New Year Eve Dinner

In China, there are tradition called Nian Ye Fan (年夜饭) or New Year Eve Dinner. It is a special dinnner specially designed for family members to gather at the Chinese New Year Eve to celebrate the New Year. But many companies and organization prepare New Year Eve Dinner for their members and employees – it is just the same concept of family New Year Eve Dinner, but just at different time.

Our New Year Eve Dinner

We had our 2008 company meeting today, and our company New Year Eve at night at a Sichuan Restaurant. It was a busy and exciting day.

The Diary of a Young Girl

At night, on the way back home, I listened to the radio. My favorite channel in my car is Shanghai Story Channel (107.2 MHz).They introduced The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank today. I read part of the book many times before, but didn’t read it all. I have put Annie’s Diary into my reading list, and hope to read it again (after 5 years) and believe I must have new ideas about the book.


During the family meeting on Jan 10 in Luoyang, I think my brother’s suggestion to build more interest is a really good idea. Reading is one. I read about the Art of Travel in 2005, and that book impacted my whole year of 2005 and the following years. I am going to read more…


I posted false forecast about the Channel Young yeasterday, but the program turned out missing, and the 8 minutes program was on air today from 8:00 – 9:00 PM. My primary school friend Wang Chen sent me SMS to tell me the news. I don’t know at all, and I don’t really care either. But I feel sorry that I may disappointed some of my readers yesterday.

From this blog Entry of Culture Matters, I also learnt that the program I recorded long time ago with Eric Zheng was broadcast this Monday and Tuesday on ICS from 7:30 to 8:00 PM. I missed it too. Don’t worry. Being connected via this media (this blog you are reading), and other media is part of my life. As the CEO of a company, I tried to keep my private life “private” – private here means, it 100% belongs to me, and I believe that is the healthy way to live.

My Stuff on Sale

BTW, I sold out my 2009 Calendar (link to 5 minutes before we left Haoran for the restaurant at 20 RMB. I still have many other things on Sale on

The World is Not Created by Genius – Part II

I wrote an article named The World is Not Created by Genius long time ago, but didn’t explain the game in much details. I also wrote a Chinese blog about it. Now with the recent thoughts about the role of public opinions in China, I think it is the right time to re-write about the thoughts in English.

The Game

The game is still the same:

  • Gather a group of people (the more, the better)
  • Ask each person to write down a number between 0 – 100
  • Calculate the average of everyone’s number
  • The one who guessed closest to 2/3 of the average number wins

I’d also like to invite you to play the game.

Please really think about it, and choose a number before you continue reading.

Your name: (This is public information)

The number you guessed: it must be between 0 to 100

How to Win?

Let’s analyze everyone in this game. If everyone really pick a number randomly from 0-100, the most possible average should be around 50. Then 2/3 of 50 should be 33.3, isn’t it? That is the reason many people wrote 33 as the final result (however, there are many people who didn’t calculate like this at all).

But wait. At the time you write 33, you may think that you should not be the only person who are rational. What if they also write 33? If the number of people who are rational increase, it is very likely the average will be 33, so the best thing you can do is to write down 22.

Do you want to stop here? Maybe not. So you keep imagine the scenario, and people good at it may write down a series number like this:











Finally, there are always some people think they should guess 1, or even 0.

Our Result

This is the final result of our game:









8.2 <--- my guess 18 28.68 37 Average: 31.445 2/3 of it: 20.96333333 Winner: 22 BTW, I have organized several thousand people to play the game on my blog already. Here is the final result (including your guess you just entered). The average of the last 1000 people’s guess is 33.1597959904, and the winning guess is 22.10 at the time when I write this blog.

22 is the King

After many round of test, the winning number is always around 22.

The wisdom of the crowd, or the final decision of the crowd is always not so rational, and completely different from an ideal world. The people who decide how the world looks like is those who think one step further than most people, not those who think two or more steps further. In this game, different answers may represent different type of people. Let me try to analyze the different types in the game.

66.67 or above – random voter

In my sample of 1000 people, 131 of them choose 66.67 or above.

Before everyone’s number was revealed, I whispered to Wendy: “I don’t think there is anyone who should guess more than 66.67.”. The reason is, even if everyone guess 100, the winner number cannot be larger than 66.67. It turned out that I am wrong, since many people choose that one. They said they didn’t really understand the question.

