Byebye CompanyCN

I have said bye-bye to CompanyCN, the host provider for in the last one and half years. I’d like to thank the company for providing services to this site, although I have to leave due to the stability of the service. I left as a very fastrated and dissatisfied customer.

Sorry for the recent server problems. I know in the recent few days, the sites cannot be accessed, or the comment system is not work (which is worse since it may cause the lose of your effort). Look at the service availability of the last few days.

Report from, watchdog service for

It is sad that I have to move right now. According to the reviews and recommendations from the readers of this site, the new host provider IPOWERWEB’s availability should be garrentteed. I hope you also enjoy a reliable website as I do.

The new site is up and running, but the domain resolution is still under way. It will be ready very soon, so you can see this post.

Sorry for Server Outage

There are some problems with the comment system and the MovableType publishing system in the recent two days. I called CompanyCN, the hosting company I chosed and they told me a site on the same server with mine upgraded their database scripts and is using up all the system resources. So my poor web is impacted, as all other sites.

I signed up ipowerweb. I hope I can switch to the new server very soon. I feel very bad for this incident that many visitors may have spent a lot of time to write comments on this site but it was lost during the error.

Car Expenses

It is not as expensive as I thought to own a car. The parking package under the Metro City is 600 RMB for 24×7 in a month. Otherwise, it is 10 RMB per hour. The packing at the new residential area is 100 RMB per month – not bad. :-D

Now the car has been around for about 900 KM already, including a long march to Hangzhou to put on the Hangzhou car plate. I handed over my car to the dealer and she helped me to drive the car and went through all the required procedures. This is costly – 3500 RMB for everything, but still cheaper than the 43000 RMB bit price in Shanghai.

The gasoline consupmtion is about 70 L now. I filled the tan twice already with 40 L each time. The gasoline price here in Shanghai is 3.27 RMB per L for 93# and 3.07 RMB per L for 90#. What aboutt the prices in other region?

Puxi is not Car Friendly

I drove my new car in Xujiahui and felt very happen when I was on the road – the traffic is not as bad as working days. However, I am so frustrated when I attempted to park the car.

I went along the Panyu Road (near Huashan Rd.) in Xujiahui. The road is very narrow and parking is not considered at all during the design pharse of the road. I felt bad to pull my car over and stop it just on the road – many cars do it since temperory parking is allowed on the road, but it affects the traffic greatly. I tried to drive the car onto the sidewalk. This brought trouble to the pedestrian on the sidewalk. Anyway, it is the best I can do in this crowded and narrow space. With the car, I want to “Escape” to Pudong ASAP. In the new area, you can easily find free parking everywhere.

Stealing in Xiang Yang Market

ST’s experience of pickpocket in Xiang Yang Market.


I just came on 20 march to shanghai for holiday. Just found your site and it is great!

Will like to share an incident that happened to me the other day. Was walking along area around Xiang Yang when vendors approached me to ask me to go to their shop. I said no and carried out walking and the vendor pursued me, constantly pestering me and showing me the name card and asking me to go to their shop. I was hassled for about 50 metres and finally she gave up.

However, later I found out the real scam. She had pickpocketed me. Luckily, she could only take my nokia battery which was kept on a travel bag. I realised then that this was similar to the gypsy children in Italy. They asked for money with a placard and underneath the placard was the real sleigh of hand.

The Next time vendors approach me, I know what to expect. I hope your readers will too.

I know this hurts the image of the city greatly. There are so many people on the road between the Metro ShaanXi North Road Station and the market. The 100-meter road is full of “venders”, trying to bring you into their shops. Pay attention to them. I have complained this to some news agencies. I know there must be some reason why the policemen nearby, the market administrator or whomever responsible for this street never stop them. I don’t believe they don’t know it is there. Knowing this and take precaution does not hurt the image of the city as much as having visitors’ wallet stolen there.

Again, personally, I believe Shanghai is safe. I have experienced one stealing (I believe) of Wendy’s mobile several years ago. That is my only experience of stealing during my 9 years in Shanghai. Meanwhile, I have claimed my lost mobile in taxi at the taxi company for twice – the good drivers reported the mobile to the taxi company and finally find me. Well. It is 2 v.s. 1.

