Campus Network Application Needed for China Universities

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Recently, I am involved in the discussion with some students from East China Normal University[Chinese site]. Most of them are computer science or related majors. Billy Qiu is one of them. He is a talented guy who actively initialized the MSN Messenger chat with me the day before yesterday.

After we discussed, the technical club members are going to setup some interest groups on campus to discuss technology trends and share technical resources.

Actually this is a very good idea, just as Apple’s User Group and Internet .NET Associate, the local interest groups will highly help the participants to learn technologies.

During our discussion on the proposals, Billy also shared some concerns.

“They (the students) dont like to do logistics & admin work. What they really care, and really interested is just the core technology. Knowing about the GAME rule, following the rule, making proposal, and calling group meetings… etc are very boring, they think.” Billy said.

I fully understand Billy’s concern. It reminded me about the time when I was in Shanghai Jiaotong University[Chinese site]. It is back to 1995-1999. At that time, Internet access is not popular and there is very few resources on intranet. It changes greatly recently. Take a look at Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

  • Students dorms are connected with LANs.
  • BBS is more popluar (it has been popular since 1993) (See SJTU BBS[Chinese site])
  • Students are enjoying movies on campus network

Despit all this improvement, the campus of nowadays in China are still far behind the pace of global IT in terms of electronic communications. I’d like to see some students on campus really think hard and think out of box, inspire others with the possibility IT may bring to their lives.

A lot of powerful tools has been avaiable for online collaboration. For example, Blogger, or knowledge managemetn tools such as SharePoint Team Services, and other online collaboration tools are very good for use on campus. During the process of implementation, students will learn a lot.

If I have to learn something, I learn it by doing.


My thoughts for all the borthers

  • Knowing about the GAME rule – Good thing is, IT can help to greatly simplify the game rule. Just check project like, which used the system to simplified the contribution, review, and publish process. No one need to bother to learn the details of the rules. Open Directory Project is another successful colloration project.
  • Following the rule – IT system is will do the logisitic work for you.
  • Making proposal – sorry, you need to do this party
  • Calling group meetings… – Why bother call so many meetings? Online collaration will do most of the job

Later, I found there is no classroom reservation system, which can be used to reserve classrooms electronicly. There is no online libary services, which will help to deliver the book you want to your dorm. There is very large space there. I will keep my eyes on their progress and I’d like to see them make great impact using the technologies.

Good luck

Please check Comments below to share your thoughts on the possibilities IT will change students lives.

5 thoughts on “Campus Network Application Needed for China Universities

  1. Hi,

    last 30 min I have been browsing your website regarding IT experienced people from Shanghai technical universities.

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    I have my development server with all sofware installed what will be needed at London sever co-location with everything a students needs to get more experiences in this technology (Visual and will test the remote desktop connection for cooperation on our severs from tomorrow in Shanghai.

    It would be great to have a contact person, group who can help to fulfill the project tranfering the hole application to SQL server and C# ASP and windows forms application what can started immediatly.

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