Photos of the Blue Sky

Three days ago (ops. This is may be the longest pause in my daily blog routine in the recent months. I was just too busy working on the business these days, due to the approach of the end of the quarter), I posted an entry about the blue sky in Shanghai. I am not the only one with the feeling. Some of my readers, and other bloggers are recording the same “unusual” day. My friend RC sent me an email, telling the story that his friend talked about the blue sky independently from my blog and he didn’t believe it, since he has traveled to Shanghai many times and never see blue skies. So he asked his friend to send a photo to him. He got two actually, and it IS blue sky. Then he read my post and forwarded the two photos his friend took during the day and got permission for me to repost the photos on my blog.

Thanks RC and his friend for providing the photo to me. I did regret that I don’t have a camera with me that day.

More Shanghai Photos

After missing the wonderful blue sky, I took my camera with me (with the new lens) to my office the second day. When the Sun went down, I took some photos of the wonderful view outside my window.

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Blue Sky

  1. My God.This pictures make me miss shanghai .I left there 9 months ago.what’s the time when you shoot?The view seems similar when I came out from “Cashbox” in the 5 PM of early morning.

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