Big Drop in Price of my Car

Bugs posted a piece of news under my entry Jian Shuo Got His Car. Obviously, it was not good news for me. The news said:

Starting from March 18, Palio, Siena, Palio Weekend’s price will decrease by 12%. Average price cut is 10,000 RMB….

Well. I just bought the car on March 15 and the model FIAT Siena 1.5 HL droped price by 5,100 RMB. It is so bad.

Anway, the bad mood didn’t last long after I see the car. It is still lovely and who can always predict everything? Many people suggested me to give the car a nick name. It is a good idea. I want to call it Goudaner 狗蛋儿 – something like small dog or even dog shit. Unlike the western tradition, people in counties will typically give a very cheap, ugly nick names to their child. It is said thus the child grow up better due the exteremely low expectation :-D. Goudaner is the most commently used names. I just want to give it a dirt cheap name and hope the car seldom break and last long.

Car or Bicycle?

Blanc from France asked me a series of questions regarding using cars and bicycles in Shanghai.

Finally, I have some questions about you car and your life? Do you know how often you will use your car, on a regular basis? For you, is it quicker to take your car or to take the subway, to go to work, for instance? Why did you eventually decide to buy a car? Will you use it for longer trips? What about traffic jam?

How Often I will Use My Car

I may not use my car frequently before I move to Pudong. I have decided to say bye bye to Pudong after long hesitation. After changing my mind back and forth, I finally (I hope) decided to move to Pudong with the new car. It may happen quickly. After that, I suppose I will use the car everyday to go to work.

Is it quicker to take subway?

Yes. It is always the quickest way to go with subway, if the destination are near a subway station. The reality is, however, the subway only covers a small part of the city. Apartments near the subway station is much more expensive than other places. I decide to move to a place with no subway so it will be quicker to use car instead of taking buses to subway station, get Metro #2, transit to Metro #1 at People’s Square…

Why did you eventually decide to buy a car?

Because I decided to move to Pudong. They why did I decided to move to Pudong? Because I decided to buy a car. :-D

Actually, the life with a car in Pudong and the convinient life in Puxi without a car are completely two different life styles. I chosed the first one. To tell you the secret, just because it was too hard to find a good apartment in Puxi after seeking for an apartment for a long time.

Will I use it for long trip?

Yes. Hangzhou and other cities in Zhejiang are very good for weekend. I may drive there during weekend and enjoy life there.

Another thing is about your cycling trips? How often do you usually use your bike? Do you use your bike on a regular basis in the city? Is it true that The City if Shanghai decided to ban bicycles from certain streets? Is it still the case? If you want to go to the supermarket, will you use your bike or your car? Is it expensive to take the subway?

Bicyles? I don’t take it seriously. It is a toy for me, like the excercise equipment. I know many people are still using bicycle as transportation because they think the bus and metro are too expensive. Do you think 2 RMB or 0.24 USD expensive? They will since their monthly salary may only be 1000 RMB or 120 USD. Bicycles are serious transportation options for them.

I don’t use bicycle to go to supermarket. I either take taxi or go there by bus, but not taxi. Shanghai is not a taxi friendly city. It is true that more and more roads start to ban bicycles. This will continue. Cycling is still my favorite sports, but not my transportation option.

Shanghai Car Plate = 43000 RMB

The latest car plate price came out. The lowest price for car plate is 43000 RMB and average price for the plate is 43300 RMB (5216 USD). 4800 plates entered the bid.

As you may know, Shanghai uses the bidding system to determine the price for private car plates. There is no base price. So by theory, if everyone bid 100 RMB for the plates, the first 4800 bidders will win the plate at 100 RMB. Of cause, this never happens since there will be much more bidders than the number of the car plate.

It was 38000 RMB on August 24, 2003

I didn’t Join the Bidding

I chose to get a foreign province car plate at last. I gave my new car to the car dealer, who drove my car to the nearby city, Hangzhou. It is 240 km away. They helped to get the plate there. My new car plate is


It cost 3500 RMB.


There are some limitations to use a car with foreign plate in Shanghai. For example, I cannot use the elevated highway in rush hours and on certain roads. I don’t care too much.

