New SJTU Minhang Campus

I drove to the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University today. It changed greatly. Look at the picture below? Who know where this building is?


© Jian Shuo Wang

It was the Dining House of the North Area – the most ugly building on the campus. Now, it is rebuilt. They even have Yonghe in it. The new building is named:

SJTU – Hualian Community Center

Big Minhang

Minhang is much bigger than it was when I studied there. The area east of the Xinfeng Highway has been developed and the road infurstructure has been estabilished. When I studied there, the vast area at the corner where the Huangpu River wind to west is farm, now, the high quality road has divided the area into blocks. There is no building on it yet, but it is clear that the area will be very good place in the future.

Here is the map of the future plan.

Minhang Blog

Via a Google search for Minhang Campus of SJTU, I found Sebastian’s ShanghaiBlog. He is logging her daily life on Minhang Campus and in the city. Nice articles.

My Drive Record

First Time: Really Scared. Went to Minhang – Pretty good Santana

Second Time: Went to see the houses on sunny Saturday. Very nice Santana Century

Third Time: Poor VW. Went to Songjiang and back for the America Broadway Theater. Then get a ticket and first run up to the Nanpu Bridge.

Forth Time: Very good Santana – the same as the second time. Picked up Chen and Xia in Pudong and run to sea shore. Back to Minhang and went to Chifeng Rd. Near Fudan.

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  2. Questions to Students of SJTU


    1) How long are you in school? All year round?


    1) Does the river by D-18 ever flood? Is the bike shed by D-18 close enough to the river where it would be affected by a river flood?

    2) In a report by Team Version that is attached in this email, they provide us with a layout of the landscape around the bike shed at D-18. What occupies the area to the left of the existing sheds, above the lawn and below the river?

    3) Have you seen the affects of acid rain on bikes? If so, what are they?

    4) Can you measure the dimensions of the bike shed at D-18 for help with our report?


    1) In America, we have found that the average width of the handle bars of a bicycle is 23.25 inches and the average length of a bike is 65.875 inches. Would you say that these dimensions are similar to those of the majority of bikes in China?

    2) What is the most popular type of bike lock at SJTU? Is it similar to a chain lock or a tire lock?

    3) Is bike security a big issue? Have you had problems with stolen bikes?

    4) What is the job of the bike monitor?

    5) Are there any penalties for poor organization? If so, what are they?


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