In real world, there are many people who don’t want to think. Not just because they cannot think, just because not everyone is interested in the topic you are talking about and they don’t care. People who choose 66.67 above are only representatives of random picker. They may also choose 0, 21, 55, 32… just some random numbers, although I cannot identify them.

About the recent Torch relay accidents, the Tibet issue, the Earthquake, or any topic that we discussed on this blog, we are thinking and we are debate and finally agrees on something (like any number but not 67 or bigger), but most of the people in China, US, France, and rest of the world, they don’t care, and they don’t think, just like they are interested in something that I never thought of, or have an opinion. We have to consistently remind ourselves the existence of this group of people. They don’t think the way we are, but they also contribute to the final result.

0 – genius inside but stupid outside

Then let me talk about people who choose 0.

This is result is too extreme that many people never thought of when they play the game (including me). In the game my friend organized, almost every time, there are a very small number of people who choose 0. In my sample of 1000 people, 5.8% choose 0. The interesting thing is, the more rational or mathematics driven group, the chance people choose 0 is higher. Like in Microsoft Research Center, 3 out of 30 people choose 0.

Those who choose 0 intentionally (there are also some random voter who happen to randomly pick 0 without thinking) enjoy the pleasure of logic, and their understand of the world (or numbers). Unfortunately, not many people are with them. In normal environment, people who think hard enough to reach one step further to 22 is very rare, not to mention get to two steps further: 14, or further: 9…, or finally reach the ultimate number of a group of completely rational people: 0.

I have to tell them with sympathy: “You are a genius, but you cannot and will never win the game”. Maybe, at the very beginning, they don’t care about winning the game at all when they write down their answer, but they still write it down. With this suicide type of action, they claim that they are not care about the prize, they care to let the whole world know that they understand something others don’t understand yet.

Let’s imagine a scenario that if the “genius” has the opportunity to talk with everyone about what he/she thinks, and why choosing a small number give you a better chance to win, the whole group are still possibility follow the genius, and get to a point near 0, but history told us many times, that the chance for the genius to talk to the rest of the people is not so high, and most of the genius cannot be understood when they are alive. Genius are either mad, or die in a miserable situation.

33.33 – the vast majority

How about 33? They are normal people, common people, the vast majority of this society, just like millions of consumers of TV, shampoo, or microwave… They follow rules but never push further. They do what they are told, instead of really think why it works this way, and how it can work better.

They are the baseline of the world. Before them, are the genius (0) who LEAD the world, and people who push the world forward (22) and after them, are the followers who even don’t think.

22 – winner

Finally, let’s talk about winner, 22. Just like in number I collected (again, including your input), as long as there are enough sample (more than 20), the winner number is almost always around 22.

Like 33s, they also understand the rule, but they get one step and exactly one step further. They provide a solution that is easy to understand for majority (33s), but not as difficult to understand as those theory proposed by 0s. I even imagine that if Giordano Bruno just made some mild achievement, like find a new star that “goes around the earth”, he can get glory and money (like many successful scientists, business leaders of today). But if he goes much further to the truth than most people (33s) and claim earth is NOT the center of the universe, he just deserve 8 years of jail and fire on the plaza.

The Fate of Genius

The reason of the tragedy of genius is, they understand the physical world, but they don’t understand people. They understand something and think everyone see the same. They mistakenly ignored the existence of 33s, and even those random voters (67s). They are well respected in the specialized area (science, or technology), but if their success is judged by popularity (either during democratic process in politics, or market process in economics), they often completely fail. Anyway, this world is not completely made of geniuses.

Oh. The World!

In this world, there must be someone who see it more clearly and think deeper than most people. They are nearer to the truth, who we can use the world of “Genius” to refer. The question before those genius is, whether you choose to write down 0 or 22 in the game.

If you choose 0, you win the respect of history, when more people see what you see. However, you have to give up popularity, which often means money and fame.

The genius can also resist the temptation of 0, and pretend to be more stupid before other genius by choosing 22, they get what the society has to reward them. Pop-music are just better music than majority but not so serious, but they are popular! Best-sellers novels of today are not as good as classic novel after 100 years, but they are popular!

