F1 Grand Prix Shanghai Pictures

I am just back from F1 Grand Prix. I took some pictures there.













Carsten and Gweilo are right. The cars were very noisy and the earplugs Carsten shared with me are very useful so I can spare my hands from my ears.

Well. I have to admit that the race is not as exciting as I expected. I am not a F1 fan. So I don’t know the names of each team and each player. Since it was too noisy and I was wearing the earplugs, so I missed the broadcasting inside the circuit. I stood there and watched the 56 round of the race – it seems a little bit boring for me for the middle 30 circles. It seems I should have done more homework before I went there.

Update More about the Game September 26, 2004

Now the long-expected F1 circuit is over. The event seems to be too short compared to the two years’ preparation. It went away almost at a speed faster than the racing cars!

Here are some thinking around this event.

Very Good Road Infrustructure

The Grand Prix in Shanghai well demostrated the express way network Shanghai has built. It is just besides the A30 Express Way and many other express roads lead to the circuit. It is very far from the downtown but we managed to get there in less than one hour from Pudong Yuanshen Stadium. For people in Shanghai Stadium, it is only less than one hour. I enjoy the 100+ km/h speed of my bus better than the 300+ km/h speed of the racing car – since the race continued for only less than two hours but the cars on the express ways run all the time.

Buy F1 Shanghai Tickets as Late as Possible

It is gumbling. Before the event, no body knows whether the tickets’ price will raise or fall before the game. It turned out that the price fell. Before I got on board the bus, venders (illegal venders) sold their tickets at 1/3 or less of the face price. 1080 RMB tickets fell to 320 RMB. The 150,000 actual visitors out of 200,000 capacity is a hint of the fall.

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  1. well, though I’m very interested in F1, today’s match is boring except for the first two or three rounds. In fact, the last several matches are all boring except the SPA. I’m really thinking of the F1 in 90’s. When Hakkinen was driving the McLaren . :P

  2. sinbadblue, you delivered very good message to me that I am not the only one in the circuit who felt it boring. Being to to F1 circuit for the first time and hearing the noisy engine are exciting though.

  3. Jianshuo, don’t worry, I was watching the whole event, sitting comfortably at home with Xiuying.

    I have video-recorded everything from the race from CCTV5, so you can see the real thing later on a DVD, if you like :-)

  4. Well, guys! Share the same sensation somehow…

    But the thrilling feeling when the racing car was passing by is really an impressive thing to an outsider of F1 like me!

  5. Just came back from a great time in Shanghai. We stayed of few more days to shop and eat and had a wonderful time. You were not the only ones who found it boring. Not me, as I am crazy about F1 and the race track is like my church. There was a Chinese gentleman sitting in front of us, without earplugs, and he managed to fall asleep for about a third of the race. I do not know how this is possible no matter how bored you are……. it seems to me that it is just to noisy to fall asleep.

    Next event: May 1, 2005, MotoGP. This should be more exciting than F1 as these guys are really crazy and there is a lot more over taking. If you have a chance to watch it on TV, the boys will be racing in Malaysia this Sunday. maybe this will give you an incentive to go in May.


  6. hi i am a student of an architectural college in india

    i am doing a presentation on shanghai international circuit and for that i need the video of the first grand prix held

    ih anyone of u can help plzz contact me on aforabhinav@yahoo.com


  7. hi guys some of u are probably chinese…..i am an student studiyng in china…but i am an indian ..plz let me know the shedule of race …i mean which time it will be telecasted on cctv….i can read chinese so plz mail me soon on khaled_sch@yahoo.co.in

  8. I’m going to be seeing the race this year. Curious if Shanghai has special F1 related events planned. When I was in Montreal for the race the downtown was closed and they had all these F1 related parties, festivals, etc. Does Shanghai do something similar?

    Thanks. Nice website btw.

  9. Hi . am very interested in watching the F1 race this year but have no knowledge of where to buy tickets or how to get there:so i have a few questions:

    1. where can i buy tickets by paying cash – want the cheapest possible tickets , hear that s the grass stand tickets right ?

    2. how do i get a cheap bus service to get there and come back ?

    3. i only want to go on saturday ? what time should i leave downtown ?

    4. if there s anybody going there to watch just for the fun of it can i join the group ? let me know

  10. Please could you answer me some questions

    Im from South Africa would like to go to Shanghai F1 race I have few questions please , Directions to Race track cost where to get ticket which stand to sit at Grass or C ect

    Thanks Kelly


  11. hi i m nikhil i plan to go to the german f1 on 30th july but i cant get the tickets online cause they are dilivered directly the credit card holders billing address so i dont have much time.

    well i want to know can i buy the ticktes directly at the circut on the race day or anywhere in frnakfurt city by paying in cash as i reach on the 28th of july.

    cheers nikhil

  12. Hi Jang Shuo, I emailed u but no reply. I want to know if I can get a ticket for 2006 Shanghai GP only for the Race Day 1st October. I am a home maker from India and will be travelling alone as I am a die-hard fan of Schumi’s and have to watch a race before he retires this season. Please do reply at your earliest. Looking for good hotel accomodation in Shanghai downtown for about 6 days.



  13. Hi Guys and Girls!

    I was just checking the weather in Shanghai as I am going in October for the Grand Prix (2007) and I came across this site! How can anyone say that the Grand Prix is boring it is the most exciting event on the planet! As you can see I am female and I love it. Check out the Amber Lounge Party at the Marriott in Tomorrow Square 6 & 7th October 2007 – best party in town. Get tickets early though as it is jam-packed due to all the drivers attending. This is your chance to get to know the drivers!

  14. Hi,

    Angela, How much are the tickets to this place? Amber Lounge Party at the Marriott in Tomorrow Square 6 & 7th October 2007?

  15. Hi, I am an Ivorian resident in Burkina Faso in Africa would like information on schools and courses Pilot Formula 1 in china. Please give me the addresses of these schools if possible.

    Mr T.BI

  16. we will bring F1 mania to watch F1 Shanghai series on October 2008.. please info where can we purchase the ticket, thanks. my mobila +6281802934703

  17. Are buses still leaving from Shanghai Staduim this year (10-18-2008)?

    If So….

    Do I get shuttle tickets in advance? Pay that morning? Cost? What time should I arrive if the Qualifying starts at 11am?



  18. From where can I know the shuttle bus timings?

    Does anyone have any idea about this?



  19. hey m a 4th yr architecture student…..i really need information abt f1 race complex design,track facility…nd wteva is required….plzzz..plzzz..smbdy help me oi8…:)..!!

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