Sanya Travelogue – on the Beach

This is the perfect image of a beach in my mind. So it becomes real. I call it a vacation. I do mean vacation. It is the life to lie on the beach and do nothing. It is not travel. When I travel, I will create a very intensive schedule and put as much places into the schedule as possible. Sanya is not the place for this kind of traveler. It offers quiet beach so time can stop there.

View from under the umbrella.

Haha. My two big feet with sands on them.

The sands volleyball site. No body was playing – they are all lying on the comfortable


Wendy was running to me while I lied on the long bench, enjoying the sunlight.

People are so relaxed. They just sit there hours and hours.

Lovely bell hanging near the beach, acting as the warning bell at emercency.

Beach at around 7:00 PM.

Sanya Travelogue – The Holiday Inn Resort

I was happy that we chose to stay at the Holiday

Inn Resort YALONG BAY SANYA. It is located near the beach and has its private sands. The room rate is not bad – 77 USD per night for the superior

room, with pretty good view of the beach. It is the typical resort that prompt the fun and relaxing atmosphere. We were so happy that they sent a band with

singers representing each job roles (the reception, restaurant, the servants and the security) to our dinning table the next day.

Between 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM everyday, they hold special ceremony. Staff of the hotel dress up as local residents, hold fires and fruit, and dance with the

music. It is quite interesting and we enjoyed watching the ceremony. Some girls with pretty cloths bring the baskets of flowers to the beach and throw the flowers to the sea. The whole ceremony ended.

The entrance to the beach from the lobby.

This is the SPA area under my room. Very good design. It inspired me of my

future home.


Hey. My favorite – the large, beautiful swimming pool.

This is the other side of the pool.

The third shot.

When I was tired, I will return to the swimming pool from the beach and enjoy seeing Wendy swimming. Can you see Wendy in the swimming pool? Her swimming

skills improved a lot during this trip.

The Holiday Inn also offered a decent garden.

I spent two hours on the long bench here. Time was frozen that afternoon.

At Night

The scene at night is as good as daytime if not better.

Old trees in the Holiday Inn Garden.

Sanya Travelogue – Flying to Sanya

Our flight from Shanghai to Sanya left Pudong Airport at 16:20 on our Anniversary.

I was waiting for Wendy to pick up the flight ticket in the newly opened BreadTalk in Metro City. It was freezing in Shanghai, and I didn’t wear too much cloth, preparing for the summer in Sanya, Hainan.


© Jian Shuo Wang. In BreadTalk.

Look at the astonishing buildings and the crazy road on the Nanpu bridge. I could not bear to live in the gray city any more. I hoped to escape to the beach as soon as possible.


© Jian Shuo Wang. On Pudong Airport Bus #3, passing by the Nan Pu Bridge.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Flight from Shanghai to Sanya.

The trip was 2 hours and 50 minutes. It was one of the happiest trip I have ever experienced. I have to say sorry to my back up Linda and Xiao Wen during my OOF. I left all the business stuff in Shanghai and only brought my wife to the lovely island. Haha. That is so difference than business trips.

Late Arrival at Sanya

After arriving in Sanya Phenix airport, it was completely dark outside. Wendy booked the Holiday Inn in Yalong Bay area.

About Sanya


© Microsoft Encarta. Sanya map in courtesy of Encarta

Sanya is the south most city in Hainan Province, thus almost the south most city in China. It has great beaches and fresh air. Its air quality ranked the second best among the whole world (which city is the best? I am also wondering). It is said the average life length in Sanya is 80 years.

Back from Sanya

Just a quick update that I have returned from Sanya safely from the long (four days?) vacation. It was wonderful trip with many beautiful pictures. Since the flight arrives at about 11:00 PM at Pudong Airport, it is already midnight now. So I will put more information tomorrow morning… Be patient.

OOB for Wedding Anniversary

OOB = Out of Blogging

Today is the one year anniversary of my marriage. On March 17 last year, Wendy and I got our marriage certificate. As some may confuse, the date of getting the marriage certificate and the wedding ceremony are typically two events. Typically, people will get the certificate first and prepare for the grant wedding ceremony in the next 6-12 months.

From this afternoon, we will fly to Hai Nan for sunny vacation. It is 28°C there. We will be back this Saturday. I know I have spent too much time with my laptop (for business and for blogging), so I decided not to bring my laptop with me. So we have some quiet time there. So you can expect my next update this Saturday.

