Photos of Shanghai in Spring 2009

Photos of Shanghai

I took some photos along the way back from Starbucks home, to give my frequent idea about what Shanghai looks like TODAY.

Loving couple before the nice flowers on the tree.

© Jian Shuo Wang

The nice flower – spring comes to Shanghai! Woolaaa!

The Jinmao Tower, and World Financial Center.

And in Lujiazui, this kind of truck is more commonly seen than any other places in Shanghai. Today, Lujiazui is a even bigger construction site, and a bigger mass. :-)

After I am back from Guilin and saw all the mountains there, I just formed the habbit to imagine all these buildings as a hill in Guilin – if the transformation from building to hill really happens, Shanghai will be an even better place than Guilin.

It is Pouring! Pouring!

May 18, 2006 – it is pouring outside. There is no way to call a taxi on road, to be exact, there are almost no cars on the street. Typhoon will hit Shanghai tonight. Whenever typhoon comes, I keep my finger across and hope my trees in garden will be fine…

Low Tech World

Tonight, I chatted with Yatao. He said: “Before 1995, I don’t have telephone, don’t have email, and don’t have mobile. How hard it was to visit a friend in another city! I even cannot imagine how we meet at train station.”

I have exactly the same feeling. If there were no email in my life, no website, no telephone, no mobile, and not anything that is powered by electronic, what our lives would look like?

How hard it will be?

The other question is, will we be happier at that time? Maybe.

Spring Comes to Shanghai

Spring comes to Shanghai. The full spring has arrived.

This two weeks, the tune of the Blue Danube of Johann Strauss is the background of my thoughts. I see the flowers blooming in my garden and new leafs come out of the trees. What a pleasant surprise to see some trees in my garden that I have claimed to death boom again and turned on a green look in the last two weeks. I was not able to tell the name of the trees (桂花,红枫,黄杨). But I love to see them in green dress again. The grass started to grow quickly too. The long winter completely passed.

The winter of this year is colder than any year before. It snowed several times (I, II, III) which is rare in the previous years. This winter is longer than before too. In the recent month, we cannot tell the weather of the next day. It goes completely out of rational. The temperature difference can be as large as 10 degrees. :-) The good thing is, it is over. The spring comes!