Typhoon is Over

This year’s Typoon is over in Shanghai. Actually some nice changes happens this time.

Typhoon hits Shanghai almost every year. Although not seriously, it does impact the lives.

This year, the biggest difference is not the typhoon itself. Yes. It is stronger this year, but the biggest difference is the government.

The Beijing’s heavy rain claimed lives of nearly 100, and Shanghai government acted very proactively. They started to use the post-SARS type of effort to inform residents about what is coming. They also shutdown parks and some public events. At least, this time, due to the recent pressure of the press, and Internet, they are doing reasonably well.

For sure there are many concerns about what they did – they claimed that being late should not be regarded as being late for businesses, and many other measures. I think they may over used their power, and no one granted that type of power to government. (Well, if we have a congress or local city council, I may vote to grant that power, but so far, there is no documents saying so). Having said that, I still applaud for what the Shanghai did, because it is the first step to “doing something” instead of wait passively about what is happening. By “doing something”, it may cross the line, but a very good starting point.

Yesterday was obviously the heaviest rain in recent years, but it was not that bad based on my personal experience. STRONG DISCLAIMER: I didn’t see flooding does not mean there is no flood, but equally important is, I cannot claim flood if I don’t see it personally. That is just the difference of perspective, and we need to put the information together. I am bringing my piece here.

There are several leaks in my house, and I have to swipe the floor from time to time. But compared to what happened in Zhejiang, it is just nothing.


Shanghai’s Clear Sky

Shanghai these days is amazing! Look at the photos I took during the weekend. It is just amazing. I just cannot understand why Shanghai’s sky can be so blue and clean. I have never experienced Shanghai like this since I came here. Anyone has any idea?

Some joked that it is because of the wave of bankrupt of factories and fewer factories work. I seems to be a joke, but I started to suspect whether it is partly true.

Sun Rise Observation in Shanghai

From WolframAlpha, I know today, the sun rises at 5:08 AM. So I waked up earlier, and put myself to the top of my 18-story building, and wait for the sun rise. We are used to observe sun rise or sun set at sea, or on top of mountain, and now, observe it from on of the top floors of a skyscraper in Shanghai provides a nice alternative.

I am actually amazed by how accurate the prediction is (well, it is not weather, and for sure people can predict it). When I am going to the take the photo below, my alarm clock set at 5:08 started to ring.

You see the sun coming out a little bit to about 1/3 above the ground.


The whole sun comes out of the horizon.

Immediately after the sun rise, the big Pudong area shows up.

Finally, 1 hours later, it is the starting of another beautiful day.


Unbelievable Blue Sky

This is amazingly blue sky in Shanghai. Look at the cloud and the sky. Impressive! I would say that it is the bluest sky I saw in Shanghai in years.

Interestingly, the radio program started to notice this too (for sure), and comment about it. They forecast that the blue sky will last for one more day and rain is coming on Thursday.


Shanghai’s Visibility Depends on Wind

I am sure I am not the first one to discover it. The rule is, if the wind blows from the east to the west, Shanghai is always as clear and beautiful. The visibility is very high, and I can see both Jinmao Tower, and the World Finance Center in Pudong from my office in Puxi. The wind from the east is from the Pacific Ocean, and it brings fresh air.

If the wind blows from west to east, Shanghai will be dirty and visibility is very low.

In most of the time, the wind in Shanghai blows from the north west to south east – as the wind of this latitude around the world, and the blue sky and clear sky in Shanghai is not as many as the bad time.

Anyone also observed the same thing?

The Most Beautiful Sky in Shanghai

Today is the most beautiful weather in Shanghai I have experienced in the last three years. I told Wendy about it and she also agreed when we drove across the Huangpu River this morning.

Do you agree?

The sky is pure blue – just like the normal sky in bay area (what a pity and shame). I remember years ago when I posted my photos from San Jose, and people in China was so surprised and commented that “Look at the blue sky”, and my readers in bay area was also surprised: “Look! Someone even get surprised of blue sky!”…

There are wonderful clouds (few of them) on the blue sky.

The visibility is very good today – we can see the top windows of the tallest building, World Finance Center, from my home.

On the Nanpu Bridge, the Lupu Bridge looks so close that I can touch them, and the cars on the bridge forms a shining line – the reflection of the windows of cars of the Sun is just so rare in Shanghai.

I am completely turned an environmentalist by the wonderful view – I want to do more just to keep Shanghai as beautiful as today.

Typhoon Not Hits Shanghai (Yet)

According to forecast, the worst Typhoon in recent history will hit Shanghai last night to this morning. I did prepared well in advance – closing all windows, check every object that is movable in garden, and plan for alternative of transportation.

This morning, I wake up early (as everyday in the recent weeks) at 5:45 AM. To my great surprise, nothing happened. There is even no rain. Looking east, I can even manage to see the location of the Sun. It is not windy – everything is exactly as normal days.

Where is the typhoon?

Shanghai Weather (TQ)

Today is June 24, 2004. It is in the middle of the rainy season in Shanghai. This afternoon, Shanghai experienced the heaviest raining in the recent years (from my observation and experience). It was rainning cats and dogs outside around 4:00 PM. The sky became completely dark. The rain even triggered some of the alarm system of cars. Some sensitive cars kept beeping loudly. I started to worry my grass in my garden.

Look at the Shanghai Weather Forecast. (Please note: It always reflect the current Shanghai weather and may not be accurate after today).

Click for Shanghai, Shang-Hai Forecast

Raining Everywhere

My friend Hengge, CEO of blogbus.com changed his display name to Storm this afternoon. He is in Zheng Zhou, central China;s Henan Province. He recorded the strong storm in Zhenzhou and the damage it caused in his blog. There are three great pictures on his page.

Beijing is not better. Wendy went to Beijing for business trip today. Her flight was scheduled to depart at 12:00, but she was still in the Hong Qiao Airport around 3:30 PM. She chatted with me on MSN Messenger with XGAO’s SmartPhone + GPRS. It is due to the strong storm in Beijing airport. She was lucky that the plane left the airport before the strong storm in Shanghai. Now she has safely arrived in Beijing.

The rainy season will continue for several weeks.

P.S. I had dinner with old friend Maphis today. He shared some thoughts after running his own company for 2 years. He was both a computer genius and a good photographer. Check his fantastic photos of Jiuzhaigou. I have asked him to share more pictures with me so I can post them to my website soon. Among all the photos, I love this one most – it is the most beautiful place in China.

Photo provided by: Maphis Cheng (Xiang CHENG) Copyright © 2002 Maphis Cheng. Used with permission.

His pictures are more beautiful than my Daocheng pictures.