Nice Afternoon Tea at Ambrosia

Wendy and I had great time with our close friends this afternoon. They happen to have blogs (some hosted on my site) and their blogs are famous. The name list is (in alphabetic order):


Eric (Chinese blog) (with GF. Do you have a blog?)



Jian Shuo


They are all excellent people with independ ideas and observation of life. Grace recommened the Ambrosia (Xian Zhi Xuan 仙炙轩) to us. It is the best place I can find out for afternoon tea so far. Located in a villa with large garden, it provides very good view, free parking (under a bridge of flowers) and large glass rooms on top of the flatform on the second floor. It is like a green house with sunlight (if there were sunlight) pouring into the room – warm and quite. The good view of the garden is clearly outside the huge glass from the top down to the floor.

The afternoon tea is only served on Saturdays and Sundays, from noon to 4:30 PM. There are 38 RMB coffee and 58 RMB tea (unlimited water refilling).

Claire just returned from her trip to Vietanan, Laos and Thailand, with excitement of the buddism and the mindation. The idea of ten day class of meditation in India seems to be a great course – to keep silent without talking for ten days to look into one’s soul… I am reading Aliain de Botton’s book named The Art of Travel (Thanks for Chen Wang to share it with me). There is a very wise quote in the book

The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room – Pascal, Pensées

We also talked about the idea to hold Photography Exhibition from our trips (hers trip and our trip to U.S.) in Shanghai. It seems a new idea for non-art related people like us. We call it grassroot art in Shanghai. BTW, any of my readers know how to organize it? How to finance it? and where is the a good place to host it?

XGAO is suffering from the two dogs adopted from his friend. To serve the two dogs is not an easy job for this IT professional. I guess it is not the only reason that he didn’t write on his blog these days (weeks or months).

Welcome back, Eric. The months in Beijing didn’t change a people as much as I imagined. Eric is still the Eric we are familiar.

P.S. Ambrosia 仙炙轩 is located at #150 Fen Yang Road 汾阳路, at the corner of Tai Yuan Road 太原路. Telephone: 021-64313935. It may be expensive (depending on how you define expensive) to have dinner, but for the afternoon tea at weekend, it is of super value. Map. This commentary on Shanghai old fashioned lunch restaraunt is a very good reference. (Chinese site)

Update Feb 15, 2004

Swing posted some photos of Ambrosia on her blog.

3 thoughts on “Nice Afternoon Tea at Ambrosia

  1. Dear Jian Shuo,

    If it is not too much to ask for, it will be great if you can also post photos of these tea houses and places for afternoon tea. Some of these tea places in Shanghai are very quaint and retro.

    I remember the place at XuJiaHui park where you can have afternoon tea and drinks. They have a great lounge for drinks at night too. Sorry I can’t remember the name.


  2. I didn’t take photo that afternoon. It was a great place to have afternoon tea there. There is a big white building that was the house of Mr. Bai Chong Xi…

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