Starbucks in A Day – Part II

Today, I continued my walk tour to the rest of the Starbucks. Due to the limitation of time and being unfamiliar with Pudong Area, I only visited 4 of all the 5 Stores in Pudong. They are:

Bin Jiang Store

Super Brand Site Store

Mori Tower Store

Times Square Store

The pictures and descriptions are consolidated to yersterday’s page.

It was really cold in Pudong and there are not many people. There are barely no customers in Mori Tower Store and Times Square Store. In contract, Bin Jiang Store is always crowded – it is said it has the best view in all Starbucks around the world. Is it true?

0 thoughts on “Starbucks in A Day – Part II

  • Many Thanks for your helpful pointers, Jianshuo!

    But you really shouldn’t be replying to blog comments at 2:39am… :(

    Have a great Monday. :)

  • Can you post some photos of the Bin Jiang Starbucks? Haven’t been back to Shanghai for more than 2 years, I really enjoy your updates on the beloved city. Regarding meeting and resting places in Shanghai, my favorites are Hot Chocolate and HanYuan Reading Room, Both a nice place to go, especially in a Sunday afternoon.

  • Isn’t there a 6th Pudong Starbucks too, in the lobby of Taiping Life Insurance Building (formerly known as Information Tower) at 1399 Min Sheng Lu, Pudong?

  • I really liked your site, even before I visited Shanghai in Oct. Great work!

    Starbucks should pay you money for all those work, ;-)


  • 20-30 RMB is alot for chinese standart. anyway i am looking forward visiting those starbux in Shanghai.

    PS: swiss starbux coffee are freaking expensive. e.g: a caramel frab is 7.60 swiss francs for grande. (1 chf = 6.6 RMB)…you do the math!

  • I just came back from a semi businness trip to shanghai, stayed at JC mandarin for a couple of days with my wife, on my last day we have a chance to go a cross the street from the hotel just walking around when suddenly the weather turn a little bit dark followed by wind and chill wind blowing towards us, we went to this american club(if i’m not mistaken) and trying to look for shelter and without any knowledge I saw this familiar sign of starbuck and go right in and enjoy one of the best drink at that particular moment, come to think of it I wish I am able to have that same felling again .

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