We can not imagine a world without 0s. Without them, who gives us rational and help us to see the truth? It is them who pulls this world forward with all kinds of difficulties. We show our respect to them. Those 22s, they helped many 33s and others to improve life by one step, and get huge success. With the effort of 22s, how people can transit to smaller numbers and eventually get near 0? We should also show our respect to them.

Anyway, the world is not created by genius.

P.S. OK. Enough about theory, and here is the result of the last 30 people, including yourself. Check out whether you win or not, and share with us your comment.


Business is Business

The first time I talked about Business was in 2002.

Recently, when I looked back and did some summary of the last few years, I found out business means completely another thing for me.

Business is beautiful – it is not only strategy, not only financial, not only management, there are many other elements in it, that mixed and become a whole part. It is very interesting world.

It became even more interesting when we have a global world, where money and people can easily move from one place to another (like from Korea to another country), or using the resources in one country (like labor in China, tech in U.S, or business expertise in Europe) to create something new. All these are completely another world, with much longer history than technology world. Interesting.

Recently, I am reading two books – the Currency War, and the Great Game. Nice book, and fun to read. Highly recommend.

Currently, I am as interested in the Wall Streets as I am to Silicon Valley.

I even found out those pictures I took when I was Wall Streets three years ago.

New York Stock Exchange

J.P. Morgan site.

Policeman there.

Thirty-first Church

Back to Technical World

I am trying to get back to the technical world a little bit.

With a technical background, I left the technical world for many years (maybe 4 years?). Recently, during the code review, I found I should be more involved in architecture and developing the team. So I am back.

In the last week, I wrote many PHP sample code myself, and finally, I tried to write a basic classified application from scratch up, in 1 hour – I repeated several times, and continously find new ways to do old things. I am happy about that.

Sometimes I wonder, if I am back to the stage of TechEd or other technical forum, I still can contribute a lot.

Good. Good.


echo “Good.”;



Interesting. Look at this。 Richard sent me the link.

This is exactly what I am looking for. This is what exactly what I think the future blogging will be.

There is a Microsoft Research project to record everything (including sound and picture) of your life. I like this idea. I know it is not possible to process the 2G of data (daily!) with the current technology, but there must be some time it is possible.

Justin made a further step by broadcasting it in real time. I am not sure if I want to do it as Justin (well. I am sure I won’t do it), but I am pretty comfortable to record everything like Justin for my personal record. After 20 years, it must be very funny to rewind and see what happened when I am still young.

My Favorite Food in the World

Let me show you my little secret: my favorite food in the world. It is called Mipi (米皮), or Rice Noodle?

I love it since I was in middle school, and it is one of the major attraction for me from my home town, Luoyang.

Image taken by my primary school and high school class mate, Nie Xiang Feng

Image taken by my primary school and high school class mate, Nie Xiang Feng

Xiang Feng posted in the BBS of my high-school classmate. It was so “angry”! How can you put on the image that made me feel so…. so… tempted… I feel I am even like Mipi-addictoin.

It is spicy and salty.

There is only one small shop at Qilihe 七里河 that I like. I can tell the difference. I have a little dream to buy out the shop one day and bring it to Shanghai.

I don’t see this kind of food anywhere outside Luoyang. In Shanghai, I didn’t find anything similar. If you ever see something like this, do tell me.

Reading of Today

I read Feld’s article: Discovering Work Life Balance. It is so true. I like it. The good thing is, I am only 30 (well, several months from that), and I am lucky enough to understand it before it is too late.

I found Feld also reads Alan de Botton’s book.

Bought Sony DAV-DZ820KW

Here is the list of feature on the Sony website about DAV-DZ820KW. I don’t understand more of the terms. I believe most people feel the same for specification of computer component.