FIAT Siena 1.5 HL Pictures

Yesterday, I drove my car home. I was too excited with the new car and didn’t upload pictures. This morning, I wake up half an hour earlier and rushed down to take pictures of the new car. Here you are.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Side look of the new car.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Back of the car.

© Jian Shuo Wang. The inner front view.

© Jian Shuo Wang. The back window.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Large back storage space.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Back window from inside.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Front cover and the FIAT Siena with FIAT logo.

© Jian Shuo Wang. FIAT logo at the front of the engine. It is not a famous logo in China. According to latest survey, only about 70,000 FIAT cars were sold in China so far. Among them, more than 20,000 are in Beijing.

© Jian Shuo Wang. CD and air condition bard.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Dashboard (the plastic cover is not removed yet)

© Jian Shuo Wang. End light.

© Jian Shuo Wang. The car from far way, parking at the parking lot of my residential area.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Car front face.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Inside the car.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Look at the paper on the top left corner of the car. A-S8001 is the temp license. It is valid for 30 days.

© Jian Shuo Wang. First picture with my new car at the night of March 15. This is the first picture with my own car.

I Got What I Paid For

I am very happy with the car so far. Any way, don’t compare it with expensive cars like Polo, Bora or Regal… I just got what I paid for.

Jian Shuo Got His Car

Breaking News: Jian Shuo Wang drove his first car home tonight.

It is one of my quickest decisions in my life. I rushed to the car dealer of Yong Da tonight and drove my FIAT Siena home. It is brand new, 99900 RMB in price. The model is Siena 1.5 HL. I will post pictures of the car tomorrow.

I put 130 RMB for the first can of oil today. The 93# oil is 3.27 RMB/L and I got 40.2L. Just to keep a record to see how much oil it consumes.

So far, so good.

March 14 Activities

I don’t like to record what I did everyday so the blog entry will be very boring. This is an exception.

Buying FIAT Siena

I spent several hours in the car store of FIAT. I still didn’t make up my mind. Although I heard a lot of advice to choose either VW, or GM, GM is just too oil consuming and VW is too expensive, especially for the spare parts. Well. Almost all the doors to get a foreign car plate have been closed today. It seems the only choice for me is a Shanghai plate.

The Other End of the Maglev


© Jian Shuo Wang. Long Yang Road. Station of Maglev

The picture above was taken yesterday at around 5:00 PM when a Maglev train just left the Longyang Rd. Station, heading to the Pudong Airport.

Shock Wave Jiang

Unlike the MZM shockwave, which caused server down due to extremely high volume, the recent shock wave Jiang destroyed many sites completely and may continue to bring down more site. It is so dangerous that I am not brave enough to spell out the whole name. Yesterday, when I search the Chinese name of Jiang in Google, my access to Google was broken immediately and I cannot visit Google any more in the next five minutes. After the annoying five minutes, I can use Google again, until I attempted to search for the sensitive keyword. It seems the ban has been lifted today.

Blogcn & BlogDriver Shut Down

Two more blog service provider were shut down after Now, all of the top three blogs stoped their services now. This is not astonishing at all. To be safe, I don’t want to make any comment on this. It is the hard time for everyone involved in the China blogging world.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Screen shot of at 9:32 PM 3/13/2004

© Jian Shuo Wang. Screen shot of at 9:32 PM 3/13/2004 Blocked

After I wrote the title, I realized it is not blocked. It was ordered to be shutdown.

As one of the three blog service providers (others are and, blogbus did very well job to innovate and add more functions. However, it is forced to shut down due to political blogs.


Image courtesy of

Translation: Due to unauthorized content of some individual users, web server temperorily shut down. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvinience this brought to you. 2004.03.11

I have a wonderful talk with the site owner Hengge during a meetup of Isaac. I know how passionate he was for blogging service and how much effort they put into the site. The pressure is there. Feel it or not.

Caution: You are Reading an Illegal Site

As I posted before, My Site Remains Illegal in China. Don’t be surprised if this site post similar notice one day (or disappear with no notice). Anyway, I am not a good citizen and didn’t follow the current law well enough.