View of Shanghai under Clear Sky

These photos were taken from the 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, looking to the East.

I hope one day after 5 years, I can take another picture from the same location, and see the difference.

15 thoughts on “View of Shanghai under Clear Sky

  1. Did it just rain in Shanghai? The sky is usually not hazy for about half an hour after the rain. Otherwise, the sky is in perpetual haze. I don’t know how any one can breath the air with out getting sick.

    Seriously, take some medicine with you the next time you visit Shanghai. You will feel sick in 24 hours or less. And you will have a hard time finding medicine, especially if you don’t speak Chinese.

  2. Recently, the sky is pretty clear, and it is like this. I can see many stars in the sky.

    For first time visitors, the polution may cause some problem, but human body is strong, and it seems if you get used to it, it is OK (although harm may have already been done)

  3. Well I don’t know how different that view will be in 5 years- there is no room left to building anything else! :-)

    I do have to say, that already this view is very different from 5 years ago in 2002- there aren’t any cranes.

  4. One of my surprises in Shanghai was blue tinted windows. You look out the window, see the blue sky, thinking the weather is great.

    Then, you open the window, and realize that it’s another cloudy, hazy autumn day.

    On a related note, Mr. Wang, it is true. Most people do get sick for a few days when they first get to China, then they get better.

  5. mmm I spend the whole day taking pictres around the french concssion area!

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  6. Mmmm, it still looks kinga hazy to me. The only true clear sky I saw in China was when I visited Hwang Shan, and at the summit. Taking a troll under the night sky, I saw the milky way for the first time in my life.

    In the UK, the sky can be clear sometimes, but most major city generates a huge amount of light (as in, road lamps etc) pollusion.

  7. You get used to the haze. Being from Shanghai, I’m used to it, along with the disreputable food quality. I’ve never contracted food poisoning from eating in Chinese street stalls – can you believe it?

    I haven’t seen an entire clear day there, or at least I don’t remember. Give the environmental authority twenty years, it’ll be cleaner in the future. China already has higher petrol efficiency standards than the United States.

  8. Jianshuo

    Wow amazing! The first picture you took shows the building where I lived before. It’s on the lower left-hand corner.

    My memory of Shanghai’s is it has overcast sky for many of the winter days. It’s gloomy and cold and can be quite depressing!

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