  • S-DIAT (Sony Digital Infrared rays Audio Transmission Technology) Wireless Surround Speakers, brings you the “non-compressed” and “no interfered” close-to-original digital sound
  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration – Silver Grade (DCAC) was developed by Sony to automatically measure and adjusts the speaker settings to your listening environment in a 30 second. The accuracy on speakers to the best listening position is within 2 cm – fast & accurate
  • 7 kinds of Speaker Formations fit different sharp of the rooms and get the best surround sound effect
  • Unique upgraded 32bit S-Master Full Digital Amplifier, delivers close-to-original sound quality and more powerful audio performance
  • New Portable Audio Enhancer with Front Input enhances portable music enjoyment and make sound from portable audio clear and better
  • Digital Cinema Sound (DCS) -Cinema Studio EX A/B/C
  • HDMI Terminal Output , full digital audio and visual signals transmission, maintains the best Signal-to-Noise (S/N) level and ensures the perfect AV signal quality
  • Incorporates Upscaling function by HDMI, the SD video signals 480i and 576i can be upgraded to HD video signals 720p and 1080i
  • Power Output: 142Wx 5 + 180W x 1 + 130W x 2, Total 1150W(RMS 10% THD)
  • Karaoke function with Microphone Input x 2
  • Multi-channel Super Audio CD, Stereo Super Audio CD Playback
  • DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW (VR/ Video Mode), DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL (Dual Layer), VCD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG & DivX Playback
  • A/V Sync function eliminates time-delay between picture and sound
  • Decode Format: Dolby PRO LOGIC / Dolby PRO LOGIC II / Dolby Digital / DTS
  • 12 bit / 108 MHz Video DAC
  • Precision Cinema Progressive (NTSC/PAL)
  • 30 Radio Stations Preset (FM 20/ AM10)
  • Front / Surround Speaker:

    Floor Standing Design ; 2-Way Bass Reflex Speaker System ; 3 ohm Impedance

    Built-in 1 x 2.5cm Nano Fine Tweeter Unit and 7 x 10cm Bass Speaker Unit

    Speaker Cable Length: 5m (Front Speaker) ; 15m (Surround Speaker)

  • Centre Speaker:

    Slim Design with DSP ; 1-Way Closed Box System ; 3 ohm Impedance

    Built-in 3 x 8cm Speaker Unit; Speaker Cable Length: 5m

  • Subwoofer Speaker:

    Passive speaker design

    1-Way Bass Reflex Speaker System; 1.5 ohm Impedance

    Digital Direct Twin Drive (DDTD) Sub-woofer

    Built-in 16 cm Speaker Unit; Speaker Cable Length: 5m

  • Input Terminals:

    Aution Calibration Microphone / Audio (Line In) / Microphone x 1

    Microphone x 1

    Optical x 1

    Coaxial x 1

    Composite x 1

    Audio x 1

  • Output Terminals:

    HDMI x 1

    Component x 1

    S-Video x 1

    Composite x 1

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm):

    Main Body: 430 x 55x 390

    Front Speaker with stand (Long): 280 x1200 x 280

    Centre Speaker: 380 x 47 x 61

    Rear Speaker with stand (Long): 280 x1200 x 280

    Subwoofer: 240 x 374 x 375

    Surround Amplifier: 280 x 280 x 60

  • Weight (Kg):

    Main Body: 4

    Front Speaker with stand (Long): 4

    Centre Speaker: 0.5

    Rear Speaker with stand (Long): 4

    Subwoofer: 6.7

    Surround Amplifier: 1.6 / 0.45

A Stolen Bicycle

Look at this stolen bicycle!

© Jian Shuo Wang

I took this picture at Xiang Yang North Road (襄阳北路) this afternoon. When I was parking there, I noticed this bicycle wheel.

It is seems the person have locked his bicycle on the pole, hoping that no one can take his bike, but some one may have taken away the rest of the bike. It is so funny.

Stolen Bike

This scene is funny, but losing bike is not. Stolen bike is a big problem in Shanghai and all around China.

I even cannot imagine anyone who hadn’t lost a bike. I lost many. Jia lost his bike few days ago.

Anyone who lived in Shanghai but never lost a bike (If you had one)? Please let me know. Email as Gift

Happy New Year!

Every year, I am thinking of a special gift to send out to my friends. I have ever tried gift like a Google AdWords advertisement (to VeryCD), and tried to use Link as a gift. How about this year?

As time passes by, we have new applications every year. This year, I am sending out email address like as new year gift to my friends.

