I Created a Photo Gallery

I have many photos – more than 10 thousands at least. When I look at these photos on my hard disk, I am thinking: maybe I should share the photos. Since I don’t like to take pictures of myself, and most of the pictures are on a business or personal trip, majority of the pictures are about the place I had been to. So it may be a good idea to share the pictures in case someone is also interested in going to that place.

I put the photos onto http://wangjianshuo.com/photo and added a link on the navigation bar on homepage.

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. It is just the beginning. I am using Picasa to generate the HTML version of the photo gallery.

7 thoughts on “I Created a Photo Gallery

  1. Well, of course I went directly to the ones of Yifan :-) He’s soooo cute, Jianshuo!! He’s already getting so chubby looking (well-fed). Lucky baby to have found you for parents, and lucky you to have such an adorable and contented little one!!

  2. Try using the SimpleViewer or Autoviewer plugin for the Picasa. (www.airtightinteractive.com/) Both generate excellent and simple photo albums, using Picasa.

  3. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Was browsing climate of Shanghai when I discovered your blog. Interesting how you share with us your thoughts so that we can understand better the upbringing of a pure Chinese in China. Wonder if the new generation still think like you, holding on the principles that your parents instilled in you.

    Anyway, can you advise if it is wise to visit Shanghai during January period? Will there be places to visit as the weather will impede movement around…I would like to hear from you since you are there to experience it first hand :)


  4. Hello There,

    I am really interested in the family tree you were talking about in your blog. I was born in Kaifeng, Henan province. Is the family tree thing passed on generation by generation? How did you discovered it?


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