Age of Crazy Ideas

It is moving season. Joi Ito is also moving his blog to a new machine – according to Jio, he was changing IP address. DNS always take long time to replicate. I hosted my DNS with I hope it will be working in the years to come.

Yesterday, talked with Yale in the decent place called Peace Masion (Wendy mentioned this place in her blog). We talked about lots of “crazy business” models, like the million dollar homepage. (In China, it was translated as Bai Wan Ge Zi – million boxes. I believe it is a great translation to reflect the pixel nature of the “business).

These days, Joi Ito also discussed about some strange business, like typo-domains. I believe to really survive in the Internet world, people need to be sensitive enough to these “trends” and “tricks”.

Yesteday, chatted with Xdanger with another site: Its rank raised incredibably high. Within two months, it is the No. 596 largest website in term of traffic in the world. There are lot of untold story behind it though.

On Xdanger’s blog, he mentioned the other 700 replica of milliondollarhomepage. I was surprised how many people replicating the same idea. I actually should not be surprised, since setting up a website or selling online, or blogging is an idea that many people practice everyday.

Copying a successful business model seems to be a shortcut to money (not neccessarily success). Last time, people juked that there are C2C model (Copy to China) and B2C model (Bring to China). It was funny.

It is cold

Yesterday was Dongzhi, or winter solstice. It is the shortest day for locations in the north part of the earth.

According to traditional Chinese saying, after this day, we count days in nines. Every nine day will be counted as a “jiu“. After three jiu, the temperature will drop to the coldest according to how people feel. That is about 27 days from today.

Got Cold

I got gold cold these days due to the exteremely cold weather, and the recent backup/restore/recover work was also anonying. When something happens to digital files like website, people will always regret that we don’t have the latest backup.

Hours after it happened, I drove out to computer store to buy DVD Writer, so I can backup every file or picture I have to my DVD. I drove very carefully, and sometimes slow. Wendy asked why, I said: “None of us have backups for ourselves….”

10 thoughts on “Age of Crazy Ideas

  1. “I got gold these days” ==>> “I got cold these days”

    If you really got gold, do not forget us. 见者有份啊:)

    It’s joke. And take care, cause the temperature is unforeknowable.

  2. Yeah,it’s surly a moving season.I have moved my blog from the ipadder to blogbus–from the outsides sever to a local sever.

    It’s so great that your site has been rebuilded ,before the X’mas. congratulations and merry X’mas! And the same greating to wendy!

  3. For milliondollarshomepage, I don’t think it is really a business mode, but just an idea for money, which inspires us how to market our site and how to promote the traffic.

    Besides, I don’t get any special independent thinking from this article, but get a new way to practise one’s ability of English expression.

  4. Hey Jianshuo,

    What about your friends’ blogs hosted on your site? They’ve been down even until now. It seems that you are a very selfish person. Kind of disappointed.

  5. Merry Christmas, Jian Shuo! It’s already Christmas Eve where you are. May you and Wendy have a wonderful day tomorrow, and I wish you all the best for the year ahead :-)

  6. Carroll, Yes, it is Christmas Eve. Wendy and I was at the Hengshen Road in Shanghai and just get back. It was cold outside, but I felt the warmth inside. Thanks for your greetings. Merry Christmas to you and Jim too. The Christmas will arrive in west coast in 16 hours from now on.

  7. To recover a blog is more than what people may expect. The other blogs like /mvm/, /fanfan, /elfe, and /cn are stored in another database powered by Berkley DB. The version of the new server is different from the old server, so the invalid login error was reported. The files are about 50M and some data were corrupted. In short, to recover it may takes about 20 hours of full time work, but I don’t have the bandwidth to do it yet. So just be patient, and all the blogs will be back soon.

  8. Jianshuo, I got a cold too now, it seems that we are not good at choosing our clothes well when we go out ! Old saying is : There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing (meaning : dress according to the weather !).

    Cold – see this place :

    The citizens of this russian town surely dress according to the weather !

    Good that your blog is up and running again.

    Is it not possible for you to be hosted by a server in the US ?

    Then you are not in risk of being banned.

    And your talk to Wendy, it is very UN-chinese !

    Almost all chinese think : if it happens it happens, so why care ?

    Maybe you have been outside China for too long, hehehe :-)

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