Examples are:

chedong @ (and Chedong was so kind to promise me to give me a email address)

isaacman @

fanfan @ (for Wendy, and an alias wife @ also works).

I then created mom @, dad @ and many other emails addresses.

Then I sent the user name and password to my friends and family members so they have 2G of storage. I even setup email distribution like family @ and added all my family members to it.

With the user name and password I gave away, people can login at

to check and send their email address. As you may found out, it is powered by Google Apps.

Happy New Year!

This is to my readers who didn’t get the gift yet. In the Christmas spirit (or the Santa Claus spirit), I’d like to share the gift to anyone who want it. If you want an email address like yourname @, I am more than happy to provide one. Please send your first name, last name, and your current email address (for sharing the initial password) to gift @, and I will give you want. I appreciate your request because it is flattery for me that you value an email address at This offer is valid until the end of Jan, 2007, because I don’t want to promise to offer it for too long that I have to process the request after 30 days.

Happy New Year to my Friends

This is to my friend who received the invitation. Below is the user guide for the gift I sent to you.

    What is It?

    It is an email address. It is not only an email address (the address), but also a full Gmail email service, includes 2G of mailbox storage, POP access, email forwarding and almost all other features an email service provider typically provides.

    How about the Stability of the Service

    This is a New Year Gift (2007) for you. This shows the connection between you and, just like a T-Shirt with logo, or a mug with the logo. But neither T-Shirt nor mug shows such a strong connection and intimacy than an email address.

    I have long term plan to use Google Apps or other services like (Microsoft Live for Domains) to host the email address. However, as the nature of an armature email provider, there is no guarantee of service. So DO use the email when you feel you want to show your connection with, and do NOT use it for critical communication.

    I personally have confidence in the service provided by Google, and believe it is pretty safe to use it as a regular email address, but again, there is no guarantee.

    I Already Have Too Many Email Addresses, So What Should I Do

    Easy. Configure email forward from the to your regular email address, no matter it is, or Here are the steps:

    1. Login your account at with your email address (just the part before @), and password. You may be promoted to change password at the first login.

    2. Click Setting on the right top corner of the page.

    3. Navigate to “Forwarding and POP” tab, and check “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” option box under Forwarding section.

    4. Enter an email address you wan to forward to in the text box.

    5. Click Save Changes button. You should be prompted “Your preferences have been saved.”.

    (Does the above instruction clear? With a background of support engine4 in the first 2 years of my career, I wrote thousands of steps like this for Microsoft product. Some of them even can be found at website).

    After that, you can safely spread your email address without worrying about checking emails in different locations. For the expected very low email volume to this new email address, you actually don’t have to check it from time to time.

    Do I have to Use it?

    No. Don’t feel that you have to use it, or at least login once. You can just treat it as a funny idea. But if you use it, I am very confident for now that it is a full service email box.

    What Else Should I Know?

    No. Just remember your account name (write it down, because it is not your day-to-day email address, and you may forget), and remember you have a friend who cares about you.

    Happy New Year!

Future of Email Addresses?

I believe in the future, email addresses can be collectable. Just like a logo on T-Shirt, or a logo on mug, it is not the good itself that matters. What matters is the logo.

Besides the use of email address, it can also be something fun. Just now, I got one more email address: Dash was kind enough to give it to me.

Now I have collected:

jianshuo at

jianshuo at

jianshuo at (waiting)

jianshuo at

jianshuo at

jianshuo at (Dec 27, 2006, thanks Keso)

Anyone else want to provide more email addresses to me at the “dream domain name”? If you manage a domain (like,, or other, I will appreciate if you create a jianshuo @ your email address for me, and send me the user name and password. Please drop it to gift @ Thanks!

P.S. As you may find out, I recovered from the previous exteremely crazy two weeks. You can imagine how busy the weeks were if you read my blog for four years and 3 month. I had never been so brief in blog entries as the previous weeks (even for the Merry Christmas post).

Photo: Dog under Sunshine


This note is for carsten, and for everyone to give you some clue about these pictures.

Today, I put my quilt to the garden to have Sun warm it. And I put my little dog – a dull dog – on to it. Then I found it really looks relaxing and hope to have more time like it.

It is not a real dog though.

