Happy New Year, 2011

Happy New Year!

Days pass our lives quickly. When people got busier and busier, days pass even faster. The last day of 2009 was still vividly in my memory, when the bell of the year 2011 rings.

I read through all the posts I wrote in the year of 2010. It was a long year. The beginning of the year was not a good one – my ankle was broken so I could not walk, and Yifan’s forehead was hurt. The crazy Internet control in the winter of 2010 was depressing. That was not a very good start. I have my best hope for the year of 2011, and I believe the year of 2011 will be a very good and exciting year.

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Node.js is Exciting

Sign… Sometimes, when I got caught by some interesting and exciting technology, I was completely caught by them, and started to spend hours to figure out how to use them. The new toy for me this afternoon was node.js.

Misunderstood Hong Kong

aDuring the last weekend, I stayed in Hong Kong for few days. I found I had some serious misunderstanding of the city.

Hong Kong has 40%+ land reserved. I started to be interested in the Hong Kong Island Trail, a path winding 50 km in the mountains from the peak. A another good reason besides attending meetings, and shopping in Hong Kong is, mountain hiking. It sounds crazy, but it is rare to find that good path.

For the first time, we stayed outside the Central area. We stayed in the Causeway Bay. The people there, and the buildings there are so unique, and I completely enjoyed the great amount of people put into the small area. The pedestrian flow at green light crossing the Hennessey Road was amazing (the reason I watched the movie Crossing Hennessey again).

I completely enjoyed the food there, especially the sweetie. It is rare that I would be attracted by a city because of food. Even Chengdu didn’t attract me at all, but the Soup and the Sweet in Hong Kong just keep pulling me southward. Wendy and I had many soup and sweet those days.

Hong Kong is much more than what it showed to me in the last few trip.

P.S. Disney land? What a joke. No one – including Yifan – enjoyed it. It is the worst deal we had in many years. We thought about leaving the place one hours after we got there.