Met with Stan

Met with Stan in Chatea.

Good chat.

He helped me to ask the question to myself again: Doe sit make sense to see everything too clearly and enjoy Taoist thinking. Is it so important to clearly predict what is on the other side of the mountain before you start climbing? What’s the other side? It must be a decline – continuous decline.

Good point.

Weather Stuff

Shanghai is hot, and rainy (in the next few days). Get prepared, friends.

Shanghai Local Guide

Also, I found an interesting site at Pretty interesting service. Wendy enjoyed the great service (and expensive one) in Europe of private tour guide. I believe in Shanghai there are opportunity in this field, and Shanghai Local Guide, or Aron is the first this kind of freelancer service I saw. Is there any other such site that I didn’t know?

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  1. There is always a higher mountain, and then the moon, the planets, and the stars. As in the movie “Toy Story”, you can always keep your mind focused on “infinity and beyond!” The cycles and turbulence are just noise. People die but that doesn’t stop us from living. The yin-yang ball isn’t rolling in an endless repetetive cycle, it’s rolling uphill to infinity and beyond!

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