The World is Not Created by Genius – Part II

Continuing the discussion of “The World is Not Created by Genius“, I wrote a Chinese blog and created a simple AJAX application to facilitate this game on the Internet. If you haven’t read about the previous article, it is also good. You can play the game first.

The Game

  • Gather a group of people (I have done it for you. Currently, at least 200 persons have entered their numbers already)
  • Each person write down a number between 0 – 100
  • Calculate the average of all these numbers
  • The one who guessed closest to 2/3 of the average number wins

Now you are one of the participant. Please think carefully, and choose a number that seems most promising for you to win the game.

Your name: Please note that the name you entered is public

The number you choose: between 0 to 100

Here is the guess result of the latest 30 paticipants. Check out your position in the game. For explaination of the game, check out my previous article The World is Not Created by Genius.


P.S. AJAX make it very easy to create collaborative application like this, and embed it into a HTML page.

P.S. 2. Please pass the game on to invite more people to participate in the game. The more people involved, the more interesting the final result will be.

The World is Not Created by Genius

Lao Hua has an interesting blog about a game he facilitates. The game is like this:

  • Gather a group of people (the more, the better)
  • Ask each person to write down a number between 0 – 100
  • Calculate the average of all these numbers
  • The one who guessed closest to 2/3 of the average number wins

Which number would you guess if you were in the game?

My Guess

I played the game for the first time yesterday. My guess was 8.2

I thought if everyone randomly chooses a number, the average should be 50, and 2/3 of it is 33.3.

I assume everyone should know this. If everyone knows it, people will try 33.3333, and the average is 33.33. 2/3 of it is 22.22

If everyone is as smart and think of this, people will irratate, and the number is becoming smaller and smaller, like this.










My brain started to hurt, and finally, I thought, at least it should be within 1-10, so I randomly chose 8.2

The Final Result

This is the guess from 12 people:













The average is 31.445, and 2/3 of it is 20.96333333. Finally, the person who guessed 22 won the game. I lose miserably.

I agree that world is not created by genius now.


New Jersey Government Shutdown?

What is the best joke I saw today? It is the shutdown of the New Jersey government. I sent the Chinese version of the news to Wendy immediately I saw it and shared the news with my friends when we had hot spot at dinner. “How can this happen?” I asked.

I know it is not a joke for people in the U.S., especially in New Jersey. I mean no offense at all. It is just something I could never imagine to happen in China. This shows a very different function of the government, and the way the government is organized.

I don’t know too much about this event – why it happened? Why the governor has the right to shutdown the government? What does the State look like after the State government stops all major services? When it will be back? I have no idea about the answers. Anyone can help to explain? Let’s just take it as a case study.

No Street Light in Saratoga

My other favorite case study of how government works in U.S. is the city of Saratoga, CA, U.S.A.

When we stood at the top of the mountain in Cupertino (Thanks Carroll and her husband) at night and looked to the east, we saw the dark area in the bright landscape. It was Saratoga. They wanted to keep the semi-rural feeling and keep commerce out of the city, they don’t have street-light. That is the reason the area is dark, although it is one of the richest area in the valley.

Saratoga also has a zoning code comparable to that of Los Altos, which requires that houses must be spaced farther away from each other and that trees must be properly taken care of to preserve a semi-rural appearance. Saratoga emphasizes its semi-rural appearance by foregoing street lights and sidewalks on most residential streets. This, in addition to the excellent schools, causes Saratoga to have very high housing costs. (Source: Wikipedia)

This case is quite eye-opening for me.

Disclaimer: I don’t think it is right to make decisions about which form of government is just the good way or the bad way. The series of articles I write on “West Meets East” are to discover the difference and explorer the reasons behind it, so people understand each other.

Funny Icons, and More

Update: August 12, 2006

You may be interested in these icons, instead of those I listed before:

Here is the table of content:

End of Update

Look at these cute icons Dengjia designed for categories on Kijiji. I love it so much. So share with here.


© Kijiji International Limited

Besides the cute icons, there are more these days in my life.

The Shanghai International Film Festival

I feel luck to live in Shanghai. The recent SIFF brought about 700 films from many countries to Shanghai. It is a hard job to select the right movies from the long list. Most of the movies are shown only once or twice, and distributed in 19 cinemas around the city.


