have to say, with strong Chinese style. The reason I followed all the Starbucks in Shanghai is, all the Starbucks stores are located in the business centers in Shanghai. However, there are two exceptions. One is the Yuyuan Store and the other is the Qibao Store. The areas are crowded and there are no business people there.

It is clear that the major customer segment for the Yu Yuan Store are foreign tourists. It is also the smallest Starbucks Store in Shanghai with only 9 seats or so. I had a hard time to find the store in the Yu Yuan area. Finally, it show up in the opposite side of the famous Jiu Qu Bridge. Yes. It is the heart of Yu Yuan Garden Area.

shanghai.starbucks- window.shopping-yuyuan.jpg

Near Metro: D – no Metro access

Stand Alone Building: C – no stand alone building but with a stand alone shop venue

Scene: C – Interesting view but either crowded or dirty

Xin Tian Di Store

Xin Tian Di is the place of all kinds of Bars and western Restaurants. It is for sure that Starbucks will reserve its place there. Built in a Shanghai old style house, the Xin Tian Di Store fits into city very well.

Below is the standard name plate for all the restaurants/bars/cafes in Xin Tian Di. I like the simple design.

Below: The seats are always occupied. The Tai Cang Road by the seats are considered the entrance to the great area.

Below: The famous Starbucks Logo on the typical Shanghai gray brick wall…

Below: The house of Starbucks.

I would like to recommend everyone to visit this store and take a seat on the second floor. The wood stair and the decro insdie reminds people of the old times of Shanghai.

Near Metro: c – within 10-minute walk to the nearest Metro Exit (Metro South Huang Pi Rd. Station)

Stand Alone Building: B – A stand alone building shared with another one store

Scene: B – Good but no particular view of interest

Lippo Store

Moving eastward along the Huai Hai Road from the Zhong Huan and Xin Tian Di Store, we get to the Lippo Tower Store. Just like many other simliar stores, it is located inside a top office building – the Lippo Tower.

Starbucks in Shanghai

SARS is almost over, so I begin to visit coffee shops and meet friends. Tonight, I had a nice talk with Karine in the Starbucks in the Metro City in Xujiahui. I suddenly realize I need to turn my focus back to the amazing city itself instead of watching SARS everyday – the nice life will begin again.

Starbucks is Part of People’s Life

Source: Jian Shuo Wang’s All Starbucks Tour In A Day

With more and more foreign companies coming to Shanghai, the daily life changes. If you list some shops that affects the city most, I would list in the following order:

  • McDonald’s, KFC
  • IKEA
  • Carofour
  • Starbucks

The most important reason it is affecting people’s life is the life style and the concept they bring to the city. People know how fast a lunch will be and how colorful and creative the furniture can be. We all learn how large amount shopping looks like and, for the Starbucks case, how relaxing it is to have a cup of coffee.

Wireless Starbucks

Today, I found three laptop computers in the Starbucks in Metro City at 7:00 PM. I even see the girl sitting besides me are surfing on the Internet. The homepage of Yahoo! appeared on her laptop – it is cool! The Tian Yi Tong really works. Fortunately, I have subscribed and I can enjoy the wireless Starbucks very soon. (I said very soon, instead of now because it takes 4 working days before the Tian Yi Tong is enabled).

Here is the list (in Chinese) of Tian Yi Tong covered Starbucks on 51wireless.com. It obviously is not the most updated information since Starbucks Metro City Shop is not in the list but is covered already.

