Campus Tour of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I visited SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) today for the Inspiration Forum. I often ignore it, but whenever I am back, I found the deep attachment between me and the 110-year old university. I know many visitors to Shanghai like to have a campus tour of the top local university. So let me be your guide.

Xuhui Campus

There are many campuses in SJTU. Xuhui 徐汇 Campus and Minhang 闵行 Campus are the two more important.

Xuhui Campus was the historical site of the university. It was built almost 100 years ago. Here is the location:

1954, Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China 200030

上海徐汇区华山路1954号 200030

Take Metro No. 1 to Xujiahui Station and use Exit No. 13. Go straightly ahead along the Huashan road for about 800 meters. You will find the main entrance on your left hand.

There are security guards at the gate. So try to walk naturally, easily, and be calm – so they won’t stop you. :-D

The difference in university in China and U.S. are, there are always gates and security. Don’t worry about that. It is for the safety of students.

Min Hang 闵行 Campus

Min Hang Campus is much larger than the Xuhui one. The construction started 20 years ago, and is still going on. It is already at least 4 times bigger than 5 years ago.

It is far from downtown however. It may cost 60+ RMB for taxi from Xuhui Campus. Here is the transportation guideline:

1. Take Metro Line #1 and

2. Transit to Metro Line #5 at Xinzhuang 莘庄 (the terminal station of Line #1).

3. Get out of the train at Dong Chuan Road Station 东川路站 of Metro Line #5.

4. The campus is less than 2000 meters away from the station. Ask for direction or take a taxi there (10 RMB or less).

It is not easy to tour the whole campus by walk nowadays. We took taxi inside the campus today. They have free shuttles, and you will notice enough bicycles on the Minhang Campus.

800 Dong Chuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China


Here is the current map:

Enjoy the Tour

I regret I cannot personally be your tour to the great campus. But I would highly recommend you to include a tour in your schedule in Shanghai. I spent 2 years on Min Hang Campus and two years on Xuhui Campus. The memory is sweet, although the real life didn’t seem so sweet to me when I had to experience it.


Let me know your comments of your tour.

P.S. I adopted the suggestion from many users – added Chinese characters to place and location names. If you don’t have a Chinese system installed, you may see two or three small blocks, questions marks, or garbage codes there. Don’t worry. I didn’t put any secret into those marks.

25 thoughts on “Campus Tour of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  1. SJTU is absolute top university in China.

    You are so nice to be voluntary guide of your blog-watcher.

    But I have no chance to visite there till now.

    I hope I can visite there someday in the future.

  2. I am very interested in cross cultural management. Is there any programs on SJTU that covers this important subject?

    I have found a newly started forum for this subject that I can share for the interested person.

    Thank you for a good site!!!


  3. I know you are my schoolmate.

    And I am proud to have such a promising fellow like you.

    But I don’t think it is the time to title “a successful life” or something like that in front of your name, coz you’re still young, energetic, and right on a man’s track to achieve more goals, to drive towards the glorious peak.

    And BTW, your English, how to say, needs a little improvement.

    I think everyday’s practicing in English on blog will do some good to make your words as mature as your career.

  4. Thank you!

    On behalf all the students in Inspiration Forum who have shared you sincere words, Thank you very much indeed!

  5. i attended your lecture yesterday.

    sometimes i also feel myself muddling along through my college years.

    however, i learnt a lot from your lecture, which, as i see,bring light into darkness and sunshine into shadow, at least, to me.

  6. My little brother,

    Well, this is a personal blog for JS, he is entitled to feel successful even if in some other people’s eyes the so called “success” would involve more. There is nothing wrong about that. Everybody’s standard of “success” is very different anyway. Picking on other’s English is not a very productive way to deal with life anyway. In my opinion, his English is good enough to get the message across. He has been making a huge effort and some times personal sacrifices to keep this blog running. I admire somebody like that. A lot of people indeed are benefiting from all the valuable information from this blog. Well, Mr. JSW may not be more “successful” than some of the other people, and we all understand that he will have a lot more to accomplish in his life journey. This is his own business, not for you to judge. All I care and most of other people care is his service to the community, his honest, down to earth attitude.

  7. It’s a pity that I missed the lecture. I have been reading the blog for a long time. However I have not been able to get a glance of him. I wish I could.

  8. Hi Jianshuo, so glad to see your visit to our Alma Mater as the new role in your life! Just about 6 years ago, as a sophomore, I listened to your speech on C# and .Net. Time goes fast! I know this transformation may be not easy to you. You are using your way to matter the most! Great work, buddy! Your continuous exploration in life inspires me a lot!

  9. Hi JS,

    When i took a tour in SJTU new campus in MingHang, i found that it is so large that you had better have a bicycle to visit it. It is nice there not only for the beautiful scene but also for the interesting building name called as “up-middle-down”. Sounds terrific.

    Looking forward to your lecture/presentation in SHU in May.

    Wishes a happy holiday!

  10. I’m proud of being a student in SJTU. I am a member of your coffee bean group, do you remember? I learned a lot everytime I attend your lecture. Thank you! Hope you’ll come back soon and wish your Kijiji successful!

  11. hello. i’m interesting in shanghai jiao tong university. i’m from Mongolia. any help for me.

  12. Hello,

    I love reading your blog, it’s very informative and interesting! I am an undergraduate from Singapore, and would be spending my next semester at SJTU’s Economics school. Do you know of anyone who is studying in Antai School of Economics and Management (SJTU) now?



  13. Good day everybody.

    Thank you for the sum up of the strcuture of SJTU. Do you know in which campus is the Department of the Internation Relations and the Schools of Social Sciences?

    Thank you for your website which everytime THE place to read to answer any question on Shanghai !!



  14. hi my name is poppy. i’m going to go to shanghai this september to study chinese language. maybe you can help me deciding. i have 3 choices: sjtu, shanghai normal univ, or donghua. how is sjtu better than the twos? how about the dorm, is it clean and nice? thank u for your help :)

  15. Hello! I’m going on scholarskip programe to Shanghai on August 21th, and so far as I am concerned, I will live in Xu Hui Campus. But unfortunately, I have a little problem. I still don’t know if there would be any room for me, because date of my arrival could be to early….

    How do you think?

  16. We just visited Minhang campus last week to see the Media and Design school. It was such a huge campus! We are students at Jiao Tong University’s international school at Xuhui campus.

    There is a bus that goes between the two campuses almost every hour, and it costs less then 6RMB one way. You can pick the bus up on Xuhui campus on the right side of the library. It will stop at several locations on Minhang campus. A student told me the buses run until about 9pm. A nice day trip and not too expensive!

  17. hi, are all of your from shanghai jiaotong university?

    i am a sinagporean and am offered an exchange to this university. but i am kind of lost as of the accommodation and the transportation from school to outside. can your tell me more about it??


    zhang mei

  18. hi.. i will be going to shanghai jiaotong university this coming Jan. but i have yet to find out the modules offered from the school. can anyone help me to find the website regarding the modules offered by the university. i really need the help

    thanks alot

    zhang mei

  19. Hi.i am offered a place for exchange in Shanghai Jiaotong Uni too.May I ask what is the approximate cost of living there per month?And also what about the rental fees of the houses around?I am worry about the financial problem.Anyone can help me?

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