Image in courtesy of Sony Pictures

Wendy and I went to see the Julia Roberts’ Closer this Tuesday. Interesting move, although it is a little bit old – a 2004 movie. Nice movie. People told me this [R] grade movie was abridged for the SIFF already.

I feel a little bit strange for so many people stay in the same cinema. Why? Thanks to the current film restriction system, I cannot imagine a [R] grade movie to be show officially in China.

Two official movies were impacted by the censorship this month. I planned to see the Da Vince Code. I love the book every much, and eager to see the movie. The original show time for the movie is pretty long, but all shows in all cinema was shutdown suddenly on June 9. No explanation was given. This created some chaos. I saw Jifeng Book Store posted apology’s letter in their store, stating “the original buy book, and get ticket for Da Vince Code program has to be stopped, since the show of the movie was stopped. As our customer, you have the right to…” Another movie “Mission Impossible III” was still not clear whether those guys think it is right for the intelligence of the People or not.

Friends Leaving Shanghai for Beijing

Another friend came to see me and said good bye to me. He is leaving Shanghai for Beijing. He started a start-up, and decided Beijing is the right city to get started. (Three “start” in one sentence. :-D)

He is my third friend who moved to Beijing to start or run a company in the last two months. Obviously, Beijing is more attractive for Internet start-ups. I partly agree with this idea. So good luck to them, and good luck to those who still stay in Shanghai.

Rain is Back to Shanghai

It rained. It was pouring this afternoon till night in Shanghai. Did I suggest visitors to bring umbrella? It is not necessary now. I don’t think to have an umbrella or not made any different tonight in the pouring rain.

Age of Crazy Ideas

It is moving season. Joi Ito is also moving his blog to a new machine – according to Jio, he was changing IP address. DNS always take long time to replicate. I hosted my DNS with I hope it will be working in the years to come.

Yesterday, talked with Yale in the decent place called Peace Masion (Wendy mentioned this place in her blog). We talked about lots of “crazy business” models, like the million dollar homepage. (In China, it was translated as Bai Wan Ge Zi – million boxes. I believe it is a great translation to reflect the pixel nature of the “business).

These days, Joi Ito also discussed about some strange business, like typo-domains. I believe to really survive in the Internet world, people need to be sensitive enough to these “trends” and “tricks”.

Yesteday, chatted with Xdanger with another site: Its rank raised incredibably high. Within two months, it is the No. 596 largest website in term of traffic in the world. There are lot of untold story behind it though.

On Xdanger’s blog, he mentioned the other 700 replica of milliondollarhomepage. I was surprised how many people replicating the same idea. I actually should not be surprised, since setting up a website or selling online, or blogging is an idea that many people practice everyday.

Copying a successful business model seems to be a shortcut to money (not neccessarily success). Last time, people juked that there are C2C model (Copy to China) and B2C model (Bring to China). It was funny.

It is cold

Yesterday was Dongzhi, or winter solstice. It is the shortest day for locations in the north part of the earth.

According to traditional Chinese saying, after this day, we count days in nines. Every nine day will be counted as a “jiu“. After three jiu, the temperature will drop to the coldest according to how people feel. That is about 27 days from today.

Got Cold

I got gold cold these days due to the exteremely cold weather, and the recent backup/restore/recover work was also anonying. When something happens to digital files like website, people will always regret that we don’t have the latest backup.

Hours after it happened, I drove out to computer store to buy DVD Writer, so I can backup every file or picture I have to my DVD. I drove very carefully, and sometimes slow. Wendy asked why, I said: “None of us have backups for ourselves….”

Fun Toys on the Web These Days

How Much does This Blog Worth?

This is the question people like to know. So when tried to answer this question, many people got so interested, although everyone know it is just a game. The rule is simple. The price is calculated by the incoming link on Technorati using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal. I don’t think I will put a link like this to my home page, but I’d like to play with some of the interesting tools.

According to the interesting calculation,, worth of about half million USD, $558,894.60 to be more exact.

My blog is worth $558,894.60.
How much is your blog worth?

My Page Rank

The Page Rank of this site decreased a little bit.

This is my Google PageRank™ - SmE Rank free service Powered by Scriptme

What does the numbers mean?

