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How Much does This Blog Worth?

This is the question people like to know. So when tried to answer this question, many people got so interested, although everyone know it is just a game. The rule is simple. The price is calculated by the incoming link on Technorati using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal. I don’t think I will put a link like this to my home page, but I’d like to play with some of the interesting tools.

According to the interesting calculation,, worth of about half million USD, $558,894.60 to be more exact.

My blog is worth $558,894.60.
How much is your blog worth?

My Page Rank

The Page Rank of this site decreased a little bit.

This is my Google PageRank¬ô - SmE Rank free service Powered by Scriptme

What does the numbers mean?

Image in courtesy of

I saw this for the first time on Joi Ito’s blog

Joi Ito’s Skypecast from Sky

Check out Joi Ito’s post named Skypecast from Sky. How interesting it is to have Wifi on LH711 and use Skype to chat with people on the ground. I listened to the 1.7M mp3 file for about 10 times while I write this blog.

Skypecast is a Good Way of Audio Classified

I am very interested in skypecast now, and waiting for the audio recording feature of Skype. When it comes out, I am very sure that we can post audio classified or even video classified in the future.

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