More Cats in My Garden

Recently, it keeps snowing or raining in Shanghai. Meanwhile, I found more cats in my garden. Besides the original two (I have named them), three more often drop by and eat what I feed. Since my parents are here and they can cook something other than the cat food I bought from super market, we can offord to help more cats.

If you take my garden as a country, I will say, Huahua and Liangliang hold the passport of my garden, so they are the permenent citizen and enjoy the well fare I provide (including food, home, water and sometime my time with them). The other three are visitors holding visa I granted. They can enjoy the food, but there is no home for them. :-D

When looking at these small animals, I forget about all the troubles I have. Just like what William Wordsworth said: “Animal helps to keep the peace of our mind…” True.

P.S Shanghai News.

To keep the public service for those who comes here for real time Shanghai information, let me summarize what is going on in the city in short sentences.

1. It snowed. It is 0°C outside, according to the meter in my car.

2. It has been raining since end of Jan (with only two days exception)

3. The Spring Festival can be claimed to end by next Monday – many people will take vacation in the next few working days after the vacation.

Sleeping Cats

The happy (and lucky) cats sleep in the Sun. I cannot help posting it here. Sweet little thing!


© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

I read a slogan at Ichiban Ra-Mei, “Your happiness of eating our Ra-Mei makes us happy”. I guess they are happy not only because customers enjoy their food, they enjoy getting paid for it better.

The slogan works better for me. The happiness of the two cats for eating what I feed them makes me happy – no matter they pay or not.

P.S. One Year for

Run issued the one year memorial stamps for his group blog site


Image in courtesy of Run Liu

Congrats Run, Linda, Bw, Vivian, Angela, Kevin, Charles and Bear

The Cats Story

Now the two cats in my garden finally settled down. They have their own place to sleep at day time and play at night. Cats are cats. They always wandering around in the garden at night when I fall asleep and sleep most of the time in early morning. Besides the fresh meats, I went to the nearby Hymall and bought 1.5kg of Whiskas cat food for them. It cost me 23 RMB. I hesitated a little bit when I put it into my shopping cart. Later, I convinced myself that the poor little things deserved something really nice after experiencing the miserable lives.

According to the introduction of the cat food, cat owners should mix the cat food at certain percentage for the cats to get used to the new delicous food and the increase the percentage everyday until 100% of the meal is cat food. Otherwise, the cats may not be interested in the new food at very begining. Forget about these instructions. It is for the well treated lucky cats. They never know what hungry is. For my two little angles fallen in my garden, the cat food is good enough. They rushed to the dish and completed the first dish of Whiskas in 10 minutes. I don’t know whether it is as delicious as the instruction and ads show. At least, it does not smell good for me. The cats SEEMED to like it because they eat it as fast as fresh meat.

BTW, we have named the mother cat Liangliang (or Shining in English) and the baby cat Huahua (or Colorful). They didn’t get used to their new names yet. They didn’t response when I call them with their names…

Some funny story happens the other day. A third cat, a big white male cat entered the garden and drove the two cats away. He attempted to stay in the garden. I was very unhappy about it. Luckily, the next day, Huahua and Liangliang returned and the white cat find a box on the other side of my apartment and settled down. I am fine with this cat as long as he does not bother my two little guests. Sometimes I will also feed him something. Hopefully there is no war between them in the future.

What the magzine in the U.S. Consulate wrote is true:

Pets can help people to keep health because when people worry about pet’s problems, they forget their own

Two Cats in my Garden

I saw the two cats in my garden again. Poor little pets! The winter came and they don’t have a place to stay. They were very cold in the morning wind. I guess they are abandoned since I frequently saw them in my garden. Wendy took picture (I, II) of them last month, when it was pretty warm.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Above: The baby cat hide under its month’s body to keep warm.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Above: I gave them some cookie and they enjoyed it very much.

Later, I setup a temp home for them with a big box. After I arrived home, I found the two little cats have settled down in the paper box. It is by any means better than nothing. The boxes protected them from cold winter wind.