Image in courtesy of

I saw this for the first time on Joi Ito’s blog

Joi Ito’s Skypecast from Sky

Check out Joi Ito’s post named Skypecast from Sky. How interesting it is to have Wifi on LH711 and use Skype to chat with people on the ground. I listened to the 1.7M mp3 file for about 10 times while I write this blog.

Skypecast is a Good Way of Audio Classified

I am very interested in skypecast now, and waiting for the audio recording feature of Skype. When it comes out, I am very sure that we can post audio classified or even video classified in the future.

Spotlight from Top of Jin Mao

Attended a private party on the boat of the Huan Pu river. The boat left the pier at the Bund and toured on the river. Shanghai also has great views (if not better) than San Francisco at night, but very few people in Shanghai have the chance to experience the amazing city – not so many people have the sensation of the beauty of the city and not so many people have spare time as visitors have for this city, or simply don’t have enough money for it.

Recently, a laser light was installed exactly on top of the Jin Mao Tower – the tallest building in China, and the third tallest in the world. The laser lights shot to the sky and form a strong light pole in the landscape of Shanghai.

Tonight, the light was reserved with the boat, so in the two hour tour, the spot light followed the boat, and the boat is just like the spotlighted actor in the dark Huang Pu River. It is fantastic. I am very sure the boat is the third eye attracting objects on the river. The first is the histoical building groups at the Bund, the second is Pudong and the third is the small boat.

I rate it as one of the coolest idea in Shanghai in the year 2005.

World Time

World Time

It is fashinable to have a sense of world time. The time difference in different locations of the world is an amazing thing in the world. When I get up in the morning at 8:00 AM, the birds start to sing outside my window. At the same time, people in the west coast, like Seattle, California, are at the last two hours of yesterday’s work. It is 4:00 PM in the afternoon. When I am thinking of my breakfast, they may be thinking about where to go for dinner with their friends. At exactly the same time, most people in London may have fallen asleep, while some may still away, hanging out in bars or working in offices. It all happens at the same time. It inspired me to create a world clock and put it onto my website. It is based on the work of‘s Shanghai clock.


Shanghai Time. Time Zone: GMT +8.


Seattle Time. Time Zone: GMT -8


London Time. Time Zone GMT +0

Best Time to Call Me?

I am in GMT +8 time zone. It is OK to call me from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. That is a 15-hour time range. However, people in other part of the world cannot leverage all these 15 hours.

I have most friends and business partners in the west coast of America. Keeping in mind that I wake up at 4:00 PM Pacific Time helps people to find the right time to call me. The rule of thumb is, if you are after work, and you do not go to bed, neither do I. Sometimes, when my brother in Portland call me at mid-night Pacific Time, I am still 4:00 in the afternoon. So no matter how late it is, it is not late for me. This 8 hour time range is the best time for both side of the Pacific to make phone call, start MSN chat or exchange quick emails. If my friends prefer to call Shanghai early in their morning, start as early as possible because when people go to work in Seattle (9:00 AM?), it is already 1:00 AM in Shanghai. So if you want to call early in your time, get up as early as possible, before I fall asleep.

I don’t have as many chances of conferene call with people in Europe as Wendy does. They often have conference calls connecting Seattle, Shanghai and Europe. They picked the time to be either 9:00 AM, or 0:00 AM Shanghai time so the time is good for any of the three locations. If it is 0:00 AM, it is 8:00 AM in Seattle or 16:00 in British, (or 17:00 in German). It is the earlist possible time for people in Seattle – they already get to office one hour earlier and it is the latest possible time for people in Shanghai, since Wendy already delayed the time to go to bed by one hour. It is the same situation for 9:00 AM conference call.

To learn the time difference and to talk with someone with different mood is very interesting. I don’t like to talk with people and discuss tough business stuff in the morning, when I just arrived office, but it seems to be a good time for my counterparts in west coast. So, I would say, if it is for business, 9:30 AM Shanghai time, or 17:30Pacific Time is good for me.

It seems my friends in Seattle just wrap up everything and hand it over to me when they go home. When I finish my work at 17:30, I can hand over the work to people in London, and so do people in London. It is the concept of Follow the Sun, isn’t it?