SJTU – No 565 in the World Ranking

Stephen provided an interesting link of world university ranking. SJTU = Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked 565 in the world or 28 in Asia.

Majority of top universities are in U.S. with few in UK, and most Asia universities ranked lower.

It takes sometime for these universities to catch up. What worries me is, there is no sign of progressing in ranking, or more importantly, in the change in the universities so far.

11 thoughts on “SJTU – No 565 in the World Ranking

  1. Hi WJS,

    I think that the rankings are really not worth much. If you look at the methodology ( you can see that part of the ranking includes how many public web pages the university has and the number of incoming hyperlinks that the university has. This would mean that say if many students at the university had blogs and linked to their univeristy’s home page, the university would rank higher.

    Also, the “scholarly” ranking depends on how many articles could be found in scholarly journals where the author was attributed to the university. They use Google Scholar and Thompson’s databases as a reference — however these of course are incomplete indexes and do not contain all scholarly journals in publication. I’m not sure about how many foreign language (e.g. Asian language) journals these indexes would contain as well?

    I also think it is about personal preferance when ranking universities. Personally, I don’t really care if there are lots of links or if the univeristy has a big web site (maybe more useful is the non-public intranet websites), but rather the academic qualities. So I think that the “Scholar” ranking is more important!


  2. John, exactly. Ranking is always misleading, because not everyone use the same rule – even for the same rule, the ranking cannot be absolutely fair. It is just a link that I found interesting. I didn’t check the methodology yet. If they count link of web pages, no wonder MIT is the first place.

  3. No self respecting ranking system would use web links to rank schools. This is not Google.

  4. “The ranking cannot be absolutely fair”, I cannot dispute that.

    Just like in every examination, it does ascertain a “value” to the students in relation to their study, you can call it unfair but this is the rule of the game and same apply to ranking.

    Why US Universities score so high and Asian score so low? It depends on whether the local authority is treating the education as a “profit centre” or a “cost centre”.

  5. SJTU today released the top 500 university ranking and she now rank at 234th position, a great leap forward in ranking as compared to last year. SJTU also the number one university in Shanghai.

    JS, this is something you can proud of now………

  6. Well, I don’t feel particular proud or not. The ranking itself may be up and down, and this does not change the university itself. There are still a long way to go, and I don’t think the current change of the university has anything to do with myself – personally, I don’t think I am smarter or look better just because of the university getting better in a ranking or not.

  7. I am dismay of your indifference at the very institution which cultivated you to become one of the elite of the city.

    As a proud alumni of my university, I always return to have discussion with current students and staff of my work experience and in exchange I also gain the up-to-date business information. Indeed university is the institution of knowledge exchange.

    I agree your university has a long way to reach the world pinnacle, but I can see she is stepping into the right track and now dashing forward, don’t you want to be the part momentum?

    This is call the contribution to the society.

  8. yea it bull lolz

    bei da is not world 133

    time ranked it at 18 worldwide

    so yea this really show that its crap lolz..

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