National Holiday 2007 in Shanghai

Below. The World Financial Center is with Jin Mao Tower side by side. It is significantly higher than Jin Mao, but from this angle, they looks of the same heights. The two towers raise just into the cloud, so the tops are not so clear.

Below: The first picture of the Bund.

Below: the Bund was well lit up at night.

Below: Laser lights shot into sky.

Below: The “Most Magnificent Building in Fareast” – the current Pudong Development Bank building and the Custom Building on the right.

Visiting the Bund (the Pudong side) is the must have activity for us. Every time, it still looks breath taking for me (after visiting 20+ times).

14 thoughts on “National Holiday 2007 in Shanghai

  1. Hey come on … not fair. Now I miss Shanghai even more than I used to. :D The Bund is definitely my favourite spots and I love Jin Mao Tower so much. And now everything in the evening lightning, so beautiful. Thank you very much for those pictures.

  2. WJS, sorry to post an irrelevant question here – how do you do the auto-translation of your post? I have tried to search any of your previous posts which talked about this, but I failed. Great if you could point some directions! Thanks. David

  3. I might have mentioned this before…we were married at Jin Mao Tower… Grand Hyatt Hotel…

  4. From my school in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park I can see the Pearl Tower, the Jinmao Tower and the World Financial Center, and the difference in heights is much more obvious.

  5. @David Yau, I wrote a small program to do that – calling Google’s translation service. However, that is hard coded into the system, otherwise I can share it with you.

  6. Did you notice the red banners draped from the roofs of the buildings at the Bund? That’s horrible, ugly, and dirty!

  7. Jianshou, those pictures are fantastic. I had some difficulty to take sharp images of night scene. How do you take those pictures? Did you use any special settings? Did you use tripod? I have Nikon D50, too.

  8. I already read your blogg several time. It is very good. Thank you very much.

    Can I communicate with you deeper?

    Wish keep in touch with you.


  9. Hi,

    what a cool website you have! i’ve found so much info about china and shanghai in particular which would be very helpful n useful for my visit this June.

    so did u take this picture of the bund from the pudong side or the other side? please let me know the best spot to take such wonderful pictures as yours.

    thanks in advance.


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