My Favorite Food in the World

Let me show you my little secret: my favorite food in the world. It is called Mipi (米皮), or Rice Noodle?

I love it since I was in middle school, and it is one of the major attraction for me from my home town, Luoyang.

Image taken by my primary school and high school class mate, Nie Xiang Feng

Image taken by my primary school and high school class mate, Nie Xiang Feng

Xiang Feng posted in the BBS of my high-school classmate. It was so “angry”! How can you put on the image that made me feel so…. so… tempted… I feel I am even like Mipi-addictoin.

It is spicy and salty.

There is only one small shop at Qilihe 七里河 that I like. I can tell the difference. I have a little dream to buy out the shop one day and bring it to Shanghai.

I don’t see this kind of food anywhere outside Luoyang. In Shanghai, I didn’t find anything similar. If you ever see something like this, do tell me.

Reading of Today

I read Feld’s article: Discovering Work Life Balance. It is so true. I like it. The good thing is, I am only 30 (well, several months from that), and I am lucky enough to understand it before it is too late.

I found Feld also reads Alan de Botton’s book.

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Food in the World

  1. I have had tasted the same in Nanjing for breakfast few years ago, the secret is the chili sauce. Today, most of the chili sauce available from the market are blended with industrial dying agent, it looks red but not spicy nor with any aroma.

    Last year, I took the venture to enter into rural area to search for the “authentic” “unblended” dry chili powder and I have 5 Kg of it.

  2. Hello

    I would like to join the man who gone to Lugu lake, to have more information about the place… Thanks

  3. Hi, Jianshuo,

    I like Mipi(and Liangpi凉皮) too, I born in Shaanxi where Liangpi is very popular and famous.

    When I lived in Shanghai last year for 5 months, I found a fine place to eat Liangpi. It’s located near DongChangLu metro station, at DongYuanXinCun(东园新村), on the PuDongNanLu(浦东南路) just beside the KFC.

  4. stone,

    thanks for your good information about where can taste typical Shannxi Liangpi,

    i’m also come from Shannxi,

  5. I have the same favorite with you,In the yunnan road,there is a eatery named “shannxi dumpling tower”.The rice noodle very delicious and traditional.Have a good tasty.

  6. Haha,i’m extremely pleased that the photos taken by me has boarded jianshuo’s blog. Another pleasure, jianshuo has the same addiction with me. Next time after we get back to hometown, I ‘d like to lead u to some small shop where have delicious mipi, then,—-help yourself to take full! Haha

  7. Hi stone, right or left of the KFC ? To the right there is a corner-restaurant in the yard without many customers. To the left (a little more left than KFC) is “The Alley” as most foreigners call it. There are restaurants on both right and left side.

    Which one ?

    And, koreans have a red, not thick chili paste. Mostly eaten together with cold seafood like clams etc. Cannot remember the name. Any koreans out there to help ?

    Well, chili-paste – go and buy the fine ground GOJU-JANG in a korean shop.

    Comes in thick sealed plastic bags

    It gets old after a half year, so don’t buy too much.

  8. Jianshuo, I think you should go to Kunming, Yunnan to try the real Rice Noodles!

    I am sure you will love it!

  9. Hi carsten,

    It’s left of KFC, if you face to the gate of KFC from outside.(I’m sorry I can’t use word such as “east, south, west or north” because they are meaningless at Shanghai. :-))

    In “the Alley”, on the right hand, there is a Shaanxi restaurant which sell Liangpi(凉皮) and Chinese sandwich(肉夹馍)。

    BTW, I was told that its owner had been working in Xi’an Datang, same as me.

  10. Ok stone, I know this, thanks !

    Some information :

    This alley is in west direction from Pudongnanlu. PudongNANlu goes north-south on this place. I lived nearby for 4 years… The alley goes straight through to Puchenglu and across the street is the main gate of Yanlord Garden apartments (Renhengbinjiangyuan).

    If you enter from Puchenglu, there are three tailors, one on the left side and two on the right side.

    Many foreigners and chinese have their clothes made there. In the second one on the right side, a skinny woman owns the shop. She made the jeans I am wearing now (and all the others).

    She works nearly day and night, she must have a BIG family !

  11. Haha, we have this Mipi (米皮) in my hometown too. Mipi is different from Liang(凉皮). So for as the appearance is conerned,Mipi is more white in color than Liangpi. And Mipi feels more soft than Liangpi when you chew it. In fact, they are made of different material. Mipi is made of rice, while Liangpi is of wheat. In my hometown there is also anther food similar to Mipi and Liangpi named Wantuo(碗托), and it’s made of buckwheat. haha, I love all of the three kinds of food. Wantuo the best, then Mipi, then Liangpi. Unfortunately I can’t enjoy any of them in Shanghai. I only see Liangpi in Shanghai, and it dropped far behind that of my hometown in taste.

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