Accident in Shanghai Metro

In the afternoon, just before I left the office, we talked about the accident happened in Shanghai Metro yesterday. I didn’t know that until people told me.

A young man was stuck in the middle of the Metro door and the glass door on the platform. Since th door didn’t havoc sensor installed (Caution!!! Terrible to know that), the train started, and the man was squeezed to death immediately.

It is horrible. After many accidents that people was stuck in the middle, this is the first time metro caused death.

It is reported that the man carried 0.29g of drug. Many people don’t believe it, at least friends I chatted today, and believe it is the way the Metro Corp. remove responsibility from themselves.

My guess is:

1. The Metro Corp is trying to get out of this.

2. The drug rate in Shanghai has reached a critical mass, that drug can be found in a rare accident like this.

I tend to believe the former answer.

It is soooo… bad. Much worse than the typo in Metro.

So, do take care when taking metro. Remember, there is no sensor installed on the glass doors – unlike an elevator, and never try to save time to run into a metro train.

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  1. This is tombstone technology! i.e. improvement is made only at the blood of the users.

  2. I heared the news when I was on my car to outlets last night.That is really horrible!It seems there’s no transport that is 100% safe,though I reckon Metro the safest in the past.

    So… be careful!

  3. FYI, some Shanghai commuters doesn’t have good civic minded sense when taking this kind of public transport that might cause all these unnecessary of accidents.

    Below are some experience I had seen when taking Shanghai Metro:

    1. Some of them will do a 100m sprint do the stair and dash into the train. With that high velocity a sensor definitely failed to sense his present.

    2. Use both of their hands trying to stop the train for closing like the green monster, Incredible HULK. The reason is he is waiting for a friend.

    3. Some still jump in to the train when the train is “beeping” (door is closing). I do really mean “jump” like you’re doing a long jump. He/She will crush all the passengers inside the train. Can you imagine what going to happen if there is a pregnant or elderly is standing there and crush by this “jumper”?

    Something for you to ponder… civic minded or authority’s fault or tombstone technology.

  4. ALERT, Shanghai’s readers…

    Violence robbers are in town. Last weekend my colleague was stabbed and robbed in JinQiao. The robbers also slashed all over his hands and one of his nerve were cut apart. Now, the hospital is performing a surgery for him.

    BE CAREFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDING…. Always on high alert…

  5. Yep, the Shanghai Metro Company will blame that passenger by saying he had drugs and was high on dope. They may also say he had a condom on his person and didn’t have his mind on safely entering the Metro. Thinking about other things can get a person killed.

  6. This is not a simple accident. there are some system risks with the current design/implementation. The same accident almost happen to me a few month ago and as I talked it with my colleagues this morning, many of them almost had the same accident before too.

    I think this risky design can pass all reviews and inspections only because the Shanghai Metro Corp. knew even if accidents happened, there won’t be much loss to them. Unfortunately, it looks like they are right.

  7. While the situation and accident are tragic, it brings to mind some of the major problems facing China at this point in time.

    While I don’t want to minimise the impact that this young mans death will have on those close to him there is an oversight that should be thought about that there is a warning device in place that many people disregard.

    Its apparent from the consequences of this mans actions, that the double door design and implementation has limitations and needs further improvement in terms of occupational health and safety, however that being said there is one very audible and visual warning safety device and that is the buzzer which sounds for a good 5+ seconds before the doors close. Yet many (not all) people have total disregard for these safety devices. Even worse is there is often a total absence of any enforcement of rules.

    People in Chinese society seem to take whatever shortcuts they think they can get away with, and often there are few to no consequences to such behaviours.

    The problems that are taxing Chinas development, are societies lack of respect for the law with numerous instances of flouting of the law & regulations and therefore many tricks and shortcuts are taken at the expense of others. The way people drive, ride and use the roads, highways and footpaths is a prime example. The current observable increase in food scandals are examplkes which further supports the low morals and ethics of an increasing number of people here.

    IMO many actions and my many years in China have given me an understanding that Chinese people are very single minded and self centered bordering on being selfish. There is certainly truth in the Chinese idiom “he who gets his first pot of gold is the winner”

    Further issue is the low education level of the majority of people in China, especially in the rural areas and the mass exodus of these people to the cities seeking employment etc, and the resultant crisis the face when have to assimilate.


    If the traffic light is red, then stop. It doesn’t mean go if you want to…

    If your way is not clear it doesn’t give you the right to mount the footpath or any other lane of your choosing without care and regard to other users…

    If there is a line waiting at a counter, it doesn’t mean you should ignore others and walk straight to the front of the queue to be served…

    If the buzzer is warning you of an impending event, then take heed of it… have some respect for those around you, you are not the only living creature on the planet…

    If you’re a pedistrian or a user of a footpath, roadway or even pedistrian thoroughfare, take heed and of all around you, anything can happen…

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