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Happy New Year!

Every year, I am thinking of a special gift to send out to my friends. I have ever tried gift like a Google AdWords advertisement (to VeryCD), and tried to use Link as a gift. How about this year?


As time passes by, we have new applications every year. This year, I am sending out email address like yourname@wangjianshuo.com as new year gift to my friends.

Examples are:

chedong @ wangjianshuo.com (and Chedong was so kind to promise me to give me a jianshuo@chedong.com email address)

isaacman @ wangjianshuo.com

fanfan @ wangjianshuo.com (for Wendy, and an alias wife @ wangjianshuo.com also works).

I then created mom @ wangjianshuo.com, dad @ wangjianshuo.com and many other emails addresses.

Then I sent the user name and password to my friends and family members so they have 2G of storage. I even setup email distribution like family @ wangjianshuo.com and added all my family members to it.

With the user name and password I gave away, people can login at http://mail.wangjianshuo.com

to check and send their email address. As you may found out, it is powered by Google Apps.

Happy New Year!

This is to my readers who didn’t get the gift yet. In the Christmas spirit (or the Santa Claus spirit), I’d like to share the gift to anyone who want it. If you want an email address like yourname @ wangjianshuo.com, I am more than happy to provide one. Please send your first name, last name, and your current email address (for sharing the initial password) to gift @ wangjianshuo.com, and I will give you want. I appreciate your request because it is flattery for me that you value an email address at wangjianshuo.com. This offer is valid until the end of Jan, 2007, because I don’t want to promise to offer it for too long that I have to process the request after 30 days.

Happy New Year to my Friends

This is to my friend who received the invitation. Below is the user guide for the gift I sent to you.

    What is It?

    It is an email address. It is not only an email address (the address), but also a full Gmail email service, includes 2G of mailbox storage, POP access, email forwarding and almost all other features an email service provider typically provides.

    How about the Stability of the Service

    This is a New Year Gift (2007) for you. This shows the connection between you and wangjianshuo.com, just like a T-Shirt with Wangjianshuo.com logo, or a mug with the logo. But neither T-Shirt nor mug shows such a strong connection and intimacy than an email address.

    I have long term plan to use Google Apps or other services like (Microsoft Live for Domains) to host the email address. However, as the nature of an armature email provider, there is no guarantee of service. So DO use the email when you feel you want to show your connection with wangjianshuo.com, and do NOT use it for critical communication.

    I personally have confidence in the service provided by Google, and believe it is pretty safe to use it as a regular email address, but again, there is no guarantee.

    I Already Have Too Many Email Addresses, So What Should I Do

    Easy. Configure email forward from the @wangjianshuo.com to your regular email address, no matter it is @hotmail.com, @gmail.com or @yourcompany.com. Here are the steps:

    1. Login your account at http://mail.wangjianshuo.com with your email address (just the part before @), and password. You may be promoted to change password at the first login.

    2. Click Setting on the right top corner of the page.

    3. Navigate to “Forwarding and POP” tab, and check “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” option box under Forwarding section.

    4. Enter an email address you wan to forward to in the text box.

    5. Click Save Changes button. You should be prompted “Your preferences have been saved.”.

    (Does the above instruction clear? With a background of support engine4 in the first 2 years of my career, I wrote thousands of steps like this for Microsoft product. Some of them even can be found at Microsoft.com website).

    After that, you can safely spread your name@wangjianshuo.com email address without worrying about checking emails in different locations. For the expected very low email volume to this new email address, you actually don’t have to check it from time to time.

    Do I have to Use it?

    No. Don’t feel that you have to use it, or at least login once. You can just treat it as a funny idea. But if you use it, I am very confident for now that it is a full service email box.

    What Else Should I Know?

    No. Just remember your account name (write it down, because it is not your day-to-day email address, and you may forget), and remember you have a friend who cares about you.

    Happy New Year!

Future of Email Addresses?

I believe in the future, email addresses can be collectable. Just like a logo on T-Shirt, or a logo on mug, it is not the good itself that matters. What matters is the logo.

Besides the use of email address, it can also be something fun. Just now, I got one more email address: jianshuo@verycd.com. Dash was kind enough to give it to me.

Now I have collected:

jianshuo at hotmail.com

jianshuo at gmail.com

jianshuo at chedong.com (waiting)

jianshuo at verycd.com

jianshuo at wangjianshuo.com

jianshuo at keso.cn (Dec 27, 2006, thanks Keso)

Anyone else want to provide more email addresses to me at the “dream domain name”? If you manage a domain (like chedong.com, verycd.com, or other yyyyy.com), I will appreciate if you create a jianshuo @ your domain.com email address for me, and send me the user name and password. Please drop it to gift @ wangjianshuo.com. Thanks!

P.S. As you may find out, I recovered from the previous exteremely crazy two weeks. You can imagine how busy the weeks were if you read my blog for four years and 3 month. I had never been so brief in blog entries as the previous weeks (even for the Merry Christmas post).

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  1. Hi Mr Wang,

    Can you please tell me how much the 7 seater Da Zhong Taxi will cost from Pudong Airport to Express by Holiday Inn at 843 GUANGFU XI ROAD near JIANG SU BRIDGE? Same as traditional taxi plus 5 RMB (15 initial fee, including 3 km, 2 RMB per kilometer)?

    Thanks and best regards,

    HL Chong


  2. I am visiting this blog today. Would be appreciated if I could get an email address like @jianshuo.com :)

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