星巴克远东店 全覆盖 仙霞路299号

星巴克古北店 全覆盖 水城路20号

星巴克鸿翔店 全覆盖 南京西路869号1楼

星巴克人民公园店 全覆盖 南京西路189号

星巴克豫园店 全覆盖 豫园九曲桥附近

星巴克滨江店 全覆盖 滨江大道富都段

星巴克力宝店 全覆盖 淮海中路222号

星巴克中信店 全覆盖 南京西路1168号

星巴克新天地店 全覆盖 太昌路181弄18号

星巴克东方巴黎店 全覆盖 南昌路559号1楼

星巴克美臣店 全覆盖 淮海中路937号

星巴克时代店 全覆盖 张杨路500号

星巴克遵义店 全覆盖 遵义路111号

星巴克嘉里不夜城 全覆盖 天目西路218号

星巴克正大店 全覆盖 陆家嘴西路168号3楼

星巴克嘉里中心店 全覆盖 南京西路1515号

星巴克美术馆 全覆盖 陕西北路888号

How Many Starbucks in Shanghai

It is an interesting question. I want to know the answer too. It has at least 18 shops. I am interesting to present a review for the Starbucks shops. I am planning to buy a digital camera within this week, so I believe I can warlk around and visit all the Starbucks shop and take a picture for each of them. Yes. I will do it within two weeks.

Actually, the reason I thought of this idea is because of SARS – indirectly related to SARS. During the long May holiday, we cannot go any where and it seems too dangerous to take taxi, buses, or metro. So I begin to walk. After the practice, I found I can walk much further than I can imagine. I usually take taxi or metro to work but recently, I will walk for one hour everyday from my office to my home. That is the reason I believe I can visit all the Starbucks by walk – it may take serveral days to do it.

Update Nov 22, 2003

Here is the full list from Starbucks Newsletter

Kerry Centre Add: No.1515 Nanjing(W) Rd. Tel: 021-52986431

Zhaojiabang Road Store Add: No.888 Shanxi(S) Rd. Tel: 021-54654992

Metro City Store Add: No.1111 Zhaojiabang Rd. Tel: 021-64268250

Lippo Store Add: 222, Huaihai Zhong Rd Tel: 021-53966379

East Paris Store Add: 559, Nanchang Rd Tel: 021-54652377

Xin Tian Di Store Add: Unit 1, building 18,North Blocks Xin Tian Di Tel: 021-63200137

Mei Chen Store Add: 937, Huaihai Zhong Rd. Tel: 021-64728339

Citic Store Add:CITIC square,1168, Nanjing West Rd Tel: 021-52984548

HongXiang Store Add: 869, Nanjiang Xi Rd Tel: 021-62581941

People’s Park Store Add:189, Nanjing West Rd Tel: 021-63271930

Yu Yuan Store Add:100, Yuyuan Rd Tel: 021-63552271

Far East International Add: 299, XianXia Rd Tel: 021-62350615

Gu Bei Store Add: 20,ShuiCheng Nan Rd Tel: 021-62091760

Bin Jiang Store Add: Fu Du Duan, Bingjiang Da Dao, Pudong Tel: 021-58781332

Times Square Store Add: 500,Zhangyang Rd, Pudong Tel: 021-58368819

Orient Meitha Store Add: No.98, Huaihai(C) Rd.

Tel:021 53858461

Super Brand Site Store Add: 168, 3F LuJiaZui(W) Rd.

Tel:021 50471106

Zun Yi Road Store Add: No 101, ZunYi Road

Tel:021 62592540

Kerry Everbright City Store Add: No.218, Tianmu(W) Rd.

Tel:021 63172662

Fuzhou Rd. Store Add: No.567, Fuzhou Rd. Tel:021 63222584

East Ocean Centre Store Add: No.588,Yan An Rd. Shanghai Tel:021 53855001

Update June 1, 2003

I have postponed my plane to visit all Starbucks to the end of June since the new DC I bought is not available for the first part of the month.

Interesting to read

The slight change of Starbucks logo.

My digital camera

More than one reader have requested Shanghai pictures. Yes. A picture tells more than a thousand words. I am considering buying digital camera serious to capture this fast changing city.

I have been very keen to Sony DSC P-8.


But after I found it has no manual function, I turned to Nikon Coolpix 885. Later, I locked to Nikon Coolpix 4300, which is about 3800 RMB now.